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"Dreams and Visions
Of Jesus"

Perhaps because we are living in the end times, we are receiving more and more reports of Dreams and visions of Jesus. Many dreams of Jesus remain for a lifetime. 

There are various meanings to these dreams, but many times it is simply His way of saying to an individual, "I am here, and I love you!" 

At last count, there were 26 pages, and they are coming from all areas of the world. These beautiful and often chilling accounts of Dreams and visions of Jesus are in the words of the dreamers.

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Dreams and Visions of Jesus
(Short Entries)

Christine: United States

I had a dream of Jesus this week on 9.17.18. He was standing at the end of a paved path dressed in a long white robe with his back toward me.  I could also see his long brown hair. I called his name as I was crying, he knelt down & kissed the ground. I woke myself up as I was shouting his name. It was so real!! I feel blessed to have had this experience. It felt so wonderful!!

Gary: United States

I was imprisoned and don't know why.

I was working my way around the prison to find an officer and ask why I was here. I could not find anyone but prisoners there. I looked around, and a man was sitting on the wall. I went up to him, and I looked, and his face said that it was Jesus, I was not afraid or emotional. I reached down and kissed his forehead, and the inmate's where startled and fearful of what I did. I do not know why the inmates were all upset about this, so I tried to explain that we all are Jewish people if we accept Christ. That we are grafted in with acceptance. I know its a weird dream, but Yes I did Kiss Jesus on the forehead. 

Helena: United States

As I was worshipping, I closed my eyes, and I saw a door. It was closed, but it had a very bright light behind it.

Two days ago in worship, I saw Jesus looking at me. He didn't say anything or do anything. He was just looking at me.

India: United States

I Was Having A Great Dream About Family The Dream Was All Over The Place! I Realize That The Dream Must Have Meant I Need My Family Everybody Was In It Even People I Don't Even Communicate With Right Now! Then Somehow Throughout The Dream Which I Partially Forgot We Were All areal High In The Same House We Were In But I Seen Jesús & A Light I Wish I Could Have Looked At Him More But Somehow I Turned Around! I Do Not Know Why I Was Nervous, But I Was He Was Very Happy Smiling & He Was Very Tall Taller Than Usual Like A Giant! After That, I Remember Falling. I Was Shocked Excited and Anxious To Meet Him. My Whole Family Was Preparing To See Him & For Him To Come! I Was Excited, But I guess I Might Have Been Nervous, A Family Member Asked Me Was, and I Said, No I’m Anxious & Excited. Then We Were On Our Way To See Him In a House with some Girl & I Knew I Was dreaming Then The Guy That Was Supposed To Be Him Turned Out to be Mean!!!! I Then Realized I Wanted To See Jesús again, But I Feel Like He’s Telling Me My Work Here On Earth Is Not Finished The Feeling When I Saw Him Was Amazing I Felt Happy & Peaceful & Bright!!!

Bianca: United States

I was dreaming something, and in the middle of my dream Jesus appeared, and we were now sitting on the clouds together. He was telling me about this gift and what it was, but I was so mesmerized by his face that I couldn't hang onto his words.  Literally, star struck. He held out his hand, and a tiny white light floated from his palm and into my heart. My body jerked myself awake, and I wish I could have stayed there on that cloud with him for eternity. The true unconditional love I felt is indescribable. Ever since then I have been wondering what the gift I have been given is and hope it is revealed to me in waking life very soon so I can use it to be an even stronger vessel of my God.

Isabella: United States

I had a dream that I was at a temple during a service. Suddenly, I fell into a casket, but I ascended upwards and saw the most beautiful, golden and white lighted, pure and heavenly Jesus Christ looking down at me as I floated in the sky. His presence was so... miraculous and indescribable. I never felt so happy and light. He smiled and spoke to me, though I do not remember what he said. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had, and I truly believed Christ spoke to me that day.

Rezyl: Philippines

I had a dream/vision 

It was night, and I saw a strange light in the sky. Suddenly I saw a beautiful pure white light and a man's side-view standing there in the middle of the light. I couldn't see the man clearly because the light was so bright, but did see a crown of thorns on his head. Then I saw that He was riding a horse, but again,  I couldn't see clearly because of the light. I thought to myself, 'I want a picture of it,' so I went inside my house (the light is near to my house),  got my phone and took a picture of it. When  I looked at my phone to see the picture, I saw the 'Galaxy.' After the light disappeared I saw fireworks, big fireworks, it was beautiful!

Karly: United States

This happened 09/15/2018 Jesus was asleep, and Mary was holding his body but sleeping as well. Then, there were explosions everywhere, and everyone was afraid that He would not come to save us. We knew the world was ending. We were all so scared. People that I didn’t even know. We watched the sky turn red, and all the explosions in the distance. I was afraid that I had done too many things wrong in my life, and that I was going to die without forgiveness. I saw Jesus and Mary waking up, they both smiled at everything was going to be okay and then I just knew I was safe and that I was saved. 

Ahmlqrt: Peru

Dream vision of Jesus Christ stepping down from the cross and walking away.

Portia: South Africa

I dreamt twice now about Jesus Christ even though I am not a Christian.  In my dream, Jesus was the most beautiful light I could ever possibly see.  The glow was warm and inviting.  I could not see His face.  I just felt his strong, powerful presence and he had his hand over my head whilst I was still mesmerized by the bright glowing light.

Heidi: United States

I had a dream I saw Jesus from a distance, and I called his name a few times, and he didn’t respond. That’s all I remember.  When I woke, I felt fear and thought that maybe he will not remember me and say he does not know me, (this was just a day ago). I’m wondering if because I haven’t felt close to him just during the past days that this is why I dreamed this. I never had a dream like this before. So normally I read the Bible every day, and I had been a week behind. I always feel far from God when I’m not praying and in his word daily.  Do you know what this dream can mean? 

Polly: United States

I had a vision this morning as I was spending time talking to father God. I saw Jesus dress in white robe his face was so bright I only saw his head shoulders, arms and hands he had brown hair and glorious gold crown on his head in his hands he had a pure white crown, and he placed it upon my head.

The Old Marine: United States

I  came upon this long road and there a multitude of people lined up on both sides of the road. I wondered what was going on, and as I looked on ahead of me, I saw Jesus walking along slowly in the middle of the road with His arms stretched out, looking at both sides of the road. He was wearing a long white tunic and His hair came down to His shoulders. I woke up as I was trying to look at Jesus face...I Love You Jesus 

Amanda: United States

I had a dream of Jesus a few days ago. I've had dreams that felt real before, but this one was different than any dream I've had. I could see details of what was around me, and I could even hear my own thoughts. It was like reality. The dream was very personal to me, but I still wanted to share about the part where I saw Him. I was outside in the garden behind my house. I had prayed and He answered my prayer. I was so overwhelmed by this,that I began to cry. I had this feeling in my heart that I cannot explain. I just wanted to tell Him Thank You. It welled up in me until I felt like I was about to burst. So I climbed on top of the chair because it was closest to me. To get closer to the sky I guess. Then I raised my hands to heaven and with all my might I started shouting to the sky "Thank You,Jesus, Thank You!" Then I saw Him. He was standing on top of my house. And so then I started shouting to Him: "Thank You! Jesus!" He was looking straight at me. And He nodded His head as if to say "your welcome". I thought in my mind that I wanted to remember what He looked like to hold on to this moment for as long as I could. And He stood there as if to say it was alright for me to look and examine Him for myself. I remember that His beard looked fuller than I had imagined, and His hair shorter than I had imagined. I had pictured Him with black hair, but it was more like brown. He was wearing a white robe that went down to His feet almost. He walked a little bit and I saw how the bottom of His garment moved. I remember thinking that the garment was thicker than anything I've seen on anyone before, not as thin. The top part of His robe wasn't white, it was blue with jewels on it. It covered His chest. On His head He had a gold crown. There was no insecurity in His eyes, you could tell He is an extremely intelligent person. He looked like we do, but somehow more. Like a radiant glow that screams Healthy was on Him. Not as light, but like Life was His glow. Hard to explain. Then,my mind started to wonder if I was really seeing this, and doubting. Like I was trying to comprehend it, but couldn't. Then I woke up. 

Nicole: United States

I had a dream last night. I saw Jesus being baptized, it was like in a river or Ocean it was beautiful and emotional that I was screaming then I saw also like the Virgin Mary with light blue flowers it was amazing. My husband woke me up...

Jacob: United States

Jesus Christ loves you.


