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Esther: United States

I had a pretty dream I was flying far above the clouds and to where Jesus was. He was in the middle and lots of angels all behind him and were smiling at me.

Jesus said, I love you and ready to get my bride! I had on a pretty white robe on and didn't want to wake up. I wanted it to be real, and it will be!

Letitia: New Zealand

My Dream was in Jan 2020. It was a sunny day, and I was playing with my Son outside and suddenly saw a big bright ball of fire as the sun in the sky. 

It was still coming closer; as I started looking around, I saw thousands of what looked like fireballs or meteors raining down from the heavens, which had turned dark with stormy clouds.

 I ran to the house to take cover; my husband and other family members were all there too. My husband still tried to grab some valuables as we were running for cover, but I said no, leave it, those things don't matter. As we all huddled inside the house... The earth started to tremble and shake... Almost like a rolling wave of vibrations coming toward us. We were bracing for impact.

 However, Instead, we suddenly heard Trumpets sounding, (it sounded Like many many trumpets all in unison); it wasn't like anything I had ever heard before. 

When I think about those heavenly trumpet sounds it moves me to tears, it was clear like crystal so pure and so loud that I knew everyone all over the earth could hear it too, and the sound shook the earth.

Within moments of the trumpets startin, my Mother jumped up with her hand poiting to heaven and exclaimed That's my Jesus! And I started shouting it's Jesus, look Jesus is Here! He has come to get his children! And then I woke up.

Lori: United States

 I dreamed of a young girl running into my room saying, "he is here," I asked her who? And she said "he is dressed in gold" I hurried out to see him, I somehow I knew who he was, it was Jesus coming down from Heaven on a horse.

I looked at him, and suddenly his power, so strong, so mighty, I could only drop to my knees. I had the biggest smile on my face, so big it hurt. Being in his presence just about took my breath away, there was such power in him.

Then I started to feel myself being pulled up from the earth. I turned to a stranger and said: "here we go!" It was a joyous feeling.

I woke myself up with laughter and a feeling of joy in me. My brain kept saying, do not forget this dream; remember it all.

Jordan: United States

The dream started where I was in a car, and every place we passed, people were outside kneeling and praying. Everywhere we went, including the highway.

 When we were home, I looked outside and saw a man in the clouds walking and all of sudden music. My sisters and I were crying because we knew what it meant. 

Then we received a message on our phones. They wanted us to choose a goal in the afterlife. All I wanted was to make sure I was with my family. Everyone decided their afterlife, including my parents, then I woke up.

Nweke: Nigeria

It was in a dream yesterday night; I saw my self and a few others raptured, and we were happy and rejoicing. God pls don’t pass me by.

Christine: Canada

I had a Rapture dream for the first time last year (March 23, 2019), and it was so surreal! I still remember the exact date of my dream because that's how intentional I was in remembering that night. I had to take note of the date, and I have meant to share it with the public.

It started off like this... I was on a train (LRT) with my mom, and my friend Jean. We were all standing, holding the bar. It was daytime. Then all of a sudden, there was a commotion on the left side of the train we were on.

Another train which came out from the clouds collided and attacked our train! We found out that this train was an ALIEN! The noise and commotion of all the people on the train became louder and louder. We already knew it was RAPTURE!

I realized the train we were on was quite high from the ground, and it seemed like we were riding the train in the clouds for quite a while.

When the Alien train collided with our train, it caused our train to break in half! That was so strange and scary and at the same time exciting because, finally, it was Rapture time!

My dream ended on that. I am still praying to God that He would give me more vision of His second coming. I am looking into that dream, trying to see the relevance with coronavirus. 

I believe that the alien train refers to covid19 and was trying to attack our train, which represents the body of Christ, the Christian in the entire world. As long as we are still on this earth, we are on a journey, and that train, I think, also pertains to what you call the "Bridge." Jesus is the only Bridge to God.

And the enemy, the alien train, came out of nowhere in the clouds, and tried to destroy the train, the body of Christ! We are also riding on the train, and we were quite high from the ground, and we were also in the clouds. The clouds represent the presence of God in the Old Testament.

Looking back, I believe that alien train is the enemy of our souls, and a year after that actually came to life in the form of this coronavirus. A human body becomes ill once it feels that there's a foreign/alien component that irritates the internal system.

This alien component is none other than a virus. And in my dream, that threat by this alien train to attack our train, the body of Christ was quite symbolic, I would say.

As strange and scary as it may sound, the fact that the rapture was happening that same incident in my dream, I believe there's no need to worry as long as we know we belong to Christ; then we should all the more celebrate and rejoice. 

We may lose our lives here, but we get to live with Him! We are all crossing over sooner or later. But the question is, are we all ready? You are ready when you have accepted in your heart that Jesus is the only way to God; that He died for your sins, and on the third day He rose again from the dead for us.

If you believe in your heart that He is the only way to Salvation, and you have this personal relationship with Him, then you know that you are saved. God bless you all.

Jamie: United States


I was driving down the road in our town towards home. It was getting dark, and the cities all around were being locked down. The street lights were going out, too; things were shutting down. I saw a cop car and was worried he would stop me for being out, but he was looking for people congregating and paid no attention to me.

