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"Dreams and Visions
Of Jesus"

Perhaps because we are living in the end times, we are receiving more and more reports of Dreams and visions of Jesus. Many dreams of Jesus remain for a lifetime. 

There are various meanings to these dreams, but many times it is simply His way of saying to an individual, "I am here, and I love you!" 

There are presently 20 pages of dreams and visions of Jesus submitted by visitors from all areas of the world. These beautiful and often chilling accounts of Jesus are in the words of the dreamers.

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Dreams and Visions of Jesus
(Short Entries)

Stian: South Africa

I was making ready for bed, tired from a hard day's work.

It took me about 30 min to fall asleep, as soon as I was sleeping I started to go into the most beautiful dream I have ever had in my 26 years of living.

Part 1.

I was at a farm for some reason there were 3 guys wanted to fight me with me, I won the fight and turned around, and Jesus was standing there.

One of the guys stood up and wanted to punch me from the blind side, Jesus took point, grab the guy and gave him a big hug, I could see the feeling of peace and love in the guy's eyes and the biggest smile I have ever seen.

Part 2.

It was my birthday, and I found myself with Jesus at a bar ( Not drinking ) but for all my friend were under the influence. Jesus and I just walked through the bar greeting everyone, and I left with Jesus to go to someplace else.

Part 3.

Now I was in, what I assume was China because there was a lot of Chinese people walking and standing around.

 Yet again I was walking with Jesus, and he stopped a few meters away from 2 girls that were standing next to a clothing rack; both of them had black eyes. Jesus lifted His arm and put his right hand on the forehead of one girl, and suddenly black smoke came out of her mouth up into the air, and her eyes turned normal, and she was filled with gratefulness and joy, He did the same with the other girl.

Everything happened while I was standing next to Jesus.

Part 4.

I was at a School, and it looked like my old high school (Die Wilgers) I was not with Jesus in this part.

There was a lot of people at the school, and suddenly a blonde girl run up to me and give me a hug and told me she loves me very much, I saw her smile, she was/is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,I felt a sense of purity and innocence within her heart and soul.  I looked at her a few moments ( I don't know who she is ) and then I said to her, I can't stay here I'm following Jesus, walking with Him wherever he goes. Again she looked at me, such beautiful eyes, unforgettable smile and told me to go and follow Jesus, that she will be waiting for me until the time is right for us two. I gave her a big hug and started running to Jesus. 

I woke up with joy, peace, love, and thankfulness in my heart with a few happy tears :-)

Elena: United States

I've had a dream where Jesus came down in an elevator, and HE spoke to me inside the elevator, and He told me to tell my dad, dying in cancer, that if he would repent of: ( the thing that he had done ), then Jesus would heal his cancer. But my dad didn't care about the dream, and then he died a few months later. ( my dad was an engineer of elevators ). 

I've and visions 2013 where I was awake but still saw. I saw a frog that was gasping for air, sitting under a transparent protecting dome, and all around the frog a Nuclear War had started, and the sky was so black, and the fear I felt in the vision was a kind of fear that is so big and indescribable. Then I felt like the presence of a HAND behind my back, and I understood it was OUR CREATOR.

And I was told "telepathically" that London, N.Y. and Miami had "been hit." And I also realized in the vision that I was that frog and GOD HIMSELF was keeping me alive in the surrounding nuclear war. I became a believer in JESUS CHRIST and 2018 I went to Israel to see The Holy Fire and got baptized in the Jordan river. I had prayed to God to reveal to me if my visions 

Marck: Philippines

I dream of something I can't explain. 

At first, I dreamed of an angel from heaven giving me a gold crown and said that it'd stay gold, it's for me. And if it turned black, it wasn't for me. And it did stay gold. 

After, I was at the church attending a mass. I was looking at Jesus's image. He moved and gave me something & said that I shouldn't forget that I'm His son.

Later then, the priest angrily asks why I'm holding that thing that the image of Jesus gave me and didn't believe me when I said "It moved. He moved, and He gave it to me." Then I saw a lot of angry faces in the church. I just said, "He really moved, and He is powerful."

After this, I woke up holding my heart and it feels very warm. 

Roseanne: United Kingdom

I had a vision as a child that Christ came to me. I was very upset and calling out to God.  In the vision, Christ lifted a dove over my head and threw it up into the air where it flew away. With it went the pain and anguish, and I felt calm and at peace thank you, Jesus.

Trevor: United States

Everything Will Change

I went to bed, and in the dream, I wake up, and I was alone in my home no pets or family just me. 

It's warm outside, and the sun is shining, I get out of bed, go into the living room, and Jesus is sitting on my couch watching TV. 

He turns and looks towards me and says everything is going to change. The dream ends I wake up, and it is raining outside.

Stephen: United Kingdom

I was watching my dad play Xbox fully awake when all of a sudden I fainted and fell into the chair with my eyes closed and I saw Jesus approaching. 

He appeared in black and white from a distance getting closer and closer to me the way a photograph would develop in a dark room; it lasted about 5 seconds. 

This vision of Christ is one of the only things that really tell me I’m not on my own. 

I have also heard Jesus Christ call to me and had halos go round my head from the heavens. I was once protected by an angel on my motorcycle from a fatal accident.

I have also witnessed Micheal the archangel in blue flashing lights. 

BELIEVE IN JESUS AND CHRISTIANITY I am being rescued by the system. TRUST JESUS!

Chirchom: India

Dream of Jesus and Grandfather
I saw Jesus come to me while I was supporting people injured in an epidemic. He smiled and hugged me. Just a moment after that I saw my deceased grandfather come to me smiling and hugged me as well. I left with Jesus and people around me were screaming with joy. Everyone seemed to have gotten healed. I remember feeling so warm and happy as he held my hand. Then   I woke up.

Terrie: United States

I had a dream of a huge giant lady floating in the sky on her back. Then I saw Jesus He had this white cloth wrap from his stomach to mid-thigh. His hands were stretch out wide.

Emma: Australia

Jesus- hello, thank you for this.

My recent dream/ vision was a repetitive one. I kept seeing a glorious personage leading a mass of people, following behind him, descending from the sky.

Ginamarie: United States

What does it mean when you say the face of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns and wake up.

Phillip: United Kingdom

I've been dreaming about preventing Jesus ever getting crucified. When he's brought out to the public for conviction, I stroll through the crowds and tell the commander that he's making a big mistake. 

I get Jesus to bless some water and let the commander sip it while I say, "through the holy spirit, I trust and love the father. Through Jesus Christ, I hear the fathers words and live with love." 

I then go about showing how the religious group is pulling the commander by strings, influencing him by foul means. I give him a choice, the religious leader gets punished, or I take Jesus' place.

Lacy: United States

My dreams are him sitting next to me on the bed talking to me softly, and I'm telling him that I love him and trust him.

Jahmir: United States

I had this dream..

Sealee died, my friend died, and I died, an Arab dude died, and some other dude died. We don't know where the first two went so it was just me, this Arab dude and this other dude.

We went to my old house, and the sky was purple like the sun was setting and we were bowing down and calling Jesus name. 

We were rejoicing in his name, and the Arab dude was saying Jesus in Arabic; then we saw a person wearing a white robe and a crown on his head and riding a white horse, and, instead of riding over us he went into my heart, and after that, we were rejoicing more.

Leti: United States

Last night I dreamt that my husband, my sister and I were in a huge forest or jungle.  A lot of green trees everywhere.  We were walking in the middle of a tall mountain.  We noticed many animals going toward the top of the mountain.  Lions, monkeys, tigers, and others.  I looked toward the top of the mountain and at the tip was Jesus feeding all the animals.  He was wearing a white robe.  His calm and peaceful face glowed of love, kindness, and grace.

Nell: United States

I had just dropped my son off at daycare and was driving down N. Broadway, and suddenly there was a flash of crimson where the sun had been. The sky went completely black, and then a small pure brilliant white light started to appear; as it came closer it began to become bigger and bigger in the sky until it was closest, and then I saw Jesus appear standing in the white light with his arms extended and his palms turned up.  

He was wearing a white robe with a golden sash, and three rainbows fell one after the other as he came closer almost as if he was using them as steps. Big billowing white clouds were on both sides of him the rainbows reflected and glistened and bounced colors off of the clouds that completely covered my line of vision on both sides of me.  All of the trees and surroundings were gone, and it was only Jesus in the clouds.  Then I woke up.

Kurtsten: Philippines

I appeared on Jesus' temple, and he gave me a vine-wooden staff like and he said I need to light it up with a flash of lightning.There were 5 of us kids there, but I only remember the kid with glasses.