The Earth opened up, and I was falling to the core. At the top of the Earth stood Jesus Christ. He raised me up to him before I hit the core. He sat me down next to him, and I woke up.He is so forgiving. Amen.

Elias: Ethiopia

Healing & finances.

Haley: United States

I had a dream that Jesus came down from the sky picked me up, and we went flying around the earth through the Earth, and I just remember feeling so overwhelmed with shock that he actually came and got me and it was so exciting and great.

Ragulraj: India

I'm a Hindu, but in my dream, I was so thirsty by that time Jesus came in my dream, and he gave me a tender coconut, and I got it, and I drank it.

What is the meaning?

Lisa: United Kingdom

In my dream Jesus stood in front of me he looked at me lovingly and smiled and walked away I have no idea where we were, but it seemed like a calm and peaceful place.

Tammy: United States

I have had one open vision of Jesus and many dreams of being pulled away by Him.  His time is different, yes, BUT we are very near- on the brink- of HIS RETURN.  Praise to our Lord Jesus!

Bobbijo: United States

Hello everyone, a few years ago I was incarcerated(jail) I was probably there only like about a month I would say. So one night went to bed and then early morning woked up and meantime while I was sleeping. Jesus came to my dream with bright glowing yellow and saw Jesus and smile at me. So I woke up and I felt was it real or no??? Well u know I do believe in my Jesus and it's real. It's so cool. I love you, Jesus.

Suprise: South Africa

I dreamt I was at my school which is Johannesburg bible college.

It was a normal day, as the lecture was teaching I was bored and just wandering off with my thoughts. I looked at the door is made out of glass, and I saw a man with a white garment, he had a goldish yellowish light radiating from him.

I sensed  in my spirit at that moment that it was Jesus, I fell to the floor and started crying with joy and adoration that "Hallelujah Jesus you are here,  you came for me."He then came close to me, and all I could see were his feet, and I was still on the floor shouting and crying " Hallelujah Jesus you are here, you came for me."

I then got up, and Jesus with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen hugged me like he was waiting for that moment all his life. He hugged me, and my spirit felt reunited,  it felt as though I just met up with my friend after years and years of just chatting on Whatsapp, at that moment I knew I was with the love of my life. His skin was olive toned, his hair was not long it was short, and a bit curled and in the dream I remembered am just dreaming so I asked Jesus how do I know if this is really you, how do I know this is not only a dream?

Lol I was the doubting Thomas but because of his kindness,humility, and love he smiled gently and stretched out his hands and said " touch and feel my wounds" I then reached out and touched his wounds and me being the person I am,  I pressed on the wounds and asked "does it hurt?" Jesus then smiled gently and said nothing. As he was about to leave I cried and said "I want to go with you Jesus," he then just hugged and smiled at me and said not now the captive still need to be made free and then I woke up.

Prajva: India

Hi everyone,

 I had a dream last night.  I suddenly woke up and checked my mobile phone, and it was 3:47 am. I then prayed to God about this sleep interruption and asked if there was anything that He wants to tell me or share with me, and I completed this prayer. After this prayer, a slide show started, and although my eyes were closed, I was awake. So, there began a slide show of Jesus Christ. First, it appeared 2013-2014 then it seemed to be 2016-2017, and then again in 2018-  all of Jesus Christ. 

I woke up again with goosebumps all over my body. and the time was 4:30 am.

Mehran: Iran

Greetings, and God bless you for assistance.

With all respect, a while back I dreamed of Holy Mary and Jesus Christ. They were both in white rope shrine....? Both were asleep, and Jesus was outside of the mary's womb, but the cord was still attached as though He was just being born. His face was so beautiful and He had long shiny grayish hair. I was very close to them and could hear him breathing.

Dear God, forgive me if I should have kept this secret, but I feel it may be important for everyone to know.

With the greatest respect, Mehran

Andy: United States

It was night, and I stepped out onto the balcony of my hotel room, the balcony became enclosed, and I was looking through an open window, not a modern window, but a window from thousands of years ago like when Jesus was on earth as a human... this was when my dream turned into what felt like reality. I could no longer determine if I was dreaming or in a real-life situation. I was looking into the dark sky lit dimly with stars and some cirrus clouds, then flashes of small lightning, like static electricity began to flash across the sky and I started to have a joyful feeling inside my body. Then I heard people singing this beautiful hymn, not specific words though, in my mind, I knew they were Angels although I couldn’t see them. Then a portal opened in the sky, and Jesus was standing there sideways with his hand out, he didn’t say anything, but I yelled out “Jesus” because I immediately knew it was him. He was glowing like a lamp all around his body, and although he didn’t say anything, I could feel something deep inside my body being pulled towards him as if he was telling me in my mind “it’s time, come with me.” This feeling inside me was incredible, nothing like I’ve ever felt before, a feeling of total peace, joy and surrender deep inside me. My body was starting to be pulled because whatever was inside me was pulling it with it. I wasn’t resisting, I wanted to go!  Right before my feet were about to be pulled off the ground, I woke up, not because anything woke me up, but I just woke up, and that feeling disappeared. But I know that the feeling I felt in my dream, my actual body was feeling laying there in bed like I had actually been in his presence even though it was a dream. 

Julie: United States

Multiple huge ornate doors being thrown open for me. Believe it was Jesus. He was smiling and telling me to go out; it's all waiting for you. Go and be happy

John: United States

I had a very vivid dream. I was awake and alert on a beautiful white marble floor sitting in a school circle on the floor with other people. Jesus was letting people ask questions. I raised my hand a couple of times, and Jesus called upon me. I asked why do people who do not have a chance to read the Bible and have not chosen Jesus as their Lord and Savior because they have never had an opportunity. Why are these people sent to Hell?
Jesus  got angry and shouted at me “How do you know?”” His eyes were deep blue, and I made eye to eye contact. I then looked at the floor and kept quiet. When I heard Jesus take another question, I looked up, and he was no longer angry with me. 
I’ve read the Gospels where Jesus rebuked and shouted at the  2 apostles. It was real, and Jesus is as real as you and me. I’m grateful  I was chosen to meet God even though I ...... him off. My experience is not like any other because it is True.

Dahlia: United States

I had a dream I think it was a vision I'm not sure the difference because I knew it wasn’t just any dream it felt real. It was in 2018 not long ago, but I can’t remember the month. In the dream I saw a giant serpent it was like a long think giant body sorta like a snake and a giant mouth opened. It looked like it was coming out of the ground or sea it curved all the way up into the air. I think it had almost like fins sort of like a lizard or something anyway its mouth was massively open. I can’t remember if it was building falling into its mouth houses or people or all but it was swallowing everything in its mouth. I remember I was looking up at it sort of far away and thinking in my mind “That is Satan.” Just as I realized this, I looked at the left side, and I saw a body glowing with bright white light with both arms opened like he was opening his arms to me. It looked like he had a long white gown or robe on I could see the outline of his body and head even the outline of his hair. It looked kind of long, but I could not see his face it was just a bright white light shining off him all over.  I thought in my head “ Oh it’s Jesus” then I remember thinking “ He is giving me love” or something like that,  just as I said that I began to wake up.  I remember feeling like sleep paralysis but not scary I could physically feel a rush all over my body that felt like love or peace really no way to perfectly describe the feeling. I smiled I woke up I felt a rush like I had been touched and could feel that love running through my body. It was so much more than a dream I know in my heart it was really Jesus Christ. I never forget it I still wonder what it means maybe many meanings.


I saw myself watching outside my corridor down the roadside, I saw Jesus looking up at me with his smiling and peaceful face, and he showered a small bud of plants with water.

Veronica: United States

I remember one very vivid dream; it was in the summer of 2006, I just had finished cleaning my house and putting my two baby boys for their nap. My other kids where still in school. My husband was at work. It was a Friday afternoon, I was finished with my household chores, and I put my little ones to take a nap. I went to take a nap myself. I fell asleep so quick. Then I saw a huge cloud, and on top of the cloud, someone was sitting in a huge chair that looked like a thrown. It was all white Pearl marble, and where you rest your arms, it was like Gold. Then the cloud kept getting closer to my face, and as it was getting closer, I saw someone wearing some outfit that looked like a wedding dress. All white and silk, but looked like a man. It got closer his face was like a huge white light, I couldn’t see the shape of His face just the huge Golden crown on his head. His face was covered with a white bright light, I saw eyes, a nose, and a mouth but I couldn't see the shape of the face, just a light in the form of a huge star. He was sitting on a beautiful thrown, on top of a cloud. And it got closer and closer to my face until his face was close to mine and that’s when I woke up jumping out of my bed. My mother came to my house later on, and I told her about my dream, and she told me that sounded like I had seen God!!! it looks like him! I was just freaking out! And I remember that dream so well til now that is August 4, 2018. I will never forget it !!! I had many vivid dreams about Jesus, and many other more, but people look at me as if it is just a dream or is nothing, even my Pastor doesn’t say anything, well I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t mean anything.

