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Perhaps because we are living in the end times, we are receiving more and more reports of Dreams and visions of Jesus. Many dreams of Jesus remain for a lifetime. 

There are various meanings to these dreams, but many times it is simply His way of saying, "I am here, and I love you!" 

These dreams and visions of Jesus have come from all areas of the world and are in the words of the dreamers.

if anyone submits what they consider to be an interpretation of your dream it will be posted directly below your entry.

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Dreams and Visions of Jesus

Deborah: United States

I dreamed of Jesus for 4 nights straight.

The first night: I saw a white cloth blowing around me gently, and when I looked up, Jesus was looking at me with his hand out, smiling at me.

The other 3 nights: I dreamed of following footprints on the ground, and when I looked up, Jesus was standing in front of his tomb, looking at me, smiling.

Adam: United States

My dream:

I saw many people sitting on the hills of rocks. I SAW Jesus floating and preaching. I felt warm, calm and peaceful when I saw Jesus.

Sharon: Canada

I Dreamt of a man (who looked like a young Jesus) holding a little girl with big blue eyes.

Marcus: United States

I saw myself standing on a high platform with two other men standing next to me. Jesus sat in a chair in front of us. I could see on the lower platform hundreds of ppl.

I looked at Him..and he said, "What is this" in a calm, clear voice. Then I woke up. 😁

Loretta: United States

I dreamt I was at the crucifixion of Jesus, crying as a drop of his blood fell on my cheek.

Then I found the Ark of Covenant buried under the cross of Jesus with blood on it, and the blood was still alive after 2,000 years.

Then it was tested, and it was the same as my own blood type. What does it mean?

I asked God to bless my upcoming marriage with children. Could the Ark of the Covenant have anything to do with the marriage covenant?

Nashe Jieman: Zimbabwe

Good day. It's my honour to share my dreams about Jesus with you. I have been dreaming about Jesus, and today is the third time I've dreamed about Jesus.

My first dream goes on like this:

I was home in the village sleeping in the sunshine with my two children then suddenly something very shiny appeared in the sky when I lifted my head to see what it was.

I couldn't see properly, but I could see someone riding in a shiny white horse, his clothes where intensely white and his face was also shining, but I could see that it was Jesus.

I then started shouting, "Jesus has come back, everyone; come out and see that Jesus has come."
Everyone came out of their houses, and they all gathered at our yard to see Jesus.

Everyone saw him...by the time Jesus landed in our yard, we had already made a semi-circle, so He went and stood in the middle.

He asked for something from us, but no one could provide it except me; I passed it on to Jesus (I am trying to remember exactly what he asked from us); after that, He Blessed me.

As soon as he laid his hands on me, everything on me turned white, and I became so shiny that no one could look at me, and He disappeared.
That was my first dream about Jesus.

Sara: United States


I dreamt that I had a man that was a patient who had passed away. There was a doctor who came in to confirm the passing of the said patient. However, the patient began to wake up before the doctor declared his death.

Everyone in the room was bewildered. This man got off the bed and stood up. I was terrified at first when he began to walk towards me, but then I was calm. I felt safe.

The man put his hands on me, and I instantly knew that it was Jesus Christ. I began to take care of him, but he said he needed to leave. I agreed to let him go, but it was so strange. I felt so much love and peace from him.

I returned home in the dream, and everyone was preparing for Jesus. Many people in the community were overjoyed, but some were confused and scared.

The streets were full of people, and many were preparing their homes for Jesus's arrival, but it also seemed like the world was at a standstill. I felt like I had become connected to Jesus at this point and was waiting to hear his word on what to do next.

I also dreamt that his touch had given me the gift of life; a child was growing inside me.

None of this truly makes sense, and I needed to share this dream. I rarely have dreams about Jesus or his return to earth, but I feel like he is with me now.

Maliha: United States

I dreamt of our Lord last night, 3/9/23.

I witnessed a man in a stone-walled room. It appeared to be set in ancient times.
I couldn't see his face.

He was wounded; his robe was intact but muddy.
There was a rope lying on the ground, cut loose.
I saw Him pull out a nail from his wrist...
This dream was so somber and grave.

However, it was Him coming back to life.
I dreamt this around 6-7 am.

Princess Cecilia: United States

I had a dream of Jesus in the mall. I was climbing the stairs to give some cigarettes to my mom, and I stopped to look at him behind the glass.

I got closer, and he said, "don't be sad;" I stared and cried. I wished it was real and remembered that I wanted to go back for his teaching.

The times were 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. I don't know what any of this means.

Sruthy: India

I usually have dreams about Jesus. I had a dream about Jesus this morning.

He was scourged, and his body was reddened with the spilling of blood. I was holding him on my lap, sitting on my bed. I was struggling to keep him closer to me because he was heavy.

There were soldiers searching for Jesus. I thought about covering him with my blanket, but I didn't because it would hurt him more. I woke up, and it was 7.00 am.

Chandra: United States

I dreamed that waterfalls were falling from the sky, and Jesus was large with his arms open wide, both hands in the sky. There was a rainbow and a light in front of his face. I could not describe how he looked.

Brittany: United States

I had a dream where I was hiking, lost, scared and confused when all of a sudden, there was a clearing, and I saw 12 men dressed as they did in the Bible days, and they all surrounded another man around a fire.

The man, who I assumed resembled Jesus, said, sit, Brittany. The man said, "I need my generals ready and prepared." I said, "I don't know how and I'm scared, and I don't think I can be your general."

He then said you can and must; I need you as my general. He also told me that I was loved and that great things were to come; He then told me to talk to John. Then I switched dreams.

It was an amazing dream, but it left me wondering what it all meant. My faith changed that day; I read the book of John and haven't stopped reading the Bible since.

Daniel: United States

This really happened.

I was having a discussion with my first wife about God, and I told her I was agnostic and didn't have proof one way or the other.

She opened her Bible and quoted the scripter about if two or more are gathered and believing. She said I had to be sincere about wanting to know God. I told her I was, as I was in my heart.

We both started to feel energy similar to electricity, starting in our hands that went up and down our bodies in waves; I quizzed her first to ask what she was experiencing before I told her the same.

Then like a clear picture put in my head, I saw a giant Jesus standing out on the horizon with his arms outstretched, much like the giant statue of Christ, the Redeemer, on the mount in Brazil. I could see the mainly Red color of his robes and the other colors going diagonally on him.

Along with this clear vision was a clear message that Jesus was inviting the world to come to him.

Once again before I told my wife at that time what I saw, I asked her first, and she described the same experience exactly. True events!

Daniyal: United States

I dreamt of Jesus. It was 3.30 am, and I was asleep. Like when you are dozing off. I saw Jesus’s face on my left side in a blue gown. I saw him mid-length, and it woke me up in a state of shock. It was the night before a major event in my life.

I could not understand why I saw Jesus when I was Muslim. 1.5 years later, I’m a devout Christian. It was a sudden thing but a lifelong journey that brought me here. Very hard to explain and a very long story.

As I see it, it was my calling. I was always watched over by Him. I know because a miracle happened when I was a child. And my relationship with Mother Mary started at seven years. It’s a long story. I am just happy where I am.

The face of Jesus was not the only thing that happened to me. Other mysterious things lead to my conversion.

Garrett: United States

After a long time away from the Church, I had many horrifying experiences with evil, and in fear of the Lord, I returned to faith.

I had other dreams that felt prophetic and as warnings, but this dream stood out.

I have ADHD, so test-taking has always been quite a bit of trouble for me. Usually, in my dreams, when taking a test, it’s strange that everyone gets a cup with legos and bugs in it, and everyone solves it but me.

This dream was different. It was in my 7th-grade math classroom, and it was astrophysics; I wasn’t panicking because it was tangible math. I felt like I could do it, and right before I was about to answer the first question, Jesus Christ walked into the classroom.

Everyone else is gone. He has his crown of thorns and is smiling, wearing a white robe and red sash. He explains all the problems on the test to me. He goes on to explain the universe and how everything is like a big puzzle.

We talk about salvation and the resurrection, and immaculate conception.

Finally, he shows me a large stone over his head, floating. He asks me, “Will you carry this for me?”

I responded with, “I can.” So the stone was above my head in my arms, and initially, it wasn’t very heavy but carrying it made me feel sick.

So I awoke from the dream feeling sick and continued to feel sick for the next three days.

Samantha: United States

I had a vision of Jesus coming from the clouds , the whole world had went black and even the sun was completely dark .. but Jesus had this very beautiful bright light surrounding him and he lit the whole world up again.Carol: Canada

I was praying for the presence of Jesus to fill my room, and then I dreamt I saw Jesus standing between two rocks beside a river. I also saw him standing quietly beside my head, with one hand in the other.

Rika: United States

I dreamed of Jesus' face craved out of wood.

Medhat: New Zealand

I was Muslim, and I saw, in my dream, the Judgment day; all the people were gathered, waiting, and looking at the sky. Suddenly the sky opened, and Jesus filled the sky while he was still on the cross.

To myself, I said, "Oh my God, Christianity was the right religion, not Islam. Then the sky opened in front of me, and I was led as a king towards a great palace, and people were bowing to me.

I have changed my face to Jesus since then and was baptized. Since being a child, I have had many visions of seeing prophets and saw Mary also.

According to my dreams, I thought I would be a religious or spiritual figure, but I am a doctor and 67 years old.

I can tell you later about my other dreams of Jesus.
Thanks for your help.
Dr. Medhat

Liesl: South Africa

I had a dream about Jesus, and I do not know the meaning of it, but I feel like I have to share it.

I dreamt that I was in my bed playing on my phone, and when I looked through my window, I saw that the sun was setting and the light it was giving was bright orange/red.

I went outside, and looked into the sun on the horizon and saw Jesus standing inside the sun with his arms open.

Response From Ade: Canada:

Dear Liesl (South Africa),
The sun setting means the world is coming to an end soon. Just as the sun sets to end the day and usher in the night, the world is also coming to an end soon.

Jesus, as the Alpha and Omega (the beginning and End of all things), is stretching forth his hands to invite you to follow Him. He is going to bring an end to all things soon.

Read the Gospel of John in the bible. Everything you need to know about JESUS is there.

Vanessa: South Africa

In my dream, I arrived at a hospital. I went up to the reception desk and asked for the doctor. The woman at the desk told me that the doctor was in the theatre but that I could go in and see him.

I went into the operating theatre, and Jesus walked up to me, kissed me, and said, “Hello, Margaret”; this is not my name, but Margaret means “a pearl”.

Jesus then picked me up and carried me down a passage. He told me that he would answer any questions I had.

Tina: United States

It was night, and I was looking toward the heavens. The sky was filled with stars; it was very unusual to see so many stars. I felt compelled to go outside to see the night sky.

When I looked up, I saw Jesus coming on clouds; he was dressed in white and was followed by multiple beings that filled the sky. I saw camels too. I called to my husband to come out to see.

Then I looked to my left and saw children next to me; they were toddlers. I looked at the sky again and saw Jesus wearing red satin robes, sitting on a throne. It was bigger than a skyscraper.

I said to the children, kneel, confess your sins and ask God for mercy. I knelt with the children, and we prayed the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and the Fatima Prayer. At that time, my husband came out. I told him it was true; he will forgive you, kneel, and ask for forgiveness.

Then I looked up and saw so many people in line ascending a path (like marble) to a throne in the sky. I said to myself; I want to go there...but how? As soon as I said that, I was facedown with my face in water that flowed from the throne.

The next thing I knew, Jesus was splashing my face and head with his right hand and holding my head in the water with his left. He was jubilant.

I felt his joy. Immediately I rose from the prostate position and saw that the water was flowing from Jesus like a raging river but calmer. I felt his love and joy to see me. Like I was the one he was waiting for. He told me in my head that all the shame I carried wasn't necessary. He loved me.

After my long embrace with Jesus, I was going back to earth, and I met all those who trespassed against me coming up an escalator. I stopped to acknowledge them and say I love you. I knew them all except one by name. But I told him I loved him too.

I was waking from my dream.. groggy, and a voice in my head said get on your knees and say a prayer. At first, I thought it was just me... but then I saw a cross with a heart on it.

I got up immediately and prayed all the prayers in my dream. Then I grabbed my journal to write this down. I didn't want to forget a detail; suffice it to say, there is no way I could.

Jesus loves us. He wants us to have a relationship with him.

Rachel: Kenya

We were in a ceremony. Then my sister, who stopped talking to us, came over, and there were lots of emotions and pain.

Then I saw Jesus on the clouds; He appeared two times. All the trees were bowing and saying hail the Lord. I ran to my mum and showed her the skies.
Then floods came, and people started coming down. they stabbed my dad.

My son was stabbed a little, and he went to sleep.
Then my mum was taken away, and I was all alone with my son in my arms in agony. Telling God not to take away my son from me

Sarah: Denmark

Throughout all of my experiences, I didn't feel any judgment, only understanding and directions to be a better person.

A few days later, I saw the old man sitting next to Jesus in the throne-room; he came flying right towards me in a vision when I blinked my eyes for a moment.

I SAW EVERYTHING CLEARLY AND NOT FOGGY. Then the Dark night of my soul started.

Testimony 1—2

I saw the same Jesus as the nun, KIRSTEN MØRCH NIELSEN, painted.

The Jesus I Saw ⤵


Ashley: United States

August 2022
I had an amazing dream. Jesus is the light and bright like the sun. He was so bright.

October 2022
Dreaming of Jesus, As this Amazing bright Light,
telling me I was Ready to go with him MADE ME CRY because I’ve been going through it. I’ve been baptized into Christianity. These dreams were Amazing, and I felt his presence.

Jamie: United States

In my dream, I was walking with Jesus; as we walked, an army of soldiers started walking behind us as if they were trying to catch up to us. I told Jesus to run because the soldiers were coming, but we kept walking.

We entered a room, and the people there seemed to be like kings and queens and dignitaries. I felt as though I didn't belong, but Jesus gave me a gold goblet and told me to drink from it.

I said I was not worthy of drinking from that cup, he stretched out and offered me the cup, and I drank from it.

Antonio: Philippines

I dreamt of seeing Jesus Christ on the cross when I was age 16.

Ed: United States

A few years ago, my wife and I attended a Baptist church. My wife Annette led the worship, and I made the sound. We had no piano player at the time, so we used taped music. Saturday, I would pull songs from different tapes and create a master tape for the Sunday service the next day.

This Saturday, I recorded the first two songs, and when the third song started to play, the following came up inside of me, “when this song starts, I want you to get up, go down front, get on your knees, close your eyes and raise your hands.”

I finished the tape, and the battle began, was it me, or was it God speaking? It continued that night and the next morning. Finally, that morning I made up my mind it was just me and not God. But when the service started and the third song started to play, I heard a distinct “go."

I was very scared but went down to the front, got on my knees, closed my eyes and raised my hands. Immediately I was taken away in a vision. In the vision, I am on my knees; my hands are raised, and my eyes are closed.

I felt something warm dripping on my head and running down my face. I opened my eyes and wiped them, and it was blood.

I looked, and there was a post in front of me. I looked upward and saw feet, legs, a torso, and a face. It was Jesus! He was looking down at me as I was looking up at Him.

He said to me, “because I love you, because I love you”, and He died!
This is what He did for everyone! Brings tears every time I think of it.

Ed: United States

I was wide awake when this came to me.
I was walking in the woods and came out to a golden wheat field.

I saw a man walking through the field, which was Jesus. So I took out after him, caught up with Him, and we walked side by side and talked as we walked. That's the way it ended.

Thanks!; this was the fourth vision I have had. All were when I was wide awake. Thanks!

Tasirya: United States

I was 16 years old, and the first time I saw Jesus was in my dream.

I was in a room, a trailer or some type of building. I was standing in front of a door. On the outside of the door, I heard noises as if a bad storm was going on.

So I decided to open the door, and as I opened the door, my eyes grew big. I saw fire falling from the sky and people screaming and running. It was the end of time.

So I was like really scared. I was crying. As I cried, this male figure approached me; He had a glow around him, and it was bright. So bright it lit up the room. And he spoke.

His exact words were, "if you do what this scripture says, then you will be saved". The scripture he gave me was ROMAN 10:10

Jozy: Country

One time I saw Jesus. I was near a tunnel, and people were walking. I got pulled by someone, and I turned it was Jesus. He said it would be Okay because, in real life, I was struggling. I woke up and was shocked.

Yahei: United States

In 2019 or maybe 2020, I can't remember exactly the time.

I dreamed I was on an island which then became submerged from the surrounding water. The island became very small as the water took over until I found myself in it, and no more island existed. I was drowning deep in the ocean.

The funny thing is I was watching myself in my dream sinking. As I was sinking deeper and deeper, the water became dirtier to the point it was becoming dark.

I panicked, watching this happen in my dream, and moments later, a long arm reached inside the water.

I watched myself grab onto the arm as it began to pull me back up. As I am being pulled up, the more I go, the more I start noticing a light or light.

I'm watching myself be pulled up until I reach the top. I was finally at the top, being pulled out of the water by no other than Jesus Christ.

I was soooooo happy and filled with emotional joy staring at him as he stared back. He was so bright in the form of light, but I wasn't blinded by his presence.

Liam: United States


I've recently started to walk with Christ after a couple of years of studying religions and philosophies. I have been astray from God for many years and have been a wicked and sinful man.

I was at a very low and hard point in my life, and I had a dream of Jesus one night. In my dream, I was walking in a green field; the sky was as blue as it can get, and the light of the sun was strong. Jesus was walking next to me, holding my hand, chuckling.