Christine: South Africa

I dreamt I was living in Jesus time.

There was a war coming, and He lifted a round Iron lid from the ground that led to an underground hiding place and told me, Wait here, I will come back for you.

Cathyrine: Philippines

My name is Catherine..  I remember my dream now when I was a kid were leaving in a province... Its all about my childhood.  I dreamed of sitting on a dead tree with some kids ... There is a man who is also sitting in the edge of it he was wearing white clothes , long hair with brown eyes he opens his hand to sit in his lap, but der is no voice come out on me. I was looking at him; it is not a clear dream, but the image is like a man that we used to see in the bible. I don't know what he wants to say. And right now I am 30 but just late realizing. If he is really Jesus what does he want to tell me?

Gabriel: United States

A few years ago I had a strange but rather remarkable dream that I will never forget.  In my dream, I was wearing a black suit and was atop a balcony in a mansion that appeared to be the White House or something similar. The sky was dark as if a storm was coming. There were other people with me also wearing black suits. From the balcony, you could see a field with thousands of people. The people at the bottom were wearing regular clothes and not black suits. The people were reaching for the sky as a powerful light was coming from the sky and was in the distance. I soon realized the light was Jesus and the people on the field would jump in an attempt to reach him. As he came closer, I noticed his arms were extended as you see him in many paintings. He was wearing a white robe and a golden belt. On his head was a golden string that ties at the back. It was not a crown but looked more like a string. His face looked most like the divine mercy image of Sister Faustina. The original painting. It was remarkable. I’ll never forget it

Gail: United States

I lived in a small town in the united states. I have always been a spiritual person but did not attend a church. One night I dreamed of Christ on the cross. I was one of the evildoers beside him. I was in immense pain and thought that I was not going to wake up from this dream, but I would die. The pain was so intense. My arms and legs were killing me. The pain was intense. I remember looking at Jesus and saying, "I am dying aren't I"? Then I woke up and I had non-coagulated blood in the palms of both my hands. I was telling my husband the dream, and he saw it first. No sores or wounds. Only blood and only once did it happen. I would have thought I was crazy if he had not seen it. I have had lots of strange things happen to me after. I at times have visions of things that happen before they happen. I still do not attend a church, but I do study the Bible and pray a lot. I have strong faith in Christ just very little in men

Lavitric: United States

I had watched the path of the Messiah on TV last night. When the part about the original wall where Jesus body was kept after he died. When they showed it was like something came out of there, and I became mentally paralyzed for a few seconds then it left.

Well, when I went to sleep, I had a dream of Jesus being beaten, and he carried the cross. I layed across Jesus in my dream and was whipped as I laid across him. My boyfriend stated that I was crying and saying, leave him alone and stop.

When my boyfriend woke me up, we found a piece of leather in our bed, and I felt sore in my back as the same spots I was being whipped on my back in the dream. What to make of this?

Selina: United States

 I had a dream about a year ago that I was in a forest. I was walking, and Jesus came to my side. Satan appeared in the darkness and Jesus, and I fought him off. I don't know if the devil was trying to get me, or of Jesus was just saying "Hey, I've got you!"

Kuulei: United States 

I had this dream about five years ago, but can't remember all the details. 

In this dream, I'm at my grandparents home (which is connected to their church), and I'm upstairs when these random people maybe like five or six of them try to take my one yr old son from me.  

I try pounding on my grandmothers' door to open, but it would not open, so I ran downstairs and up the street to my mothers home to have her hid my son from these people.

When I get back to lure these people away from my son I encounter this old woman sitting in the middle of the street in a reclining chair; she asks me for my son and when I tell her no she hovers across the street toward me and screams. Her screams bring a strong wind that almost knocks me over.

 Then I look her in her eyes and call the name of Jesus over and over again until she vanished. I continued walking down the street when I came upon this house, where the people who were chasing us gathered;  (this part was confusing because I was trying to be friendly to them to see why they wanted my son). After asking them all the questions I could they still wouldn't tell me.

 Then I walked to the end of the garage door (that was opened), and I feel water brushing up and down on my feet; as I looked to the ground, I can see the shoreline of a beach and my feet being washed over. 

Then I looked out towards the horizon and gazed at the reflection of the full moon on top of the ocean, but as I focused a little more on the background I see something on the top of the water in the reflection of the moon. It was Jesus, and he looked right at me for a short moment. Then he looked up into the sky, and a beam of light carried him away. (And I woke up).

Blessy: United Kingdom

I had a dream early morning today (17/04/19) where I was traveling somewhere with my Dad/husband - cannot remember who exactly. We stopped by a grotto, and we came out of the vehicle to pray. There was one statue of Jesus falling whilst carrying a cross and next to it was another statue of Jesus (wearing white long dress and red shawl)helping the fallen Jesus up. Obviously, the statues were still. But, in the dream I started seeing, the Jesus who was carrying the cross gradually lifted his head and looked at us and brought his hand forward as if he was calling to us. It was so painful and scary to watch. I had my palms together singing hymns and praying way of the cross in my dream.

Roosevelt: Philippines

April 16, 2019, It was Holy Tuesday. I went to the church to hear mass in the afternoon with my college friends. When I went home, my legs were numbing. All over my body was aching. I have a high fever. I drank my med and went to bed without my dinner. Then I fall asleep. I dreamed about myself looking for medicine to relieve my body pain and my fever. I didn't know where I belong, but I remember some camps and bonfires and soldiers around the camps. I asked for my med to a young soldier, but he instead directed me to go to a room. I went to that room, and there I found Jesus, wearing his brown clothes, sitting with happy and joyous people. I was speechless. But when He asked me whats my purpose, I stuttered while asking for my meds. He just smiled. I embraced Him tight, and He tapped my back. I just said, I love you Jesus, and He answered me back, "I love you." Then the girl beside Him told me where can I ask for my medicines, but when I turned back, I was already awakened. It felt like its true that I have seen Jesus and hugged Him. I looked at the time on my phone, and it was 10:08. My fever was gone at that time. And I was praying hard to God, and thanking Him that I have seen Jesus even just in my dream. I knew He cured me that night.

Marie Rigi: Philippines

My vision of the images of Jesus Christ is increasing anywhere I go,  and especially when I visit the Church. But even when I am in the office or home or anywhere that my eyes can see; and also some images of Mother Mary overlapping the face of her Son Jesus. Even the rocks and other solid and liquid things become formed into the Holy Images that I always saw.

Lakeila: United States

I remember a few years ago I was at home I fell asleep with my lamp on; however, Jesus was in the choir stand in front of the church glass he had pretty wavey sandy brown hair his eyes where light brown real pretty like he said to me to stop telling my business. That's all he said, and he disappeared. I then woke up and could not believe what I had seen; He was so close it was like he was standing right in my face.

Dianne: Australia

I was going through such turmoil in my life at the time; This was approximately 15 years ago. The truth is, it was around Easter time, as the world knows this time of year. I can't remember if the vision I had was on Good Friday or Easter Sunday. I got up went outside and just happened to look up to the sky directly in front of me. I saw a vision of Jesus. I believe it was Him. I will never forget what I saw.

Alyssa: United States

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was in a church with several other people in all different places on the pews. I was maybe more close to the front but still in the middle rows on the left side of the church but standing right by the middle aisle.

I was watching these robed people wearing mostly black but had some red on their robes. It was more cult and evil worship from them. I saw they were trying to get to me and the others in the pews and I witnessed people getting slung around and their heads chopped and other body parts.

I am a Christian, and I kept praying and saying that God is real. God is trusting and faithful and forgiving. I even kept saying that Jesus is my Savior. I wasn’t letting these cult leaders change me.

After a while I was being shot with bullets, and I felt jolts every time I got shot (multiple times), and I remember them laughing, and someone said that if I don’t move I probably don’t feel the pain anymore, but I didn’t feel any pain at all.

Eventually, I vividly remember Jesus inhabiting my body and rose up... I can’t remember if my body also rose up and light shown through me or if I watched it from below, but I feel like Jesus showed Himself through me, like He was showing everyone that He is there and real.

I am a Christian and know that Jesus died for my sins. I have fully accepted Him into my heart. I want to point out that I am trying to do Paranormal Investigation and I like doing Tarot, and I love crystals and rocks and energies. I believe that this is not hindering my faith at all. I stay away from evil things like the Ouija board and all that.

I need to know what this dream I had meant. Is God trying to tell me something? I didn’t think so until someone said otherwise in my family who believes that I am messing around with Satan. I am NOT messing around with Satan. Please help me!

