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Haley: Canada
In the beginning of my dream I had an old friend from childhood come over with some strangers. Things turned sour quickly as it seemed alchohol was involved.  A man threw up on the floor and arguments began in my apartment hallway. I approached the door and remember hearing about an unknown woman being badly kicked in the head. I didnt want to be involved so I slammed the door and ignored the pounding. I remember trying to clean up the vomit, hoping that this awful smell would go away. It smelled like death. Nothing like ive ever smelled before. The stench made me beleive that what I was experiencing was reality. Everyone left my apartment, or so I thought. It seemed like the crazyness was over when suddenly a man tried selling himself to me. I couldnt beleive it, and then he left. The scene changes and I find myself in a gay night club. In this club I notice that the smell of death is still strong. I continue asking myself "what is that smell?" I search of an exit but only to come across men on men and women on women, completely naked and parading around. I recall talking to my aunty on the phone in the club  trying to explain to her about the smell. She tells me she smells  it too. (In real life my aunt is a chronic alcholic). The dream goes on and it feels like ive spent some serious time there. I then find my way back to my old friend, when suddenly she darts down this secluded path where homeless people lived. She runs past this crowd of beggers, some standing and some sitting with their hands open. Fearful, I run after her and pass the beggars too. The dream ends as im woken up by angry sister. I feel as if this is a warning of the rapture. The following morning i remember smelling the air intensly trying to make sense of that stench that reaked so fresh in my mind, but the air was scentless. I was so sickened I couldnt even eat. Although there is more detail to this dream, i feel like main events give a clear message. Christ is coming and the smell of death is no joke!!!

Octa: Tanzania
On 2nd,June,2017 night I had two dream in siries.The first dreams,I was with wife and uncle above the hill in home village.Behold I saw colouds in particular formation in figure of three crosses of identical apperence.It was in evening sunset the crosses were I'm red color of the sunset light and mixed with golden light.Then IPointed to the direction in curiosity showing what IWas seeing.we were so amanzed the beautiful and so elegant figures presented in the sky.One of us said that just our mind imaginations that made that figures.As we started thing that,suddenly the figures of cross started to increase intensity in claraity that it was vividly evidently that what were just seeing imagination but reality.Then,the sky started to form dark coloful and beautiful cloudy and the sunset light was giving doffrent colorful light.Then the character symbols of known language to me was ascribed to crosses.Then crosses aligned in the particular orientation just as chromosomal style and started to move from north to south across the sky.As we whatching to the sky not knowing what is happening,I work up In the sleep.Then I realised it was a dream that looked so really.I started to think about it for long time and then fall asleep again.Then,Ihad the second dream. I was holding my wife in my arm for reason I don't know.The sky was so cloudy and dark, gold deem light.Angles were flying in so numerously wondering across the sky in unorderly directions.Then I saw people transforming to spirits and ascending to the sky.The angle took my wife and throw her to the sky.Then she was projected to the sky until she disappeared. Then he did that to me but I couldn't go further I descended down.The angle was dissapointed and left me.Then was frustrated,I started crying with fear. I couldn't know why I was not picked and felt lonely.Then IWork up and found myself in deep tear.Until now am so thoughtful about it. 

Sheila: United States
My dream was quite different. I was outside with my husband and a contractor when I noticed that everything I touched sparked. Then suddenly I began to vibrate all over, I looked up and snout up into the sky and yelled with praise "This is the Rapture!" I woke up so excited but DISAPPOINTED. The dream was incredible,  the feeling of flying to God was beyond words. 

Hello my name is Meriel not sure how to start.Well it was a beautiful night around the moon was Super Bright ..i've never in my life seen it so bright it woke me from my sleep,I stared at the it for awhile sat up and in an instant i felt scared ..don't know why i felt this feeling.?..gazing out my window i seen what looked to me like wispy white souls floating upwards to the sky ,there were many of them rising ,the sky was clear no clouds just the Moon and ???? what they were ..lately i have been seeing a lot and dreaming .I believe in Jesus and that hes cumming soon to the point that i feel it in my soul .cant stop thinking about that night..I honestly believe in my heart that Rapture is near...why am i scared?.