Billie: United States

Dreamed of a woman carrying a bucket full of ashes, then she sits bucket down and starts to beat ashes with a big rock

Vick: Namibia

I dreamed I was sitting in a shinning room alone; I saw Jesus walking in front of me going towards the door. Jesus ring the bell and Jesus opened the door, and the chain that was outside of the door was broken and I saw that a woman and a child wanted to come inside of the room, but Jesus closed the door and went back.

May: United States

I had a dream about Jesus and a lamb, Jesus and the lamb were walking in the sky the sky had fire around it the Lamb went in one entrance and Jesus went in another one it was like Jesus went in a downstairs level. In my dream, I asked my dad did he see Jesus and the lamb, and he replied no I was the only one to see it.

Maureen: United States

Dream of Jesus....  11:10 - 11-11 on 7/28/18 = 26 message from Angels - You will reap the spiritual and emotional rewards of love, trust, and companionship as well as manifest material and financial rewards. 

Last night I had the most vivid, amazing and lifelike dream/busy about dying and kissing the forehead of Jesus. It begins with waking in a dark floor at 8:30 in the morning. I felt like I had lost a whole night and I was not where I was the last time I could remember on the previous night. The next thing was that I needed to go to the bathroom and as I started walking I felt this tremendous pull, and I began to rise, and these very large wings had spread and were a part of me. I looked down, and I see the earth below me, and I knew in my dream that I had passed. It was the most wonderful feeling that I had ever experienced to this point. At that point, I said Thank You, Jesus. It was just as I thought it would be at one's own passing. I then appeared in a chamber of different rooms that seemed to be empty of any decorations or furniture. I saw a couple of large candles to light my way in this dark chambers, and then I ended up in a room with several friends that I had known at a time and immediately knew that we were all in the next step of finding out where we were and where we were going. We all had now a cell phone type of object in our hands and could reflect back to anything we wanted to see from our past life as my friends had been doing while they appeared to be waiting for me. I was told that we had all passed away together dying from carbon dioxide poisoning. As they were reflecting back at scenes from their life on the cell like object in their hands, we could also see scenes of current events still happening on earth with friends and relatives of ours regarding how they were taking the passing of their loved one. At this point, though I noticed that I could not see anything in my life, it was all blank (realizing this after awakening. It was because I did not really die). This also showed to me that yes our loved ones are with us after they pass and if need be would be able to be right beside us at one point. This would happen after the following took place. A guide of sorts then escorted all three of us into another chamber that was empty of furniture. The room had just three chairs made of Stone to sit on, and it was very dark with no lighting at all in the room. As I sat on the stone chair, I could now not see anything or anyone else in the room. All of a sudden, this very small glow of a vibrant light started to slowly appear in the room. I could not move for fear of missing anything. I knew not where the light was coming from I could only see the glare of light and I could feel this overwhelming feeling of just total LOVE. I then turned my head to the right side and over my shoulder was an image of a man. I could not see the face at first, but as this vibrant light flowed over his body, his amazingly beautiful face appeared. I then said to Jesus. Jesus, may I kiss your forehead? He replied: Yes. I put my two hands on each side of his face and then proceeded to kiss the forehead of Jesus Christ himself. I love you I could feel the actual flesh, and I could smell his skin as I kissed him. It was the most exuberant, tremendously, and loving experience that I could never have ever imagined. I felt totally enveloped in Love from Jesus himself. I then said: I love you Jesus and he responded back to me: I love you. It was so enlightening and amazing. I felt so deeply loved. I felt his body right next to me like it was an awakening/visit and not a dream at all. We would then be given three questions and had to pick the one that best described a period or choice we had made in life. As we knelt down on a stone alter, if you chose the correct one good or evil you would then be allowed to stay in heaven and if not we were not worthy enough to stay. You had two chances. I was so very nervous for fear of leaving was way too painful. We chose wrong and were given a second chance. We were then sent forward through other chambers (With our guide) that were lit lightly by candles to another chamber. I knelt down in terrible dread of feeling to answer my second question and all of a sudden once the questions appeared. I had this sudden sense of delight and in my hand appeared a rod. At the top of the rod was palm leaves, I had been excepted without answering the second question. Then I awoke to this feeling of almost sudden dread that it was not true but an amazing feeling of utter delight knowing that I had touched and kissed the face of Jesus, which I had told him I loved him and he responded back: I love you.

Sharon: Ireland

 I was 26 at the time. I was going through such a hard in all areas of my life, as usual, I went to bed, but I remember the dream of Jesus walking beside me on the beach as if it was happening in waking life. The amount of peace I felt while the idea was happening I thought it all over me as if I hadn't a care in the world, it was living the life I was living never existed, and it was the most amazing beyond words of a feeling. Jesus never said a word, he just walked beside me, and it felt like he took all my worries away, and to this day I will never forget the vision of Jesus walking beside me. It will forever stay with me until I see him again. 

Doreen: Nigeria

On the 19th of August 2016, I had a dream when I was standing, and the sky opened. I saw Jesus putting on a white robe he walked past and went to clean a golden chair after that I saw a mighty man putting on a white robe, his hair well packed together, he went and sat on that golden chair with Jesus standing at his right hand. I also saw a tiny long stream and people building something like houses just by the river. I also saw well-trimmed green grasses. The place was so beautiful. I saw JESUS and the FATHER HIMSELF

Alexia: South Africa

It was very early in the morning, round about either 2 or 3. I was sitting on my desk in my room, casually drinking some tea. From the corner of my left eye, I saw a lightning flash and decided to turn around. On my right, I saw my guardian angel ( next to my guardian angel statue). As I looked a little bit further, I saw Jesus on my Angels right side; He was so beautiful, dressed in white with a golden sash around his shoulder. I exclaimed "Jesus!" and jumped onto him. He smiled at me... and hugged me. I felt so special in his arms! 

Dorothy: United States

I was 17 at the time. I dreamed I was laying in bed when I heard screaming and car alarms going off. I walked outside and saw fire all over the place, and people were running everywhere then as I was to run over to someone I knew I heard my name being called. I looked up, and there he was Jesus on a cloud coming down he's so beautiful and bright...he grabbed my hand a lift me up on the cloud as we were heading back into the sky he told me don't worry about them were you're going they can't come then I woke up.

Borg: Malta

I have seen Jesus Christ in a dream, and I have touched his hand; this happened on April 3, 1992.

Stella: United Kingdom

I am walking in a middle eastern marketplace. The market is busy with people buying and selling at the various stalls. Everybody around me is busy. There is a lot of hustle and bustle. I am not looking or buying. I 'm simply walking straight through the market. I look and sitting down on a wooden chair is Jesus. His face is captivating, and His eyes are full of light and life. I don't want to look away...but I look around me and see all of the other people. But no one else seems to see Him. I look at Jesus again. He smiles. He places His finger to His lips...(as if to say 'ssshhhh') then He beckons me to Him with a hand gesture. I go and stand in front of Him. He's got some material folded upon His lap. Still smiling and seated. He gives me the material. I unfold it and hold it up. It's a robe. I then go on my way.

Theresa: United States

In Sept 2015 I had a triple by-pass. I am a female, 51 at the time. I did not realize I had a heart problem. When I got home, I was scared every night that I was going to die because I had many pains in my chest throughout the day. A part of me knew it was from the surgery healing, but part of me thought I was having a heart attack. Two things of significance happened that made me praise the Lord.

1. Every morning at 6 am I heard a very loud knock at my door. The sound came from directly above me as if someone strong was knocking on a door that was horizontally above me. That continued to happen at the same every morning for a few weeks. I thought for sure it was The Lord Jesus or my angels, keeping me free from harm by not rolling over the wrong way when waking up. It was comforting. 