Jordyn: United States

I saw Jesus in the sky. 

Tessa: United States

I had three dreams of Jesus. 

1. Last night I had a dream where this girl and I were talking about the millennium. Then all of a sudden I jump up really high into the clouds and I saw a glimpse of Jesus. There were bright lights and fluffy clouds. Then I woke up. 

2. This other one was a while ago. That I still remember deeply cause I wrote it down. In this dream, I was laying in bed sleeping, and I wake up and see Jesus; he tucked me in and kissed my forehead and said: “everything will be ok.” 

Then I woke up. 

3.  in this dream my dad and I Were in a picnic, and I look up at the blue sky and the clouds spelled out heaven and then all of a sudden my dream turns into like a cartoon animation, and I see Jesus standing on top of a yellow star. He had curly brown ringlets he was wearing a white robe with a red rope around his waist. I said wow. Then I woke up.

Carolyn: United States

Last night I had a dream that I  was standing amongst other saints wearing white in the sky and in front of us  I believe was Jesus I was only able to see the white tunic I didn’t get to see his face, and I had woken up. The dream right after it was so beautiful. I can only imagine what it would be like in heaven and standing in front of him to worship and praise him

Toatepi: Tonga

On the 3 of April 2019, I went to bed around 3, or 4 am in the morning. When I close my eyes, I saw the bible flipping by itself but with the books of all the prophet like Isaiah, Hosea.etc. And I feel that an influential person is standing in front of me, but I did not want to open my eyes.

Suddenly I felt a heat flow from my head down to my feet, and I sat up in my bed and sang the Halleluiah song, and praising God for a couple of minutes.

Then after my prayer I open my eyes and feel that someone is pulling my t-shirt toward my left-hand side, and I was so scared, but at the same time I kept saying to myself, please don't take me to hell please, and if this is really my day, please take me with you, not Hell but to Heaven. And I keep repeating this sentence," Please forgive my sins" for more than 3 to 4 times.

At the second time I felt the heat flowing from my head, and when it reaches my heart then I feel a hand touching my body, and I see angels wearing white but they are standing at the back of a man which I think it was Jesus and I felt weird and woke up.

The man that stands in front of me has powerful energy which I did not see him clearly but blur. I was so so so afraid and felt weird.

Charles: United States

I dreamed of being in the place Jesus was for those three days he was gone, I looked upon him, he glowed in the dark like marble and washed his body of dirt/blood, the thorn crown still placed upon his head, and this dream played over and over until my alarm clock woke me up.

Sunaina: India

I saw a huge cross un the blue sky with white clouds and one of the HINDU GODS STANDING on one hand of the cross and JEUSU PUSHED HIM BACK...WITH ANGER.



AND THEN suddenly it became, and I got separated from my family and got lost... 

I called my husband to pick me up, and he said NO I CANNOT COME. I AM NOT WELL...





Anastasia: United States

Jesus was holding four hearts around my son (vision) he has a tumor on his brain stage 4.

Alexia: South Africa

A few years ago, I had a dream around 3 o'clock in the morning. I was in my room, sitting on my desk- drinking a warm cup of tea. Suddenly I saw a lightning-bolt flash with the left corner of my eye. Behold, standing next to my Guardian angel statue was an Angel dressed in black wearing a rainbow sash. On his right side was Jesus, wearing white with a golden sash, sandals and a rope surrounding his waist. He looked beautiful; the light in his eyes was gorgeous! It felt like I was so awake in this dream. I jumped from off my desk into Jesus' arms, shouting, ''Jesus!''. Jesus smiled and giggled as I hugged him. I felt so much love radiating off of him.

Vanessa: United States

I had a dream that I was outside, and it was silent, and Jesus was holding a metallic stone or rock that had to be carried with two hands, so I asked him what it was, then he told me to hold it, so I did, and it was heavy and dense. He said that, that is my soul and that it cannot be bought.

Patrick: United States

03-26-19 I dreamt that I was in a big beautiful office and there was a man and a woman across the desk from me, and they were talking to each other. All of a sudden I hear a man behind me praying in Latin the people couldn’t listen to him then a cloud started to pour in the room the two people fell asleep and the upper corner of the office opened to a bright cloud with a man appearing as he got closer I saw it was Jesus I couldn’t help to think of how beautiful he was long hair clean shaven he was very tan with beautiful white garments he seemed to be glossy like sweaty but no sign of fatigue then he stopped as he got 8 or so feet from me and he was telling me a story but his lips weren’t moving and his voice was coming out from behind me I was having a hard time comprehending the story but I could tell it was about children I was really trying hard to understand and I could feel someone hitting me in the leg I was trying to tell them to knock it off, and then the cloud left, and I woke up 

Meliss: United States

I had just laid my head on my pillow & Jesus appeared in my mind. He was on the ground pushing a giant cross. His head was down, and he had a crown of thorns, and he was covered in ashes. It was in black and white.

Janine: United States

On March 10th, 2019 I woke up at 6:00 am and went back to sleep.  I then dreamt that I was with Christ. He was standing much taller than me. I saw his kind face, and his beard as we see in the images of Jesus. His robe was more of an off white color. When I saw him, I went to him and started telling him all my sins and that I was so sorry for offending him. He had a look of anticipation while listening to me. He then smiled and extended his arms and hugged me. It was the most amazing feeling that I will remember as long as I live. It was the most comforting and peaceful feeling. I remember feeling the softness of his robe cradling my face. Thank you, Jesus.

Belle: United States

I dreamt I was swimming in shallow water, but I could sense that I was struggling. As I was trying to swim to the shore, I lifted my eyes and saw Jesus' feet. He was wearing a long white robe, and his feet were firmly set on the ground as if waiting for me. 

Namwawa: Zambia

I saw Jesus in my dream. In that dream, I was at the mall doing some errands, and then it started raining. The storm was so bad that the windows were breaking. This storm didn’t last for long. When it was done, I went outside the mall to see what was going on. And behold! I saw a big dark brown cross in the clouds. I should say it looked expensive! The clouds were so beautiful more like cotton wool. As I kept looking, Jesus came from behind the cross! I will never forget the feeling. He was looking at me. He didn’t say anything. I fell on my knees and started worshipping... I want to have that experience again. It was too beautiful. Before the dream, I had too much unbelief. But now, no one can tell me otherwise about Jesus.

Mary: United States

I have always wanted to dream with Jesus, but I have never gotten the privilege until recently. Jesus finally returned to Earth, in this present time. He came back because he did not like how we are living in today’s society. In my dream people were enraged that the Messiah came back, so they formed angry mobs and tried to kill Jesus. That is when I told Jesus to get in my car, and I’ll save him from the people. But everywhere we went there were angry mobs of people trying to kill him. I was driving on a mountainside as we were being chased by other cars. I asked Jesus why people were so angry and wanted to kill him, and he responded: “ They are mad because the world is not ready for me yet.” And at that moment we accidentally drove off the cliff, and I knew we were going to die. I'm very young, but I have this huge fear of dying, but for the first time, I was not scared because I wanted to give up my life trying to save Jesus. I felt so peaceful in my dream in our last moments.

Doreen: United States

This vision happened while I was awake.  It happened in 1994, I had gone in my basement to do laundry, and I saw Jesus right in front of me on the cross.  I didn't do anything, and to this day I wish I knelt in front of him and prayed.  I was a little scared after due to a lot of spiritual things happening to me at that time that I did not understand.  Jesus, I'm sorry I did not kneel in front of you and pray, I actually left the basement. 

Marilyn: United States

I dreamt I was at some fancy ball, but I wasn't prepared.  I was walking sheepishly through the crowd when a man stepped in front of me. I looked up, and it was Jesus. He kissed me on my mouth very tenderly and lovingly, and I felt this incredible love surrounding me like I was underwater.  It's faded since I woke up, but it stuck with me for a few days like a heavy odor. It wasn't a smell though; it was a feeling of indescribable love. I try not to let it fade further by reliving it and reminding myself how much he must love us all and how incredible his love is; It's been a huge blessing; this life seems so trivial in comparison.

Joseph: Australia

I had three dreams of Jesus in one night. 

1:  We were in Jerusalem, and Jesus was preparing for a big fight with Satan in the temple. 

2: I can't seem to remember the second one too well

3: Jesus came up to me and said I was saved. I asked if I could go and tell my family so they could quickly change, but he said no. I’ve given them enough warnings. 

 I wondered how it would work, would I die now and be reborn?, (I felt like that’s what I wanted); He said, no I still had things to do and will have a long life, and after my natural life is over I will be transformed. 