Ronald: United States
A couple of weeks ago I dreamed about the rapture. This was when I was taking a nap in the afternoon. Here's my dream. 
  I was riding in my step sons car and we pulled up in to my brother in laws house. I looked up into the sky and I saw a symbol of an eagle. On the right and left side of the eagle was half a wreath. Then the symbol of the eagle passed overhead and broke apart. Then immediately I run out into the yard and called out, Jesus save me from thy Father's wrath. Then immediately after that I saw the spirits of people rise up towards heaven. Then I closed my eyes and leaned back and I felt myself rising up too. Then my granddaughter came in my room screaming and woke me up. During this dream I did not see anything about the tribulation.

Ronald's 2nd Dream:
This was not a dream but a Sign from God! Two nights ago on May 15 2017 I went outside and sat down in my chair like I do every night. It was 11:30pm. There was some light cirrus clouds going overhead so slowly and this one cloud really caught my attention. It was that of an Angel dressed in a white gown. The Angel was as tall as a small mountain. The wings was folded up and about the length of the Angels body. The wings went straight up and curved backwards. The Angel was blowing on a trumpet. The trumpet was as long as the angels body and was pointed down at a 45 degree angle towards Earth. The cloud formation moved very slowly across the sky from North to South. It took about 10 minutes to pass. The whole time the cloud formation never lost its shape.. This is what I saw. I'm taking this as a sign from God because it was so close to my dream about the rapture. So I know now that the rapture is ever so close.

Kim: United States
2nd Rapture Dream this month. The one I had night has left me so sad and humble. The short version: I was at a funeral and the rapture began. There was a loud noise, and the sky was filled with pink clouds or orbs. I was okay with what was happening, but became really sad, because my husband and three children were back home in another state. I was sad because I wanted to die with them. I called and called and finally made contact with them. Somehow they were able to come to my location really fast, and we all waited & hugged together. I spent most of the time reassuring my kids that they would be okay. Moments later, a paper message dropped down from the sky with our names on it. I felt calm and instant relief. Then I woke up. 5-14-17.

Vivian: United States
I've had this dream repeatedly, to be exact like 3 times. I was with my family and we were in a sports store. We were all having a great time, my mom found something for me to try and so i went to the fitting rooms. While i was changing, i heard them laughing having a good time then out of nowhere i couldn't hear them anymore. I went out the room and saw their clothes on the ground. I began to think "what the" i know deep down God had come for his people and broke me that i was left behind. As i walk outside everything is cloudy and i look up to the sky one side is blue and white filled with light and the other side is filed with ref and grey and filled with darkness and then the blue side of the sky began to disappear and the red took over the entire sky and i remember smelling something thats burning like a forest fire. I walk inside my aunts house and i sit down and i begin to cry. I hear something loud and shaking the ground and it was pounding on the door to let them in i heard a beast like lion roar and kept pounding on the door, on the last bang, i woke up.

Lilly: United States
 I dreamt this past early Sunday morning, April 30, 2017 that the end of the world was upon us (the people).  People were afraid and so was I.  Someone said we needed to lay down next to each other, but opposite one another... (laying with someone's feet by your head). People were laying down.  I just watched. 
Then suddenly my mom was there with me in spirit; however my mom is not dead.... and she said I was okay that my name was in the books and so was my husbands name.. not to be afraid. She said I was ahead of my husband that he was trailing behind me in the books. I asked about my ex-husband.  She said she would be right back... she came back and said his name was in the books also, but that he barely made it.
Then suddenly my dream went to God  appearing in the clouds... His head was peering out of a huge grey cloud in the horizon; he was wearing a crown. I could hear like a loud noise like a trumpet.  Then God was going to speak or say something... I very briefly heard his strong voice...my dreams ends here. I blanked out after this.... I think I woke up.

Melissa: United States
I had a dream I was at my grandmother's house it was a extremely windy day. I then seen all these things falling down being that it's very close to Disneyland a lot if their rides were falling.. In my dream I started praying and seen Our Heavenly Father pick up his people, and left us... I am born and raised Catholic but like most if us lost my way.. I'm lost 

Hello Melissa, I can assure you that you do not need to remain lost. Your Christian denomination does not matter. You can be be born again and become a Child of God and have everlasting life with no fear of ever being left behind. Please contact me, Samuel Mills, by the contact form at the bottom of this page. 
Jesus loves you!

Jade: Philippines
was in a dark room and there was a light in front of me from where the voice came. His voice is authorative, he told me this "I am coming" I said "When my Lord" because at the back of my mind I was contemplating if He really so soon. And then He repeated " I am coming, I am coming very soon. Go tell all the people to prepare warn them."

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