2. One morning I woke up and saw in my bedroom doorway a large cloud that was in the shape of a large outstretched arm, a very muscular strong arm with a very large hand. The outstretched arm started to appear at the entrance of the doorway which was about three feet away, and I quickly saw it coming towards me. I thought for sure it was Jesus coming to take me. I was frightened at the thought of having to leave so soon from this earth but comforted knowing what I believed to be Jesus's hand. This large arm immediately retracted as it was about one foot in front of me when it approached. It was like watching "I dream of Jeanie" when she goes back into the bottle. Picture an invisible bottle at the threshold of my door. The arm retracted and disappeared. I believe the Lord was going to take me but saw I was afraid and decided not to take me at that time.

Evelyn: Australia

I had a dream that I was walking across a green field, to my right was a white picket fence, on the other side was Jesus, in His white robes, He had brown hair and looked so familiar. My thoughts went to Him that I need to be with Him. He read my thoughts and told me by way of His thoughts that it is not my time to be with Him yet and sadly I awoke, but very much comforted by His appearance in my dream.

Karina: United States

I am a single mother of 3, I had gone through a long break up, and that night I fell asleep exhausted and sad.... upon falling asleep I felt my body go thru a sleep paralysis. I envisioned my room, my bed, the door, I was also crying in my sleep. I see a bright white light come in through my door, as it got closer I see that it’s Jesus walking towards my bed, he sat beside me and reassured me that everything was going to be ok. At that moment I felt an immense relief throughout my entire mind and body. He then slowly stood up and walked out the door, the light grew dim and as he disappeared the room went back to pitch black. I finally snapped out of my sleep paralysis and chills ran down my arms, the dream felt so real, I got up feeling relieved of my pain and fears knowing that I had felt and seen Jesus that night.

Linda: United States

 July 19, 2018, I had a dream of Jesus. I saw his face. He was looking at me but didn't say anything. 

Rumbi: United Kingdom

Today 16/7/2018 after my night shift, I prayed before going to bed. I had an amazing dream about Jesus. We were like out in a big city with my sister, and I heard many people shouting looking up in the sky saying.. this is it! We looked up in the sky I saw a hand of Jesus writing on clouds in a language I couldn’t read but people who were surrounding me they were saying it means..” Jesus is coming again!” Below that sentence, Jesus wrote in English that “read 1st three books of the Old Testament”.  Below he signed in a very beautiful amazing handwriting his name like~~ Jesus~~ it was just beautiful. 

I was so tired when I went to bed after that dream I woke up writing down all that I’ve also seen surprised that I only slept like for an hour and a half but I was feeling so refreshed so happy with a pretty smile on my face.

Joe: United States

I was on a battleship during WW2, docked in a port when Japanese planes attacked. The ship was bombed and was sinking rapidly. In was under water sinking quickly reaching for a handle on a post connected to the dock. I realized I was doomed not being able to take hold of the handle that would surely save me from drowning, Then a  hand appears from my left side, grabs my wrist and places my hand on the handle. I looked to my left, and it was Jesus! He had a look of comfort in his eyes as he put my hand on the handle. I grasped the handle with all my might and pulled myself to safety , I awoke after that moment confused, yet with a feeling of satisfaction and of ease, I'm a religious person, a Christian from a young age, however, to my knowledge this is my first dream of Christ.

Lori: Canada

Before bed last night I prayed thanks for all of the blessings in my life. I then dreamed that I was finishing my shift at a horrible job where I was working myself to the bone and being treated very poorly. When I went to get in my car, it turned into a white station wagon, and my fiance and three other passengers were inside telling me to hurry up and drive. As I was driving, I asked him where we are going. He said to look out your window you will see the sign. As soon as I did, I saw up in the sky a perfect vision of Jesus, and I asked him where he was taking us. He said come with me my chosen ones. It is soon time for my final sacrifice. I cried and said I don't think I can do this! And he said you could and you will otherwise you will be part of this sacrifice. Then I woke up!

Chrisboy: Philippines

I saw Jesus faces formed into the clouds very clear. Very colorful. And it's big. I think it's almost 1-2 minutes staying in my dream. What is that mean? Thank you, and God bless you.

Amanda: United States

July 12, 2018, I had a dream I was looking up to the sky and was opening like a portal and started to get wider and I started seeing 3 crosses in the ground, and then I saw Jesus walking with a big cross behind his back then angels behind him following him then I woke up 

Brittany: United Statess

It was raining, and I’m a field I saw Jesus and 23 angels on each side of him, standing very uniform. He then spoke to me and said, the devil is around and pinpoints your anger. Don’t have such weakness. Jesus was talking to me in a very loud rumbling voice, and I didn’t understand. But when he disappeared the sky healed itself where it had been torn.

Erica: United States

One night I was a little frightened, and I thought someone might harm me. I couldn't fall asleep. I saw a shadow on me was as I lay in bed in the dark in the shape of a muscular man right next to my door. I was so scared, but then I thought it’s Gods shadow. It was like a guard at my door. It would not move. It WASNT like a coat or something reflecting in my room I had been praying and praying day and night for his protection. I went to bed and was awakened by a dream of a black man with a beard and long wavy hair to his shoulders looking at me. I knew it was Jesus because there was a spiked crown on top of his head and his presence was so demanding.

Chisanga: United States

I started my midnight prayers today, the morning of 4th July 2018 with praise and worship for an hour. Then went into prayers til 3 am. When I went to bed, I saw heavens open, and Jesus was standing in the sky, in white surrounded by a bright light. In the sky on my right side were four celebrities in an open roof car happy. On the ground were a group of people wearing white clothes and Jesus was above them but they did not see or notice. I was a little bit away from these people, and the whole place was so nightly lit, and I was standing there looking face to face with Jesus. He was smiling and waving at me. I waved back lifting my eyes at looking above at Jesus! 

I had another dream/vision of Jesus in my room last year, 2017. Again this was after spending time in prayer. This time, I was crying. He came to me, and I knelt down holding His feet, crying, saying “ I am a woman of many sorrows.”  He handed me a bunch of beautiful flowers and left.

I jumped out of my bed, screaming and praising God that I had seen Jesus. Praise the Lord

Phumlani: Swaziland

I had a dream or vision of Jesus Christ yesterday, 2nd July 2018. He first wrote what he wanted to tell me in the sky after he noticed I didn't understand, his voice came from the sky still I didn't know or believe. he then showed his face to me appearing in a tall tree from heaven leaning down to earth, and he asked me "What will it take for me to believe he real?" I said "I need to see heaven." he gave me his hand and I saw his scar which appeared to be healed, I took his hand and he lifted me up. While i was being pulled up I saw my daughter and family below, my daughter looks a bit saddened, I asked the Lord how he planned o returning me, he said I will be now spending the eternity with him in Heaven, I said to him but Lord, don't you have option B, he gently put me down and said, it will do you a favour I never do for anyone, I will personally leave my throne for you today, and then he came down fully from heaven and stood looking at me, and said now ask any question about anything I will give you the answers, I asked a million questions, until I ran out. People started showing up, and he was healing them and praying with them as I stood at a distance. Then he said to me, "I was only here for you, I came on earth only for you, no one will know I was here, except you. But you will forever know from now onwards" then he stood next to the tall tree and went up to heaven with the tree.

Gary: Country

I was dreaming of Jesus with all robe with a gold medallion around his neck. I kneeled down and pray he prayed with me then held out his arm and pointed for me to go now.

Dominic: United States 

I dreamed of seeing Jesus but when he came to me it was half raining, and the sky was dark as if it was about to thunderstorm and he was about 100 feet away. We were standing in tall grass which was waving as though it was alive 

As I Looked up at him, it was an automatic zoom up to his face. He had short Brown hair, a short beard, holding a staff, and he had a maroon sash, but, as I turned and looked, a half woman half lizard was standing in front of me. Then Jesus yelled out, IN THE NAME OF JESUS. At that time it put its head down and walked off. That's when I woke up; it was a fantastic feeling.

Ammar: United Kingdom

Hi, I woke up after praying to god the night before saying show me if Jesus is right I want a sign on my knees crying.  I woke up in the morning I see Jesus Christ our Lord and savior from the chest up on my door he was brown-black eyes closed smiling so peaceful I knew it was Jesus he was wearing a white and blue high priest garment, I had to google to find that out

Ruth: United States

A few years ago, I had a dream that I was in the car, and I looked up in the sky and saw a big image of Jesus's face, and I said we had to stop and park the car. Then all of a sudden I saw Jesus walking with his disciples on these hills, and I run up to the line of people waiting to talk to Jesus, and I was given a ticket with the number 4 on it. What does this mean?