He then said, all the evil people would die now and go to hell; then he went around collecting people and dogs. He had 50 German Shepards and 36 Great Danes; It was so weird, but I didn’t feel any fear in my dream only peace, joy,  and excitement and so much love.

May God bless you all that are reading this, and if you haven’t fully gone to Christ yet, please do so before it’s too late.

Annette: United States

Last night I had a dream of Jesus.  I can only remember so much of it.  I do remember talking to him.  I do remember we sat on the floor talking.  He didn't have a shirt on.  His skin color was dark brown.  I was happy in my dream.  I was at peace in my dream, and I listened to what he told me.

Moses: India

I had a dream of Christ crucified on the cross with blood stains, and I cried to him saying that it is because of my sin you were crucified.

Madison: United States

So I’ve been home alone the past couple days, and I don’t like sleeping at home alone, well I had a dream that I was sleeping alone in some dorm room or hotel type set up. We got woken up in the middle of the night and had to get in the hallway because tornadoes were going on. I randomly saw this baby horse alone in the hallway, so I grabbed its collar, and it stuck by my side the whole dream (I love horses lol). So I was sitting in the hallway literally cuddling this baby horse, and I look out the glass doors at the end, and I see a small white flash that looks like a shooting star, then a bigger flash, then this huge white light that just kept getting bigger and I yelled out! “Jesus is here!!” I was so happy and overjoyed, and I think other people were a bit confused. Then there were some tornadoes for a while but nothing too bad. We all ended up going back to sleep in our beds (I still had my horse with me cuddling it ) then woke up next morning as nothing happened? I think my dream ended up with me at sonic with my family

Bridget: United States

Jesus was in my dream, and so were some other people. We had to walk up to him to get nailed in our hands.  I told him I couldn't do it and he said, take your time and try again. But one other person fell off into this water with electricity she died in front of all of us.

Joyce: Philippines

I had a dream last night; I saw a man holding his trumpet and playing and then I suddenly saw a sea of clouds above and Jesus appears glowing, and He looks beautiful and always smiling. At that moment I felt calmness and peace. No words can describe the feeling of seeing him in front of you, and then I woke up in the morning.

Brian: Hong Kong

Sept 10, 2018.  I saw Jesus in a dream. He was young mid-30s. Very handsome. Muscular but slim.  About two times larger than me.  White natural light everywhere;  Felt Intense warmth throughout my soul, Loved and accepted.  No fear or worries or pain.  

I look at his face and hair shoulder length.  I mentioned to Jesus about the girl that painted him. He answered Yes.  He was carrying me, I took a peek at his hands, and there were the scares.  

I knew I was leaving and cry to him that I wish to stay with him.  I felt he was about to take me somewhere so I asked if I would be scared where he is about to take me.  We flew upwards, and I woke up at 5 am.

Tammi: United States

I dreamed of Jesus last night, not my first one but he is not frightening of course, but I have a reverent fear of his presence. 

In the dream it appears there is a storm and I am trying to run from it and, I am covering my head. Them I can see Jesus like in 3D, and it appears he is floating in a cloud and he is looking towards me very peacefully, and then I wake up. 

Brian: United States

In my dream, I was shot and killed, and I can remember my hearing was the last thing to go. I slowly drifted off into oblivion, and another white light was slowly getting brighter until my eyes were open and I was in a room with a few other people who were all happy I was there.

I remember feeling safe and full of happiness there, and as I looked around I realized I went to heaven and all I can say was “I made it” “I made it!” I kept shouting it because I was filled with joy.

I went to a large window and stepped out, and to my amazement, the place looked like a paradise beach resort. There was a large swimming pool, and children were playing all around me, and there was a large rainbow in the clouds, and I was just overwhelmed with love and happiness.

Then I think someone approached me and said: “it’s time to meet Him.” I immediately knew who he or she was talking about and I suddenly appeared in this space full of white clouds. I saw a man, that looked like an average American, not to be racist but that’s what He looked like in my dream. As I approached Him, he was glowing white.

I shook His hand and asked if he was God. He smiled and said, “I am Jesus.” Suddenly I was overwhelmed with this feeling of pure love, and I immediately fell at his feet.

Next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital with doctors pulling pins and rods out of my face. I had survived the shooting and was filled with sadness because I didn’t want to leave that beautiful place. I was angry and frustrated because my life had been spared. Then I woke up and now I’m typing this. Any thoughts. 

Yvonne: Country

I was at church singing and praising I could see in my mind a figure of a man on a road. Jesus is standing behind him and an angel flying behind Jesus. I could see a sunset behind everyone.

Amanda: United States

I had a dream I was laying in my bed in the same position I was actually sleeping. In my dream, I feel a hand upon my face. I open my eyes in the dream and look, and it's Jesus, I looked at him for a matter of seconds with his hand on my face. He looks into my eyes as though it will be ok. Then I reached out and woke up. As I wake up, I'm still looking for him and reaching for him. I felt like he was really there.

Ashley: United States

My fiance and I weren't doing too well last night, so I went to sleep on the couch, and I cried myself to sleep listening to Christian music on Pandora. I've always had dreams before where I would reach up at the clouds and say,  Jesus, please take me, and he would always extend a hand out of the cloud and walk with me holding my hand, and he would never pull me through. But last night he pulled me through, and when I saw him there was a bright shining light behind him, and he was white with dark brown hair shoulder length Hazel looking eyes white skin very beautiful white robe but not a bright white like an off-white. I fell before his feet, and all I could say was oh my God you are white! I cried at his feet, and I didn't want to look up at him because I was not worthy enough and I begged him for the forgiveness of my sins, and he said I love you and he pulled me close and hugged me. I have had many dreams with a huge hand in the formation of a cloud come out of the sky, and that's when I would reach up and ask him to take me, and he would never bring me all the way through the clouds, but last night he did. When he hugged me, I felt a sense of calmness and peace, and I didn't want to leave. Jesus is real! The time is at hand; please ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sins. he says nobody comes to the father unless they go through me.

Denise: Philippines

I had a dream last night.
In my dreams, my friend and I was walking, and then I looked back and looked the sky behind me then I saw clouds that were perfectly sculpted like Jesus. and there were rays of light behind him.

Brenda: United States

I was sleeping, laying on my back which I rarely do. I am a side sleeper. I dreamt I was lying in a beautiful, green field of grass.  I was laying on my back with a blanket under me, and one on top and my head was on a pillow. I remember thinking, why am I sleeping out here in a field laying on a blanket and a pillow? I looked up at the sky. It was clear blue all around except for one huge, fluffy, white cloud. In the middle of the cloud an area opened up, and it was the shape of a figure wearing a robe with hands outstretched. I knew it was Jesus. Then the shape changed, just looked like a hole in the cloud. I could see a very bright light approaching through the hole. I knew it was God the father. My heart started to quiver, and I felt terrified. It felt like all the power in the universe was approaching and my physical body couldn’t stand it. It was as if the very atoms in my body were going to vibrate apart. I only looked at it for about and second and a half. I had to shut my eyes; I knew if I kept looking I would die. I realized that God is so amazingly powerful, it’s impossible for us to comprehend fully and we cannot be in His presence in these mortal bodies.  I feel so privileged to have witnessed even the approaching of God. It was amazing.

Ana: Philippines

It was more than five years ago, but still, I clearly remember my dream about the scar on Jesus' hand. 

What happened is that I was talking with my friends then suddenly on the window I saw heaven open up widely; then Jesus hand with the scar was shown to me, and I felt peace.

 I cannot really describe the feeling, but when I began to be curious about the image, and let my friends see it as well, the heaven closed,  and then I woke up.


Seeing four suns and the lord in the middle, then the sky caging.

Tom: United States

I dreamed I was walking next to Jesus thru crowds of people on both sides.  
People were reaching out towards him while I was saying repent the time is upon us it's not too late while walking with Jesus.
I didn't want to wake up from this dream.
This is what keeps me going.

Lisa: United States

I dreamed I was visiting a sick person. They if I could see what they saw, and I asked what? They saw Jesus walking down the road; so I looked out the window, and I saw Him. He walked through the door without even opening it

Kaye: Philippines

I was in my senior year in high school so around 10 yrs ago we have issues in our family that time I pretended not to know since the grown-ups tried to hide it from me however I was deeply affected by it. Then one night it was Holy week not sure exactly of what day it was. I dreamt of Jesus coming from above-wearing color white cloth or I assumed if it was a cloth or its very very bright wide arms opened then He hugged me whispering I love you then my tears kept falling until I woke up. The dream doesn't feel like a dream, but it felt so real.

