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"Andreas' Dream of the Rapture:

A couple of months ago, around late September 2018, I had a dream about the rapture. I was at a public outdoor pool area where there were a lot of people. The pool area was fenced in and there were no people outside the fenced area that I could see, everyone was inside the fenced area. It was dark out, not night, but like there was a solar eclipse. All the adults were in the pool, but all the kids were playing on the concrete on the parameter of the pool and around the picnic areas. The kids were not dressed in swimsuits but in regular clothes. 

The Pool Party

The adults were partying and carrying on in the pool ignoring the kids. The kids were misbehaving and no one cared what they did. It was chaos. I was outside the pool with the kids. There was a little black girl around 7 or 8 that was behaving particularly bad and I was telling her to stop misbehaving. She would not listen to me. 

Suddenly a large black man in flowing red and orange robes (the kind you would see in Africa) was standing behind her. He grabbed the little girl by her ankles and pulled her feet out from underneath her. Since she was standing when he did this she hit her head on the concrete. He then proceeded to step on her chest with one of his feet. 

I told him to stop. He told me to mind my own business and that it was his child and he could do what he wanted. When he turned his back to me I pushed him in the pool to get him away from her. I immediately grew concerned because I thought he’d drown in his robes. When he surfaced he was clear of his robes, and I was worried he’d be very angry. But when he came up he turned and stared at the sky. 

Something in the Sky

When I looked at the other adults in the pool they were all staring at the sky and everything went completely silent. I looked at the sky but didn’t see anything.  When I looked back in the pool all the adults were still staring at the sky but now they were all pointing at something in the sky with their mouths open, still completely silent. I turned to look at all the kids but they were all gone. 

At that moment I knew the rapture had taken place. I was very afraid because I was still there and I was left behind. I knew my previous act was pushing someone in the pool and I immediately felt remorse, but hopeless. I was terrified that I was alone and left behind. All of the sudden I started to be pulled up to the sky by my chest. I felt weightless. I rose through the sky for a minute or so. Then I was coming up through soil, roots and leaves. They were all around me and I had to dig my way through.

 When I emerged at the top I was in a beautiful meadow with huge mountains in the distance. It was beautiful and very peaceful. Then I woke up.

The End is Very Near

I feel God is trying to tell me the end is very near. When I found this website, I was a little astonished to see how many similar dreams are occurring around the world in the same time frame as my dream. I pray that everyone repents of their sins and trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

Andrea: United States

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