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"The Rapture is True"

 Hi! Your Site is beautiful!
You are completely correct about The Rapture! By reading Your Experience, about the fact of Waiting "The Bus," I can assure You that it is Very Very True!
I had two powerful visions so far; one is, when, after falling into a deep sleep, I found myself (all colored, tridimensional like I was truly there, at the Foot of a big and tall ancient Cross, and there I felt The True Presence Of LORD GOD!
I felt a very deep Paternal, severe, but familiar, paternal presence surround me, and was also within me. It was truly strong but natural, not artificial, but someone so Near To me! (Like, The ONE WHO Truly Created me).
I began to be lifted up, delicately, and up, up, up, faster and faster, and then I started flying at an impossible speed. The light of the stars was quickly passing and I felt my soul going through the dark, surreal universe where the stars were the only objects with light, rushing by at an impossible speed, but I loved it. I felt peace and like I was reaching a destination. It felt natural, with no fear or sense of being alone, like my soul was part of it all.
I wanted to continue living this, but it all ended in a colored grey swirling cloud around me, and I slowly woke up.
I was young at that time, in my twenties, full of energy, and was very surprised at this vision. I understood that LORD JESUS CHRIST Was There, around the ancient Cross, and HE IS GOD! I was already a believer in LORD JESUS CHRIST, GOD'S SON, The One Begotten SON OF GOD THE FATHER: GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, AND GOD THE HOLY PARACLETE. I was already a Christian from a Christian family.
The Cross was without Anybody on it, very very old Cross, big, thick, tall. I don't remember if it had blood on it, but it was truly old. It was like I was transposed to another time and different area.
I was at the foot Of that Cross on a sort of hill, within a Mediterranean environment. There was terrain around, but it was not sunny at all, but not a black and white reality either. I felt like my soul expanded while I was (my soul/spirit) travelling. Soon after, I was happy, and in peace, like I didn't want to come back anymore. It was a very natural experience.
A few days after this Vision (I always ate, never got drunk, had a healthy life, a student like anybody else, living with my Parents, a religious family, but not an oppressing one, just average).
I decided to go to talk to a priest about the experience. He looked at me with severe concern, but did not say a word; now, although about 34 years later, it's in my memory like it was yesterday!
At first, I felt that it meant I was going to suffer or have later a harsh life experience, and then be free; but when I understood it was A True Message about something astonishing, I knew there was much more to it. It had a more profound but true meaning. Finally, after about 34 years, I understood that this Vision was telling me about the Promised Rapture!
No one can pull me away from my belief in JESUS CHRIST, and nobody, nothing, can change my belief; it was a True Gift From LORD GOD The FATHER Through HIS Only One SON YAHSHUA The Messiah!

The Rapture is a Reality

This is my second powerful vision:
I was the only one at a bus stop, at the foot of a mountain this time; the bus stops and I get in,  and, other than the bus driver, I was the only one in that bus. (Later, at the top of the mountain, I came to fully understand who the bus driver was); The bus kept on going, but faster and faster, following the steep and old road that went in circles, around the mountain up to the top> Because of the bus' speed I was thrown out of the bus through a window, as the bus came to crash. I saw sudden darkness, but felt nothing at that point, then, very soon I found myself in perfect condition right in front of the driver who was laying on the pavement of a big paved circle, on top of that mountain. 

She was smiling, peacefully, but, of the bus which was a wreck. I was very upset with the driver and asked to see her documents.
I kept asking who she was, why she was driving like that, and that she almost killed me; then She pulled out a very old document written in the fashion of medieval times. I was then able to read the name of this person and was completely astonished.
She was a very famous person from a well known rich family in Italy at the time. This lady, though still very young, had devoted her entire life to JESUS CHRIST and had completely abandoned the riches of her wealthy family to live in complete poverty and solitude like a true hermit, up in a mountain, praying to JESUS CHRIST and helping the poor.
She belonged to a royal Norman family from the 11th century, a direct descendant of emperor Charles the Magne and of Robert d'Hauteville, a known Norman conqueror during the norman empire. Her name is Rosalie Sinibald of the Roses, very famous in Italy.
The story goes that she was almost ready to marry another rich character,  but then saw the Face of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST with the Crown of Thorns on His Head, crying and bleeding, (and this through a mirror).
After this experience her life completely changed.  She never married and retired to a life of contemplation, prayer, and dedication to the poor and needy.
No one saw her anymore, but many say she appeared to several people, and healed many sick people, especially during the plague which was decimating entire crowds of people during the medieval ages. She died in her thirties, very young.
Centuries later, they found her bones laying in a grotto, up in a mountain, where she had lived as a hermit, eating grass and what nature could give.
Just before that vision, I lost a job. I had been mobbed so many times by evil colleagues that I decided after two years of being oppressed, to complain at the human resources dept, and shortly afterward was threaten by the director himself; then a car chased and struck me as I was crossing a pedestrian cross-section while going to lunch. I was hurt badly, but survived and regained my health.
Three years later my dear mother developed cancer, but survived after operations, radiation, and other treatments; we were by ourselves, but LORD GOD Was there with us. 
I remember reading that old paper written in old ink like yesterday. I read that Rosalie Sinibald's nick-name; they later called her the little saint. Although her true name was Rosalie, the nickname, the Little Saint, is the only one in this world referring to her.
I truly didn't deserve all of this, but I know one thing, I never got rich, not a chance to have a so-called "life." Unable to marry because of big lack of money, unlucky, tried many legal and "clean" ways to have a break, but always a failure, teased because of being friendly, sincere, etc. but we are all sinners in this world. Anyway, I was abandoned by my sister's family. 
My dear Dad had passed away when I was young. He was very religious and attached to LORD JESUS CHRIST until his last moment on this earth, as was my dear Mother.  I know that my Dad is up there, with JESUS, and I dream of him very often). 

Peter: United States

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