Tisha: United States

I had a dream and a vision. I was walking on fresh green grass. I had my arms along with my hands on the inside of my coat. Something told me not to go further, yet I did anyway. I fell into water that was completely covered with grass on top. As I struggled to get free, Jesus swam to save me. As I looked down, he points to his mouth. Then he disappeared. My vision is that I was on an arrow like edge cliff, pointed outwardly, Jesus with nothing below him, in the middle. His arms outstretched toward me. On the opposite side was two significant men. Another arrow like edge cliff pointed towards Jesus. It felt like I had a choice. I ran to Jesus and hugged him so tight. I choose Jesus. 

Noe: Philippines

I saw Jesus in my dreams, and we're up in the Clouds, and at the bottom of my feet was darkness. I didn't see his face, but I know it's him, at his back the sun shines very very bright, the whole place is calming. I saw him that he has a throne, he was walking while touching the throne and he sat on it, and he's telling me to go!

Michael: United States

I had a dream where Jesus came to me. I was walking and saw a man who was sitting on a stone or a log in the Forrest. He sat beside, a stream at his back that almost seemed still, so very very still.

 I felt a calm I have never felt before, As I approached I thought this man could be the Devil, and when I had that thought, Images of Jesus's face, and a Golden heart, with thorns around it had appeared. I knew this man was Jesus. 

He was skinny, whose hair was black and long. He wore clothing that was white, but that of a humble man. When I had that thought, he had shown me his hands. I saw the holes. I remember waking up with tears coming down my face.

Tammy: United States

I dreamed I saw Jesus on the tall mountain standing with his arms out reached and behind him was a Huge fire   what does this mean?

Jose: Saudi Arabia

I saw Lord Jesus Christ this morning (June 19) in my dream. He came back. First, HIS apparition appears.

Crysta: United States

I had a dream that it was night time but there was no darkness it was full of light, and outside I see Jesús carrying baby Moses and walking with the Virgin Mary. He walked standing tall into the clouds, and I ran out to him very excited to see him, and he kneeled down on one knee and said you know what it is you're supposed to do, and I wanted to ask what is it I'm supposed to do, but I woke up. Not only did I have this dream about Jesús I had another one where the devil was chasing behind me, and Jesús put his hand on my shoulder and said have no fear my Rod and staff comfort thee. I stopped running turned to the devil and said I fear you, not I Walk with Jesús and the devil vanished, and I woke up

Serilla: United States

I dreamed that I looked up at the clouds and I saw that each cloud shape was of Jesus' face

Tasia: United States

I had this dream last summer of 2017 and it 2018 I believe in July where Jesus was flying In front of a huge tsunami and two pieces of moons or 2 moons behind him, and Jesus said its time to get my girls ready.

Sarahkamran: Pakistan

I saw Jesus standing sadly facing sunset

Susany: United States

Basking in His love then saw Him suffering. What beautiful dreams that I've read here! 

In my dream, I was in the Roman days, I knew Jesus, and we were friends. I was basking in His love and His presence, telepathy wise, He knew that I needed to be near Him. (things are rough right now) He was there, and then I looked up and saw blood coming out of one of His eyes, like tears of 
I felt so horrible for him, and I hurt for Him and His suffering. I ran to tell others that He was suffering, but no one would listen. And then I woke up. I have no clue what this means, and at first, I became worried that it was an attack or something because I remembered the scripture how even the demons called in the Messiah and he would rebuke them. It was just strange to me that from that peace to tears of blood. I woke up sad, although I know that He had to do this and we should rejoice for what he did!

Cherry Pie: Philippines

I had a vision, and this vision always pops up whenever I worship the Lord. In my vision I am with the Lord Jesus, we are holding each other arms just like a Father to his child our surrounding is like we are in heaven then suddenly I saw a cliff under that I saw many people and they are busy doing things,they are so busy then He said "Look."
Actually, every time I have that vision, it bothers me. I hope that you can help me. God bless you

Devorah: United States

I dreamt one night, about seven years ago and it's the one dream I will never forget. It all began on this huge boat, like the old times, it was wooden and ancient looking. On that boat were many maps and Jewish scribes. They were reading these maps as though their destruction was going to take place and, in the mist, there was someone else on board. I remember someone saying who are you but no answer. But then I was faced with him, and when I looked at this person's face, I will never forget. His eyes were as the oceans, and he was as bright as the sun. I asked who are you, what is your name...HE SAID, I AM CALLED BY MANY NAMES, I AM THE I AM. I saw CHRIST. HE SHOWED ME HIS HANDS AND I SAW WHERE THE NAILS WERE...HE SPOKE SAYING. They MUST GO TO AFRICA WHERE WE CAN BE SAFE. I tried to speak to him, but I remember him saying to me. YOU'RE FROM THE TRIBE OF NAPHTALI, and he departed. I NEVER had a clue of all the tribes in the bible so when I awoke I sought my text and behold the ten tribes of Israel and Naphtali was one of them...The one true Christ himself.

Hamilton: USA

As I was Praying, I saw clearly a mans foot with a Golden Sandle, and my eyes were open. I'm writing this with tears in my eyes cause I felt Jesus was standing in front of me while I was Praying

Sandra: United States

The first part of my dream: I was walking back to my house, and two of my grandchildren was in the car. I saw people running and yelling, and they were shouting "its the last days, the kingdom of heaven is upon us" I ran back to the car to get my grandchildren out.  And I started to run but then I thought why should I run we cant hide. Then someone shouted to Look,  and there in the sky was full of Angels. Around the shape of their bodies and wings it was this bright light of fire. I then woke up because I thought it was time to call my daughter to wake up.  I then went back to sleep. And started dreaming again, it was a continuation of the dream: By now all the Angels were on earth.  They were speaking to me but not with their mouth. They touch my hands, I had this amazing feeling of peace and calm and then they touched my daughters hand. I asked her how did she feel. She said I feel different.  Then someone shouted, "Jesus, Jesus is on his way, he's coming." I then looked in the sky and there was Jesus.  I couldn't see his eyes but the shape of the face, hair and body. I thought, oh my God its Jesus, He was so large, he started waving at me and smiling, and he came down. We spoke but I don't remember what was said. I woke up and now I cant get this dream out of my head. I've dreamed of Angels before coming to save me and my family but never Jesus. But I'm so thankful.

Carlos: UnitedStates

In the dream, Jesus comes in a cloud and tells me to start with my family and everyone I encounter tell them am at the doors.

Chad: United States

I had a dream that I was in a river or ocean with my two young children 9 and 11. and somehow we knew that Jesus was coming someone said he was don't know who and when he gets here everything will blue. And as we were in the water, everything started to slowly turn more and bluer until all you could see was blue. I looked up and could see his face passing through the blue clouds then he was on a dock that was by the water. So we got out of the water to go to him, but my children and I did not talk to him. My daughter asked about this garment he was wearing, I had never seen anything like it or ever seen him wearing it in any pictures or movies of him. So then I went to try and explain it to her, and when I touched him I was shocked, and my alarm went off, and it was time to go to work.

Robin: Costa Rica

I'm a bit of an over-thinker. If I'm not careful, I can get extremely overwhelmed by the smallest thing. Well, one day I had a dream about this.

I was packing the night before a trip and got really stressed because it took me hours and I literally got nothing packed. A thought came to my mind "Ask Jesus to teach you how to pack" automatically I thought (distressed) he doesn't care about that! I'm not asking him to help me with that. He doesn't care about that.

A moment later a man sat with me. He was super plain looking, long shaggy-ish hair. But so sweet, he started talking to me, he said 

Robin, I hear all your prayers. Nothing you pray is too small. NOTHING is insignificant. Nothing is too small" He was saying this to me over and over. 

He said that he heard all my prayers. And to pray to him about everything. As he was talking, a voice said to me "that's Jesus."

But I wasn't surprised, I knew. The best way I can describe it is if your mom or dad or someone you're really comfortable around and used to being with comes to your room to talk to you. Like an old friend. I wasn't surprised or anything. .which is crazy cause in real life I'd think my reaction to be the complete opposite. Shouting, jumping, going crazy or something. I was just super relaxed. Like listening to my best friend.

Andrea: Country

I dreamed I was looking at the sky and suddenly saw the brightest and most brilliant two huge circles of clouds. The outer circle had 12 huge white lighted crosses, and the next circle of lighted clouds had seven huge white lighted crosses and in the center was the brightest light.  I heard "Jesus is Coming," "Jesus is Coming," "Jesus is Coming."  I awoke saying "Jesus is Coming," "Jesus is Coming."  It was the most colorful and real dream I have ever had.  I wish I had not awakened before Jesus emerged from the Center Light.

