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"Dreams and Visions
Of Jesus"

Perhaps because we are living in the end times we are receiving more and more reports of Dreams and visions of Jesus. At last count there were 26 pages and they are coming from all areas of the world. These beautiful and often chilling accounts of Dreams and visions of Jesus are in the words of the dreamers. 

Dreams and Visions of Jesus

Dreams and Visions of Jesus
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Joseph: Canada
So I was in Wpg somewhere driving a bike with someone and was with a bunch of other people that I don't recognize. All of a sudden the sky turned black .. looks very scary then the fire starts falling from the sky. When that fire from the sky starts falling .. it turned into lava ... then the people I was with turned into dust when the fire hit them. I started riding my bike fast trying to dodge the fire from the sky .. I was riding everywhere.. but I noticed my wheels started to melt the bike too. Then, while I was trying to hide, I stepped on the lava, and I started to melt too. ( knowing my neuropathy I didn't feel the melting..but before I can feel the pain the melting flesh...I started crying, and I started praying n praying ..& I said out loud .. God where are you ?? I need you ???

Then the sky opened n there he was .. our saviour Jesus Christ ... he opened his arms n said: " I am always with you."

William: United States
I was dreaming I was dying, I was lying in bed, sweating profusely. Jesus entered the room, he was in all white, and his face was light. As he walked towards me, he had a cloth in his hand. He started at my legs wiping the sweat off, and then to my chest. I didn’t speak, but in my mind, all I could say was Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!! Then he walked out. After that, there was a room behind me that opened up. In that room were people there that were in self-torment, and then one of them tried to come into where I was, but couldn’t enter, as if there was an invisible wall. This dream happened in August or September of 2017, I’ve been a Christian since 2013. Thank you, Jesus I love you!!!

Rachel: United States
I was climbing up a beautiful Hill with tall grass I get on top of the hill and I see Jesus there waiting for me smiling. I felt joy and love in my heart when I woke up.

Worship: Botswana
I was in my room and all a sudden my mom called me,"worship"come Jesus has visited,I ran and saw him at the door,I kneeled on my knees and greeted him,he said"worship you have grown a lot" I smiled at him and he smiled back. My mother called me into the house to prepare lunch for Jesus,he was standing outside the house I don't know why,we finished and welcomed him in,we finished lunch and he told me he must return to heaven and he needs my help,I saw him failing to levitate and he once again said help me, I asked home,why don't you call upon your angels to help you,he didn't answer  , I ignored the fact that he didn't answer and I said picture yourself sitting on the right hand of the father and he levitated up into the sky,as he was on the air I called him and said "open my spiritual eyes" he again didn't respond and then I woke up

Mike: United States
I had a dream where I was shown Jesus sitting on a white throne from a long distance..and I was able to go down these stairs which felt dark and assumed it was the way to Hell. It was not too far off from where Jesus was sitting. And after going down about 10 steps...Jesus could still hear my voice. Don't know if this was a vision or if it was just a dream but then I was suddenly out of the stairs and with Mary and we both communicated a prayer and a request that came from her stating that Satan is real and so is hell and for something so serious the people should be warned twice!! The 2 seals should be revealed or something...and we both were coming to this agreement that this is what we should pray for and it was a prayer to God that He may grant our request and then I woke up. 
I feel like I should have shared these dreams with someone because I assumed that this is also what God would want. Blessings to you all!

Sandra: United States
My vision starts with seeing myself on a cross crucified. I'm looking down and people crying screaming. I look up and I see GOD, AND JESUS ON A WHITE HORSE.I feel real pain in my rib area and I feel something dripping down on my arm. I look down and I see blood. I feel pain in my feet and hands.I see the nails in my body. Never had this before and feel uneasy.

Juanita: United States
I had a dream on the 5th that I was in church, and Jesus came to me before anyone else he knew how I have suffered through my life. I knew who he was by looking into his beautiful Blue eyes. and he came from behind me and held me with pressure. Thank you Jesus

Larissa: India
My morning dream started with first seeing shooting starts in the sky and I was asking for a wish mean while when I was searching for other shooting starts I saw jesus on the cross clearly in the sky n I was showing it to everyone n then jesus gave me his crown which turned into a ring while it reached the earth and I had to protect it as the Jews and other people wanted to take it away from me. What does this dream mean. This is the first time in 25 years I seen jesus in my dream. I have seen Mother mary before but I was really small in my dreams .