Then I arrived at a huge pavilion; it was bright and sunny. The Church was entering, and we were all walking up a long wooden ramp towards the pavilion. As I walked up the ramp, I passed a man in a red suit who was waving his hands in the air for attention. I said, "excuse me christian," so he just slipped off the ramp, no one paid him any attention, and we all kept walking. 

There were so many people on this ramp, and I was smiling and joyful. As I got to the pavilion entrance, I recognized some pastors from online and physical churches. We were assigned to rooms for meetings, but my name hadn't been called yet. I went looking around and was so happy to have made it.

Dayo: Nigeria

Some days ago, I dreamt that after d rapture, which was a terrifying sight kus I wasn't taking the world experience back then, everywhere was in confusion. It was real, then when I woke up I heard a voice which says, THE END IS NEAR!

Michelle: United States

I had a dream just last night about the rapture. I was on the side of the road getting help starting my car. The person I was with looked up at the sky and said, look.

So I looked, and there was a HUGE cloud shaped like Jesus moving at a fast pace. So I get in my car, and I start driving home. Before I know it, people are disappearing before my eyes. I woke up before I vanished, which worried me a bit

Tommy: Germany

I dreamed about the rapture yesterday. I was outside, but I am not sure if I was alone or not, and suddenly I heard loud sounds from the sky that sounded like shofar sounds. I thought, It's really happening right now, the rapture. It was really fast probably a few seconds, and I started to float into the sky, and I was above the clouds I could see the sky, and then I woke up.

Elisha: Australia

I saw Jesus in my dream

In my dreams, I saw Jesus descending down from heaven. It was just like any normal day at my university; I had just returned to college after the holidays and was moving into my new room. My friend was there helping me unpack when from a distance, we saw a plane crash from my room, and we decided to run to where the crash had occurred.

It crashed into the tallest building in the city, and there was fire and people screaming and jumping off the buildings just like a 9/11 scene. People were running hysterically with no sense of direction. Everyone was pushing, and people were falling down. I just stood still observing my surroundings when I looked up, and I saw all planes in the sky from all ends of the world began to stall and come crashing down.

At this point, I saw an older man that was badly hurt by people constantly stepping on him that he was left lying on the ground too weak to stand up. Then an angel appeared in front of me wearing all white and said: “bring the old man to safety.” And so I listened and brought him into the shelter.

Everywhere around me was chaos. The angel told me, “do not be deceived, evil can be disguised as the good.” At that point, a demon from the shadows appeared and laughed in a mocking tone. I was scared, and asked the angel what was happening, the angel simply bowed down and blew the horn and said: “bow down the king of kings is here.”

I followed the angel and bowed, I looked up to the sky, and the clouds had already parted, and there stood an extremely bright light that was brighter than the sun and piercing to my eyes, I could not make out his face because the light was glaring, but I was amazed. When I woke up, I just knew I dreamt that Jesus came.

Samantha: United States

I had a dream about God's Rapture.

Nabikyalo: Uganda

I dreamt there was a double cabin taking people to namugongo. I said I have never gone there; let me go today. In the dream, it was 3rd June 2020; I climbed in the back seat, but immediately before starting the car, the weather changed, and the clouds turn to black. Then I saw light coming from the clouds and Jesus on the clouds. I jumped from the car and said, Jesus has come, and then I started repenting of my sins.

Shalesha: United States

I had a dream..not sure how to interpret it..but in my dream, I heard a zap..like a current of electricity. I got up and went into the living room. Something drew me to look out of my window blinds..as I stared out I saw the sky..part of it had a peculiar design. 

It was a tannish peachish kind of color..the design began to open up. I saw a silhouette of Jesus walking in the clouds so gracefully. He was so bright, and golden..i could see his hair..his robe..and he was just walking like he was coming for something.

All of a sudden, I saw all these bodies..man..woman..babies ..float up in the sky in numbers..like a navy color funnel cloud full of people floating up in the air..and circling around in the sky in the one space...I could still see this through my window. I began crying and trying to decide if this was real.

I was like Oh, Jesus is here..the rapture is here..this system is over..he has come back for his people, it was an amazing dream, but I've never had a dream of this magnitude.

Bayli: Australia

Wednesday, the 4th of December 2019, I went for a nap during the day at around 1:10 pm because I remember looking at my phone, and I put it down and went to sleep. 

The dream I remembered was I heard a loud trumpet sound and music, and it was like I was looking up to the sky, it was opening up from far, and it was getting closer to me, with angels playing the trumpet and singing, and horses with wings flying around. 

And then I felt my body getting lifted in the air, but it felt like a jolt of force and a fast pressure. But all of a sudden, I woke up, I was in fear that like the church needs to wake up and know he is returning soon, and to help others to get saved. 

I looked at the time, and it was 1.47 pm when I got up and read my bible and turned to 25:8-9 Isaiah - believers have the promise of new life now and eternal life with God.

Amber: United States

I had my Dream about Jesus coming soon (04//14/2020). 

My Dad Came into my room and told me, "your mother is acting crazy." So I went into her room and asked her what she was doing. She was getting ready for his return. It was a bright light, and this light was different. 

I looked out the window and Jesus was coming down; he was soo bright I'm still shocked, and it knocked the air out of me. 

I ran right into her room, got down on my knees, and just started thanking him.

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