Mechell: United States

It was a summer night in Denver Colorado, in 2014. I was broken and alone. I was feeling, like every road I went to was a dead end. I'm crying walking down 104th, and a lane and all of a sudden a blackboard appeared in my head with white letters that said, Jesus. I felt a sliver of his life for us his rejection, and it was so overwhelming. I looked up, and it seemed the whole night sky lit up, and he was on the cross looking down at me. From that moment my, life changed. I've since then gotten to see the other side. His eyes are turquoise in which no color here on earth resembles them.

Shashanna: United States

In my dream, I was on the couch sleeping or trying to sleep.  The room kept spinning, and something was evil in my dream, a mischievous face. Kept popping up on the television screen. i was scared in my dream, so I stopped and dropped to my knees and prayed for it to stop. The spinning stopped then it started to increase fast until I was lifting off the floor and I was being thrown around, but like I was being carried. And it was this woman on the ceiling she had internal flames, I was trying to get to her so I can help her. The flames didn't engulf her yet. There were just sitting there. Then I was dropped down, and I woke up in my dream saying I finally understand the dreams I been having. Then I reached towards my phone so I can tell my husband Franklin what just happened And then I woke up in real life. I was in that fuzzy state of sleep and woke, and I looked up at the ceiling and saw Jesus' face. I saw a crown, a big crown, and his face was in agony. When my mind became more clear the image disappeared. 

Sheila: United States

I have lost all my faith and trust in God, and it scares me very much; I tried to pray, and I just cannot focus. Nevertheless, I dreamed I saw a picture of Jesus Christ large frame it seemed like he was looking at me what does this mean?

Pau: United States

I had a couple of dreams. The first one was I was in a place that was absolutely beautiful. Clean, beautiful, and bright full of love. I was watching Jesus, who was in a bright white robe. Only it wasn't a robe. It had light coming from it. Light from Him. He was so full of love and joy. I was so into being there with Him. When I woke up, I didn't want to. I wanted to stay with Him. I have had dreams about Scripture and about receiving the gift of tongues. I don't have it yet. I would like to know what this means. Thank you.

Denise: United States

My dream was of me standing in a field, and the sky got real bright, and Jesus came from the sky down to me and handed me something wrapped in a blanket.

Joyce: United States

I dreamt it was dark and a few people and I were on top of buildings in a city, and a vortex type of thing came down, and one person was caught up, and I noticed and said something about it. Then Jesus came down and was fighting evil in the air avove the buildings. I couldn't see the evil, but Jesus was fighting it like ninja style.

Regino: United States

I and Jesus and some of His disciples were in a stone room, and everyone had dark hair as if we were all young. He was ministering to us. 
Right after that dream, I had another: just a picture of two whole perfect avocados, then I saw the inside of them, and they both were the most perfect avocados. That's it; I am saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Valerie: United States

I had a dream I look up I saw the most beautiful colors couldn't even explain it before I even knew, I saw Jesus and told Jesus I Love him, He said He loves me too.When I work up, I wished I had asked him a question about what to do about my life.

Catherine: Australia

I dreamt that I was standing in the company of someone when our attention was drawn to a figure up high on a balcony or ledge looking down at us. It became clear that it was without question, Jesus. It seemed that this should be a shock as he had died, but I was not surprised at all that he had come. With joy, my companion and I walked to greet and perhaps worship him. He reached out and embraced me. I felt a healing, warm, forgiving, accepting charge of energy through my shoulders and my entire body. I woke up. I had never felt that feeling in my life before, but it felt completely real.

John: United States

I recently had the most vivid dream of my life. I was in a line of figures dressed in white hooded robes walking up a small staircase at the bottom of a cliff. At the top of the staircase was a landing with one door on the left and one on the right. I chose the door on the left. Entering, I went down a narrow hallway that opened up into a room. Leaning against a table was Jesus. He was made of salt but moving. He told me that salt was necessary for life. He then took human form and told me that salt would one day save my wife's life. I was then in a large room with about forty other men who were all dressed in ordinary clothes. There was something different about these men, and I could feel it. Jesus was walking amongst the men in the room and talking to small groups of two or three or stopping to say something to an individual. He raised his arms and loudly said, "You are all soldiers for Christ." Upon waking, I felt a profound sense of peace like I've never experienced before, but I was resigned that I will observe a cataclysmic event that will be difficult to survive. I will remember this dream for the rest of my life.

Caroline: United States

I was in a cage with an evil creature...a monster... this monster attacked me... raped me... I fell to the ground and felt the life being drained from me... I was dying... when suddenly rays of white light appeared with a man. The most loving man I have ever seen. He picked me up and held me. His hands were the most loving hands I have ever felt. He told me it was okay. It wasn’t my fault. He told me he loved me. I have never felt love like that in all my life. Still surrounded by his rays of light I saw a scene from my future where I was talking about Jesus’ Love with others at church... truly feeling happy, loved, and beautiful. Then I woke up. I woke up feeling a peace that I can’t explain. I believe it was Jesus... coming to me in a dream.

M: United States

I was walking in a mall on the top floor about to go down the escalator. I stopped because the devil was down there standing in this fountain in the middle of the mall having his helper slice people throats.  There was so much blood it was just a fountain of blood. As he stood in it, I look around, and nobody else noticed it but me. I refused to go down there and the next thing I know this bright light behind me, Jesus Christ himself in all glory, pointed to me. Without even touching me I fell deadlifted in the air and was floating behind him. I tried to lift my head to see what was going on and got a glance at How amazing and bright his glory is. Before letting go, because I knew already who it was when I fell dead, And He pointed to me on my back where I have a birthmark. This dream happened last year.

Sharon: United States

I had three dreams of Jesus in One month:

  • My first dream I saw him getting beaten up and I was crying so hard for him 
  • My 2nd dream I saw him on a  Sonogram at a  hospital. I looked at my mom, and said,  "look, mom, Jesus." 
  • My 3rd dream today,  I was in the old days with Jesus Himself. He picked me up, and everyone was saying, "He’s the  Messiah, and He does miracles."

Veronica: United States

I could see Jesus, knocking at my window in my bedroom, asking me if he could come in. I remember telling him, I am coming and I recall him telling me "I love you, Veronica." I was so excited and happy to be with him. I did not want to leave his side I recall telling him that I never wanted to leave his side. Then my alarm clock went off. BUT I woke up with a detail remembrance of my dream.

Olivia: United States

I had dreams of Jesus:

  • The first one was Jesus sitting on a blanket smiling at me in this beautiful place.
  • The second was of Jesus, my sis, and me. I started to climb a rock wall while my step sis was at the hotel and Jesus was waiting.
  • The third was when my mom and I, and other kids went to the park when we heard the trumpet of God, and saw a cloud of Jesus in the sky, and Jesus sending a message to us. 

Rickie: United States

I had a dream jesus took my hand and we were floating across the red sea

Mike: United States

Vision- awakened in the middle of the night to see Jesus standing with hands stretched toward me, hands open with palms facing up, with an envelope in his hands and on top of the envelope a letter.

Vanessa: Australia

I have had many feelings in my dreams like this; it's hard to describe... but its a feeling of love and worship and praise and crying all in one.I just wanted to bow down, cry and Shout out to Our Lord Jesus.Yes Lord Thankyou, I Love You!. I did in this particular dream..It was like a feeling of content, Just & joy!

Now, my dream or vision, all I remember is it was something I needed proof that he is with me I asked him to reveal himself I needed to see him..& he revealed himself to me right before my eyes. 

I saw him; it was an image in a picture frame on a an outline of him it was gleaming like glittery glowing. I just cried with so much joy, praising him....and also in this dream, I remember sitting in like, I think it was heaven or in the clouds, on like a big golden table or something, with women around me like beautiful angels. This one particular woman said I have a seat at this table If I want it.  I will be seated there..and I got all the love feelings again as I said Yes! And it got all glittery and glistening again, and a white light beamed.