I couldn't hear anything during the dream, but Jesus was conveying a very powerful feeling. That feeling told me that He loves me and everything is going to be okay". I know that it wasn't just a dream.

God took the time to whisper directly to my soul when I needed it the most. I'm very grateful to God for everything he's done for a sinner like me. I hope you all find peace and faith in Christ.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my dream, Hail Jesus the King of Kings.

Keagon: United States


Last night I dreamt that I saw Jesus sitting upon a horse, and his face was shining with glory. He was holding the sword of truth in his hand, and he was with his Angels. I saw them in Heaven fighting the Devil and his minions.

Calandra: United States

I was fasting and praying for seven days. I asked for wisdom to see Jesus, and on the seventh day, I fell asleep; I was in heaven, and Jesus was beautiful. 

I was surrounded by flowers, and heaven smelled great. I could not see his eyes, but he smiled at me.

Stephanie: United States

My first ever dream of Jesus, I was terrified. I'd been back and forth between giving him my time and undivided attention.

I felt like I was somewhere in the middle between him and the world, but I had begun giving him a lot more of me. I was reading my Bible more, Praying more, and worshipping him more, and one night I fell asleep.

In the realm, I woke up and saw him coming toward me. He was walking in like a slow-motion, fast walk. The walk wasn't slow but fast; it was just in slow motion, if you know what I mean.

I was lying in my same bed, asleep in my same home, when I had this dream. I woke up to see him coming toward me, and I spoke out, "that's Jesus." My eyes were big as a nickel, and I was terrified; then I woke up.

Carmel: Philippines

I have had at least five dreams of Jesus my whole life:

1st: When I was a new Christian back in 2013. In my dream, I was surrounded by enemies. I cried out to God for fire. Then He destroyed my enemies with fire. I was crying out to Him, "Father, Father, Father." 

Then I saw a man coming towards me. He was wearing white, and on his chest were precious stones like were on Aaron's priestly garment. Then He hugged me.

2nd: When I backslid. I dreamt of Jesus. He was talking to me. But I couldn't understand what He was saying. I tried to listen very closely, but I still couldn't understand a word He was saying.

3rd: I was still backslidden when I dreamt I was standing before the Father and being judged. I was so afraid. 

Then I saw Jesus in the distance. I knew that only He could help me. So I called out to Him, "Jesus, Jesus," like a fan. But Heavenly Father ordered me to be quiet. I was afraid.

4th: I was still wandering during this season. I dreamt I was riding a boat in the middle of an ocean. But something happened that got me transported into heaven. 

I saw Jesus, but I was angry at Him because why did He take me so soon. I was so regretful that I wasn't able to fulfill my purpose on the earth. I kept begging Him to bring me back to earth. 

I also asked Him how about my unsaved loved ones, to which he answered, "They're already on their way."

5th: I was already coming out of my wilderness season. A day before I had this dream, I asked God if He loved me. This dream was His answer:

(First scene in this dream) Jesus was at the head of the table. I was seated next to Him, watching Him closely and listening to Him talk. 

Then He opened His mouth wide. I mean, literally wide! And inside His mouth was an ocean of water. I was bewildered. Then water flowed from His mouth, and I saw people approach Him to drink freely.

(The second scene) He was sitting on a throne, and I was standing right before Him. He was holding somewhat of a round crystal in his right hand. When I looked closer, I saw that it was the earth. There's land, clouds, and bodies of water. 

Then he effortlessly changed it into another earth-like planet with different elements and colors. Then He changed it into still another planet, then another, and another. 

But I was thinking, What a waste of planets and elements! So I corrected Him. Yet, He just laughed at me in amusement. And I wondered why.

(The last scene) He was lying down, and I leaned on to Him. I told Him, "I love you," and I meant it. He replied, "I love you," without moving His lips; He communicated to me through His mind, yet I heard Him clearly.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your love and patience with me.

Michea: United States

I had this dream on the early morning of May 12, 2022. I was out with my significant other in this dream, and I'm assuming we were out at a park, but people were arguing and fighting. 

The next thing I know, I'm looking up at the clouds, and I see a cloud in the shape of a man standing on top of another cloud. An angel-like cloud came down and took him. Then people-shaped clouds were running back and forth, and I began to hear loud trumpets sounding out of nowhere. 

Then this cloud in the figure of how Jesus is portrayed in pictures (I did not see his face; I am unsure how he looks) slowly comes down, landing on the cloud with his arms raised up to heaven. 

I instantly fell to my knees and began to cry; I began thanking him and praising him. Then I woke up. I really wish I would have stayed asleep a little longer to see what was going to happen next...

"For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.

Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words"
(1 Thes 4:16-18).

Salrane: Jamaica

It's an honor to share my vision with the world. My vision was very short and powerful; I felt peace and gesture. 

I feared him because this was the first time I had seen him. I knew I saw him with a light over his head and it's was dark all around; he was the light.

His holy presence was right in front of me. I felt like I wanted to stay in the vision, and with a blink, I was out of the vision.

But what I knew was  that I was saved, and he loves me, and all I want now for my life is to serve him in spirit and in truth Jesus is Lord.🙏

Eric: United States

I had a dream the same night my best friend of 30 years' mother died. 

I was walking next to Jesus. I didn't see his face or what he was wearing but knew it was him. I just felt his presence. 

We walked up to a white cross that was lying across a small hill. The cross was beautifully decorated with a colorful floral design. 

Jesus spoke to me and said, "I did this for you." I woke up immediately from my dream and said Thank you, Lord!

Cristian: United States

Jesus showed me a clear blue river. I was with someone, and they said how this was the only river still intact that Jesus stepped in.

The river was beautiful & a crystal blue cyan color; everything around me was a blissfully peaceful and pure feeling

Don: United States

I used to consider myself an atheist; eventually, I grew more spiritual after personal experiences. After months of considering Christianity, I had this dream in April 2022:

I was in my yard, among hundreds of other people who were partying and drinking out of the typical red solo cups. The music was loud and felt like it was building up towards something as if in anticipation.

I went from person to person, attempting to tell them something I felt was very important. Some listened; others mocked or made fun of my words. I don’t remember everything I said, but the last thing I said to someone was, “they’re trying to control you!”

At that moment, the music built to its climax. Everyone, including myself, turned toward the music, and over the tree line, an image of Jesus Christ rose alongside a bright orb of light.

The image and the orb, which seemed to be both one yet separate, gently made their way into the back door of my house. 

I followed behind, but there was nobody else left by the time I made it inside, only the littering of red solo cups on the ground.

Trisha: United States

I dreamed I was walking and came up to the cross with Jesus nailed to it. It was lying on the ground, and I was trying to pull the nails out of his hands to set him free.

Harold: United States

I had been to Houston and was returning home to Fort Worth between 9, and 10 am when I looked to the east, and there was Jesus in a cloud so vivid and detailed it was not to be denied. 

He had his right hand outstretched, and in it was the sun. I asked my cousin from the other side of the family to stop as I wished for him to share it with me, but he kept driving. 

Jesus did not look at me or the sun but directly straight ahead. It was New Year’s Day, and throughout my life, the vision has meant various things to me as I’ve grown older. 

I’ve told many about it, but they don’t have an explanation as to why I experienced the vision. All I know is Jesus is with us, and he is omnipotent.

Lucille: Philippines

I am talking to some neighbors I didn't get along well with because I am the type of girl who locks herself in the house all day. 

Then we went to take a picture. At our house, I saw a group of girls talking to a lanbena tree to help erase black spots. 

I helped my mother clean some houses and saw that the owner was being a bully to her. My Mom cried, and I almost can't believe it. 

Then, a guy found me when I leave the room. He's a handsome guy that flashes his white teeth. He shows me a paper with names on it, including my mother and me. Something like a religious group. Then he smiled and started talking to me.

I saw that he was somewhat transparent, like a ghost walking. He is emitting sunrays and glowing that is not irritating to the eye. I concluded that He is a priest, and He just smiled at me.

Then, I found myself in a large room where a speaker gave medals and took pictures, so I assumed it was somewhat a recognition day. The girl is asking the crowd, a guy came in for his statement about Jesus, and his message actually was similar to mine. 

The speaker said it was Jesus who approached me. I was so shocked and happy, delighted rather. I keep on talking to people, making them write their names on the cell group for them to see Jesus and have a deeper relationship with Him.

The scenario changed; I was looking for Him and saw that He went to a warehouse. He disappeared like a wind, almost flying.

I saw the people I recruited to write in the form of sitting and looking at the person in front. I was sad when I saw the one talking that he was Jesus, and I felt betrayed, and I became sad. 

Not long after, He went to the side of the crowd and started giving handshakes, and then me. I cried so hard when I saw Jesus in the center and felt contented and happy that He was really the man I had seen. He just smiled at the crowd when He saw us crying— me crying so hard. 

I saw plaques, but I don't remember that exact quote and words. I also remember that He gave me numbers,  like lotto numbers, I don't know. 

Then I woke up feeling light at 3:50 AM. I felt contented and satisfied. Unlike when I dreamed about an abandoned place with scary people inside that are killing people as a game and woke up feeling restless.

Demi: United States

My dream was in 2014, a time when my brother was going through a tough time with drugs. 

In my dream, I was on a rollercoaster. I somehow knew that we were going to die. All of a sudden, the coaster failed, & we fell to our deaths. 

Immediately, my spirit left my body & I was flying over marshy, swamp water. I flew to Jesus. He was magnificent and glowing white. I said," I feel like you don't hear my prayers & you're not with me." He assured me that everything (with my brother) would be okay.

I hugged him & still remember the feeling of his belt. I told him he was a good friend.. (I probably should have said a lot more, lol).

He then sent me back. I woke up & felt such joy.


After a hard fight with heroin and alcohol, my brother was living in swampy Florida. He had been doing really good but got caught up in drugs again.

He died suddenly in a car accident on 12-22-18.

In retrospect, I feel like this was given to me to remember that Jesus said it was going to be okay. I believe he is talking about my brother/s soul, and he is safe with Jesus now.

I miss my brother & after he died, I turned to alcohol and was angry with God. However, I am back in my walk and look forward to seeing my brother again.

Julian: United States

I had this dream over a year ago. And it’s always stuck in my head. I’m not sure how this happened to me, but I loved it. I’ll share it now.

My dream started off as I was walking in a desert. Nothing around me except a wooden house in the distance.

As I was walking toward the house, there was beautiful music coming from the sky. It was the most beautiful music I have ever heard in my life like angels were singing.

Usually, I’m not one to enjoy such realistic dreams; however, I felt conscious while I was in this dream. I felt no fear and so much peace.

The next thing I remember was being inside the house and in a room. The house was made of wood, and several men were also present.

I remember looking at one man standing upon me, and I knew it was Jesus. He never told me he was Jesus, nor did he say it. Somehow, I just knew it was.

I don’t remember what was spoken, but I remember feeling so calm and safe.

I woke up shortly after and remembered everything; this is unusual due to the fact I can never remember my dreams.

I prayed about it several times within the last year, and I felt the need to find somewhere where I could share this experience.

Thank you.

- Julian

Alexxandra: United States

This is my second dream with Jesus. He walked with me in front of a grave. I think it was my own, and I was dead. We shared memories of my life, but there were no words said. 

It was like He was sharing internal wisdom, and he wanted me to notice something.

Kim: United States

I try to interpret my dreams about Jesus; I had a dream at one of my apartments.

I walked down the stairs, and something told me to turn around, and I saw Jesus in a white robe with long brownish hair, and I bowed on the stairs, and was kissing his feet.

Then I had a dream about my ex husband setting outside up against the tree; he had a most beautiful smile on his face glowing beautiful white golden yellowish Glow.

Then I had a dream about my phone ringing. I picked it up but didn't notice the voice at the end of phone hearing screaming then I said what Dead as a nail said yes .

Then a little brown bird pecked on the outside of the window; it flew away and came back. It wasn't looking at me but at my husband (I still called him even though I divorce him I still love him because I had two children by him). The brown bird was nodding back and forth to attention to him.

After All that I had Cold chilling when I gotten into bed with him and around him then he went to stay salmon fishing on November 14, 2013.

The night before a friend that passed away in 2012 came to me and said, I have something to tell you that is going to happen; you're not going like it But you're going to ok.

So now that phone call became my nightmare, but they didn't tell me that he passed away,ow I have another question I didn't know about this until I had my first child my mom told me I was born with a veil what is the meaning about the veil with what I am saying to you does it mean that I get ahead time vision so I don't. Take it hard.

Just last month, my daughter came into my bedroom. I was screaming, no, stop fighting, this isn't right, stop it!

I had a dream that I was Up above in the clouds with this Man in All beautiful white robe, and he said, watch me, you're will do this after me. I send like a yellowness Glow, and then I turned said like this but as I turn to look at him he All of a sudden turned his head and said, look out, and he pushed me out of the way and said, He saved me like I saved you.

Femi: United States

 At first, I saw a big, endless clean river, and then I saw a mermaid approaching; I was almost carried away by the mermaid's beauty. 

All of a sudden, I saw a fire 🔥. The thing I noticed was that it was Jesus. 

He told me he's Jesus Christ, that he's my friend and that I should ask him whatever I want, and he will give me. 

So I started screaming, sweating until I woke up.

Evelyne: Uganda

Praise Jesus brethren,

Last night, I dreamt that I was walking with my mom in the wilderness with savanna type of vegetation.

There we found two rocks one had pictures of Jesus when he was born in a manger the other one was like a bed, but I couldn't understand well. 

So I asked my mum what had happened there; she told me that its where Jesus stood when he was ascending to Heaven. I knelt down and started thanking God, Worshiping and praising his Holy name.

After I stood up, no sooner had I taken a step away I looked at the sky and saw two hands for Jesus with His nailed wounds; however, I did not see his face, but Heaven opened, and it was clear, the clouds were bright with white and blue colour. 

I told mum to look up, but she didn't see anything; after that, I looked again and saw God in a white gown with much grey beards sitting on the right and left in the sky. He was smiling at me, and I was also so happy. Then woke.

Please explain to me the meaning. Thank you

Response: From Ade: Canada

Dear Evelyne (Uganda),

"Walking in the wilderness" suggest you are going through or would have to go through dry, tough times. Your seeing Jesus with His out-stretched nailed Hands means He is telling you he went through so much suffering just for you because He loves you. 

So do not worry when you go through hard times because your Saviour has gone through worse. He promised never to leave or forsake you. You have to be ABSOLUTELY faithful to Him even in your hard times.


Thank you. I am so thankful to God for this website. It inspires, strengthens your faith in God, and draws you close to Him...
I prayed to God to give me someone who could interpret my dream, and He just led me to this page.

(Please note: "Trusting in Jesus does not personally interpret dreams; however, other visitors sometimes submit what they consider to be the interpretation").

Tonya: United States

Ok, so I woke up at 5 am or around there. I was remembering my vivid dream, and Jesus was in it. I have NEVER had a dream with Jesus in it, at least that I could remember.

Well in the dream I was looking for him because some people had told me where he was so I went looking. I was going up an elevated slope, and I looked over and saw him.

He was wearing a shiny gold crown and nice fine linen white with gold. He was so illuminating. It’s like all the dream was dark and black and white, but He was lit up and full of gold light and color. Brilliance!!! Beyond!!!

So as I saw him, I believe I began to collapse onto my knees crying for him and in major excitement of seeing him. I remember he smiled so big, and he came over to me, and we embraced.

It was amazing!!!!

Paul: United Kingdom

A few years ago, I was battling with depression. I was off work for months and was getting medical help, but one day I was so low while out in a quiet field walking my dog I broke down and sobbed and shouted at the sky, at God, asking why he had left me.

A short time after I had a dream, I was lying on a cold hard floor in a hospital room. I could see the backs of nurses working in their Navy uniforms. I felt sleepy and couldn't move, but something made me look to my right.

I first noticed a pair of feet and legs in sandals coming down a pathway towards me. They were men's legs and of tanned skin.

As he got to me, he squatted beside me; I was instantly hit with warm air and a strange pungent smell, not unpleasant but unusual, not a modern smell but like herbs and oils.

I noticed he was wearing a cream white woven tunic and a Crimson sash from his right shoulder.

I tried to look at his face, but the sun was behind his head, making my eyes squint.

His face then came into view, and I realised it was Jesus; he had very dark, longish hair, a black beard and a handsome, Mediterranean looking chap.

He was also wearing, what I think might have been gold or brass coloured, but definitely a ringed crown.

He looked at me up and down, laying there, and smiled at me. I got the feeling he was looking at me as if to say, "what have you done now?

I cried and said without speaking, "I'm so sorry. He replied without speaking but smiling back even more," Don't be silly

He then lifted me up to my feet without touching me.

I was still in the hospital room with nurses who didn't seem to notice any of this.

I looked over my shoulder to see where he was, and he was walking away but stopped and looked back as if to say, I'm always here.

I woke up with that strange herb and oil smell; it was so strong it filled my bedroom and stayed with me, up in my nose and body for hours.

Vince: United States

Hello, My wife has a lung disease; I pray 🙏 for her day and night. 

One night I had a dream that I was in a large church, and it was empty. I started walking up the center aisle to the front of the church. 

When I Was about three rows from the front of the church, there was a large figure all in white. He turned around and looked right at me; we made eye contact, and then he said, "She Will Be Alright; "it was Jesus. 

When I tell anyone about this dream, I cry or just tear up. I do believe that Jesus did speak to me. Amen 🙏

Desiree: South Africa


I dreamed of seeing people changing their clothes to white garments; it was like people were preparing to be taken up to heaven. Everyone was calling the name Jesus. 