Julie: United Kingdom

I had been asking Jesus to come into my life and for a long time wished I had a vision and he could hug me as I was feeling very low and it has been ongoing for a few years. I had prayed for years for him just to hug me and come into my life. Anyway, this particular night before I went to bed I told him I loved him and asked that he never leaves me.

I had a dream I was in a country public house with family. Suddenly a man, dressed in a brown jumper, brown trousers walked into the pub. He was looking towards me. Very tall, brown/auburn hair, in his 30s. His eyes were unusual, his face slim with defined features. He acted as if I was the only one in the room and as he came over to me I asked him who he was, and he said, Jesus. He then hugged me and said he would never leave me! It woke me from my dream..... so beautiful

Francisco: United States
I have been an alcoholic for almost all my life today I woke up with having a dream of Jesus sitting in the clouds with his disciples. I knelt down and asked him not to leave me he started disappearing in the clouds I cried for him not to leave me then he reappeared in the clouds with better visibility his disciples were then suddenly in front of me they told me there names from Mathew to John they were humble normal men I felt like humbled and a feeling of fellowship It’s been two days since I haven’t drank in taking it as a sign.

Raphael: Malta

I had a dream of Jesus Wearing Red Cloths, In this dream, I Saw His Divine face, and I looked in his eyes, and my right hand touched his hand. This Happened in 3/4/1992

Kass: United States

I had a dream that I just saw a big cloud form clearly outside my bedroom window, and it started talking to me, and he looked kind of like god. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but I saw his face so vivid .

Andra: United States

In my dream, I was floating as if I were being taken somewhere, & I could see where I was going. Then the sky went black, and I could feel that I was standing on solid ground. That’s when I looked up and realized that I was standing under the cross. At the moment I looked up, Jesus gave up the ghost, then I heard thunder and the sky turned dark, but I could still see him, that’s when one drop of His blood dripped on my left shoulder. The moment that happened, I faded away, and that’s when I woke up

Cheryl: United Kingdom

I dreamt I walked into what seemed like a walled garden. Reclining on the wall was a man, dark curly hair and wearing red and white striped clothing. He spoke in a language I didn't know or had even heard. My discernment of him was mistrust.  I heard a voice telling me to turn round as God was behind me.  I turned around and saw a figure. Everywhere was light. I didn't see facial features but felt such love coming from him.  He put his arms around me and held me so close and with such love and said "Never doubt my love for you. I am always with and will always love you"  He then left so quickly and as soon as He left I woke up.  I sobbed and sobbed.  My heart and soul was fit to burst.  I believe He visited me.  I have been going through some quite tough times and had questioned my self as to whether I was worthy of His love. I know I am Each time I recall that visit I feel that love over again.

Barbara: Kenya

I dreamt that Jesus Christ was speaking to me and He said, "you know that the Holy Spirit and I are the same.." In between He and I, there was a golden crescent moon with a golden circle right below

Marie: United States

My dream - I was in the car with my family on a very sunny day. Some of the members in my extended family were irritating me. I happen to look into the sky, and I saw the clouds moving, as though they were forming something. I kept looking, and I believed it was forming the body of something. As we got to our destination I immediately recognized the figuring forming in the clouds, it was Jesus. No one in the car saw what I saw. After getting to the destination and trying to explain to my mother what I had seen, I was so overwhelmed that no one else could see it. As we were leaving to get back into the car, I saw it again, fully formed and I ask, If you are Jesus can you reach out your hand and touch me? I held out my hand to the clouds, and as I did so, then the clouds came towards me and formed an arm, hands, and fingers, and he touched my hand.  I woke up from my dream screaming and crying with joy.  I knew what had just happened and I called my family all that day to share with them what had happened to me.  I know some didn't believe. I knew the truth. I am very forgetful, but that is one thing I will never forget.

Florence: United States

I dreamed Jesus was a giant, and I was sitting on his shoulder.

Elisha: India

I Was a little Child just seven years old. We were very poor at that time. I still remembered it been a winter season and I don't have slipper. I prayed every day that Jesus please bought for me slipper, And one day I had a dream that Jesus Christ holds my hand and took me to the slipper shop and bought me some slippers. When I woke up I searched everywhere, but I didn't find it; but later that same day my father bought slippers for me. And I still remembered his smile his hair and how my Savior looked at me, and after this dream, my life changed I studied in good school. My father got a very good job. I even moved to another big city for studies. Now I have everything. But in my Dream Jesus never came again. I want to dream again, and I want my savior again to hold my hand. 
Love you, Jesus... Missing you  

Merly: Australia

I saw Jesus in my dream, and that he needed help; and told me I needed to take off the crown of thorns that was on his head and put it on the table. And all of a sudden he was standing and I saw Jesus like a tall human being. 

Renae: United States

After a very painful and tumultuous separation from my Husband, I was discerning what to do. I concluded it was God's will for me to stay married.

Immediately following I had the same dream 3 nights in a row, in Feb. of 2017, Jesus appeared breathtakingly in White, offering me a chalice to drink.

He spoke no words, but I immediately knew what it meant, it was life giving and a blessing and confirmation of my discernment and suffering to come for the course to take. But that he, by giving Himself to me, would be with me the entire time. I will never forget the experience. It has changed my life. Jesus, I trust in You!

Peter: Zambia

I have been seeing faces of people, Jesus, and others unknown in the clouds/skies. What does this mean? 

Myriam: Country

It has been 8 years since I had the dream. I do not visit church except the night before Christmas and on Palm Sunday.

In my dream, I saw myself laying on a bed. All the sudden, I realized, I was floating. I could see my body laying on the bed. I then saw a man walking on the foot of the bed toward a desk I used to have by the window. It was bright outside. All the sudden, I’m standing in front of the man.

I was very close to him. I could see his dark brown eyes. His skin was dark, his smile was peaceful. His nose was definitely of a middle eastern man.

He was dressed in a light brown big blouse like a robe.  His hair was black, shoulder length and slightly wavy. He was definitely of middle eastern descent. He was wearing a khaki hat.

He then held my hand, it was warm. I felt so much peace. I used to wear a ring with a green glass on my heart finger. He took it off. He then started to talk to me eye to eye without moving his lips. He gave a set of instructions I rather not say. He then placed in the same finger he took my ring off, another ring that had an emerald. I started to feel so much peace.

I then saw him passing by leaving the room. He opened the door, and when he closed the door, the building alarm went off. I woke up and quickly started to run to leave the room. When I opened the door to leave, the alarm stopped ringing.

A week later, my husband gave me a ring and proposed to me in a cave in Pizmo Beach. I moved across the states to follow him. Before that dream, the last thing in my mind was marriage. In fact, I was previously married 12 years before. I kept pushing my husband away until he finally left California to move to Georgia. 

I don’t have a doubt in my mind that the man in my dream was Jesus.  That’s how he wanted me to feel in the dream.  I felt I could trust every single word he said to me even though came from a stranger. I felt so much love and peace. It’s a dream, I will never forget, and it changed my life 360 degrees

Leo: Philippines

I saw Jesus Christ in my dream ... He was wearing a White dress with green sash. Jesus spoke to me and said, " How are you, Leo?" Come on and join the festivities, let's eat. Jesus was smiling while the wind is blowing gently. 

I decided to take a picture of Jesus using my mobile phone while He was sitting.

But when I reviewed the picture gallery He was not in the picture, only the people around Him were on the picture. And I said to myself, He was the real True God.

Toni: United Kingdom

I'm not a religious person, and this is the first time I have dreamt this. I dreamed Jesus was dressed in a white gown with thorns on his head. A cross was burning Jesus got on it himself and burnt his self to death. He made no noise, and no words were exchanged between I just stood watching.

Felipe: United States

I was inside my house with my family when I heard a loud noise come from outside. When I looked out the window, I saw a white figure coming down to earth. I immediately thought of Jesus. For a brief second, I saw him visit my neighbors. But the one part that I didn't understand was that he turned into someone else. 

After telling something to my neighbor he came to me and my parents. He looked at me said something that made me happy. It filled me with joy.  

As I woke up, I prayed. To be reminded of what Jesus said to me In that dream. Before I went to sleep and had this dream, I was lost and confused. I selfishly started saying outrageous things as I wept. Now I feel like my faith was restored as well as my hope and trust in God. 