I woke up crying with Joy and Thanking Jesus. I loved that dream, and I wish I knew or could understand it more. Thank you, Jesus, for all that you do for me and your patience and love for my family and me. TYL xoxoxox

Jessica: United States

I just awoke from this dream... my family and I pulled to the side of the road. I feel that there was chaos going on all over and we had nowhere to go. I looked at the sky, and it was at night with a big orange moon, that looked odd around the orange jelly. Then, the moon went dark, and it looked like a giant rock. Then the sky lit up, but not from the moon or the sun. And suddenly in the sky was a white outline of Jesus’ robe, in the same way, a plane can draw in the sky

Sharon: South Africa

I dreamed people and priest were running. The priest was even pushing the people down.  We all wanted to be in front. I jumped and held on. I then realized that I was clinging to Jesus sleeves. He was taking me up towards the sky. I felt Jesus love. The best feeling ever. I have never felt such love. Jesus showed me how the people were very wicked on the earth. I could see from above that the people who were running were disappearing into the thick grey fog on the road below. I then let go Jesus sleeves to come back to my daughter, but I told her, that if Jesus had to come again, I would never let go. I needed her to know that I'm going to be alright. Thank you, Jesus, for the beautiful experience. Amen

Alwina: Namibia

Good morning, This Morning I was half wake or sleep and  I see Jesus, and he saw me. I am already in the air, but my father is behind me just looking at the sky.  I was scared to look up, and before I got to see him, I fell.
And then my father said; the time has come to learn every word in the Bible and to teach kids to stop eating and to teach them to fast. Jesus said, start preparation, my word is the only key to heaven, and obey my word as I say in the bible.
I went around telling people and the people were following me. I was with many kids, and baby's to save them from the devil.  The road I will travel is full of dets of cow, (?) and wet, but I will pass.
Help me, my email is, Alwina, and lastly, you need to make a song and sing for my father and me

Heather: United States

I was very ill and in  ICU with very bad pneumonia. I was a nonpracticing Catholic at the time.
The hospital Priest came and anointed me with oil.
I don’t remember how long after the anointing that I had either a vision or dream, Of Jesus reaching out to me with his left hand.
He seemed to be at the end of a long dark place, maybe a tunnel. It looked as though he was in a white picture frame all lit up.
I wanted to go with him with all my heart.

Brenda: South Africa

I'm in a valley; there is a waterfall on my right. Lots of greenery, the Lord standing in the water. He's dressed in white, saw the holes in his feet; he's doesn't have sandals on. He patted the top of my head.

  • The other vision: is a big white wash basin outside white inside ad long deep black scars. The bottom had smooth stones and broken seashells. The basin had a plug I couldn't see it. The water flowing overthrew stones and the seashells but they didn't mix together

Daniel: United Kingdom

I have had a couple of dreams regarding Jesus, in the first, I was sitting in a church with my grandad who had recently passed away, he told me he met Jesus and went to heaven. 
In the second I was praying at a farmers gate and when I opened my eyes Jesus was stood beside me. He smiled at me and looked pleased. I didn't understand why a fence though until I had a very clear thought out of the blue about the words in John "I am the gate, I am the way the truth the life."
Finally, I had a dream where Jesus was standing, and a crowd of people was walking past him, and he was again looking at me. 
I thought "I know YOU!!!" and ran into his arms and broke down in tears praising him. I said "will I see you again"? and he smiled and nodded. I woke up with tears in my eyes

Craig: United Kingdom

I was told in my dream by Jesus to tell about my dream. I was standing beside Jesus who wasn't that tall about 5ft 7ins roughly; I had an immense feeling of pure love and joy to be standing beside him and talking to him. We were chatting beside a white tiled wall, Jesus removed a tile from a wall and said, I will be watching. 

Teresa: United States

Last night 3/22/18 I dreamt of a partially closed auditorium. It had half a roof and bleachers that were mustard like yellow color, and the floors were the same color. Jesus was lying on a cement bed that was yellow, and he looked like he was sleeping but he was awake and not responding but listening. His bed looked like it had thin brown sticks in it.  Then the scene changed, and he was up in the clouds, and I was waiting for my feet to raise from the floor, but instead I had my arms up in the air was preaching about Jesus. Basically, I was telling of his greatness. And then I woke up and I checked YouTube videos as confirmation and what I first saw was a video about the rib taken out of Adam and what science has recently discovered about one particular rib of a man. Just one rib and not the rest.So I thought maybe Jesus was the Adam from the video and we were taken or formed from his side and it all came together what my dream may have meant. Except he was pretending to sleep. We were already formed from him, and then he appeared in the clouds.

Barbara: United States

As soon as I closed my eyes.  In the dream, there were different scenarios of moving objects. My body wouldn't move.  It was as if someone had me restrained. In one instance a frame of Jesus body presents in front with no face.  Immediately after I get a very loud ring noise in my ear where in the dream I yell out loud. My mind goes blank for about 1 minute then I realize I was able to move again.

Ayonna:United Kingdom

Dream about Jesus

Puja: India
Jesus and Satan
I saw Jesus and Lucifer (Satan) at a time in my dream. I had a clear vision of the faces of both jesus and satan.
I was fighting with Satan where Jesus was encouraging me. In that dream itself, a voice was urging me to be baptized in order to get salvation.
(I was not baptized at that time)
The same dream repeated for nearly three times.

Karen: United States

I had a vision of seeing Jesus with a white robe on going into the cloud, and I was following behind him.

Djuan: United States

I was so ashamed of committing the same sins over and over. I was praying asking Jesus to please forgive me, and I was truly sorry...saying Jesus 'I'm sorry' repeatedly and suddenly as I looked out the window his face appeared to me in holy fire ...he just looked at me for a few seconds and vanished...Jesus is so amazing! I truly believe that was Jesus indicating to me that he forgives me and he is here for me. I woke and could not believe what I dreamed

Christina: United States

I had a very vivid dream of Jesus in fall 2010.  I dreamt that I was in the back of a courtroom.  The lights were dim, almost as if lit by candles or lanterns instead of regular light bulbs we have today.  A man was brought out, dressed in rags.  He had long dirty, messy hair and looked just so sad.  They leaned him over a pulpit of some kind, and I seem to remember that he was somehow found guilty of a crime that I KNEW he didn't commit.  I knew that I was the one who was guilty, but he was taking the blame for me.  The thing that struck me most of all was the way that he looked at me, right at me.  His eyes were dark and piercing, the kind of eyes that told you he could see straight through to the bottom of your soul, that he knew you that well.  I was lucky enough to find a painting of Jesus the way he looked in my dream, and it hangs in my house as one of my most prized possessions.  I yearn for a day to see him once again.  He just had this deep loving look about him.  I can remember wanting so badly to help him in my dream before I woke up.

Tina: United States

I dreamt I was walking alongside with Jesus on a long dirt road. I don't remember what we talked about though.

Sasha: United States

I have had this dream since I was a very young girl.  There’s an entourage of us; alongside Jesus, we are traveling through a cobblestone tunnel beneath the streets of France.  We arrive in a room whereas we sit for the last supper, I am sitting to the right of Jesus, in the middle of the table on the south end of the room. I am a woman. I feel Jesus will soon meet his fate but, I am proud of his honor, and I feel I adore him. My love for him is more than motherly, and I feel the same affection from him.   I also feel as though I know where he is barrier and the whereabouts of the grail.  Why do I continue having this dream?

Joy: Nigeria

 I saw myself in a church here in Nigeria,  suddenly a man began walking towards me from the altar, I looked and saw it was Jesus; he came close and we We started discussing with smiles both on our faces. still can't remember what we said,  but the last thing he did before leaving has he held my hands and said: " don't worry something good will happen to you in the morning " when I woke up I felt this peace and happiness.

Stephen: United States

I was distraught, worrying about my children and grandchildren’s future in this world. I had a dream that was seared into my memory. Normally I never remember my dreams when I awake. This is my dream. I was standing alone in the middle of a green field that stretched to the horizon in every direction. A man approached me from the horizon, and when He came up to me, I realized it was Jesus. He had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. He looked right through me. 
He took my hand and led me to a grassy knoll where there was a lake that looked like a mirror it was so smooth. We sat down on the grass holding hands and contemplated the duel reality image reflected in the water across from us. Not a word was spoken, but I felt the most inner peace I have felt in my life. I think He has a greater purpose for me in my life, but I am not sure of what it is. I am awaiting another sign or message.

Karey: United States

In my dream, there was nothing except for I was surrounded by a light blue hue. All of a sudden a man was in my face, and he yelled "Jesus Christ!" then it went back to this blue hue, and I woke up.


 Dreamed of a lighting strike ten feet in front of me. When the black smoke cleared, you could see Jesus on the other side, in heaven.