In the same dream, I looked up in the sky and saw the beautiful face of Jesus going down to earth. I was among the people who ran to hug him on his legs; he was wearing a white cloth. 

He sat on a chair, and we had a conversation; my first question was how is late my Dad doing. he told that my father was well, and granny mother, he mentioned her first name and surname, that she was also fine. I was amazed he knew my loved ones. 

I immediately felt comforted and at peace that Jesus was aware of everything going, especially after my Dad passed. I was feeling all alone, rejected, and alone. 

I woke up fully revived that Jesus was involved in my case. I should hold onto faith, and one day I will see Jesus and loved ones because the dream assured me they are in heaven with Him.

No matter what challenges we face as children of God, we must therefore know Jesus is always with us. He is aware, and He loves us.

Let's us remain in His presence until He comes again.

Dagmar: Germany

My dream about Jesus:

Last night, I dreamed I saw Jesus walking somewhere close. A white fog or film separated us. 

I repeatedly called Jesus' name, but I had no voice and was worried that he could not hear me. Something else was present to keep me from calling out. 

I suddenly knew Jesus was stronger, and even though I could not call out his name, he heard my soundless cry, and I felt protected.

Jajah: Hong Kong

Last night I had a dream. I saw Jesus Christ.

We were walking on the pathway. I had two with me, but I didn't know them. We talked while walking.

When I looked at the sky, I saw the face of Jesus Christ; he smiled at me, and then He slowly disappeared.

Maria: United Kingdom

I was saved in October 2017 and got baptised in water in February 2018. I was reading my Bible every day but hadn’t gotten to the part of the crucifixion (I was mainly following teachings from my local church and YouTube).

Then around Easter time, I was having a nap in my living room, and there was a big tall tree a few meters outside my apartment; I live on the third floor and could see the top of the tree. 

I woke up from the nap and was lying there wide awake. I looked out the window and saw the face of Jesus formed out of all the branches; it was so clear yet made out of only the branches of one side of the tree. 

It was the right side of His face with the crown of thorns clearly defined, His eye was closed, and no smile, but there was a loving, kind look to His mouth. 

It was my first vision, and I was shocked but delighted! I know it was a vision because it disappeared after a few seconds. 

When I looked at the tree again, it was just a tree, but I knew it was Jesus showing me His crown of thorns, and I will never forget that.

Mats: South Africa

I normally pray at 5 am daily, but this morning I woke up at 3:25 am. I went back to sleep. I had a vision of myself in a large crowd of people.

Jesus emerged in a huge stature among the crowds. I looked the other way, and he emerged again among the crowd.

Then I thought, what's the use of looking elsewhere? He'll emerge there too. I woke up, and the first thing that came to my mind was that he is everywhere.

Phill: United States

In my dream, I was in my sister's home, and she and her husband were having company. My sister ran out of liquor; I volunteered to get it so they could stay with their company.

I went to look for my sneakers under the chair, and an image appeared on the floor of a cross, then the face of Jesus as I grew up recognizing his face. Then on the walls and back on the floor again, his face and crosses.

I called my sister into the room, and she was so surprised. I am Buddhist, and I was more shocked than scared.


To Phil, from Ade: Canada

The Christian message is simple and exclusive:

Jesus has revealed Himself to you as the divine and exclusive Saviour of the world. Please read the gospel of John chapter 3, verse 16. God sent His Only Son down from heaven to die as a sacrifice for our sins. The message of the cross is the message of the infinite love of God and His Son (Jesus).

Jesus is calling you out of Buddhism, Phill. His call needs a response from you.

John 14 vs. 6: Jesus (in his capacity as the divine Son of God) said: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; No one comes to the Father (God) except through Me."

Decision time Phill!

Adam: Country

It was 2003. I was asleep at 3 am and had been woken up by the sound of one thousand angels. I opened my eyes, and as I slowly woke up, I saw Jesus walking on water by my bedroom window. I think of it today and just realized I should follow. Dark times I was going through

Kayla: United States

November 3, 2021

I woke up, greeted the Lord, read my bible, then started my day, and immediately I was put in a bad mood because of a video I watched on (TikTok). It said, "it's a requirement for us to go to church, and with hearing that, my spirit grew angry and irritable."

I felt like I was being asked for too much and that the Lord was asking too much. 

So in my anger and irritated state, I stayed where I was and talked to the Lord, being honest with Him and telling Him exactly how I felt.

Sometime time later, I got this vision:

The Lord and I were standing next to each other, me on the left and Him on the right. The Lord had His arm around my shoulders, and we were smiling, and it seemed like we were taking a picture. 

The Lord's eyes were closed, and He had a closed-tooth smile, and I had a closed-mouth smile, and the Lord seemed very happy and filled with joy.

On the other hand, I seemed to be happy and joyful as well, but not to the extent Jesus was. It was like I was happy, but at the same time, I wasn't slightly, if that makes sense.

The Lord looked the same as in my dream from May, but some things were different like His hair was fuller and had a bit more muscle.

Sharika: India

Last night I dreamed of Jesus coming towards me. I was lying down, and he came and sat down in front of me. He was wearing an off-white robe, head covered, black beard, long face. I remember His face.

He didn't say anything to me but came in front of me, sat down, and closed His eyes. What I thought was He prayed for me in my dream. What could be the meaning of my dream?

(Response to Sharika)

From, Ade: Canada

Jesus is humanity's Mediator. As God's Divine Son, Jesus acts as a go-between for humanity and God the Father (John 14:6).

He is interceding for you. If you are not a Christian yet, I strongly advise you to read the gospel of John and make a sole commitment to Jesus. Trust Him alone to plead your case before Father God.

Michele: United States

I had a vision.

I was relaxing, eyes closed. I was walking on the beach, and Jesus was next to me. He was so tall, white robe, sandals. I couldn't see myself just knew I was walking next to him. My hand was in His. 

I looked up at Him and asked, "are You, Jesus?" He said "yes" matter of factly. Then I asked, "am I dead?" He replied "yes" in the same matter of fact way. It was as if I was asking if the sky was blue, yes. It was as if I was checking my answers, but it didn't matter that I was dead, just clarifying the situation.

Not for one second did I worry about my earthly problems, sadly, not even my family. Nothing mattered except that I was at peace with Jesus. It was a quick vision. I opened my eyes and realized tears were falling, but I wasn't crying, wasn't sad, that's for sure.

I was with Jesus. I felt joy, peace, love. I finally was able to see Jesus, the Jesus I have been praying to all my life. I felt loved and realized I am Jesus' love.

Beneth: Canada

Last night I had a dream Jesus from above appeared, and a crowd of people were looking at Him and me trying to reach out to Him with my right hand to touch Him, but I couldn't. But He is just there above looking.  

Christian: United States

I was on a bus standing next to the bus driver looking out the door of the bus. Suddenly Jesus walked up to the bus, and looked past me to the bus driver, and asked her, “Did you plan on giving me a ride?” She answered, “No, I didn’t plan to.” She drove off with me still on the bus, and I felt kinda guilty like I shouldn’t have been on there anymore. 

As for his physical appearance, he had that white robe on and dark brown hair and beard. I don’t remember his face perfectly, but I do remember his face never changed; he had the face of someone who had been through it, lol. 

You could tell just by looking at him that he was very wise and very heartbroken.

Sarah: United States

My dream occurred last night, Oct. 16th, 2021.

I want to preface by saying I have not watched any movies/read anything recently about the Rapture, as some of my dreams are influenced by things I watch and read.

I was surrounded by people on a beach, panicking, saying their skin was burning in the dream. I looked up at the sun, and it was like a giant ball of fire, and I could feel the heat. I looked over, and my mother was standing next to me; she was also looking up at the sun. 

We were holding hands, and we began to pray. We repented of our sins and then told others that God was returning and there was no need to be afraid. The people lined up along the beach and grabbed hands, and we all prayed.

The sun was getting closer and closer to us, and things around us were on fire; it was so bright. Everyone, including myself and my mother, began walking toward the ocean. We all kept walking until we were unable to stand anymore and were floating underwater. 

I was still holding my mom’s hand, and I heard a voice (who I knew was God speaking) tell us not to be afraid and let the water fill our lungs as if we were babies in a womb. 

The voice explained that we were all children of God and were being reborn. I looked up, and the water was so blue and clear, and I could see the sun from underwater. It was like the sun was where the voice was coming from, and was very emotional and a beautiful feeling.

We did not stop praying; we thanked God for our previous existence and were so happy. We then all walked out of the water in unison, very much like a baptism. 

I don’t know exactly where I was,  but I remember feeling sand under my feet; it wasn’t the same beach that we were on before. The air felt so clean.

I was still with my mother, and we found the rest of my family (even those who had already died, my grandparents, etc.), and we rejoiced. We were all wearing white cotton dresses and robes.

Everything felt so peaceful and weightless. We all just laughed and sang and praised God. I remember my body feeling so light with nothing weighing me down. (This was such a relieving feeling, I’ve been struggling a lot with major depression lately, it was nice not to feel so heavy). 

There was absolutely nothing to worry about and nothing to be afraid of. It was like we were finally home, and we truly could feel it. 

Halle: United States

I had this dream on Sept 22 at three am; here is the text I sent my mom right after describing my dream:

Omg, mom, last night I had the most vivid dream; I wanted to tell you it came back to me last night. After I went to bed at 3 am, when Wendal fell back asleep, I had the most beautiful dream of Jesus Christ.

I was with you guys; I got the sense it was our family. Suddenly, the sky started flickering like gold lightning everywhere, millions of it, and the clouds turned into angels flying all around. 

A giant cross was illuminated and came out of the sky, forming a huge cross lit up, and we were like, it’s Jesus!!!! 

And he came out of this huge cross and started to walk across the sky, and we were so in awe I was like begging and so excited to go with him!!

Afterward, I looked up online, dreaming of Jesus in the sky (which led me to this site)! Jesus is our savior; we need to get right with the Lord; these are the times!

Cynthia: United States

In my dream, I was in my grandmother's house, walking through the dining room looking for her, when I heard and felt a rumble. The kind of rumble when music is so loud you feel it in your body. It made the whole house vibrate. I knew it was Jesus, that He was coming, so I ran outside.

When I got outside, I looked around and saw what looked like a white cloud falling down to earth. It turned into an angel; then another cloud turned into an angel. Soon the sky was full of angels glowing white.

Then one side of the sky turned the brightest blue. That's where the angels stayed. The other side of the sky turned solid back. Then all sound stopped for a moment and soft bells began ringing, like wind chimes. That's when I started to see other people standing around me, thousands of them.

The ground disappeared. Then the trumpet sounded, and it was overwhelming; it took my breath away. The angels flew out of the sky in all directions, and where the bright blue sky met the black sky, it split open with the brightest white explosion of light.

There, sitting on a gold throne, was Jesus. He was huge, filling the sky and looking down on us. He leaned forward and looked over the crowd like He was seeing who all was there. He shook His head yes and started talking. 

When He spoke, I was the only one standing there. He took me back into my grandmother's house, talking to me the whole time, telling me how much He loved me, that He was so happy to be with me. I woke up overwhelmed with joy. It was amazing.

Melissa: United States


I had a nightmare that I woke up in my room. My mother was there and told me to look out the window. There were armed helicopters and spotlights. I looked up because the house had no roof, and there were what I assumed to be demons that resembled gargoyles swarming. One came directly at me, monstrous claws outstretched, and I said the name of Jesus; I woke up before it could get to me.

At first, of course, I woke up in fear and extremely upset, but once I sat and wrote down the dream, I realized that he came and saved me at the very mention of the name Jesus.

Glen: United States

I woke up at 3:56 this morning and went back to sleep and dreamed we were outside on a cloudy day; the way's parted, and Jesus was standing in front of what appeared to be a mansion door with his arms wide open what does this mean?

Response to Glen's dream. 
Read John chapter 14 vs 1-3. Jesus is the Divine Son of God who has promised to prepare mansions for us in heaven. He is inviting you to believe in Him as you believe in God.
Belief in "God" is not enough for salvation. Salvation and entrance into Paradise are solely anchored on belief in the Divine Son of God - Jesus!

Kayla: United States

September 23, 2021.

This vision came to me while sleeping, half asleep and awake. I was lying in bed, sleeping while aware and conscious at the same time, and in that state, I got a vision or picture. It was me, at child age sitting on Jesus’s lap, sleeping in his arms with my head place on my shoulder, and He was looking at me.

I didn’t pay attention to the setting of this vision, but I think Jesus was either sitting on a log or stone, and the floor was like a large stone tile, but it was like a bright shining gold or bronze. Jesus had the same appearance in the dream when He came to me in May 2021.

I really like to believe that this vision took place in Heaven. This vision was so sweet and cute, and I will always and forever cherish this along with my dream.

Bless His sweet heart ☺️❤️

William: United States

In my dream, I was at a funeral, and the person who was being buried got possessed, and I started to pray. At that moment, Jesus, I think but didn't see His face because of so much light, but it didn't hurt my eyes, and the peace that emanates was so beautiful that I think it was him.

when he appears, the entity asks to be allowed to leave, and that's when he told me that people need to know the coming is closer than what they think and that the first Pillar has come down,

That's when I woke up, and I was unconscious praying at loud, and I'm not a church person; I do believe in him as my savior, but I'm not 100% that's my dream, and if someone can help to decipher Pls, do.

Michael: United States

I opened the door and walked in, closing the door behind me. Jesus was already inside, sitting waiting, and we had a serious conversation about my Dad. Jesus had a serious look on his face but was also understanding and loving. I asked him to forgive my Dad. I believe he did.

Michelle: United States

In my dream, I was walking around what almost seemed like The ruins of an old church where the grass has grown between the buildings and in some of the buildings. Some of the structures looked as if they were stables.

There was a commotion happening, and monks and common people were running everywhere. I got caught up in the frenzy as everyone was trying to collect everything from this area. A fire was coming from the hillside, and it was already encompassing most of the ruins.

I ran behind a wall, and there was a statue of Jesus there. As I reached for the statue, it began to glow and emitted a blinding white light that completely enveloped me. I could see before the light involved me that The building was on fire. But when that light enveloped me, I felt such a strong presence of love that it was overwhelming.

I felt like I was shaking and crying but at the same time feeling completely wrapped in this love and not afraid. The feeling was so intense that it woke me up.

Marlo: Philippines

I had a dream of Jesus in the image of the Divine Mercy.

I was kneeling in front of Him; He held my hand and told me, "Give me Sunday." 

I am working on a cruise ship so being in a church on Sunday is really not possible for me to do. And also we work even on Sundays. So this message is confusing for me for what He is trying to tell me.

Shannon: United States

I had a dream that was so real. 

I was sitting on a porch with an older blonde lady; I looked up, and a lady in a red dress with brown hair was with Jesus. He flew her down to us, and she went into a house.

Then Jesus flew over me, and I watched as he faded away in the sky. 

Then I saw a big white cross in the sky. This dream was so real. I never had a dream like this. What does this mean?

Therese: Philippines

I dreamed of Jesus' image forming in the sky, and all people came to see in awe like me. It was beautiful. Then when it starts to fade, a strong earthquake shook us, and there was a big flood.

After a few months, I dreamed of Jesus again forming in the clouds while I was busy going about my day, but he appears with Mother Mary this time. When it faded, there was a huge explosion in the sky. it was blinding, then I woke up scared.

Anonymous: United States

So this dream happened today, on August 25, 2021. I woke up around 3 30 am.

But the dream was like this:

I was in a recurring place in my dream, which is either a school or a castle. I jumped off the roof and landed on this place. I walked to the pond near the school/church/mini castle. I stood there looking at the setting sun. Then I got scared of Jesus returning. So I kept looking for a cross in the sky. A little bit later, in front of the setting sun, was a golden cross. The cross exploded, and Jesus came out. 

I believe I was taken to a house with other people. I saw Jesus there and asked him, "Jesus was that you in the sky?"

He said, "I couldn't let the question go unanswered, Yes it was;" then I just woke up.

Walter: Japan

The Dragon has been slain.

I begin to sleep on my bed. Everything felt like a cartoon in the dream. A car appeared on the street; however, a giant eye appeared from the ground as it was massive; then the eye comes out, and it was a red dragon with five heads. 

The five-headed Dragon roared loudly as its body moved upwards to the sky.

Just then, a single lightning strike hit the Dragon causing it to be slain in one strike. Its body begins to fall downwards, making a fast speed hitting the ground that caused a large explosion. The people in the streets cheered the Dragon's death. 

Jesus Christ was walking the street and then stopped at a dog playing with a small pebble. 

His hands picked up the pebble and placed it between the dog's eye until the pebble became a third eye. His head turned to me and smiled as the dream faded away.

Joeriza: Philippines

Hi, I had these dreams or visions in 2015, so I wrote them down and placed them in my pocketbook. I always have them anywhere I go.

So this is my first vision..

I saw him on a cloud; his face was very big; Jesus was smiling at me.

The second:

I was sleeping on the bed (4 am). Suddenly a bright light like the sun came upon me, something like pouring a very light on my face and it didn't hurt my eyes. As I open my eyes to that vision, I know it's the Holy Spirit working on me...and I woke up. I feel no pain... so refreshed. I know Jesus visited me to heal and to comfort me.

The third one:

I saw his very big face in the sky. I saw myself kneeling down. In the backyard, I cried out to him and said O JESUS JESUS! He smiled at me and said, (TAKE MY COMMAND, and I replied, what, Jesus? What? I can't hear you! AND again he said (TAKE MY COMMAND; then I replied, take your command?? He said again (TAKE MY COMMAND. 