Jad: Canada
I was asking Jesus to help me in my life. My dad has cancer and doing chemotherapy, but doctors are saying he has like 10% of chance to survive. I also asked God to help me find my soulmate. Tonight while asleep Jesus appeared to me. First I was afraid, and I couldn't move and don’t know where I got the courage to talk to him. He doesn’t look a lot like the figures we see in movies or Church’s. He did not have a familiar face, but he looked very pure. He asked me what I wanted, and I replied by asking him to cure dad of other wishes. I felt he will grant me what I wanted. I will also have faith in God. I feel blessed 

Marie: United States

It was a month after I went in front of the congregation at my church and told them all, I give my life to Jesus. I was 12. I had a dream I was standing in a dark tunnel of a baseball field. I was talking with friends. Then I saw a light shine at the end of the tunnel. I knew it was Jesus before I went out and saw him floating above me.i was the only one to leave that tunnel. I fell to my face on the ground. I couldn't stand. I looked up at him, and he didn't speak to me. He put jewels of all different colors around me. And he started to leave. I got up and grabbed hold of his white robe he took my hands off him and left.
I woke up crying. All I could feel was love. It's hard to explain. Nothing in this world has ever given me that strong of a feeling.I went downstairs, and my mother was up, and I told her my dream.
I have seen so much in my life that can't be explained. When my daughter was born she had a tumor on her left temporal lobe the doctors said they couldn't do surgery because it had a main vein running through it. My father committed suicide three months before that. I was going through so much.
I laid my daughter down that night wrapped in a blanket. She was three months old and couldn't roll over yet. I prayed my heart put that night. I told God my plate was too full and I couldn't handle my daughter being sick too. There was a rosary hanging above her. When I woke up in the morning, she was facing the ceiling the blanket was perfectly spread under her, and the rosary was across the room on the floor. The tumor was gone!
I took her for her follow up appointment with the doctor, and she said I don't know what's going on but the tumor is gone! My Jesus healed her! She is now 13 and is a wonderful girl who also loves jesus very much

Jenny: United States
On Sunday Dec.17th I dreamed that I was with Jesus. I was staring at Him and I noticed that His eyes were beautiful lights, like glowing flames. He told me to not be afraid of anything that would happen and to focus on his eyes. I looked deeper and deeper into His eyes. As I studied His eyes I became more and more at peace. I had a feeling of  pure joy. Then I woke up. I felt like this dream was more than a dream. 3 days later I told my eleven year old daughter about my dream, she was visbly moved. She described the exact same dream that she had two days after mine.

Donna: United States
Had a dream I was looking up in the sky and saw Jesus and next to him was two hands cupped together  but was open and the color of his hands were  white . I felt very happy and didn't want to lose that image and woke up but u remember  this so clearly  when I  w oke up 

Ed: United States
I dreamed I was in a fenced in yard a beaver and dog was running circles around me, Jesus walked up steps , like from a basement, he got to top step turned and looked at me, had on a off white robe , shredded or worn at bottom, some sort of gold design around collar, had light brown curly hair, as I stared at him a bright light formed behind me, my wife woke me up and said I was moaning , that's all I remember

Jamie: United States
I had a dream last night that I was floating in this big river and hanging on to the cross Jesus was crucified on. Then it turned odd, some lady was holding me on the cross like how Jesus was nailed on it and the devil was beside me trying to get me. Jesus sent him away. Then we washed up on a bank and Jesus was standing there, waiting. I knew immediately who he was and ran to him crying my eyes out saying thank you for saving me. I hugged him and he hugged me back. 

Shakina: New Zealand
I dreamed that the LORD JESUS is coming with His holy angels in a radiant yellow light surrounding them.

Christine: United States
I was laying in my bed one night reading the word. All of a sudden I heard my name and my bedroom door open. The light from his face was so bright that I could not see his face. Yet I knew who was speaking to me. I can't explain it You just know it's the Lord. He asked me if I was ready? Then wanted to know if I would like to go with him. He then told me I should choose to either follow him or not because he was coming soon and I needed to get right with him. Then all of a sudden my eyes opened real quick as if I was a sleep and I sat up. I've never had an encounter of the Lord before. 

kathryn: United States
I've had two dreams with Jesus appearing in some way. These were both recent almost a week/2 weeks apart and I just don't know what they mean? The first dream I'm assuming was the word Jesus in different languages in the sky I could be wrong but the last word was Jesus in my language and then the clouds shaped into cupped hands. The second one I had last night, I don't remember much of it, but people were telling me all of these horrible things, I don't remember what they said but I got bad feelings from it. I believe there was dark water and destruction and Jesus was on the side with these people and they were taking him or idk?. I do remember hearing that I was missing a piece of information and I was shouting at Jesus or that side for anyone to tell me what it was and I was freaking out and Jesus just kept looking me in my eyes and I woke up from a phone call.

Kathleen: United States
I had a realistic dream that I appeared in this room of a mansion.  Before me stood Jesus who told me this is your bed but, do not move it in any other direction.  Jesus said to me Let not your heart be troubled, I know you have given to those in need.  You have helped endlessly.  You are Kathryn the Saint.  I wept and I did not want to leave.  I woke up.  I was amazed in awe and I wept.  Jesus knows I pray everyday and night for his guidance.  My life is very unhappy.  I have 2 addicted adult children and I pray for Jesus to take them out of the dark path of Satan and lead them to the lighted path of Jesus.  I pray for them to move foreword to live normal lives.  Jesus knows the abuse I have been through and the unconditional love I have shown these kids.  But I know I have to let go and give them to Jesus.  It's so sad especially during the holidays that have not been celebrated for 5 years.  I pray Jesus gives me the strength through this difficult time.  To try and be at peace and try and be happy.

