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"Jesus' Triumphal Entry"

Many of those waving palm branches in His honor and hailing Him as King, would soon be yelling, "Crucify Him!"(John 12:12-26)

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"Dreams and Visions
Of Jesus"

Perhaps because we are living in the end times, we are receiving more and more reports of Dreams and visions of Jesus. Many dreams of Jesus remain for a lifetime. 

There are various meanings to these dreams, but many times it is simply His way of saying to an individual, "I am here, and I love you!" 

There are presently more than 50 pages of dreams and visions of Jesus submitted by visitors from all areas of the world. These beautiful and often chilling accounts of Jesus are in the words of the dreamers.

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Syrian Refugees Convert After
Seeing Jesus in a Dream

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Dreams and Visions of Jesus
(Short Entries)

Danielle: United Kingdom

I've been dreaming that Jesus has been taking me in his arms and giving me a warm hug.

Hannah: United States

The topic of my dream is Jesus and Heaven

I am 18 years old and have loved Jesus my whole life but have not wanted Him until He blessed me with this dream. 

I was walking with some friends in a place I had never been to before, and they told me Jesus was there. I dropped everything and ran to see Him. As i turned the corner, He was playing in a field with mountains and bright green grass with beautiful trees and red and yellow flowers.

 I didn’t think He would see me, but as soon as I saw Him, He saw me and came to me as I ran into His arms. I felt safe. He stayed with me the whole time and made sure I was happy and comfortable.

After I had this dream, I was looking at Akiane Kramirak’s paintings of Jesus and Heaven that she has painted through her visions Jesus has given her. One picture she painted titled “The Path” is the exact place I was in my dream. I had never seen that picture before. Jesus is so good! 

Jo Ann: United States


I received the following vision from our Lord God on March 6, 2015, at 9:20 am:

I was staring at the right side of a man's body. He was lying down motionless on the ground. I was to the right of him about two feet above his waist. His dark hair was just above his shoulders, and he had no shirt. I was suddenly moving toward the area below his ribs on the right side of his body. I went underneath his skin, and I realized the man was Jesus Christ. I had gone into His wound on the right side. I could only see gray, white, and black inside His body. I did not see red. The vision ended. 

Because Jesus shed His blood to save us! Thank You, Jesus, for dying on the cross for us! Thank You, Father God, for Your redemption plan! 

"For God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for sin. People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding his blood. This sacrifice shows that God was being fair when he held back and did not punish those who sinned in times past." (Romans 3:25)

April 2, 2020

Meagan: Canada

So it started in the fields on my little reservation.

 I was in the fields and saw lots of train tracks stacked up high in a square shape, and I was on top. I saw people falling and panicking to get down, and somehow I managed to get off, and started walking to the riverside and on the road. 

I saw my ex, but I didn't speak to him cause he left me for another woman, and God knew cause I prayed to Him to heal me, and something told me to go to the forest. While I was walking there, I saw the river was beside the trees, and they were huge like evergreens. 

So my sister and I went strolling down a big hall inside the bush hidden, I had seen bright a blue and a purple flower, I said to my sister "look your favorite colour," and we walked down the hall leading to a massive door and flying by the door there was a thing in a black cape. 

It came flying fast up to my face, but I didn't get scared, it went away right after that. The doors opened, and there was a mall. People were walking around normally, then the sudden flood happened, we were getting pulled to the end of the hall, some celebrities were in dressing rooms not noticing the flood, and the people got taken in a straight line going into a dark room with a chair lined up.

My sister and two cousins took seats beside each other; I was going to sit by them, but my sis took my seat, so I sat in the back row alone, and she came to me saying something that I don't remember, but I said, "go sit down quick and hide before you get caught," and that thing in the black cape looked at me.

My dream switched to a big flood in the community, people were drowning and trying to swim, and I was above it all. I heard a loud voice say, "let the devil take them away," and then my dream switched to me in a castle. 

I saw him, and I said, "Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, my lord, and Saviour," he was walking with a crowd of people. He looked up at me and smiled, but it's a kind of a blur, I was so happy to see him, praising his name is joy. 

I'm blessed with this dream. I know he is protecting me and wanted to show me something cause before this, I said to my sister I was taking a nap. I was going to write down my dream when I got up, and I was praying to him when I was heartbroken. My problems are just like a flood, and only he can walk on water to save me.

Neil: Philippines

I had the strangest dream today! I re-applied with my previous company and got hired despite of my AWOL status. I fell in love with someone who’s blind during our training. And lastly, we both went to church, and I saw Jesus on his cross, madly screaming out on me like he wants me to leave. Oh my, can’t breathe. The growl on his voice was very scary!