AND I knew it then he keeps smiling at me, and I'm smiling too, he's very handsome he is full mercy his hair was curly, his face as wide as heaven. 

My cousin was there. I told him to get her phone to take a picture of Jesus, who keeps smiling at me nonstop; suddenly, I woke up.

I have had many more visions. Let's praise God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.....

Rose: United Kingdom

Audible Voice of God - dream/vision 14/06/21 @12:24pm

I had a dream that I was living life as normal; then, I put my daughter in her chair in the living room while I had the TV remote in my hand to select something to watch.

Suddenly I looked to my left and noticed something was wrong with my daughter, and her eyes seemed to be rolling to the back of her head.

I rushed to her, grabbed her, and started repeatedly screaming Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...

Then I woke up... or so I thought.

I only now realised that I didn't wake up into the physical world yet, but went straight into a vision from the dream.

In my vision, I was on the bed and woke from this terrible dream, only to realise that my baby daughter is still asleep in my arms next to me on the bed. The sight of her peacefully asleep in my arms calmed me down and assured me that nothing bad had happened to her.

I saw someone looking around the room. I saw someone - I didn't see his face, but it was Jesus.

Immediately I started to worship and glorify God and pray for my daughter - in an instant; I felt an overwhelming outburst from deep within me, then my speech changed to tongues. It initially sounded like the tongues I've heard fellow Christians speak in waking life, but as I went on, it became even more complex but simpler at the same time. My mind was no longer in control. It was like I finally let go.

During this time, my mouth was just wide open (not moving), but the sound of tongues was radiating and pouring out from within me through my mouth. My face was toward heaven, I was on my knees, and my mouth was as though someone had forced it open wide while this sound just poured out from within me, through my mouth, and headed straight toward heaven.

It went on like this for about 2-3 minutes, then when the sound from my mouth stopped, and I was able to close my mouth finally - I heard a response. Only one sentence was spoken back to me ( I wish I could remember what was said; I only remember that it ended with the words "on me').

More than what was said, what stuck with me was the voice that spoke back to me. It was the audible voice of God; for the first time in my life, I heard God directly - not the little still voice that I normally hear, guiding and telling me what to do, which is the Holy Spirit. No, this was much different; This was the voice of the most-high God!

I'm so overwhelmed and happy as I write this that tears are filling my eyes and flowing down. I've always wanted confirmation that I still belong to God, and I've gotten it in so many subtle ways, but this was different; there was nothing subtle about this experience.

So I'm going to try and describe the voice I heard - please God help me do your voice justice in my description.

The Audible Voice - it sounded like the pulsating echo of many waters. Like if someone were to talk while underwater but more profound. Like the vibrating echo of talking underwater (imagine sticking your head underwater and talking, the vibrating sound you hear back).

The voice was filled with so much love and so powerful that I felt as though I could visibly see the vibrating sound waves. He only said one sentence to me, and I can't even remember what was said completely - but I am so grateful to have heard that voice.

After God spoke, I jolted back awake in'reality'/the physical world still asleep in my bed with my baby in my arms.

This was when I realised that I didn't actually wake up from the dream I was initially having, but instead, God brought me out of that bad and scary situation into a place of meeting with his son Jesus and hearing from God himself.

Praise God - Thank you, Jesus.

The date was Monday 14th of June.

Further Research:

So after waking up from the vision/dream, I literally just typed the following into Google 'I heard the voice of God, and it sounded like many waters.

The result confirmed to me that it was indeed the voice of God that I heard in my vision. it came up with the following Bible passages:

Rev 14:2

Ezekiel 43:2

Rev 19:6-16

Ezekiel 1:24

Rev 1:15

Oh, Jehovah, you are mighty - May you be praised forever. Amen

Valeria: United States

This is a weird dream, to begin with. It was about my friend and me riding up and down this hill with trees everywhere on a road that can maybe fit a car.

Maybe after five times of riding up and down, there were girls there, so I suppose we were at a camp I had just recently gone to. I heard the girls yelling as they looked up into the sky. 

My friend and I decided to stop and saw something like an eclipse. It was the moon; the moon was red, and what covered it was a bright orange. As we watched, it started to get bigger and bigger. The moon turned into a blue color (a light blue) until it covered everything. All you could see was this outline of a moon.

We started to float. Our feet weren’t touching the road that we were on, and as I looked to my right, I saw a man praying, so I did the same. But it wasn’t a good prayer because I was terrified. There was no earth anymore in the middle of praying; we were just floating in the dark stary night. 

After that, I guess I woke up and fell back asleep again because when I did, I felt someone grab me from my waist (I was curled up like a baby in the womb). It was almost like they were doing an exchange because someone was handing me to him, which I believe to be a guardian angel.

I was taken, and I knew it was Jesus the second he touched me because of how gentle he was with me. I tried to turn to see his face, but for some reason, I couldn’t remember what he looked like, so I never got to see his face; I just felt him hold me as my classmates sat in the back of him.

I still believe that it wasn’t a dream; it felt too real to be a dream!

Jamie: United States


I was standing in a sewer looking out of a ground grate that was facing the outside. It was dark inside the sewer with water flowing around my feet, and outside was around dusk. I had my hand at my mouth, and it was like I was watching myself from an angle behind.

These zombie-like people were around, but not threatening me, and I was standing there waiting, a little afraid. I saw Jesus appear from nowhere and float down to the watery floor behind me; he was glowing with light, and I wondered if when his feet touched that disgusting sewer water it would purify it because, of course, I would...lol.

I got a very warm feeling seeing him stand there behind me.

Nancy: United States

In my dream, I was sitting on the back of my truck in my yard at 3-4 in the morning, looking up at the stars. 

A few clouds around suddenly a cloud lit up with bright white light, then Jesus came out of the cloud toward me. I was amazed and started taking pictures with my phone.

He went behind another cloud then came out again; this happened a few times, then he went behind a cloud, and this time, the light before he came out was white, blue, and pink.  

He came out, and I took a picture, but this time the picture on my phone was of my father in his late 20s, so young looking, and me around six years. I am now 44,  and my father is gone, and Jesus was gone.

Audrey: United States

I seem to have dreams featuring our Lord after I seriously pray and seek Him earnestly and read His Word hours during the night. Last night I dreamed that He was standing near me... I couldn't really make out His face, but he had the white robe. 

I remember hugging him and feeling some sort of like thick scars on His back. I was kind of shocked, but He explained they were from being scourged before His crucifixion. 

He then explained that I, too, would have to suffer in the same way as He did because no servant is greater than His master. All this he said, but I don't remember hearing His voice or what it sounded like.

I always think like, wow, it would be an honor to be crucified for the sake of Jesus, but in my dream, I was actually really afraid, and I stupidly asked, "does that mean I'm gonna have nails through my wrists?!" He kindly explained yes but that he would give me the power to help me endure. I remember the feeling of love and peace mostly.

The Jesus that visited me in my dream is not really like the stereotypical ones in pop culture. He is very "manly," strong but at the same time so so loving. I love Jesus so much. Let's all pray we will endure till the end and keep His commandments.

Savanna: United States

I was on a kid roller coaster with one of my friends that goes in a little circle. I told the instructor to turn it on the highest setting since it was just us. Suddenly I flew way up high in the sky. 

I couldn't keep a grip on my seat that also flew along with me. But I looked down on my mom's house, falling 200 ft from the sky. I wasn't scared, but I said, "Jesus, please save me." I kept falling and smashed into the ground. 

It was black than I woke up and saw my siblings and parents playing in the backyard pasture. My mom had her arms wide open for me to hug her, but I ran right past her with my arms open wide, running to Jesus. His arms were wide open with a huge smile on his face. 

It was the best feeling in the world; I can't even describe how he looked except for the brown hair & white robe… but I just knew it was Jesus. 

 My mom took a video of the whole thing. But on the tape, I was hugging air, and they couldn't see Jesus. 

Jesus saves!! He is so so real. Tell your friends & family about Jesus or your dreams/visions. He loves us all so much, even if we sin.

Jacklin: Australia

In my dream, it was as if l was walking in the street and there were other people around as usual. 

I saw a crowd of people surrounding someone. I couldn't see him, but l did say to myself," Oh, that's Jesus he has come," and knew that he had come and people had gathered to see him. I was so happy.

Jess: United States

I had a vision last night. I was close to sleep; I think I had even fallen asleep.

I was lying on my right side, and I heard a rushing wind pass by my left ear, and I see something like the son of man - Jesus Christ in the clouds coming down from him is shining His Divine Mercy - colors of blue, purple, white and red. He was bright and shining.

At first, it's like I'm being brought up, and I think to myself, Jesus is here he is coming, the time has come I'll thank the Lord, and there is this joy that fills me. I'm so excited.

And in a split second, I hear another Rush of wind pass by my left ear, and I see these clouds Rush in and block me, along with so many other people. I know that we are completely separated from him; all I can see are heads and faces, and there's so much anguish they are screams and crying people yelling even myself the pain is unexplainable.

I opened my eyes, and I immediately get down on my knees to pray, asking God what this means, why, and does that means that I'm going to be separated from Him.

I'm still learning how to hear and discern God's voice, but I'm pretty sure that this was Jesus and the Holy Spirit telling me and warning me -

Stop doubting your salvation. If you continue to doubt your salvation, you grieve the Holy Spirit; you do not allow the Holy Spirit to fill you up and be a light to your path.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and he will make your way straight.

When you doubt your salvation, it is like rejecting the free gift of Christ Jesus.

And then I saw nothing but clouds, and I heard do you believe in Jesus Christ who died for your sins?

Yes, I said.

Do you have faith in Christ Jesus and in the Father almighty that His Holy Spirit dwells in you and that you are being guided every day? Yes, I said.

Suddenly the clouds cleared away, and there was a clear sky like a straight plane of endless Blue sky - this is your mind when it is clouded with doubt; it is like a literal cloud that separates you from the Lord. When you walk in faith without a doubt, then you walk a straight path in the heavens.

Go and preach the gospel to all who will listen to the simple words - believe in Christ Jesus and His death on the cross, and you shall be saved. Repent of your sins and come to Christ Jesus there is no time to waste, for the hour is short, and the time is near repent and be saved.

Nanix: Tanzania

I had a dream when I was still in medical school, living in sin and never knew Jesus. During that time, I wanted to read the Bible, but whenever I tried to read it, I never understood; the Bible was the most difficult book I ever read. 

For the past 20+ years, I never read even a chapter in Bible; though I was going to church every now and then but never really understood anything, I was just going to show up. 

One night as I slept immediately, I was taken up to a place where I saw many people of different nations standing before one man who was glowing. He was judging people and telling some people that they were going to hell and was very terrifying, while others were going to heaven and were given white clothes. 

When it was my turn to be judged, I stood before him and all my life was revealed like on the screen, he keeps everything about me, and he said to me that I am going to hell, I was terrified and said to him but why, I am a good person and very polite person I did a lot of good things, he remained silent so I decided to look at his face. 

All I saw was a very bright light, and suddenly I was taken to another place, and this time I was a bit younger. Besides me, a book looks like the Bible; as I was about to open the book, it opened itself very fast. I saw words that I could not read. 

I heard a voice telling me to read the texts, and I told him that I do not understand, suddenly all the text was wiped out, and the words of fire came out of the book written I LOVE YOU. 

I took the book, it was the Bible, and read it this time; I understood and was happy, But was told to go to church and didn't go. Suddenly I woke up. When I was young, I escaped from going to church and used to my friend instead of church.

The saddest thing is that I never knew if who I saw was Jesus and never read gospels only tried to read the book of Mathew in the past but only the first few verses. I knew what I saw was Good but certainly not Jesus. Hence I was very confused, and my journey to search for the truth started there. 

I was in a dilemma: the true God, the God of Muslims or Christianity, and I never believed Jesus was Good. So I started reading the Quran. I downloaded the Quran app, which increased my confusion. I deleted it. 

But something told me to read the gospels as I was reading. To my surprise, I understood the Bible, and when I was reading the book of John, my eyes were open, and I knew that who I saw in my vision/dream was Jesus Christ. I broke into tears that I stood before Jesus and never knew it was him.

Rebecca: United States

This was a dream in 2016 or so. I was in my home, and as I looked out the front window, all you could see was darkness and stormy weather. It looked eerie. 

Jesus walked through the front door. Like actually through it, He didn’t open the door. He came in with urgency and seriousness. He said, “It’s time to go.” I asked about my dog, and he said she would meet you there; this gave me hope because I wasn’t concerned for my three kids or my husband coming, just the dog. 

We went into the kitchen area where a Chariot was waiting; Jesus got in on the right side, which is unusual because, in America, the driver is on the left. He held out His left hand for me to hold with my right hand. I thought to myself, “I’m not worthy of holding His hand,” but I did it because I love Him and wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything. 

Once I touched His hand, liquid love poured into me, and it was like being shot with 1000 lightning bolts but in a good way; it was like pure ecstasy. Think of every good emotion all at once, times a million. 

I then appeared in a safe place that was all white and not on Earth. 

Adelita: United States

I dreamt about the last supper tapestry scene. The original side of the tapestry was normal, but on the other side, Jesus and the Apostles had red glowing eyes.

G. L: United States

I dreamed I was walking beside Jesus on a beach. He was tall and slender with full (not long) dark curly hair. As we walked, he was reaching down to pick up turquoise-looking stones out of the wet sand as the waves receded back to the body of water.

The stones seemed to represent dead or dying (maybe suffering) people who Jesus was praying for as he lifted the stones toward the sky and released them toward Heaven. At some point, it seems He asked/told/compelled me to help him.

Kristina: Canada

I had a dream of Jesus last night and the apostle Paul. In the first part of the dream, I handed apostle Paul a clay or stone tablet carving of Jesus. I know it was him even though it was wrapped in white linen.

The size was thin in diameter, maybe have an inch, but its length was not more than 15 inches. I was to pass this tablet to Paul through a crack maybe 5 inches wide on the stone floor, which looked like a cave; it had a lantern or fire burning because of how it lit up Paul's face, who was reaching up to get the tablet.

Then I was watching from afar Apostle Paul and Jesus talking. We were in a cave, but it was lit but candles/lanterns. Apostle Paul wearing white but brown sandals, was sitting on a wooden chair on one side of the cave, and Jesus was sitting at a wooden table on a wooden chair on the other side of the cave. 

Jesus was wearing all white, and he was laughing and talking. He looked very happy and relaxed. That's when I woke up.

Kayla: United States

May 15th, 2021

I had a dream about Jesus; I can’t really remember what happened, but I think he was in the sky, and I (including everyone in the world or just me) saw him. Light emitted around him, and he had his arms outstretched.

I think I was brought up to him, and I think the dream ended after that. Maybe there was more to it, but If so, I don’t remember what happened.

It's the same dream, I just wanted to add some things that might be important).

May 15th, 2021, I had a dream about Jesus, I can't really remember what happened, but I think he was in the sky; he was in a white robe with a red drape. I and everyone in the world saw him.

Light emitted around him, and he had his arms outstretched, looking forward, then I was brought up to him.

Added Later: 3/29/2022

I was not yet a Christian when I had this dream and mistakenly assumed it meant I was going to be Raptured.


Walter: Japan

"The real Christ Shows Up"

It was on May 1 of 2021, at noon, that I took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. My body was cold, but my head was hot at the same time. I saw the light (probably the holy spirit), And I felt roots onto my body, like being attached, and it felt so good, but it went away, and I saw a black book. 
It wasn't the bible. It has no cover or anything, just a solid coal color of that book. It begins to open on its own and show words, Like making it up or mocking it. Then a drawing of a man and woman tied up to each other while fire was onto their feet. It then showed the actual appearance of both people screaming in pain while helpless. They were being stabbed onto the chest, arm, neck but not the head, and no blood has come out. 

I heard their cries and screams until Satan has come out from the book. He was big and tall, having a black horn, black fur, color / red eyes, and white/ yellow teeth; I begin to say " EVIL EVIL EVIL! BAD BAD BAD!" loudly until my dad woke me up and I being to cry uncontrollably.

 The next scene: (on the same night) happened where I saw the Antichrist (fake Jesus); he was an exact copy of Jesus Christ. I smiled at him, but I felt something was wrong; instead of a greeting like hello or anything, he has a smirk....an evil one as he begins to approach me. He grabs both of his hands onto my neck and was going to choke me. I said no to him and cried until the real Jesus christ show up. He punched fake Jesus left cheek, right cheek, and upper jaw. The faker begins to run away quickly, but Jesus pulled out a flaming sword. He throws the sword back at the Antichrist, striking him, and he let out a blood-curdling scream. His skin begins to turn like wax as his skeleton shows until he turns into dust. I ran to him and hugged him tightly. I said, 'I'm not a true Christian, I did bad things, etc.,' but he smiled at me and said, 'you're a good soul, love is the most powerful weapon, and you are a true Christian.'

The last scene: as I walk onto the bright streets, People were walking under blue the sky and white clouds; birds (white pigeons, I think) flew, and I saw Jesus Christ sitting on a golden throne with a golden crown on the sky . he smiled at everyone, but he mostly looks at me and smiles more then the dream ended. 

Robin: United States

I am standing in an open field. A small river is on the left side of me; I see people by the river. I see Jesus, the brightest blue eyes, wearing a blue and white robe, and gleaming, was calling up certain people.

He called my name, and I remember feeling elated and so happy for being called; there were no words spoken, but I understood him in my mind. He had this smile that was pure love and joy. He had the whitest teeth.