Cindy: United States

I found myself somewhere not in this world. There was a massive door. I opened it and looked inside. No one was there.  I took a seat outside the door. A very large being cane wearing beige colored robes.  I never saw His face.  He opened the door and looked inside. He closed the door turned around and came to me. He sent love to me. He surrounded me with lights.  He was pleased with me. He held up something (like a tablet) and was scrolling through it and showing me something.  Perhaps it was the continents moving (from the beginning of the world to the present time). Or maybe it was instructions to me for the rest of my life. He has had a plan for me all along, and He is pleased with me and loves me.  At first, though I did not know it was Christ.  I went through some very uncertain times after this dream that has led me back to realizing this was Jesus Christ. 

Denise: United States

I had a dream that my son and I saw Jesus Christ outside my window, and we reached and called out his name, and he split into pieces.

Markell: United States

I had a dream although, it seems rather funny Jesus gave me ice cream, and I walked up to him and asked him if he can forgive my sins and I believe he said yes and kissed me...

Princess: Philippines

I saw the face of Jesus Christ in my dream. 
I was recovering from fever due to pharyngitis and acid reflux; then the scenario was Inside a big tabernacle, a wonderful church which I believe is not here in my town...there were people kneeling, praying, giving thanks to God. And then there was other fellow churchgoers and me. 

I was holding my cell phone. It was a habit... I usually take photos of the saints and mural paintings inside the holy tabernacle. 

Then one person shouted, "Jesus Christ! And another voice yelled It's Jesus Christ!" 
Jesus was standing, with a light illuminating down in him. They were all staring at my phone, pointing on to something... 

And says, Jesus Christ! 
Oh, my God. Jesus Christ, wearing his dazzling red coat and wearing his golden crown. His face glowing like there's a picturesque so perfect. It was not pointing on to an image of a perfect clean man, but on a beggar kneeling on the floor and praying. Then the face of Jesus Christ disappeared. 

Then we stood and began singing a song depicting our gladness that we saw Jesus Christ. It was a Latin song. But we were all singing it. 

I wish to go back to sleep and finish that vivid dreams of mine. Then, I remembered... Mother Theresa told us, we can see Jesus in every person's face in disguise. 

Thank you, Lord.

Vijay John: India
Praise the lord

I had a dream on 30-1-2016. I sitting in a small home with one room on a chair with my father. My father was sitting beside me. Suddenly I heard a voice from the sky like a loud and base say something.  I can't remember what I was saying to my father. Father, can you hear that voice coming from the sky? My father said it's the Lord Jesus Christ. I run out from home shouting, Lord Jesus I love you I love you. I looked up at the sky, and there was a very bright white light. In that light, I saw the face of Jesus Christ coming down to me.  I was crying out loudly, saying jesus I love you I love you. He came down and kissed me and then looked at me and walked away. And I'm so surprised and still would like to understand what that means. Can you tell me what it means?

Raquely: United States

I had a dream a little over a year ago, that shook me to my core, it was so real. I am a Christian and saved by the blood of Jesus. I played down for an afternoon nap before work on Saturday. I was in this house, it seemed like mine but doesn't look like my house, I was sitting on a couch, and I got a sense I needed to go outside, I walked out the front door with my dog, it was fall, leaves everywhere. I looked up and seen a bright light that had moved just out my dog and me. Then Jesus appeared in the sky, I couldn't make out his face, but I knew it was him. And then he pointed at me as he was moving toward me. Then I woke up; I was so shaken by the dream, I immediately called my sister and told her what had just happened. She didn't know what to say. I prayed about what it all meant, the only thing that came to me was hurry, time is short, and it convicted my heart. If anyone reads this, please, Jesus is still saving souls, he is waiting at the door for you, and loves you, just ask him into your heart.

Katie: United States

I was walking on a path in the woods and saw something on the ground ahead of me burning. As I got closer, I saw it was a burning cross, and when I got to the cross, I knew it was Jesus. I reached through the fire and lifted up the cross. Jesus had been carrying the cross and fallen. He asked me to help him because there were evil men chasing him. I immediately lifted him and the cross and carried them along the path. Even though I knew we were in danger of those men, I was completely calm and felt safe because I was with Jesus.

Tammy: Country

I saw Jesus at his last dinner before he had died.  He was surrounded by all of his followers.

Latesia: United States

In my dream, I saw and felt that Jesus was standing, with a light illuminating down in him and all around him was darkness...I could feel/hear myself saying, help him, help him. To whom I was speaking or urging this to I do not know. Then it was almost like this light, or being or person was about to reveal itself I became paralyzed with fear and I could physically feel this in my dream. My whole body from head to toe was aching with fear of what was about to be done or revealed. Then I woke. I’m so stunned and shocked and have never in my life felt anything so powerful. Is this real? What does this mean? Am I crazy?

Denese: United States

I dreamt I was sitting around a rectangular box dream on the ground and Jesus was writing on the ground. 

Sarveenaz: United States
I just woke up from a dream where I'm walking into a dim lit room & a cloud of light brown smoke appeared out of nowhere. The presence felt so familiar; I knew it was Jesus/God. The amount of glory and might that his presence was filled with prevented me from staying on my feet even if I wanted to. I fell on my knees and began crying out of joy, I screamed in thanks to him for visiting me. In him was no hate at all, the judgment that was present was only like one of a caring father. I can't even go back to sleep after witnessing that much glory and righteousness within him, it is endless, and it is all.

Frankie: United States
I had a dream of Jesus last night. I was in a small room, i believe i was in it with my dad and someone else. Jesus came through the door, i was very shy and frozen like we shook hands I said "hello" and he said "hello" but his tone was so calm and understanding. I feel awful now that the only thing i had said was hello... And in a very shy voice at that.. 

Tim: United States

I had just finished prayer, this was at lunchtime. I had been praying about the book of Jasher and asking if I should read this along with scripture. I Wasn’t tired, but I fell asleep somehow. I must have slept for 20 or 30 min, but seemed like a lot longer. In my dream, I felt at peace. I could see a bright light, but I knew as I got closer it was the Lord Jesus. I fell to my knees and said I commit to you, my Lord.  Immediately every cell body felt charged. It was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. I can’t describe it. So good that when I woke I was laughing. All I could say is thank you, Jesus!

Laurie: United States

I dreamed I was standing on the front porch of the house we lived in my whole life. Which had been torn down years earlier. It was windy like a storm was coming. Suddenly the dark clouds broke opened. There I saw Jesus only from the waist up like the clouds below him was blocking his lower body. On both sides of him were children. The children were waving at me. I called for my mother who was inside the house to come see. The dream was over. I woke up calling mama. 

Christina: United States

I had dreamed I opened a door slowly and I looked in and saw Jesus with his back to me but speaking to a man to his right while intently looking at him. They were seated at a table. Jesus was dressed in purple robes, and there were a few men seated around the table with him, all dressed in robes. No one noticed that I opened the door. I thought that I should not be looking in and that  I was going to get in trouble with Jesus. I was trying to close the door slowly and not be noticed when it dawned on me that Jesus knows everything. He knows I am looking in. So I opened the door again and felt at peace. That didn't last long cause I woke up.

William: United States

I was just dreaming or was I,  it all felt so real. I was in a dark place I could see one great doorway as I reached to touch them they began to open.I walked into a great room with immense size there were seven thrones three on each side of one that stood over the others. I could see behind them the universe, and I knew then who I was standing before because he spoke to my heart without saying a word. He then really spoke with a booming voice and great anger in how he was dissatisfied with me. That's when two of the ones sitting on Gods right side began arguing about me. I knew who they were without hesitation it was Noah and Moses I could feel my family connection to Noah he was defending me. Moses, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with me too. I was crying, and I mean like a baby. That's when a hand was laid on my shoulder and all the great feelings of peace, hope and knowledge. Without turning around, I knew it was Jesus. I turned to him, and he put his arm around my shoulders like who cares for you. He then let me know everything was going to be fine and not to worry, my heart was never put so at ease. We began walking to the door, and I awoke with rivers for eyes I wiped them and walked to the bathroom to wash my face. Jesus let me know that there is a plan for us all don't ever give up or give in to anything that challenges us.  

Maria: United States

I dreamed I saw Jesus from a far distance. He was dressed in a white robe. He was in the desert, standing next to a very beautiful green tree and I could see there was also water coming from the ocean into the desert. I take it that with Christ everything is possible. If you trust Him. Very lovely dream. 

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