I prayed for forgiveness for what I said, and I prayed for his blessings, for his protection, and guidance.  I also prayed for grace and wisdom for what's to come, and for my true love to be brought closer to me

Dianne: Guyana

I had a dream that I was in front of my house, and the sky started to get dark. I got a little scared, but then the sky started to get so bright, and as I looked I saw Jesus' face in the sky. I was calling for my family to see Jesus but by the time my family came outside his face just disappeared.

Tina: United States

I was standing in the street, and a car was going to hit me. I looked up, and Jesus was floating above me to the right of me reaching his hand, and I was reaching for his calling his name. I kept looking back at the car coming. The image of Jesus turned into an angel who was also reaching their hand out to me again. I kept reaching but still looking at the car. That's all I remember. I think I woke up.

Kylie: United States

I had a dream that I felt lonely, and everything in the world was going wrong, the world was in a state of chaos, and I looked up to the night sky to see the stars making a vision of Jesus. I reached my hand and called out to him, but he turned away and waved his hand at me like he was trying to shake me away as he turned

Whitney: United States

I had a dream of a bright image in the sky. I couldn't see through it until it dimed a bit. I then saw an image pointing to the left. I think he pointed twice and turned his back and walked away. What does that mean, am I on the left hand of Jesus??

Annie: United States

This was on 12/31/18, and I had this dream last night. I started off hanging out with some friends and ordinary things, then I go into like a cottage type home, I come out of the house on the other side, and I am so shocked I see all these beautiful colors, and I don't know how to describe how it all looks. I then came up to Jesus and all the other people at the table I go on the side on one of these things and start shouting "THIS ISNT REAL, THIS ISNT REAL" I was crying tears of joy as well, while I was screaming Jesus was looking at me smile and nodding his head. Although he did look similar to Jesus but not quite. I then sat at the table there were no more people there, and it was just Jesus or me. I was on my phone, and I decided to get off because it was disrespectful. What I'm saying is what is the meaning?? He never spoke to me?? This felt very realistic, and I felt very comfortable with Jesus.

Becky: Country

I dreamt that I was hugging Jesus and crying. 

He let me cry for hours and hugged me the whole time. He was wearing a white robe, and he felt so safe and warm. I didn’t want to wake up because I knew it would end.

Carol: United States 

Jesus Answered My Question            

For as long as I can remember I have always prayed to Jesus but wondered if he could hear me with so many people praying to him at one time. And this is what he did. I never forgot it, and it changed my life.  

About 13 years ago I hurt my knee in work, and I had to go for an MRI  As I was waiting in the inner room for the MRI my knee hurting I was just sitting there rubbing my knee, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a white cloth hanging on the waiting rm door. It was a week before Halloween, so I figured it was some kind of a stencil, but also wondered why I didn't notice it when I walked into the small waiting room.

As I looked at the door, I noticed green grass next to the cloth. I slowly started looking up, and at first, I saw past the cloth a long, rolling, beautiful hill, and also a large beautiful tree on the left side. My eyes went back to the cloth, and fingers were sticking out ..still expecting a decoration I looked, and there was the face of a man.

I jumped up and looked into the face, and I don't know if I said it out loud, but said, oh my god it is Jesus, and I just fell into the chair I was so stunned. I covered my eyes and prayed dear God I am not worthy to look at you, just say the word so I may look at you, my heart was pounding. I looked up again and Jesus was sitting on a large rock, his hands were together, and he was looking at me smiling ..but this time I was not in the room. I was standing almost in front of him.and a beautiful tree and sun were shining towards him.

I wanted to speak to him, but I just could not take my eyes off him and how beautiful he was. Also, I knew he wanted me to let everyone know that he heard every prayer people say to him.

I blinked my eyes and all of a sudden was right there inside the place with Jesus. I could feel the heat from the sun very warm on the back of my neck and Jesus was smiling at me, but before I could ask him a question I was sitting in a chair and someone was telling me it was my turn to get my MRI. but by then there was nothing on the door..

Later, after sitting in my car going over what happened I went home and felt so peaceful, and spread the word that everything was going to be okay with Jesus watching over us 

I am 70 years old and still feel that peace and see his face. Knowing he is my Father in Heaven watching over all people that believe in him his children.

Penny: Country

I dreamt I was at the gravesite of Jesus Christ & helped place him in there. I have had the same dream three nights in a row. 

Wassillie: United States

When I dream about Jesus I was a rider on carioutt, and I was up at the clouds, and I went to him and asked him what he wants me to do next. Then he asked me to follow him, and I told him I have to go back to my kids.

Kristina: United States

I had been up for most of the night not able to sleep, and when I finally did fall asleep, it must have been 4 am.  In my dream, I was in my bed facing my bathroom as it is in real life and I saw a figure make its way to me. As it approached, I saw that it was Jesus.  He was dressed in a brown wool robe, and his hair was black, shoulder length and slightly wavy. He was definitely of middle eastern descent. He knelt by my bed and took my hands but didn’t say anything. The touch of his hands sent a shock through my body because I realized that this was not a normal dream.  I became very aware of the feeling of his hands holding mine, and in a few seconds, it started to overwhelm me.  I cried out his name. That is when he slowly faded away, but I could still feel his hands holding mine.  I woke up from my own sounds I was making calling out to Jesus and still felt someone holding my hands for a few more seconds longer while I was calming myself.

Shawn: United States

I had this dream a few years ago during a very tumultuous time in my life. I dreamt I was walking along a cobbled street when a young girl approaches, and she is pregnant. She smiles at me, and we do not speak. I recognize her though we do not speak. In the dream it is many years later, again, I see the same woman but now she is much older and behind her is a man who I realize is her son, Jesus. He stops me, puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me “ Marriage is sacred,” and then he walks away. Thank you, Jesus, for affirming my life!

Chinenye: Nigeria

I had a dream that I and some people were sitting and gisting very close to a Catholic Church, all of a sudden there was smoke. We all looked up and saw Jesus; He was very tall/  I was scared and thought the judgment day has come, I started praising him, and he disappeared, and then a hand appeared and noted, JESUS IS COMING.

Sesinyana: South Africa

Last night I dreamt about Jesus Christ, he was white all over even the face in the sky just looking at me, in that dream it was night, and I was so scared because I was the only one who could see him, the people I was with couldn't see him.

Michelle: United States

I dreamt about Jesus Christ, and I was asked a question what to sing for him, I was looking for the lyrics of my favorite Christian song "Jesus, my friend."

Reynald: South Africa

All that I can remember is that I was holding someone's hand, and the person was holding another person's hand. My dream starts so amazing; I just looked and saw a beautiful place the grass was so fresh, and as I walked I came to a hill where I could see almost everything.  As we walked, the sky started changing from blue to cloudy dark clouds and was scary. So I'm standing, and I looked up, and a bolt of lightning hit the ground and burnt the grass, and the lighting started to get worse. I started running, and it was gray all around me as I was running up a hill. The clouds came together, and Jesus spoke for the very first time, saying, "do not be afraid for I am with you" and I woke up

Madeline: United States

I just woke up. Many nights as I close my eyes I see lights, shapes, and colors but this is the second time in my life that I saw Jesus face. I saw as my eyes were closed starts in the night sky, I saw eyes first, and then the stars were being rearranged and then his face and beard smiling right at me as I continued to look up. He kept smiling, and from where I was looking he winked at me and the stars were moving around again, and I saw colorful letters like cyclone movements. I suddenly gasped for air, and it woke me up in tears, but it was peaceful. 

Himanshu: India

I saw Jesus near my window. What does it mean?

Gaytha: United States

I dreamed that Jesus gave me a drink of very soothing and cool water from a metal cup.

Kassandra: United States

Man, what a powerful dream I just had. I was with some co-workers that work with me near the beach, and we had to be at the beach by noon. The beach was empty, and it was just us & at 12 pm sharp Jesus spread the water and walked up the beach declaring himself to us from afar. I later went back to work and started to tell everyone that I had just witnessed Jesus declare himself to us  & I made sure to tell everyone that he is real & spread Jesus' message to repent for wrongdoing & turn back to God. Such a power dream. I was like one of his 12 apostles going around proving he is real & returning soon. My God. Sooooo crazy!!

Carolyn: United States

In this dream I was walking on the beach, as I turned to my left, I saw the hand of Jesus orchestrating a beautiful Brown wood dining Room table. I started to walk over, but his spirit spoke to my spirit saying not yet he had to put the final custom pieces on the table. He had the last custom carved piece to put between the Legs the met the base of the table. Once HE was finished, HE invited me to come. Once I walked over it seemed JESUS and I began to pass out Gifts to those who walked by. End of Dream.