I stepped on a small pedestal or stool, and As I stood in front of him, his eyes were so piercing, so beautiful. He touched my forehead and the top of my head with his hand as if I was being anointed.

As I left, I felt a peace I never felt before and happiness. I then remember being on my back floating up towards the blue and white sky, spinning very slowly upwards.

Kiara: Country

Topic: Jesus, Heaven, Lucid.

I have had dreams of the Holy Spirit protecting me from demons since I was a little girl. I am currently 17, I am still young, but I can't ignore what I've felt. 

I had a dream; my grandmother with dementia (who lives with me now) came to me asking for my help. I feel like this was, in part, Jesus testing the nature of my heart. I followed her to her room, where I saw my grandfather (who had passed a couple of months before) smiling at me, standing tall surrounded by a large heavenly light. As I got closer, the light consumed me completely. I felt like I was being sucked into heaven, sucked into the afterlife. 

I can't lie; I was terrified; by this point, I was completely lucid. I knew I was in some sort of dream as I recognized my grandfather as not present in my waking life. I felt like I was in some kind of danger, I knew it was not my time to go to heaven, yet I was being sucked in. I closed my eyes, calmed down, and began thinking of one of my favorite songs, again entirely lucid. 

Then I woke up as a child in bed surrounded by my parents, I was back into the dream state, and I looked over at the Jesus portrait my mother has hanging on her wall. I started getting a little lucid again, and my vision was wavy and trippy. 

I stared at Jesus, and his eyes seemed to follow me with intensity, but his eyes were comforting. I felt like it was him, and I felt like it was of some significance. I'm not sure of what or even if this has much to do with the rapture; I suppose it's more personal to me. But still, I haven't been able to forget how he looked at me. 

When I pass the portrait in my mother's room, I always look at the eyes still... thanks for reading. God bless.

Sherry: United States

My dream came after I spoke to someone who didn't believe in Jesus. I drempt I was next to someone who was about to die we were at the beach in the water. I tried to tell the person about Jesus and tried to help him to heaven right before his death, and that's when I saw him. He was out in the water standing on it. He was here for this man, but he wanted me to see him too. I wanted to go with them. The comfort and joy I felt is indescribable. I knew I would be at peace. I knew I would be going home. I laughed but also cried tears of happiness. I only made out his body as a figure, but that was enough. I will never forget this dream.

Frank: Country

What I witnessed was not a dream; it was real; His manifestation was transparent but in full detail.

I was a child living in a rodent-infested house. My mother always shared Bible parables with us to match our experiences with Bible scriptures. One night, I was awakened out of my sleep (I have only told a handful of people who won't judge me and have true faith).

Jesus appeared at the foot of my bed with his praying hands at my feet, I was punching my sister in terror next to me, but she never felt the hard hits I gave her. I was so terrified that I covered my head and buried myself in my blankets. 

I saw vividly what the Holy Spirit is. He wore colors that communicated with me without speaking: a white and purple robe representing the pure, sinless, holy spirit; purple to represent His Royalty.

The red represents his shed blood, and blue is for heaven where his father is. The robe was white and purple to illustrate that the father, son, and Holy Spirit are now in 1, resurrected. 

He was praying for me, which either means he was praying for his father to have mercy on me, or he blessed me to be able to communicate with him through divine knowledge and scriptures. Either way, my job is to share that he exists.

Using colors to communicate shows me he has intellectual abilities beyond what anyone has ever witnessed. Only those that truly have a relationship with him will be able to pick up the signs he leaves us to show he appeared. 

We can't simply choose to see his spirit. "Blessed are those that believe and do not see me..."

I saw him! That verse was intended for me and those he has appeared to who do his will in letting others know he exists and send a warning about how narrow the path to heaven is and how wide the path to hell is. The larger path means more will go to hell than to heaven. 

Let's pray for our sins and beg for forgiveness, and love others like we want others to love us; may the Holy Spirit be with you as well...

Mourad: Sweden

I am a Muslim and live in Sweden. I am fasting in Ramadan right now, 2021. We're in the last days of Ramadan, and yesterday night, I dreamt of Jesus.

I saw him in my dream laying himself down on the cross. And the cross had some iron wrapped around its tree on the parts for the arms. The whole cross was on round white rocks about the size of an apple. 

What was clear to me is that Jesus showed that he layed himself down willingly. There was no military force from any people or any brutal violence surrounding what he was showing. He was wrapped with a white cloth. Layed himself down on the rocks, on the cross, with arms spread wide. Very relaxed face. 

Then it felt as if he raised his upper torso and the cross followed; at the same time, I felt he showed me that the "passing over" was done willingly. He showed me that twice, like the upper torso raised from the rocks with the cross. 

That was the dream, but I'm still fasting today, and I'm still praying. I know as Muslims, we need to believe that Jesus never died on a cross. But hey, who am I to judge dreams? I love Jesus in both religions' interpretation, and I always leave the door open for God to show me the light. 

I think a part of being a follower of God is not only limited to labels. As long as we search for guidance, we are all God's children. I always keep the bible and the koran with me.

May God bless us all!

Austin Canada

When I was around 8, I had a dream of Jesus. He was on a BEAUTIFUL beach near the water, and I was on the other side of the beach.

I ran toward him, but it was as if my feet were stuck in place, and I couldn't get close. 

I have never been able to forget that dream, and I woke up that morning with unbelievable peace in my soul. 

I am not a superstitious person, but I think God gave that dream to me as a warning to keep running towards him and not give up. Idk.

Errol: Australia

I dreamed that I was Helping someone to cut a tree down to size. When I finished, I was walking to join a queue when Jesus stood beside me. I didn't see his face, but he was dressed in a full Dazzling white Robe, and I could hear the people say, look, as to look at him. When my turn came to order, the man asked, is he with you...and I said yes.

And then he asked me what he would like. I pointed out some things in a box ....and then I woke up...

My second dream:

I was on an elevated ground, perhaps in a Park, but higher than the people below me. And I saw, in a Shape of clouds, St Joseph holding baby Jesus..it was so near I could almost touch him.

I turned to the people behind me and, pointing to Joseph, said Look, and the people started to see.

Jennifer: United Kingdom

In my dream, I was in a contained area, and the colours I could see were black and reds; in front of me was the cross, but all I could see was Jesus' feet; it was as if it was laying flat, and as I went to reach out and touch the feet it moved. 

Then within an instant, Jesus appeared before me on my left side, knelt, and was smiling at me, he was dressed in white with gold tassels, and he was glowing. His hair was long past his shoulders combed back and smooth, and he had no beard.

Then he put his arm around my shoulders, and I felt the most intense feeling of radiating love burning through my whole spirit, so empowering like no love I've felt before. Then he spoke, but I couldn't hear his words.

At that point, I awoke, and as I opened my eyes, I could still feel the intense feeling of love in my very core spreading across me. I was moved to tears.

Jesdika: United States

I had a dream that I was just driving, and suddenly there was a sign of a trumpet, and I knew in the dream that Jesus was coming soon.

Joyal: India

I had a dream last night. In that dream, I saw that I was standing on a mountain with someone and all of a sudden I heard a sound from above and I looked at the sky, at that time a big cross started to come closer to us, and everything behind it was so white that all I could see was the cross coming towards us. Then the World suddenly ended, and after that, I was in some huge mansion where I saw few people. They were from the olden days, and there was Jesus amongst them. I never had this kind of dream, and it's my first time that I saw this kind of dream.

Kratika: India

I saw a big wave ocean in a dream and a big cross coming from the sea upwards, and I hold it. Then I saw Jesus in white dress and sparkling clothes with a sad face and bent body. Then a sword came from his back and cut his hand. He was bleeding.

I am so terrified.

Meredith: United States

I had a dream I was in a temple, or at least it felt as though it was a temple or church. There were only a couple of people. 

I knew what we were waiting for, and we watched out the windows, and I saw his feet snd robe; he rounded the corner and entered the building. I didn’t know what to do, stand or bow or go to my knees. Instantly he came before me, and I fell to my knees. 

He spoke, though I don’t remember, and it didn’t matter, but I felt such overwhelming love; I had never felt this before. 

Whatever his message was, I think it was just to show me he loved me. This dream happened after I had one the week before, Gabriel speaking to me. I couldn’t see him, but he told me his name, he showed me the book of life and took me on a journey. 

I felt as though he was showing me the end times and fires all around. I was waiting to be lifted up as I watched others from below in the pits rise above me, going toward heaven. I wasn’t scared but curious, and I felt safe. 

I have not had another dream in 2 years. However, when I speak of Jesus or hear others talk of him, I am very emotional and frequently get goosebumps. I’m not sure what this means. I’ve told people, although I don’t feel they believe me.

Joshua: United States

This dream occurred on Saturday, March 27th, 2021. 

I saw what looked like a young man almost beaten to death carrying what looked like a large cross. 

People were tormenting this man like he meant nothing to them. They started piercing his hands, then his feet, and then I was feeling that pain for some reason that I can’t explain. 

I then cried out for help for someone to help this poor defenseless man, but nobody would come. With tears in my eyes, I looked at the man, and I said I’m sorry.. the man then looked at me as calm as he was and said Joshua, do not be sad.. for they know not what they do.. they see the ways of evil and not the ways of my father which is love

I looked at him, puzzled at first, said, who are you, and how do you know my name? He said Joshua; I know everything about you. I was there before you were born; I saw your mother give birth to you and how happy everyone was when you came into this world.

He also said, Joshua, I have seen how sad you have been when the people closest to you have passed away.. do not be sad, for I am always with you, and so are they, for my father is of love, and that love is everlasting.

When I finally woke up this morning, I was literally crying.. even had a place on my arm that looked like a bruise, the same arm, and spot from my dream. After thinking about that dream, I know what it means. But there are some things that I’m still confused about. Why was I feeling his pain? And why is there a physical bruise on my arm, the same arm that he was hit on?

I know I didn’t hit my arm on anything in my sleep because there’s nothing around me that would cause a small bruise.

Perla: Lebanon

I dreamed that I and my friend were in a house, and there was a window behind her. Suddenly, I saw clouds of beautiful shapes, I went to the window, and I looked up high into the sky. I saw something behind a cloud, I thought it was an angel, but it was a man with long hair, wearing a robe, and walking behind the clouds. I knew it was Jesus, so I ran to my room, and I started crying. I didn't see his face; I only saw his silhouette.

Name: United States

I was lying on my couch in the afternoon and fell asleep. Immediately I saw a white robe forming with some brown hands, then the hands came together, and I then woke up. The dream felt warm and soothing, and I felt a sense of calmness. I believe that it was Christ Yeshua revealing his holy presence to me. Halleluyah

Kibrom: Ethiopia

On the night of April 16, near 3:00 am, I woke up and talked to Jesus, the most high God. On the night of April 15, I was crying and praying till 11:00 pm and fell to sleep. I woke up at 3:00 am and saw someone sitting on the floor in my bedroom. 

He looked like a humble and ordinary man with a smile on his face. He asked me why I always say "it will never happen" about everything.? He added and warned me not to say that anymore, and he promised me he would do everything for me, and he asked for my patience. I said, okay, everything will happened, and he smiled and glanced to the window side, and I did the same.

Amazingly, There was a white robe of Jesus moving from left to Right. There was a beautiful light in my room, and this robe was simply moving though I didn't see the face, hands, or legs of Jesus.  

I was so happy to see this miracle He promised me and lay his hands on my head, and I awakened upon my bed.

Keltye: Canada

I have had three dreams over the course of 18 years.  In late summer of 2002, at around 5 am, Jesus appeared to me in an old-style stone church. He was wearing a white robe and sandals and was enveloped in light. I could not see his face. I felt an awesome pure love surround me. I was going to ask, "Are you, Jesus?" Before I finished my question, he answered, "yes " He spoke in thoughts.

     I was going through a difficult time, and the dream was very comforting. I spoke these words in my sleep. "God is love. He is patient and kind. Jesus loves children. He really loves children.

    In 2012 the face of Jesus appeared to me through the images of a church's stained glass windows. My dream was in color. I never dream in color; He was beautiful, youthful, and with shoulder-length hair.

   In 2020 Jesus again appeared to me. He was enveloped in white light and was preparing a feast at a long table.

Michelle: Australia

I had a dream, and I saw Jesus. He appeared in a swirling silver cloud. I looked at him, and I could see me in him, and I knew that he was in me. I wanted to stay with him, but he showed me why I was to stay here. The last thing he said to me was, I'm coming back for you soon!!! I then woke up on the lounge, having fully fallen to the side. I was just with Jesus!!!! Amazing !!!

Anxh: India

I dreamed of Jesus in the night at 4.pm I saw him on the cross, and after that dream, I also saw a big blue, glowing eye

Mary: Philippines

Last night... I had a dream about Jesus Christ....while I was in the seashore...and watching the sunsets...Bcoz it's sundown...
Then I saw Jesus ...put his arms...around my shoulder...then we both watched the sunset until the moonsets...in the night...on the seashore...then he hugs me tight... Around 5 am to 7 am...

Then my first ever dream about Jesus Christ was October 2016:
Around 2 am...I Saw Jesus Christ ...face to face...I see clearly his face... He's smiling at me and so adorable... He has brown hair, a beard... and a handsome face... Then he's covering my face. Then he told me... Look, I am coming soon....then I am wake up...

And then this one...I forgot what month and date:
I saw Jesus Christ's second return...in a cloud of heaven...He was riding on a white horse, wearing a red robe... With billions of angels... Then the angel...blew the trumpet...and said, The Lord is coming.

Then I dreamed also about the rapture: 
One by one, people disappeared... That will truly happen if the Lord is coming again...

Then I dreamed about his crucifixion:
Actually, guys, He's in so much pain while the Roman soldiers drive the nails in his wrist and feet that tears filled my eyes. Then the cross is raised, and Jesus is hanging on the cross... Bleeding and suffering.
Then he looked at me... And I woke up...

Jon: Philippines

I dreamt of Jesus wearing a white robe with a blue towel inside a bright cathedral.

His skin is not white but tan like middle eastern. He has big eyes. Sharp nose. thick eyebrows with a mustache, and beard. His hair is shoulder length and is split on the center with slightly curls to the end.

He held my hand to touch his heart. Then I woke up.

Tom United Kingdom

Four years ago, I was going through a very rough period in my life. I was suffering from a long-term illness for nine years at this point, and I had just had spinal surgery, which did not fix everything I thought it would.

I felt alone, angry, hopeless. Then during one night of the same year, I had the most vivid image of Jesus I had ever seen.

In my dream, Jesus stood before me with his arms open, looking at me very sad. I could feel and sense his sadness for me. He didn't say anything, but I could sense he was sad that I had not come to him in my suffering.

At this point in my life, I was not religious and didn't subscribe to any beliefs. But after this experience, I then tried to learn about Christianity, and I started to pray frequently.

I now have a relationship with God, and I would say this is all thanks to Jesus for reaching out to me.

Vonne: United States

I had a dream of looking up in the sky, and it looked like a castle at first but then turned into human shaped people. It started to get clearer, and once it got clear, it was Jesus in the middle with 12 men behind him.

Everyone had robes on; they were all just looking at me, and once I could see Jesus, my body started feeling like it was trying to come out as if it was trying to leave, and then my ears became very clogged. 

I got scared and made myself wake up, but I woke up with clogged ears. I still don't understand that dream.

Irene: United States

I dreamed I was outside and saw hundreds of people standing around looking at the sky. I moved into a better viewpoint and saw colorful bright, glorious clouds with Beautiful intense rainbows all around. And Jesus was in the midst of the Rainbows walking towards us. Everyone was happy.

Alicia: United Kingdom


My friend's dream:

My friend relayed her dream to me of a man in a white robe up in the sky. It's very bright in there with burning fire on his head, and he seemed to be coming down from heaven.

My vision:

In my vision, I was in our Prayer meeting for our up-coming church anniversary, a star was shining brightly, and then I saw something being thrown out from the star, so I come closer to see.

I got one and said, oh, it's a grain! And I looked up and saw a man in a robe or tunic; I was ecstatic and so full of joy. 

But as I was looking up to see his face, my vision disappeared.

Clare: Philippines

I dream about this since I was in my elementary days. My dream was about I was facing Jesus, and he was talking to me, and the background was fire all around the place as I wake up, tears run down my eyes.

Ben United Kingdom

I had a rather strange dream that I was viewing in the time zone of when Jesus was about, and I could see him in a blue tunic. I couldn’t see his face, but he was sobbing. 

Suddenly, I dreamed that I was in his body, looking out of his eyes. I could even feel the hair on my face, and when the crown of thorns was placed on his head, and I could see him/myself being bolted onto the cross by soldiers. 

Then the cross was raised; the sun was a brilliant purple colour, and it shone right through me as if my soul was out when it happened. 

I then woke up and had a friend request on a social media site from someone I do not know; I didn’t accept but checked who it was. The person who sent the request had a background picture of Jesus and Mary. 

It really freaked me out as the dream felt so real, and the request was a confirmation in my mind, but I have no idea of the meaning; if anyone has any insight, feel free to respond, haha! Stay safe and well; thanks, Ben x

Rosalia: United States

About a year and a half ago, around 3:00-4:00 pm, I laid down to take a nap and dreamed that I was in front of what appeared to be heaven. 

Clouds in a shape of a castle, from far it looked like a beautiful bright orange sunset color, and it felt nothing like earth A place I have never seen in my life, but I just knew It was heaven and that it was far away from earth. 

