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RICK: United States
On the night of November 1st I drempt I was at work. I was in my work van and everything became very very dark, as though a bad storm had suddenly came upon the area. I notices the only light I could see was shining on my van. I got out to see what it was and i was immediately pulled up towards the sky . I saw a bright light and knew that I was being raptured and began thanking and praising Jesus. It was one of those very vivid dreams one rarely has. It was very powerful to me and I'm thankful I found this sight to share it with others. I believe in the rapture but I don't dwell on it. It was a surprising experience and has woken me up. Thank you Jesus.

Joshua: United States
I had a dream about the rapture as well just last night! (10/28/17) it was like I was standing behind God seeing only his silhouette as a large mass of people with silhouettes started to have a vibrant light (golden) start to shine out of them and this lasted for a little while (maybe just to signify the power?) and then the dream ended. Best and strangest dream ever. The signs are upon us I suppose.

Tanesha: United States
It’s October 26, 2017 and I had this dream last night. All I remember is being in my yard and just saying, “I have to leave it in God’s hands, that’s all I know to do.” Then my husband I heard a very loud sound in the sky. Like trumpets. He said, “I would have never believed it if I didn’t hear it myself!” We were both amazed and then all of a sudden there was a great storm with ridiculously strong winds! Looked like a tornado but stronger and I was hiding behind a window and then the hail started. It was coming down so hard, I couldn’t see. So I tried opening up the window to see what was going on and the pressure outside was so strong it popped my window out of its frame. I kept trying to tell my kids to stay down! And I could get them to go to sleep! Then as I went outside there were two planets entering our atmosphere. They where opaque and hazy. Almost a blue color. Reminded me of Jupiter. Then two very large crosses erected in the sky, one on top of another. Then I saw about four extremely large men in our sky walking. They where about the size of Mount Everest.  You could hardly see their faces. You had to look up from there feet to see who they where. Thought I saw Jesus and some disciples (maybe Mosses and I think one of the popes). Then Jesus turned torwards the earth with a white robe on and he had a sword with in his hand and pointed it towards us and said something about the sword being drawn. Not sure exactly what he said. Then there were people floating all around. Pretty sure that was the end.

Tykeyla: United States
I've never in my 26 years of life have had a dream even close to the rapture . .In my dream my boyfriend and I we're apartment searching and all of a sudden it started raining popcorn (I know raining popcorn ), but it was over soon .
We then saw a bright light opening up from from behind the popcorn,  this light was extravagant and I can't really explain it too much but the light eventually formed a big bright cross in the sky. We all knew then what time it was and even though we were afraid no one tried to run or hide .
There was this futuristic casket or spaceship looking thing appeared after the cross abd people began being lifted into it and taken away one person at a time a d others in groups; however my boyfriend and I didn't get lifted before I was awoken

Dephney: South Africa
One night when I was sleeping this year in March (2017), I dreamt of my fiancé and I sitting on the road in Tembisa. My fiancé was sitting and I was sleeping next to him. I then saw a hail falling from the sky and then told my fiancé to look at the hail that was white when falling from the sky and changing in to a remains from the demolished house( a rubble) when it hit the ground (Ezekiel 13:11-13). As we were surprised by the hail; we then saw a very beautiful mansion which was golden brown in colour covered with the golden or brown clouds. It was extremely pretty. When we were still surprised by the beautiful mansion, a staircase fell from the entrance of the house to where we were sitting and it was very long because the house was on the sky. And my fiancé screamed and said Dephney it’s rapture, it’s rapture, we then stood up and jumped the beautiful staircase and ran to the farm house nearby

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