Gaurav: India

I was glorifying God in Jesus name while singing the psalm in our local Pray Hall. I started believing in Jesus after two years of bad social experiences feeling nothing but loneliness and kind of identity crisis. I am introvert to a next level, and when I told my mother about wanting to convert to a Christian by baptism, she denied it and matter went worst. Somehow I always managed to attend sermon and weekend teachings but was always worried about not telling the truth to my family. So, I prayed and asked permission to attend the sermon they accepted it, I was so happy to be relaxed, and that's when I prayed without any doubt and thanked Jesus for that day I asked him while praying about if I can thank him in person 

So, it happened I believed, and it was done for me he came to me I was able to hear him and touch him, I saw his scar, and when I tried to look at his face I was not able to see through because his face was glowing and was so-so...luminous 

He said, you wouldn't be able to look through atm, I fell down on his foot asking for forgiveness for my sins, but he made me stand on my feet and hugged me and said bye for now 

Vonnie: United States

I had a dream I was looking in the sky, and it was dark, but these bright clouds were forming and at first looked like a castle forming, but it wasn't. It was shapes of people suddenly it got clearer, and Jesus was standing in the middle of the other men with a red robe on. But as soon as I saw him clearly my eardrums started thumping in and out of my ear, and my body started shaking, and I woke up.

Mikolaj: Ireland

In the dark Times of my youth, I committed many sins, shameful sins. I thought there is no point for me to go to a church anymore. I was living in sin literally afraid even to go for confession, and I thought, I'm lost forever. Then it happened, Jesus came to me in a Dream and said don't worry, you Just had a fever.  

I felt His love in those words, and I know He wants people to not be afraid of him... I Woke UP still shocked by this amazing feeling in my chest, and my first thought was..... Jesus... 

He has Such an approach to people, and people don't even realize it. He Just wants me to spread the simple message; people don't be afraid of Him even when you are in your darkest age.

Loretta: United States

I went to sleep one night feeling very depressed, and I wanted to die. I fell asleep. While I was asleep, I heard someone call my name very clearly. I didn't realize that I was sleeping. I sat up on the side of my bed, and I saw a wall, and it was opal and pearl all Blended together. There's no way to describe the beauty. In the air were these huge Jewels just floating. There were diamonds rubies sapphires Etc. My thoughts were that this was someone's house and I needed to get out. I didn't know how I got there, but I needed to leave. At that moment I heard my name being called again, so I turned to see who is calling me. There was a man there, and it seemed the sun was behind him. I could see him, but I could not see his face. I knew he wanted me to come to him but all I could say was I am not worthy, and I repeated that and then I woke up. I had this dream about 20 years ago, and I can still remember it in detail. Feedback welcome.

Adrian: United States

I had a dream the night of 11/27/2018.

In my dream, there were 4 of us carrying a wooden casket. The lid was not on all the way so I could see in just a bit. All I could see is bones as I looked a little longer I seen flesh start growing on the bones. As soon as I looked back up someone was standing on the top of the casket. Then he jumped off on to the ground we all turned to look at him, and we didn't know what to think then we all realized it was the Lord Jesus. All the Lord did is put his hands up in the air and smile. Then I realized that the other three people helping me carry the casket were 3 of the apostles. It was crazy, and I can't stop thinking about it. It was the first dream of the Lord I have ever had. So now I pray for more dreams from God!

Mathias: Denmark

I dreamt that I was in some sort of room - I think it had wooden ceilings, but I'm not sure. I saw a man in his thirties with a brown beard, brown eyes, brown hair, wearing a white robe. I realized after waking up that I had seen the Lord - Jesus, but I wasn't aware of it while I was dreaming. He looked much like I could have imagined him in his human form while living on earth.

In the dream, he didn't speak to me, but he silently looked at something. I turned around to see, what he was looking at and it turned out to be crystals hanging on some sort of thread. They resembled the ones that you sometimes see on a crystal lamp with glass beads. On two of those glass beads were pictures of me. The first one was when I was about three years old and the second one was when I was in my late thirties after getting my faith restored after years in spiritual darkness and unbelief. I realize now that the dreams tell me he has been there my whole life silently at my side even in those years when I was in darkness and couldn't believe I him and wasn't aware. God is real. Praise the Lord!

Norma: United States

I had a dream that Jesus was floating in the air and was shaking his head no to me. But I felt no fear just trying to understand what he was trying to tell me.

Regan: United States

My then boyfriend (now husband) and I were having a lot of issues, and I was crying one night, not able to sleep. I lived alone, and I was laying in bed and closing my eyes trying so hard to just go to sleep. I was startled when I heard something next to me, and I saw Jesus. He was all in white, and his hair was brown and long. He put his hand on my arm and said everything is going to be ok. It actually scared me that somebody was in my house and I sat up, and he was gone. When I realized it was really him, I wanted him to come back, but I’ve never seen him since. I slept very peacefully that night, and my stress over what was going on went away after that.

Roland: Nigeria

I had a dream of looking up to the sky, and I called Jesus to appear, and he did appear. I did this in almost all the directions, and he never failed to appear. He asked me what my name is and I told him my name is oluwagbenga. He asked me what do I need, and I said I want to travel abroad. Secondly, I began to use His name to pray. Let there be light, in the name of Jesus Christ....and so on....

Yothi: India

I'm a Hindu night I saw Jesus in my dreams.. he was protecting me from violence. I was hidden in bushes.. then Jesus came in front of me and took me from there and gave me the power to fly. I was flying ..he said that he will always protect me..though I had never gone to any church or said any prayer to Jesus. I don't bother at all.. because for me God is the one who lives in me.

Laura: United Kingdom

This happened last night, and I still can't believe it happened to me. Not me, I'm nobody. But I was asleep and all of a sudden Jesus appeared in front of me, after my praying to see Him for ages! It lasted only about 2 or 3 seconds, and I knew exactly Who it was, He didn't need to say a thing, I knew Him. I can tell you all, I've never seen anyone so beautiful in all my life, no actor who plays Him, nothing can ever come close. He radiated purity, beauty, and majesty. As I realized exactly Who I was looking at I got such a scare I woke myself up, this was Jesus! Still pinching myself. He's so so soooooo beautiful.

Amanda: United Kingdom

I had a dream I was sitting on a rock next to Jesus, it was hot. Then we were sitting on a park bench in an oasis; it was cool and shady with ducks in and around a pond. I asked Jesus who comforts God when he cries, and he said, YOU do.

IRISH: Philippines

I dreamed of Jesus last night. I cannot recall much, but I know that Jesus was beside me. He was wearing white, and his hands and feet have holes. He looks like a foreign man with a black beard. Remember that Jesus died at the cross and he rose from the dead on the third day. I saw Jesus has a passport. Maybe he wants me to go with him to the other countries to do my mission. I have this deep feeling to help the children and less fortunate people. Let's help one another and do our duties like followers of Jesus Christ

Erin: United States

I was laying in bed with my eyes open, but all the lights were off. I wasn’t quite asleep yet when all the sudden I think I heard my name called and I knew it was from Jesus. My vision kept going in and out like awake to asleep and it was all hazy and then during all that Jesus’s face appeared looking at me right in front of my face. It wasn’t opaque, but I knew it was Jesus and I was scared until I realized not to be and that’s when Jesus appeared. He didn’t say anything, but I felt that he was there to say I love you and I see you.

Jow: Philippines

I dreamt about chaos at first, deception of evil, hearing evil voices, that made me paranoid. And then eventually I went on to a group of people asking them their belief and religion, with a raise of hand, a few identified themselves as Christians, I even asked if there are those who believe in mary, and got I think about three hands. Throughout I think I was fighting against the devil within my dream, I kept mumbling our fathers, and statements like I love you Jesus throughout that ordeal, then I also witness gun exchanges between adult men lying on the floor inside a room, it’s pretty messed up, then in front of me i think 3 toddlers who have their own m16. One of then got instantly killed as he was facing a gun and it was too late to warn him. One of them told me to look at the window because a few men were arriving. What I thought of upon seeing them was revolutionaries/katipuneros/guerilla. Then the kid told me, look who’s with them, to my surprise it was a brown, long-haired man with facial features similar to how Jesus is portrayed in films. He wore I think white robe. It appears they came to liberate the place, for salvation.

Then after some time, I ended up in a train with Jesus in front of me, and that train in what I know is nonfunctional, but it is up and running, so I asked Jesus how did he made it work again, he said some people work on it and not him. The place is like a dessert with a town far beside it. I know throughout it is actually a dream and realized when it’s over when i can fill I can already open my eyes to awaken.