Llloyd: Jamaica
I dreamed of Jesus holding a baby in front of big mood 

Odeciay: Canada
Multiple Visits with Jesus
 i saw Jesus in my dream i was in my old home town he open the sky and i saw him sitting down on a rock with a little girl by his right hand side he was wearing a brown  grown hand cover his head he was talking to the little girl sitting beside him on the rock then a other part of the sky open and i saw people walking in heaven..... in the dream i take back a vegetable slicer from one of my friend  and the sky turn gray and i bring it back to give her.and i repent that me sorry and then the sky turn back white.i dream say Jesus in the total of ten time now  and i went to heaven in my dream on the 30, of September 2017 i met the lord him self two time now.and Jesus 10, times now

John: United States
I had a dream. Jesus was standing by my side. Then he raise both hands and said to me. "This is where you slept." I then look over to the side and notice a cave. Next thing I know, I was laying down inside the cave and I start rising up as Jesus going up into the bright light.
As I was rising up everything came to clear in my room. I was sitting up on my bed with both arms up to the sealing. 
I thought about this dream for many years now. The cave in my dream, was the cave Jesus was laid to rest. And the feeling that I had in my dream, is everything LOVE and HAPPINESS. 
God Bless to whoever reads my story.

Brenda: United States
Had a dream that I was about to fall if something and die, so I closed my eyes. When I opened them everything was white and I started walking up the white stairs in front of me. I could see Jesus sitting in. Throne and my mom standing next to him. As I was walking up I started crying and saying every prayer I could think of. I was afraid Jesus wouldn’t let me into heaven for not going to church enough. When I got to the top they were both smiling. I have Jesus a hug and kiss, then my mom. My mom and I started walking and I asked her where Joe was (my high school boyfriend who was killed over 20 yrs earlier) at that point she just put her head down and kept shaking her head no. Then I woke up. 

Vic: United States
Dreamed of a fire in the image of a dragon holding a key. Next to it was Jesus whose image was also of fire. The dragon threw the ring to Jesus and Jesus ate the ring but since it was see-thru Jesus turned into another big imagine.

Mikayla: United States
It was dark outside... I was walking up a trail an pine tree cleared the path.. The trail was rocks.. Then I notice I was walking up a cliff an I had a little girl with me,then I seen Jesus on his knees while his mother stands next to him. They both smiled at me an the child, Jesus then taken the child an laugh at her an smiled.. The end of my dream..  Thanks for reading!

Rebecca: Nepal
I saw Jesus in a cross with the fire underneath I cried for forgiveness of my sins. then suddenly i saw Jesus going up with the clouds.

LUCY: Kenya
I dreamt seeing the clouds move with a storm.Suddenly i saw the two arms open and the word AMEN appeared. Suddenly, A face resembling the one of JESUS appeared and proclaimed  blessing to me in the name of the Father,and the Son and the holy Spirit. What is the meaning of this dream.

Grace: Ghana
in my dream we were two thus my friend and i suddenly Jesus appeared and we run to hug him my friend hug him and when it was my turn i hugged him but after the hugged i saw dirt in his dress he was wearing and them Jesus gave me a card that contains  numbers and i felt so happy in the dream

Rachel: United States
Early this morning November 1, 2017,
In my dream, I was at a gas station with random people and we hear this loud thundering a few times and then the sky was lit up in one area then these lights were coming towards the clouds to be seen, were gods angels, I was anticipating Jesus appearance and right when he was coming out of the clouds the holy spirit came upon everyone including me & was praising him, some in tongue some just with our own words, "Jesus Our King, was my words. Then I woke up...

Pauline: Kenya
I recently dreamt with Jesus in September or October 2017 I can't recall the exact date,I was walking in a path where he was At a time He was behind us As we walked we reached upon a lady we told her that "Jesus is coming "she couldn't believe us so we repeated"why can't you believe us and He is behind us as we walked"I wish I can know the meaning of the dream

I wish I could remember the exact date of my dream! Or find the picture I drew of my dream when I woke up with tears streaming down my face. Ok here is my dream it felt so real. I fell into a really deep sleep and dreamt I was in my hometown, butte montana,looking towards the mountains called The Highlands,the sky was the most beautiful gold color! I had never seen a sky so beautiful when all of a sudden pure gold dust started falling from the entire sky. I looked all around me and as I stared back to the highlands there was the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen I'd never seen colors like this before and still to this day haven't!As I looked to the rainbow Witch was on my left, I looked to the right and the clouds were glowing just in one spot and the light became brighter and brighter and all of a sudden I saw a figure who looked just like Jesus step out on the clouds and my grandfather stepped out from behind him as they put their arms out and started lifting people into the clouds. I was floating at this point and as I was floating I was helping people get up there but I was not lifted up there because I was so busy helping others up to Jesus. I woke up and I was balling my eyes out. I went into the kitchen where my father was and cried my eyes out to him I tried to draw a picture of what I saw to show him. It was very emotional and very real! I have been waiting for the moment I could share this dream or vision with the world. My heart belongs to Jesus and I too believe he is coming soon!

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