I saw myself sitting with Jesus on a stone or bench outside of heaven. I was sitting on the Right side of Jesus, and I knew it was him because he knew everything about me, and it felt like he knew everything and was the beginning of everything.

 His love for me felt like nothing I have ever felt before. All I kept thinking was that he is love. A love I can't describe, but I can feel his pure love. I felt like I was speaking to him in my mind, and he knew everything about me. 

He was consoling me, and I was crying to him. He put his hand on my back. I was trying to look up to see his face while putting my hand to cover my eyes, for he is all light. All I could see was a light crown very bright; He had long hair, and he was wearing a white robe. The bright light made my head go down, and I could not see his face. 

What felt like less than a minute also felt like a long time with how we were communicating without saying anything. I shared my whole life with him through thoughts. He knew everything about me, all of my worries, and it felt as if he wanted me to tell him what would make me happy. 

I felt like he wanted to see me happy because he truly cared. Suddenly I saw myself leaving but left my spirit with him as I was flying away, going backward to a dark tunnel and woke up. 

I felt a sense of peace, and I was not afraid. A few months later, good things happen in my life. It's as if my prayers were answered. Until this day, I can't forget that dream and that feeling I wish I'd see him again. 

When I pray, I remember that dream and know he is always there to listen.

Bradley: South Africa

On 07/01/2020, I had a weird dream about Jesus Christ.

First, I saw a huge cross falling from the sky, like the one that Jesus was crucified on; through the clouds, it came falling and into a field; it stuck into the ground, standing upright. 

As I came closer, a man in a white robe with long hair and beard with a beaded crucifix chain hanging around his neck walked towards me...I was so confused, and I wanted to wake up because I thought he was coming to fetch me, and I immediately felt if my daughter was still sleeping next to me to see if I'm still alive.

This dream made me search and speak to people because a pastor told my mom that many people are dreaming more frequently about Jesus coming again.

Consuelo: United States

It was quick; I can suddenly see Jesus coming from the clouds. I could see him, and I felt this overwhelming peacefulness come over me! The feeling was so incredible! 

Suddenly, I am in a place where I grew up as a child, in a house/room that I feared and was scared of; it got dark and became crowded with angry people! Yelling! I had a feeling of dread! And I woke up.

Madeline: United Kingdom

I dreamt of being saved. I woke up crying so much. I felt Jesus was waking me up. It felt he was with me in the room, though I could not see him. This happened about an hour ago.

Diana: United States

 Okay, It Was Early Morning. On Dec. 26, 2020, I Had The Dream. I Can't Remember How It Started, But I Know For A Fact That A Bible Verse Was Being Read. You Know, The One About Him Returning... I Can't Quote It, But I Know It Had Something To Do With Him. Okay. 

So After That Was Read Outloud, The Sky And Everything Was Gold And Pretty, And Everyone Around Me Were Coming Out Their Houses And Looking Out The Window.

When I Look Up, I See Jesus With His Arms Out Slowly Floating Back Down. It Didn't Scare Me At First, But When He Looked At Me, I Kinda Backed Up And Looked From Afar. I Hope This Helps Anyone

Torri: United States

For the first time in a long time, I had a dream about Jesus last night. I was looking up stuff in Revelation and just thinking about death or the end times we are in now.

I am not going to lie, it was making me feel a little fearful, so I was praying before I went to sleep. I have just been looking up prayers on spiritual warfare; I don't know how I remembered.

In my dream, Jesus was talking to me, and it sounded like he was talking underwater. When I tried to look at his face, I couldn't see him because he had a piercing light on the crown of his head. 

Then I heard this whisper say, Colossians 1:18. I just looked it up, and it's talking about the supremacy of God through Jesus and how we will be reconciled in death because of his sacrifice. 

Then I got the daily devotion that says we basically should not fear. "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7.

PEACE25: Country

I had what I thought was a dream; it could have been thought as I was drifting off to sleep, an image appeared; it was on top of a rusted but dusty building. It Appeared I had fallen on the roof.

As you looked out to the view, it was all just dirt. It was a little windy. I saw a man in a robe with long hair appear. I knew it was Jesus. He said, ‘ I will take care of it.’

I don’t know what that’s supposed to symbolize, but I’m going to pray for clarification.

Annanya: India

I had a dream where I saw Jesus standing on a building, and I was in my home. I saw him through the door. 

As soon as I saw him, I prayed for our father in heaven prayer; my mother and sister were right next to me. As soon as I finished the prayer and opened my eyes, he turned in my direction, smiled, and disappeared in white light. I felt very positive, but my mother said that it might be some evil spirit in the form of Jesus.

Cynthia: United States

Good evening. I have had this on my mind for a great while, and I don’t understand. I had a dream, but it was so real.

While Jesus Christ stood before me, he talked to me and said to me that I would be with him soon. I believe it was real because while Jesus Christ stood before me, I could see my room and I was lying on my bed, and I could see my husband sleeping next to me.

I still don’t understand what Jesus Christ meant about me being with him soon and if it was perhaps not a dream.

Thank you, and God Bless you.

Scott: United States

I am a recent widower, trying to find my new path after 45 years of marriage.

Last month I dreamt that I was with Jesus, and he was putting on his carpenter's belt, evidently getting ready to do some carpentry work.

I notice that there are no tools in His belt, and I wonder what He is doing. He begins acting like He is sawing and nailing wood, but He doesn't have any wood or nails.

"What are you doing?" I ask Him.

"I am going to help you build your new life," He answers me, smiling as if it should be obvious to me that that is what He is doing.

Darren: United States

I was walking around my school telling people about God and Christ, and people wouldn't believe me or even stay to listen; then, at one point, I was in the front area of the school by the office, and I fell in the gravel and was launched into the sky.

 I saw Jesus with his hand out-stretched to me, surrounded by the most beautiful light on the clouds. I tried to reach and grab his hand, but I couldn't reach it. Then, I was suddenly on the ground, trying to find my principal, but she had died from cancer. 

When one of the students with me said, "she abandoned him." I started crying my eyes out, and then I woke up, crying my heart out for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Manuela: United States

I had a dream of everything flooding; water filling up fast; the only ones with me were my five-year-old daughter. 

I only remember her, but people everywhere were screaming because the flood was filling. Everyone was going crazy; then, all of a sudden, Jesus came and took me by my right hand, and we were walking to a path.

He had all his people in front of him that were going with him, and me. Jesus was holding my right hand until we got to the path halfway. He let go of my hand am like Jesus, why did you let me go? He said it was because I didn't listen.

I woke up in tears, and it still affects me.

Rose: United States

My dream happened when I was just a little girl, around 5, 6, or 7.

I'm a grandmother now and have only told my dream to a selected few,  but not because I was embarrassed to talk about it. 

Although I am older, I can still recall my dream, like it just happened.

I remember walking along, frightened, unsure about my surroundings; all I knew is that I was along. Then from out of nowhere, this man approaches me, and the minute he took my left hand, I knew it was my Lord Jesus, and my fear of being alone was gone.

As we walked hand in hand, he spoke to me; being little, I was curious about him. I wanted to know why he was here, and he said he had something to show me, and not to be afraid.

I wish I could remember his words: I have tried over the years to remember but haven't been able to.

I still remember the images he showed me. I was like walking in the forest, the path was grassy and warm, just comfortable to walk on, but on either side of us, on the ground, there were windows, lots of windows, each showing different things, some good, some bad, some scary.

He explained what each window represented, but I was too young and really did not understand: all I knew is that I was with Jesus, and we were talking.

I can honestly say I remember his face; he looked like the pictures in the Bible but with a glow. I felt protected and Loved. I do not know how my dream ended; I only remember walking and talking with him.

It's as if the dream just faded. I have not had this dream anymore; I have prayed to have it again, just hadn't happened -- maybe there's a reason.

I thanked Jesus for letting me walk with him, and I still do to this day. 

Thank you, Jesus!

Rach: United Kingdom

I had two occasions where I have seen Jesus; the first night, I was having a bad anxiety attack, which I suffer from, and I remember going to bed and praying to God just to put me to sleep. Well, I went to sleep, but I was in and out of it, but I still remember seeing Jesus standing at the foot of the bed, not next to me, but down the bottom. 

I am not sure if it was a hallucination or a dream or if it was real. Anyway, it was Jesus there with his hands behind his back, and his head tilted downwards, and he was wearing his white gown and red robe.

The second time, I dreamt Jesus was in the sky on his throne. I remember looking up, seeing him saying to my family, there’s Jesus, and trying to take a picture of him. 

I’m always on my phone, by the way, and he had two lion-like statues next to him.

I still remember now, and these happened ages ago.

Akisha: India

Jesus Christ of Nazareth; sound from the sky with thunder and lightning, and a white-dressed person was smiling at me.

Niyomwungere: Burundi

I saw Jesus in the cloud showing his head, and beside him was Satan. After some time, he came with Moses, Peter, and Abraham coming from heaven, facing me. I told Jesus to take me, and he said, "you still have work to do on earth." He shook my hand and left, and I cried a lot. Thank you all!

David: Nigeria

Tonight I saw Jesus in my dream. He appeared in the sky tho only his head was seen...He was crying and looking down on us and then shaking his head slowly....

In the dream there were some people around me then suddenly after the people had stood there to wave to Jesus...some were crying, and I thought he had come for his beloved children.

I was also crying that I am not there because I am a sinner.... people keep asking for forgiveness, and he left and showed again from our back.

I think he was smiling this time, and people later left saying he was fake...He stood there looking at them...then he left again, and I woke up now am scared

Patricia: United States

This has been since I was pregnant but never left my mind. I was at home and had put my babies to bed; then I decided to read a book. The lights were on, but suddenly the room went dark, and I saw the face of Jesus Christ in a bright light floating and disappeared through the ceiling; it was so peaceful. Then the room lights back up.

Cathy: United States

I dreamed Jesus was flying towards me really fast.

Jeanett: United States

I dreamed about Jesus lying on the ground. He was wearing a white robe. He had his eyes closed. I could see his face and body. I don't know if he was sleeping or just lying there. I woke up a little confused and happy that I saw him. But at the same time, sad. I had never dreamt of Jesus. 

This was on November 3rd, Election day. I was wondering what this dream means.

Saddy: United States

I have told only my husband about this one dream that I had about two years ago; it was me in like I described Mexico because that's the only place personally that I have been to with dirt rock roads....as I'm doing something I cant Remember. i see everyone running...I'm on a hill and them to so I run as fast as I can I get there and as soon as I get there I see Jesus there as a celebrity, that's how people were treating him I thought to my self what is going on. I started to cry like I never have before; I was excited but so sad at the same time like I knew who he was; I did but not in my dream; it was super weird. 

He showed me his hand, and there was a hole in it. I cried and cried to him and begged; it was like no one else was there; after that, it was a poof, and I  don't remember anything else. I have only seen one woman speak of almost the same thang as I've been two years. I still think about that dream. It was a difficult dream, and I'm still figuring it out.....

Linné: South Africa

So I had a dream: I was just floating in a kind of twirling ground-tunnel. The open spaces through the ground were space or darkness (can't remember precisely).

I was a little bit frightened at the darkness/space and looked away, and I started going faster through the tunnel; and it felt like I was falling, but at the same time, I knew I was floating and safe. 

Eventually, I saw this bright light at the end of the tunnel, and as I got closer... I started to see these huge white clouds, and they were shining really bright.

Then I saw Jesus(wearing this white clothing and a light brown scarf and He had dark brown hair) standing on them, looking at me, reaching out His hand. At the same time, while floating, I reached out to his hand...

I never knew if I touched His hand because I woke. But I remember that as I was looking at Him, I did not even think of the darkness/ space and the twirling ground tunnel. I just saw Jesus.☺️

Candy: United States

Today, about 7 pm, I saw a being in a white robe and blue sash at the corner of my right eye. When I turned to see it further, I saw a glowing face looked at me for a split second and quickly went into my bathroom. 

I called out, "Is anyone there?" No one answered, so I looked in the bathroom to see if anyone was there, and there was no one. I live alone, so I know it was an angel or Jesus himself.

Patricia: United States

I was in high school and had a vision of getting to heaven. It was shortly after I was saved. I remember it to this day, and I’m almost 28. 

I remember closing my eyes so tight because of the bright light I saw (I’m sure I closed my eyes hard in my sleep even), and all of a sudden, I awoke in heaven. I was standing there, and everything was completely white. 

I had peered around a corner and saw all these little children surrounding Jesus. One was sitting on his lap. He started to look up at me, and I woke up. The Bible has a story about looking upon His face and the hair turning completely white... I believe I’ll be there one day soon.

Erica: United States

I had a dream that I was in the clouds, and Jesus was sitting on a couch made of clouds in his white robe, sandals, and long beautiful hair. 

I sat beside him mesmerized as He sang a song I didn’t understand, and in a language, I didn’t understand but  it sounded like Spanish.

I woke up with the song in my head still. It said salita, but  I don’t remember the other words.

I tried unsuccessfully to search for the meaning of the word, but I still don’t know.

David: Kenya

On 3.23.2018, Saturday around 3 am, I dreamed or had a vision, and I saw Jesus in the sky. 

The clouds opened up and moved to the left and right-hand sides. Jesus appeared in the middle of the clouds. 

The figure of Jesus was half from the chest to the head (passport photo size). He was a white man with long hair with a beard; he wears white clothes. Around Him was a bright light. 

He looked down at us, myself, and 3 or 4 white men (I did not see their faces; they had their backs on me). Jesus released some days to us. I said, " thank you, Jesus," and He smiled at us. All of a sudden, the clouds came together until Jesus was covered.

I woke up and told my wife what had happened & she was surprised. I rang pastor Chemaswet, Pastor Boni & Bishop James Bett from our area and told them the incident. Each one of them gave me his interpretation. 

I google searched on the internet " If someone sees Jesus in a dream or a vision, what does it mean"? I got several pieces of information.

I usually pray from 2 am - 3 am when I am awake. I usually tell Jesus so many things. 

Can someone give me a further interpretation of the dream/ vision?

Sean: Ireland

Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, I call on you right now in a special way. It is through your power that we are created. Every breath we take, every morning we wake, and every moment of every hour, we live under your power.

Father, right now, I ask you to touch me with that same power. For if you created us from nothing, you can undoubtedly re-create us. Fill us with the healing power of your Holy Spirit.

Cast out anything that should not be in us. Mend what is broken. Root out any unproductive cells. Open any blocked arteries or veins and rebuild any damaged area,

Remove all inflammation and cleanse any infection. Let the warmth of your healing love pass through our bodies to make new any unhealthy area so that our bodies will function the way you created them to function.

And, Father, restore us to full health in mind and body so that we may serve you the rest of our lives. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters, please say a prayer for me because of the rain. I will be sleeping under a bridge, which is so much more dangerous and depressing. This is like the 3rd night in a row of rain, so I am so very sad and tired!GOD richly bless you, brother Danny  10/21/20

Lemthymjn: India

Lord, please help me. I really need money now I have to pay my debt

Timothy: Malaysia

Please pray that I am very worried about myself and my life and hope God can send an angel and the Holy Spirit to guide and lead me. I hope God may provide wisdom at my academy. I hope God may change my parent and renew them. I hope he may provide a beautiful girl to be with me always

Frank: Germany

Please pray for an acquainted father, fine lady! Please pray for getting granted back all the good she has done for others, including me!

Lisa: United States

I had a dream at around 4:00 a.m. on 10/19/2020. In the dream, I was in bed, lying on my back face up. When I looked, Jesus was walking from the left side of the bottom of my bed to the right side.

He was wearing a white robe with gold inlays, a sort of pattern. When I saw Him, He raised His arm to cover His face with the sleeve of His robe. I hear myself saying loudly, Jesus, I love you so much, but take this away from me now!

I was speaking of an issue that I have been believing God will heal me from for some time now. He immediately grabbed my right foot, cupping it with his hands, when He did it felt as if electricity and fire went all over my body!!! I knew that he came personally to heal me from this issue.

 I still felt this sensation somewhat when I woke up; the clock said 4:17. I cried because I knew that Jesus, the Master, had visited me personally to provide my healing, and for that, I am without words... All I can say is Thank you, LORD!!! To God, be the glory! HE TOUCHED ME!

Kathy: United States

I had a dream last night that a few other friends and I were driving on a road when the road disappeared beneath us, and we were in the sky. All around us changed, and I realized we were at the end of our time on earth.

We were taken to a large place with many people and were being directed where to go, but we were kept together in many small groups. We were taken in a kind of elevator to another place where we were scanned for medical problems, then sent to another area where we were cured of any sickness.

It involved no touch or surgery...I had a dental issue fixed just by sitting in a chair and opening my mouth. It was painless. After that, we were reunited with our companions and taken to a room where we were given robes chosen for us in terms of color and design.

They were not custom but chosen thoughtfully, and different robes had different meanings. After reading this, we were individually escorted to the dim anteroom of another large room with light.

It was possible to see the light, but you could not see past the corner into the room itself. It was there that I was told I was ready to meet Jesus. I felt excited and very happy. No fear, just awe.

Tanya: United States

This dream occurred on 10/16/20. 

I was with family outside of a home I do not recognize. The clouds move in, and the sky is grey. Then the sound of loud, sharp, clapping thunder fills the sky. We start to head inside, expecting a downpour, but before we do, Jesus appears and begins to descend. 

He appears as a brown-skinned man with a small afro in a long white robe. I run as fast as I can to where he lands, and when I get close to him, he is sitting with legs crossed, enclosed in a circle of children. 