Gilbert: United Kingdom

Seen Jesus come to me wading across standing water. His white robe was floating on the water

JAZZ: United States


Nathan: United States

I dreamt that it was really bright; the area was gold in all directions. I was sitting on a step, and a boy wearing an all white robe approached me having shoulder-length brown hair and holding a brown cord with knots. He asked me about it. I explained to him that it was not a chain for some reason Rosary came to mind (I am not Catholic nor have ever been nor ever will be), but I told the boy it was a cord. After telling him that with a bit of a smile on my face. Then Jesus appeared out of nowhere taking the boy by the hand and leading the boy away. The two disappeared in light, and I woke up.

Yekanamialye: Papua New Guinea

Early this morning around 3am, I saw Jesus appearing in the Sky.

I was in my village among the coffee trees, looking up to the sky. 

Jesus was speaking to me as I looked up. But all over sudden Jesus come down to the ground all dressed up in traditional regalia.

Upon realising he was right in front of me,I kneeled down to worship him, began uttering God.

Jesus reached out his hand and he touched my head. 
I could feel his hands and it was very real. I couldn't sleep until morning.

I prayed and praised God for this beautiful dream

Anthony: United Kingdom

I dreamt that I stepped in to take the weight off Jesus' shoulders and carried the cross for him.

Melissa: United States

I had a regular dream... then all of a sudden, I saw it disappear and I looked at myself and felt I was in another time period. I didn’t know where I was. It was a dirt floor. I only could see people from the waist down. I saw bare feet, and some wore sandals. I saw only a white robe like dresses no pants. I saw a man lying on the floor beside me. I wasn’t sure who this was for certain at first. He was wearing a white robe. He was sweaty, and his hair was black thin straight and greasy up to his shoulders. He was pale white in skin color and his cheeks were sunken in. His face was long. I looked at him and he looked at me. Then he smiled, he was glowing. I saw his teeth they were grayish white. He put a necklace around my neck but didn’t let go of it. He said something in another language. I wish I could of understood what he said? He took the necklace back and he continued to smile and glow. He was laying down on the dirt floor with a piece of wood next to him. I thought, who is this? A woman’s voice breathed in my ear and said this is Jesus and I woke up feeling breathing in my ear! What does this mean???

Mpho: South Africa

I saw Jesus in my dream watching at me and I was holding a sort of Gold and were I was poiting (finishing of the mortar joints), coming out were flames of fire and he was looking at me from in the mist of a cloud and it was pure white, and the look was a happy look.

Nancy: Nigeria
I saw Jesus appear in the sky and he said he was tired of the sin being committed in this world. He then placed something in My hands.

Mary: United Kingdom

In my dream I had an encounter with Jesus, I was elevated towards the cloud and everything was serene and beautiful. And I saw his face and he spoke to me and said, "Preserve Love". immediately I was moved back from the sky and I woke up. it felt like an instruction.... God is Love!

Bev: Philippines

I had a dream that it was good Friday and in the church, everyone weeps and prayed to the Black Nazarene, and when I came close to Him I saw Him clothed in beautiful shimmering red clothes and His eyes were opened yet He was dying. I cried asking Him not to forget me, and help me and save me. and He answered me with a nod of His head upon closing His eyes.

Where I dreamt of seeing Him lying wrapped in red clothing was in a church me and my family used to visit and prayed in recently.

Lauretta: Nigeria

I dreamt seeing a cross with one wing which turned to the face of Jesus and later a full body of Jesus glittering and shining in a praying state in the sky. This happened in a matter seconds then it slowly faded away. A white figure began flying around but I couldn't place out what it was. 

Anonymous: United States

I was walking in this place like a desert and there was a very small stream running right below me to my left and when I looked up when I realized just where I was in the middle of nowhere in the sunshine I see his glowing white robe and there I didn’t see his face but I felt his almighty presence and I kept walking like I knew where I was going following the water to this wall in the distance and as I got closer the wall got bigger and there was hole in the wall where the water ran into and I looked up to the left and Jesus gave me the gesture with his right hand to go in that hole in the wall and when I did the feeling I got then was.. unexplainable.  it looked a million times bigger inside than out. and there were a beautiful big blue water full and beautiful blue glowing birds flying around and beautiful colors that was a pretty awesome dream thank you Jesus!

Donna: United States

I have had 2 dreams of seeing Jesus in the clouds within this week. The first dream, I seen Jesus just come out of the cloud, so big, beautiful and transparent, but yet so clear. I know who I saw, and was not afraid, but then I woke up, it was morning. Then a couple days later, early this morning, my other dream was it was night out, I was walking with my husband and looking up at the clouds, I seen Jesus, and a big brown dog by his side, this time not transparent, but big, bright and golden and white glare of white and gold around them both. I turned to tell my husband to look up, and the time I turned back to look, it was gone. but my husband said he seen Jesus and the dog also! Amazing to me!!

Suzanne: Australia

A Buddhist Sees Jesus:
I was meditating at a Vipasana sitting with other meditators, and firstly I saw a very clear image of a man’s face with a dark grey beard. And then I saw an image of Jesus. Real, but like a sketch in a rust color, close up of his head slightly back, neck exposed, closed eyes, and the crown of thorns on his head. 
Today I asked for help. Then I saw him...

Victorio: Philippines

Jesus standing on the highest mountain!

Maritza: United States

A few days ago I had a dream about Jesus I heard God talk to him and said go before Maritza, and then I saw myself walking next to Jesus. I saw him as a huge Giant in the clouds, and as I gazed closer I made a connection with Jesus that I haven't stop thinking about, it has remained imprinted in my brain. Jesus was so tall, and all I could see was his monstrous legs walking before me going with the police to my old house. Jesus was taking me to possess the land after the pharoahs were taken out of the land. Just as it is written in the bible when Jesus took Israelites out of Egypt getting them ready to possess the land and the police supernaturally obeyed God.  in my dream, I feel God has arrived in my life he is next to me, and I am so phantom by the amazing dream, the spirit has given me. Now I see Big God small Me.

Holly: United States

I dreamt that myself and many others were running from a monster or some evil, I didn't see it, but we were all afraid.  It seemed we were in a place that looked like Jerusalem. I saw a lone figure with a maroon cloak with the hood on the head.  I was excited and ran to him.  He looked like Jesus to me. I asked,  " it's you, isn't it?" And he just smiled. I wasn't afraid anymore I started crying with happiness and got on my knees and bowed.

Azizy: Canada

I had a dream of Jesus wearing white cloths long hair, but he had a bunch of numbers in his body, and I was reading them, but I can’t remember them all. What does that even mean?

Leanore: United States

Had a dream of Jesus lying dead and he wouldn’t stay still that was it, nothing more.

Leanore: United States

Had a dream of Jesus lying dead and he wouldn’t stay still that was it, nothing more.

Rafael: India

My friend Melissa from the united states , I have always ask myself what's the number 9 , number 9 has so much influence in my life and events , it has put fear in me , I've been asking Myself Why 9, what is this energy coming from it, it has put so much of the negativity in me, that I didn't know what to think anymore , but then I realize fear is nothing but an obstacle for you to achieve something great in life. And Jesus is the answer, Fear not for I am with you, He will come to rescue you from the wilderness, Keep on praying and Trust in him, Have Faith in him, and he will cleanse you from the evil spirits. 

I had a dream, I went through a beam of light like in a supersonic speed for a while, then all of a sudden it stopped, and I saw A man glowing like a star, I just knew it was Jesus in my heart. He wore white clothes, had long hair, his arms were wide open, he was so gentle, and he gave me life.  All of a sudden I came back down through the light and woke up from my bed and knew that was real and he hasn't forsaken me, and he hasn't forsaken anyone on Earth, he loves everyone from all his heart. My prayers were answered from the previous dream I had, I was sad, I was down, I was left behind, and out of frustration in my thoughts, I yelled and looked up to the sky and shouted: " Why have you forsaken me ?" 

Then I realize , he has not left you behind , he's around you all the time. God is good, God is love, and he loves you and God cares about you, Praise the Lord, Amen.

Melissa: United States

I can't remember much, I've dreamt the returning of Jesus a few times, but more often recently. The last one was my family on a big ship, and the sky started looking orange & dark and just rumbling with clouds passing very fast. Next thing you see is Jesus opening up the sky, and he sat down with my family and me at the ship. He looked at all of us, and next looked at me and said: "it is not your time yet, I will return you to Earth, 9." I don't know what the 9 meant, nine years? Nine months? Nine days? I woke up, and I kept asking myself, nine what? Lord, please bring me and my family & friends closer to you. Help me understand you more.

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