I get as close as I can outside the circle of children, and I’m about 8 feet from him. I sit in tears (from joy and shame) and in awe as he is speaking (inaudibly) to the children as a group and individually, hoping that he will acknowledge undeserving me. 

I feel some guilt about wanting his attention while he is talking with the children, so I scoot back a little. My youngest daughter finds me and sits on my lap to listen to Jesus, but instead of being her current age of 17, she looks to be around 7 or 8. 

After he finishes talking with the children, he starts to walk through the crowd to talk to other people. We catch up to him, and he tells me he’ll be back on Thursday. 

In my dream, it felt like it was Tuesday, so that would be two days away. However, the dream occurred on a Friday morning. I didn’t know if he meant he was coming back to talk to the crowds or to start the rapture. 

He then heads out to speak to a large group of men who were eagerly awaiting him. I got the impression that he had come down to make the rounds and give people another chance to follow him.


I was asleep in bed. Jesus appeared outside the bedroom window in the woods behind the house, sitting with legs crossed floating in the air. 

He looked like the white, blonde, long-haired Jesus that is generally used to depict him. He looked at me with his hands outstretched for an undeterminable amount of time.

Jaffa: South Africa

I had a dream about Jesus Christ in the heavens with his angels and his sword upside down to show he will not slay us yet but give us hope that we can repent. 

I'm not a hard-core Christian ..it was the most amazing thing I've seen in my dreams ever. It was shiny like diamonds of all Colors...like diamonds,he looked down, and all his angels were behind him the heavens were amazing, and he went back.

Muslims were at the tree right outside my very same house I live in; also as to the dream hiding by the tree...hahahahaha you got fooled, that is not Jesus.  I said God, you will answer...and he went back into the heavens.

Hennae: India

It is a dream from September 2020. It was a cloudy day, and suddenly, flashes of light filled the sky evenly. Then with the lights coming from the flashes, there was Jesus and many Angels descending from the sky. I looked at it with awe.

Jacqueline: United States


On May 5, 2020, I had the greatest experience of a lifetime. I am a true believer of Jesus Christ and a follower of him. 

I woke up 3:00 a.m, went to use the bathroom, and went back to bed. As I curled on my side, I clearly heard a voice say, "Lie on your back," I did as I heard and immediately fell asleep. 

I visited a place in Jamaica call Hampton Court in St. Thomas. My daughter, who is eleven years old, visited a gentleman's house, so I went to get her. When I step into the house, I immediately started cleaning the floor.

 When I was finished cleaning, I left with my daughter. As I was walking towards a parked car, I looked back and saw my daughter, "Azoya" hands filled with dried water coconut.

I scolded her, telling her that she should never take anything when she goes to anyone's house. 

I took her back to the house and was explaining to the gentleman what my daughter did. He was upset and asked if she has the sickness also (coronavirus); I told him no, she only has Down Syndrome. 

While looking up at the gentleman, as I was standing on his property's lower level, I observed something blue moving in the sky. I was not sure what it is, but It was a round object, and it kept moving to my right. 

I kept my eyes on the object, and when it was in line with my side, I looked up, and there I saw Jesus standing above me, looking down at me. 

Above Jesus was a ring of Angels surrounding him. They were all equally apart, and they all had a light in their hands. Jesus was in the center, just looking down at me. He was wearing milk-white garments with gold background. He had the image that has been a portrait of him. 

I knew this was Jesus. I held my right hand up to him and shouted, "Jesus, Touch Me." A very bright light lit up on top of his feet, and then they all started ascending to heaven. Then I couldn't see them anymore, but immediately, I knew what had happened. I tried to talk, but my mouth couldn't open, and the tears just kept running from my eyes. 

 I am 51 years old, and this is my first encounter in seeing Jesus. My life is not the same. There is not a day that goes by that this dream is not with me. I love Jesus very much.

Gloria: United States

I had this dream about ten years ago, and to this day, it still boggles my mind. I was saving Jesus from harm in my dream. 

Allow me to explain: 

In my dream, two men were attempting to hurt Jesus physically. As I watched this in the dream, my heart began to ache, and I was hurt that these men wanted to do that. I yelled out and begged them to hurt me or torment me instead. 

They then took their attention from Him and looked at me, and I suffered on his behalf because I did not want these men to hurt him. I did all I could to make sure Jesus was safe because I loved him so much.

Scott: United States

I have had many, many Jesus dreams in my life.

Last week I dreamt that I was with Jesus, and he was dancing around me in circles laughing like crazy.

"Why are you always laughing?" I ask him.

"Why aren't you always laughing?" he replies, which makes him laugh even harder.

Jessica: United States

I recently had a dream where I was scared because there had been a loud explosion outside, and a bright light filled the sky. I immediately felt a sense of panic and knew Jesus was coming. I felt unworthy and not ready to go. It was like I was running away from the explosion since I knew I had sinned, and I remember praying for forgiveness and wanting nothing more than to be ready for Jesus.

Natalia: United States

I was in my grandma's house; it was late at noon; I open the curtain and saw Jesus walking on the clouds; he was coming with another person, and they both look so bright. In my mind, I said, "Jesus is coming for his church," then I went to sleep.  

I started to feel him lift me up in my dream, but I was with my eyes closed because you aren't supposed to open your eyes during the elevation to heaven. 

When I got to heaven & it only took a few seconds, I saw clouds and a beautiful smell that I cannot describe, and I saw Jesus again.

 Then I went back to my grandma's house and looked for the window again, and I saw the souls going to the sky. I saw my soul going to the sky too,  then I saw my mom & my baby, & I told my baby to come to me, & she did, but my mom left. 

Then we went to this big wood platoon like a bus, but with just a little space for me & my baby & there's a lot of people dancing & laughing. I was worried about my baby's bottle & diapers but was trusting that God would provide for us, and he did; we have food in there and everything we need. 

We went to the mountains on a small road, and when we almost to the top of the mountain, there was a rainbow; we were where the rainbow begins and could see all the colors. But when we entered the rainbow, it was like another dimension, and you could see the invisible wall; we were there & God had everything ready for us, he was going to get this place safe & ready for us until everything passed. 

There were puzzles and things for entertainment but not technologies. I remember having my phone in my pocket but in my mind, said God doesn't have technology; maybe he will be disappointed if I look at it, so I didn't.

When I went to my baby's room that God has for all the babies, I saw a door kinda open & broken, so I fixed it and closed it, but through the crystal door I fixed, I could see a volcano about to erupt. There were dark clouds, and I was worried about my mom & husband, but in my mind said, "I shouldn't worry because if I keep worrying, God will think I don't wanna be here and that I wanna go back to the disaster, (because he was going to destroy the world). Then I woke up so agitated with my heart racing so hard! 

I just wish people could see that Jesus is going to come soon, and everyone needs to Repent and say by their mouth that he's the only SAVIOR.

Kevin: Country

I dreamed I saw Christ move through the clouds ⛅️. The thing is it felt like the clouds ⛅️ were higher than typical clouds ⛅️. I don’t know why I felt that. Clouds ⛅️ have always been clouds ⛅️ to me; I never considered their hight. It just seemed that way.

Madonna: Egypt

It was like the first of September 2020. I have recently started reading the Bible.

There were three dreams.

First one:

I was in the balcony, and a great sound was there, lots of images appeared, and then it settled to Jesus. He had sky blue eyes and gold hair wavy towards the end. I remember him talking to me about something in the Bible., if you did that from the Bible, that would happen. But I don't remember much.

Second dream:

I was sitting on my sofa, and suddenly a very hot sensation appeared, and I felt it in my legs, and a lot of Saints appeared to me ., images of them.

Third dream: 

I was in a room and a paper with all the sins defined by places ... written in my hand. I looked, and mine was also written, and Jesus was sad.

Then again, he entered that room, and I kneeled to him. He lifted his hands, and we prayed together. I was behind him.

And while we're praying, my thoughts went to what if he wasn't Jesus and only my imagination, just a dream, what if he wasn't our god :(

Then I took his hand to see the holes. He shook his hand away and suddenly gave me an artifact with a church name on it .. which has part of Calvary's stone, and Thomas' remains.

I then guessed that it was to tell me He WAS JESUS.

Zoey: United States

I have a lot of dreams about Jesus coming back and dreams of that sort. But here is one of them.

I was sitting on a bench, in a park I didn't recognize, and all of a sudden, It was quiet. The birds were silent, the cars weren't making a noise, and it looked like it was going to rain or storm heavily.

I looked in the sky and saw a weird bird; I had never seen one like that. And then I heard a screeching sound coming from the bird. There was only white in the sky, no other colors.

And then I walked around a concrete wall, and It took me to a crowd of people, so I joined them. I saw Jesus sitting on a concrete platform, and I wasn't scared one bit; I went to him, and he said, "you have been a very loyal servant. Come join me in the glory of eternity."

And then the dream ended. I don't remember what he looked like, though.

Valerie: United States

I was on a bridge, and Jesus was halfway; he gradually came closer, and, while he was walking, he was talking to me, but his lips were not moving; it was like mind talk.

I remember thinking his complexion is darker than I imagined. When he finally got in front of me, I fell and began shaking like a fish out of water, and when I woke up, I and was still shaking, but I Wasn't scared.

I was full of his presence, but I can't remember what he said to me when I woke up...

Stella: Italy

Holding the feet of Jesus and asking forgiveness.

Matthew: United States

In my dream, I'm standing in what appears to be an old church. My wife is asleep on a pew, and I'm playing my guitar for the people who are milling around talking to one another. 

A man stands at the front of the room and begins to speak, so I put my guitar down to hear what he had to say. 

Just then, the double doors to the building fly open wide, and a couple of people come running in excited yelling loudly, "The Lord's returning, the Lord's returning" and ran back out. 

Just then, a brilliant bright light shown in the room thru the windows and double-doors that was incredibly bright. People in the church starting running outside excitedly. 

My wife was still asleep, so I went over and woke her up. "The Lord's returning," I said. She looks up at me and says, "What?". I run to the double doors, and the light is brilliant and all-encompassing. I stop before I go outside and lean against the wall, thinking how undeserving I am of His love, and I wake up. 

This happened a while ago, and it still seems just as real as it did the day after I had it. 

The Lord has really been working with me, and just like the dream, I'm so undeserving of His love, and I love Him for loving me.

Jeff: United States

About a week after I accepted Jesus as Lord, I started having dreams. This was in the late 90s. 

I was standing in a neighbors driveway by myself. My family and neighbors were all on the deck partying; the sky was blue, with no clouds. 

Then I started hearing a trumpet blast, and clouds started forming—puffy white ones. The trumpets got louder, and I could see an Angel on one of the clouds. No one on the deck could hear it. I looked up again; there was a flash of light, like lightning. Then I woke up.

Anyaak: Australia

I truly believe Jesus appeared to me five days ago on the early morning of Monday, the 3rd of August 2020, around 5 am.

I was not able to sleep much that night; however, I must have fallen asleep at around 3 am. 

I was sleeping face down on my bed, and when I  moved to turn on my side, I saw a figure behind my bed. I stared at for a good few seconds and then was shaken, and straight away, I uttered out, hallelujah!

I quickly turned and covered my head with my blanket; my heart was beating really fast as if it were going to explode. 

As soon my heartbeats slowed down to normal, tears started rolling down on my cheeks, uncontrollably; I was uttering, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, repeatedly for nearly ten minutes, and was still in shock. I have never encountered anything like that before. 

I was almost skeptical about Jesus in many ways, with the mentality that I need to see to believe. Anyway, the figure I saw that night, and truly believe was Jesus, was in a long thick white robe. It was like a heavy a sleeping gown with a blue strip ribbon around the middle and a little blue ribbon around the collar. 

There appeared to be a transparent face like you can see through, but from the chin down appeared to be a short to medium beard; there were no eyes, nose, lips, or anything of a particular personal feature, just bright. 

The figure appeared to be around 6 feet to 6.4 tall. (I'm tall, that's how I can estimate that height, especially from where he appeared). 

I was not much of a religious person anyway, but I do have families who are Christians. So I'm still in disbelief of why this happened to me and what message is in this encounter.

I told my friends and family about the vision and even drew the paper's image to show them what I really saw that night. I'm sharing this with you all. Maybe I will find good interpretations for this event in my life, or confirm similar situations to other people who may also have just had the same vision; as for me, that's all.

Jina: India

August 7, 2020

I had a quick dream, where I saw heaven gates were wide open, and an angel was standing behind the wall of the gate, and I was standing outside the heaven's gate, and standing next to me was a man who looked like Jesus.

Mikayla: United States

Contact Form: Well... I dreamed about Jesus and the Virgin Mary in the same dream. How it started is I'm walking up a hill, but it was a rocky path with pine trees on both sides. The path was cleared but had trees on both sides.

As I'm walking, which I believe it was me, I realized it was me, and I'm pregnant wearing a white nightgown but silky type... Then... I'm also holding a little girl's hand; she had medium length wavy hair but Brown. She had an olive skin tone.

As I'm walking up the path, I noticed it turns out to be a cliff. As I kept walking, I saw the Virgin Mary stand beside Jesus as he stands too. As I got closer, I stopped in front of them. Then the little girl I was holding hands with walked towards Jesus.

As she walked, he got on one knee, and the virgin Mary smiled deeply and looked down at Jesus. And then... Jesus smiled at the girl And gasp for air, and then, things got scary.

All of a sudden, he just yelled, "SHE was supposed to be a miscarriage!" While he said it, He shooked her lightly... All of a sudden, something hit him as if he was being stoned. After that... It took me to a different vision. 

Suddenly, I saw these stone grey pillars in a circle formation, but there was lava on the ground. And there was a stone clock in the sky, but it was in pieces, and it was floating, but not moving (the clock hands weren't). And I heard a voice say, "The time is coming.." ( it was five years ago when I dreamed this.)

Ashley: United States

I've had a dream it was like a couple of weeks ago.

 I work the graveyard shift a get extremely tired when I get home; it's like an hour's drive for me.

As I drove home one day, I decided to park and take a nap in the car. I fell asleep; then I woke up.  Well, i had sleep paralysis where your body is asleep, but your mind is up. I could see every, and my eyes were wide open.

 I was looking around, trying to wake my body out of it, so I turn my head and had a vision.

 I saw two demons. I saw myself in the car chair with a demons hand over my face, and the other demon was watching. All of a sudden, Jesus came in very fast; Jesus looked like someone I've met before; it was incredible.

 He had long hair and was wearing all white. His face looks like the pictures I've seen; it was crazy seeing his face. But he came and looked at them. 

I don't know what happened. After that, I got scared, but it was incredible that Jesus came for me.

Alex: United States

I was sitting under a tree with Jesus. It was so peaceful, and there was a beautiful breeze, around us, it was dry, but the tree was very fruitful and green. He sat there reading to me as I listened. I woke up so peaceful and in a praying position. It was amazing.

Asunción: United States

My dream: 

I am with Jesús on a cloud standing by his side while my boyfriend and his son are on the ground with their hands raised up!

Sunday: Australia

I had a dream that I was with a group of kids playing in a house. 

One of the children opened the door, and we all saw an angel come down from heaven; then, we saw the sky open. 

Jesus was a gleaming white figure wearing a white robe. I couldn't see his face as he slowly descended. 

I didn't know what to do, so the other children and I ran and shut the door i was confused terrified as he is here. 

I'm not ready. I prayed in my dream for repentance but didn't know if it was enough.

I woke up and cried.

Lynn: United States

I had a quick visual dream of Jesus sitting on a throne.

 Anna: United States

I have had three dreams. 

The first dream:

 I had I was sitting at a beach, the sand looked so beautiful, a light fog in the air and I'm staring at the water just sad with all the hate I know of, and I turned to the left of me, and Jesus was sitting beside me with his head turned to the right. Looking at His eyes was so calming. We both just sat and spoke with no words. He said, "everything is going to be okay" (with no words).

My second dream:

 I'm in the same spot, but I see him standing on top of the water with his right hand, saying," come to the water." again without opening his mouth.

The third dream:

In my third dream I'm at the same location, but this time I'm walking in the water and as I'm looking up...this is tricky; He was standing on top and in the water while wearing a white creamy beautiful robe.

All of a sudden, it was like I wasn't in my body..but it was.. like he pulled me into the sky to watch myself get baptized by him. I watched him put me in the water, and my hair was still brown, but longer and halfway up.

What's crazy to me about this is when I was a little girl, my old preacher, who later became a sex offender, baptized me. I'm 27 now, but I've spent so many years waiting for Jesus to give me his word to get baptized again when I understood things a little bit better.

He knew I needed to see those dreams. He knew that weighed heavy on my heart. He knew I needed him to speak to me.

I hope whoever reads this, whether my dream spoke to you or not. I hope you seek after Our Lord Jesus Christ because he will show you he has been beside you all along. Just go to him.

Elizabeth: United States

My viewpoint was looking down from the distance similiar to the height of a kart all tree. I unmistakeny saw Jesus, robed, holding a lamb with several young children standing close to him. Down a winding lane were lined up in pairs, sheep standing quietly in place. I could not see the end of the line.

The vision was brief, with no words. I was amazed to see the living figure of the man Jesus for the first time. I do not know the importance of this vision, but maybe Jesus is waiting to gather all his flock and lead them out of the trials we are experiencing on earth. The vision occurred in July 2020, at night, as I slept.

Patricia: United States

I dreamt that Jesus was walking down a stairway from heaven,

Julie: Tanzania

I remember I had been praying and fasting for ten days in a row till 22 July 2020. On 23 July 2020, at night, I had a dream of which left me terrified. I was in a place which I couldn't recognize, and it was like 3 kilometers from the mountains. 

Suddenly, I saw a very strong light coming down from the sky, striking directly on the mountains. I kept on watching, but it looked like all people around me were not aware of all that. I saw people being lifted to the sky through that light over the mountains; I kept on watching, I was terrified, felt uneasy, wasn't able to do anything as things happen like I was really there.

 I remember that I could not make a single step away; it's not that I didn't want to, but my legs were heavy. I struggled and ended up falling and was not able to move.

I suddenly got the feeling that Jesus is back; he is taking His people. I started crying and begging for forgiveness; I remember saying, " Forgive me, Father".

At that very same time in my dream, my friend appeared and asked me what was wrong, why was I down? I tried hard to point my finger to show her what has been happening, but she said she didn't see anything.

When she said that, I decided to explain to her everything I saw, she said maybe It was a vision from God. And when I looked around, the people around me were busy with their normal activities, and it seems they did not see anything either.

When I woke up, I couldn't stop shaking; I was unhappy and felt uneasy that I couldn't even go to college. I read some bubble verses as well as tried to google about prophetic dreams.

I still feel an urge to know about this dream.

Nora: United States

I think it was a lucid dream; it was different than anything I’ve experienced before.

My eyes were closed, and the darkness was glitchy. I think there were numbers at the bottom, but I can’t remember. I decided to open my eyes, and standing right before me was I think Jesus.

There was a bright white robe, yet I could see his face. I was shocked and couldn’t get up. I looked at the ceiling in my room, and there was a line of darkness flying around and something falling, then the room started getting darker and darker till I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, all of that was gone. I was so confused about what I just saw.

Philes: Kenya

I dreamed about in a Catholic church praying, then I saw Jesus Christ coming from the cross and held my shoulders tightly from behind.

Milagro: United States

June 24th, 2020

In this dream, I was in some type of polish flat awaiting for a cousin so that is what it felt like. Behind me was baby Jesus alive and well with the sacred heart, and next to me was a priest and nun all of a sudden, the door opens.

The priest, nun, and I all turn around and see Jesus with the sacred heart in his beige robe walk in, and we all instantly fall to our knees in amazement to praise him. Then All of a sudden, as we are all stunned and taking this all in that we have baby Jesus with the sacred heart and now Jesus himself walks in with the sacred heart, we started to hear knocking, hard-knocking on wood as one of the people from the home rushed to the door we all got up in a panic.

Alma: United States

It’s July 23, 2020, and I dreamt that I was in a car driving somewhere at the light. On the other side, a lot of cars stopped, and people got out of their cars and walked towards something. 

I couldn’t see what it was because there was a freeway blocking my view, you know,  we were under the freeway on the other side waiting for the light to turn green.

 Well, all those people were walking towards that side,  All of a sudden I looked up at the sky, and there were like clear smoke people figures just like evaporating or getting pulled up to the sky; lots of people all over everywhere they were just being snatched away to the sky. 

Soon after that, my dream changed to something different.

Alma: United States

It’s July 23, 2020, and I dreamt that I was in a car driving somewhere at the light. On the other side, a lot of cars stopped, and people got out of their cars and walked towards something. 

I couldn’t see what it was because there was a freeway blocking my view, you know,  we were under the freeway on the other side waiting for the light to turn green.

 Well, all those people were walking towards that side,  All of a sudden I looked up at the sky, and there were like clear smoke people figures just like evaporating or getting pulled up to the sky; lots of people all over everywhere they were just being snatched away to the sky. 

Soon after that, my dream changed to something different.

Michelle: South Africa

I had a dream that I was running from some storm. 

I ran into a house scared as if someone or something was chasing or following me; I ran past 2 females towards the kitchen of this house, as I looked up to the corner of the kitchen ceiling I saw the face of Jesus Looking down at me.

The one woman shouted, who is this man... I looked up and shouted Jesus my Jesus, and that was when my husband roughed me to wake me cause I was making sounds.

Jina: India

I saw many dreams a few years back - But some are still so vivid:
1. "I saw a man on the horse wearing red robe".

And The other dream:

2. I saw a man wearing robe riding a horse and with Him were others which looked like armies of angels, even they were riding horses, and they were marching towards me, came towards me.

I don't know how to say this correctly, but it was like as they were marching towards me, the man (Jesus) struck me down with a sword.

I was dead and in a meanwhile I reached somewhere (which I feel like it was not on earth nor heaven) and I was asked if I wanna go to heaven or Eden garden, but I replied saying "Eden garden" wow wish I have said "Heaven."

Another dream:

In my dream I saw Jesus, He was standing a distance away from me and I went and hugged him (I didn't see his face) but could see, He was in a white robe...

Gabrielle: United Kingdom

I saw Jesus in my dream in a cornfield, then in several other locations he was dressed in a loin clothe and had two roman soldiers on either side of him, but behind him with spears in their hands, they were facing outwards so you could only see the side of the both of them. Jesus had his hands out in front, showing the holes in his hands. He said to me "help" in a really loving and gentle way, and this happened three times in separate locations within the dream. I never saw Jesus face.

Rose: United States

A few months ago, when I was pregnant, I had a dream of the pastor’s grandson and my son standing inside the church. All of a sudden, an incredibly powerful light shone, and it was hard to see passed the light. All I remember is feeling the presence of Jesus ❤️ and knowing that He was very close to the two boys. I told my son to move even closer to Jesus... It all felt absolutely real. The living God loves us.

Nicholas: United States

I had a dream that God came while I was working at my job. I looked up at the clouds, and he was there with his heavenly army, and then I woke up. I really would like help interpreting it.

Wesley: Brazil


I was in the middle of thousands and thousands of people; they were running away from something, and some heavy storm was happening in the background. When the storm stopped, I did look to the sky and see Jesus levitating above my roof. I could only see His feet, but I could tell for sure that He was Jesus.

I started to think things like, "Oh my God, Jesus of Nazareth is in my home!" and I began to feel an inner peace. I also began to worry if God would punish me or take me to Heaven; then I woke up.

Tricia: Philippines

Before I dreamt of Jesus, I surrendered myself to Him. It was the 5th day of my fever, a horrible night. I closed my eyes, and when I looked up, I saw a man wearing a white robe. He was covered with lights, so bright that I couldn’t see His face. He was glowing.

He talked to me and told me, “Your heart’s been good and kind all this time,” I was just looking and listening to Him. He then offered me His hand and asked me if I want to come with Him. I willingly gave my hand, and He took me with Him.

Scar: Kenya

I was busy watching some youtube videos when suddenly I got this flash of a mountain. 

It was dark, and there was a storm pouring. A man was standing at the edge. He had a white robe on, his hair was black, and he was wearing sandals. But that's not what got my attention. 

He had this lion's snarl on his face that formed some wrinkles near his nose below his right eye. It was chilling. It sent a shiver through my body. He was angry... very angry. 

Now I don't know if it was really  Jesus, but something told me he was. He exuded this Surge of Power and Dominance. It felt like I was in the middle of a war. I still get shivers when I remember it. 

But one thing stuck ... if that was Jesus, you do not want to see him angry.

Patricia: Australia

In my dream, Jesus was in the sky as huge as the clouds. He was jumping over the fence in a purple gown, and I yelled out to him from my window as I went outside, shouting Jesus wait! He stopped halfway over, looked at me and smiled, and said, be strong! I hear this and feel as if it was so real I woke up happy.

Jenni: United States


I saw Jesus running, just a glimpse. He was wearing a white robe. 

Then I started sprinting down an oval track. It was cool and cloudy, and I ran like I've never run before, fast, determined. I knew Jesus was watching me and that I would be in heaven soon; This is the final stretch, and I'm drenched in sweat

I have had others dreams of Jesus; the first one was many years ago. I was born on an Easter Sunday, so every 11 years, my birthday will be on Easter.
It was one of those nights of Easter and my birthday when I saw the upper half of Jesus on a cloud, from His waist up. His hand got big as it came down and motioned for me and called me by my name, "come to me Jenni;" I remember like it was yesterday.
When I woke up, I thought I was going to die, and He was calling me home to Him. So I told all my friends and family how much I loved them and shared my dream, saying I was born on Easter and think I am going to die on Easter. 
Obviously, I didn't, so a couple of days later, a Christian friend told me that Jesus was calling me to Him, wanting a relationship, and for me to follow Him. That was when I became a follower and not just a believer. I am now a children's director at my church and have fully given my life to Christ.

My second dream was only a couple of months ago. As a friend and I were just standing outside in the dark, many lights like something was falling from the sky, starting appearing and moving from one place in the sky to another.
They suddenly came together and burst into Jesus as He slowly started descending. My friend and I started jumping up and down and giving high fives in excitement while yelling, We were right!
Jesus never made it all the way down because that's when I woke up.

Natasha: Australia

I was tired, so I went to sleep around 3, and started to have this dream. In this dream, he (Jesus) was sitting on his throne, and his gown was pure white. Then I saw an angel up there. He got off the throne to greet me, and then my spirit left my body. I was still asleep; then suddenly I felt so at peace.

Star: United States

December 13, 2017

One morning I woke up and saw Jesus. At first, it was a picture or painting, and then I saw Jesus wearing a white Rob with a baby blue sash across his front. Then I noticed a little girl facing Jesus. I couldn't see her face. She looked to be around 4 or 5. She had braids in her hair like I used to wear as a child. Then I become her body, then I notice on my wrist chains are around my wrist. All of a sudden, they fall to the ground, and Jesus opens his arms and hugs me; this was the most amazing experience I have ever had. It was like an out of body experience. I felt no time what so ever...

Amanda: United States

June 2020-

I have recently been feeling like Jesus was trying to send me a sign. I dreamt that the sun was covered by a dark shadow, and it then exploded, and Jesus descended from skies. The people around me were all in a daze. The sun shined so brightly we couldn’t even see. Jesus came down and looked like an angel with a bright, bright glow.

I will never forget this dream.

Jina: India

I had a dream a few days back- some things were falling from the sky (I don't know what exactly that was) and also bomb dropping, and the destruction because of these, and I was asking for forgiveness from the Lord and asking Him to take me with Him.

And then there suddenly appeared a rainbow in the sky while I was asking God to take me with Him, and I was very happy to see the rainbow, and then I said "Amen", and the rainbow disappeared after I said "Amen."

Evanna: United States

A few years ago, I had a vision (I say vision because I was half awake, half asleep) about an angel. 

I had just fallen asleep, and I heard the door creak open. I called out "who's there," and then a GIANT angel dropped down from a shelf on the ceiling (the one where you put plants on in a home, that's built into the wall) I could not tell if it was female or male.

We communicated telepathically. I asked if she believed in my God. She said yes. I started crying and shouted, "what does he want from me" (not sure why I said that I was terrified of the situation). She grabbed my right arm and started pulling me through a portal. Only my arm went through because I was too scared. I also remember her nails. They were long and ancient-looking. The vision ended.

I had another dream about Jesus coming down from the sky and putting his right hand on my left shoulder. He was facing me. He didn't say anything. Just shot back up into the sky like a rocket (like superman).

I've been praying a lot and asking for clarification. What was the angel trying to show me?

On June 9, 2020, I had a dream about being chased by a vampire. I couldn't lock any of the doors. The vampire came to a door with a window in it. I held the doorknob shut and looked down at my feet. They were Jesus' feet. His feet were my feet. And I saw his white robe swaying.

When I looked up, the vampire was on fire. I woke up and asked for clarification. Was it God or Jesus helping me? 

My sister came home, and I told her about the dream. She was scratching some scratcher tickets and gave me one. I didn't want to scratch it, but she made me. It was a crossword puzzle scratcher. 

The first four letters were SUJE. And in the middle, if the board it spells JESUS!! If I could post I picture, I would show it. It was a miracle, and it made me cry. God gave me the clarification.

Victoria: United States

During my prayers for my family, I saw Jesus. A gentle smile and he silently

LeeAnne: South Africa

Yesterday I dreamed of standing on a balcony of a hotel with a friend facing the sea. While we stood there, big waves appeared, but we weren't scared. Suddenly in one wave, the face of Jesus appeared, & Jesus was smiling with the both of us.. & suddenly, the wave hit us.

We weren't scared, but at the exact time, the wave hit us it felt like something was going through our bodies like an electric shock...I still can't explain the feeling. Immediately after this, I woke up.

I wasn't scared or anything but could still felt that same feeling going through my body.

April: South Africa


I woke up at 2 am this morning and just laid on the bed eyes open. Then suddenly what felt like a vision, It could have been a dream, but it felt so real. I saw Jesus coming down from the sky, on a throne. The sky was black, but I could see the throne clearly.

He took a piece of earth, with 15 or 20 things folded on the earth, but these things were glowing blue. He lifted that piece of the earth up into the sky, and all that was left behind was a dry earth with a big river of fire.

I'm not sure what this could mean. I just thought I would post it before I forget all the details.

Teressa: United States

Jesus and a crystal

When I pray, I have a vision of Jesus. He was standing in the sand by a little stream. He was holding out his hand, showing me what seemed to be a crystal or a shiny clear diamond? What does this mean?

Geoffrey: Kenya

I had a disturbing dream I dreamt of seeing Jesus in the sky he had a long robe, and his face was shining so bright the way he had been described in the book of revelation.

Grace: United States

This dream was when I was eight years old. I can't really go into details, but when I was eight, I knew nothing about the world ending. 

I had dreamed that Jesus returned, and he was on a bunch of clouds with the opening sky; his arms were out, and all the angels were behind him, and everyone was running and screaming, and many things were happening. 

I was hiding behind a small trash can, but Jesus was right in front of me, I knew nothing but now realized what I saw.

Jamie: United States



In this dream, I am walking with Jesus and with other disciples, some of this is set in Jesus's time, some my time. I seem to be the one making funny remarks; everyone laughs or smiles when I say stuff. At some point, I mention I have no sense of direction, and everyone laughs, and I think we are walking to our next destination. Jesus looks just like the one from The Chosen, but the disciples are different. 

 Much of our journey is unclear, but at one point, we come upon a tall office building with a lady on the top floor, she has long wavy black hair. One of the disciples, a black man with a cloth cap and a colorful robe, looks up at the lady and starts yelling, he is filled with the spirit.

This woman has done something bad, but I'm not sure what. Jesus stays outside, but we all go in and go up an elevator to the top floor. One of the disciples is talking to the lady who barricaded herself in another room while we wait in the room next to it. I'm sitting on the floor with this toy helicopter that has a jet ski attached to it; I say I got an upgrade. The disciple next to me smiles and is impressed. 

We start leaving the building and pass the lady; she wants us to leave but sends us away with gifts. Mine is something that smells like a candle. As we get outside, I tap on my temple, and a high pitched sound emits, a half visor in the color blue appears over one eye; it's some sort of digital hud display? 

I start talking to the disciple still in the building with the lady on this thing. Jesus smiles at me knowingly; the other disciples are confused at it, but I seem to know just how to work it. I'm walking around thinking this thing is awesome.

As I come out of this dream, I see Jesus standing in front of me. He tells me to "just be you."

Gracie: India

It was in the year 2016 30th Jan during a crusade where a famous American missionary visited our home town. As the worship song was going on, and people were praying and singing, I closed my eyes to pray. 

I wasn't even concentrating much on my prayers, then suddenly I saw a face right in front of me very close to me. It was evident the eyes nose and mouth it had sharp features of a man. I got scared for a moment, thinking that I was seeing a ghost, I opened my eyes. 

Seeing people around me still worshiping and praying, I turned to pray again when I saw the face, but this time it was very bright, unlike the first one. I kept telling myself it can't be the face of Jesus, but it was so real I never felt or seen or heard like this ever. 

When I was fighting with my doubts, the face appeared again for the third time, but now all I saw was light so bright with grey silver long hair. Then I felt like my body was floating in the air, and I felt so happy so peaceful and so satisfying. 

I told myself I never felt this satisfied in my life ever, so this must be how it feels to be in God's presence. But then suddenly, I came alert of where I was and began crying out praying to God.

I want to know whether it was Jesus that I saw or the meaning of all this. Nothing has changed in my life since this encounter; it is still the same. I don't know why I encountered that.

Jacqueline: United States

I dreamt that Jesus was standing in the doorway of a bedroom. He had a short beard and brown shoulder-length hair. He looked like he had broad shoulders and was wearing the traditional looking robes people would wear in the first century. 

I remember getting off my bed and going to him and kissing his neck (of all places) lol. Telling him I won’t forget him and that I loved him unconditionally, my dream then ended.

In reflection, I wondered why Jesus wasn’t smiling but instead looked more concerned and compassionate. I guess he was showing me He’s there for me and shares in my sufferings. 

I love Jesus so much and do lean on him every day. Thank you for letting me share my experience, and God bless.

Nana: Canada

"it was night-time in a dream" when I saw a church in a white colour, and while I was focusing on it, a big white brightness cross came out of it with Jesus's image on it, I was on Joy and was very Happy, and as well I saw St. Mary on the right. Then I woke up.

Mechell: United States

I dreamed of Jesus Christ waiting for me at a big long tree he was sitting in. He was in the tree, staring at the stars, he then turned around and told me, "come, my child." I quickly ran to him; he held out his hand, and I got onto the same branch Jesus was on. He then cupped his hands, and when he opened them again, a beautiful blue butterfly came out from his hands. He then showed me the stars and the constellations, and he showed me other incredible things. 

He was wearing a blue robe with a white cloth covering the top of his head, I couldn't see his face clearly, but I could see his brown hair and his brown beard. He told me, "wait for me" then he reached out his hand in the sky, after that he was gone.

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