Jo Ann: United States

I had the following vision from our Lord God on March 30, 2013, at 6:10 am:

I saw land across the bottom of the scene and the stars in the night sky above the horizon. A very large white cloud kept appearing in the center of the scene. I then saw for a moment the silhouettes of two upright wood poles on the land. I realized they were for crosses.

 One wood pole was on the right side of the scene, and the other wood pole was on the left side. A bright golden light also appeared for a moment in the upper part of the night sky. I then heard Jesus Christ say, "He who knew me loves me." The vision ended. 

"Then they said to Him, "Where is Your Father? Yeshua answered, "You know neither Me nor My Father. If you knew Me, you would know My Father also." (John 8:19)

Please know and accept Jesus Christ quickly. The only way to the Father in heaven is through Jesus Christ.

Thank You, Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!

March 31, 2020

Deissy: United States

Okay, so since I’ve gotten pregnant, I began to get closer to God.

Mind you never had one of these dreams. So a few days back, I had this amazing dream that I will never forget..

I remember clearly that it was me and my mom fixing some tables outside, and I don’t remember where exactly, but we just there minded our business. When out of nowhere, I looked up in the sky where I saw these clouds, not these ordinary clouds we see every day. 

The clouds looked like they were so low, but they were high up in the sky, and we were so amazed, just looking at them; they were moving wildly. 

I will never forget that cloud that was shaped like a cross. Then I saw this figure, which looked like God walking down to the earth. I couldn’t see because he was so far up. I knew it was time, THAT TIME( the rapture time). Honestly, I can tell you that we didn’t feel scared at all. 

I felt this peace come over my body. I didn’t ask questions, didn’t feel fear, and we didn’t even ask questions like where are my kids, which I love my kids. I just looked at my mom with this big smile on my face. Some tears because I was so happy to be experiencing this moment, even if it was just a dream. 

Next thing I know, I saw this big ball of fire being thrown down to earth. I notice this bright light, super-bright white light as my mom and I were fading away, not because the fire hit us but because we were fading and going up with God. We didn’t look back; we were just fading away and felt like we were going up in the sky.

Unfortunately, I had to get up because pregnant ladies need to pee every 10 minutes. I did try to go back to that dream, but I couldn’t.

The night past and the next morning, I talked to God and told him how I felt. I told him and my whole family. I was so excited and blessed to have that dream.

I wish I could dream about it again

Cilla: Malaysia

It was noon when I dreamed of Jesus. In my dream, I was sitting next to a window as if waiting for dor someone. I saw my neighbors and friends are visiting their houses.

Then when all was quiet again, I saw someone walking down from my neighbor's house nearer to my home. At first, he was like transparent, the nearer he came lights are getting brighter, wind a-blowing, a rainbow of lights start appearing. The feeling of so much happiness came to me as he passes by. When he was near, I saw it was Jesus. He almost missed my house, but he came back.

He came straight to the altar. However, the altar was full of clothes, and it was covered. I quickly cleared those and arranged the altar. Jesus saw the altar was in a mess, and he didn't like it.

Then I woke up, but the feeling of happiness has remained in my heart after seeing him.

John Paul: United States

I dreamt about the world having a huge flood, like the end of the world. The water comes very fast, and I was trying to climb a high place, but then Jesus appeared and took me with him, and The other people around me were left. Jesus was flying as he took me, and we went flying together around everywhere, and we were saving other people from the high waterflood. That's all that I remember. I think there's a little bit more, but I can't remember it anymore.

I hope to know what this dream means.

This dream was a couple of years ago. This was my first dream about Jesus, and it never happened again. I wish I can have more dreams with him. The feeling is unexplainable. No words can describe.

Jerome: South Africa

Dreaming about having the heart of Jesus in my body.

Deborah: Country

On July 18th, 2016 Jesus appeared to me in a dream I was standing in the universe somewhere with no sun; although I didn't realize it to my right there seemed like a wall a partition and with arms stretched wide dressed in white and a smile so big the teeth were bright white.

His forehead narrow and his dark skin eyes were beautiful big but not bulging wide eyes the love was of nothing to measure against shall I say uninterrupted, and I didn't know who was soaring to who faster I said I am so happy to see you and we were soaring towards each other he responded telepathically thank you for the amount of love you put on earth, and I immediately responded with I can do it in my sleep you are worth it.

I also reflected in my mind that earth seemed like a thousand years ago and it was on assignment because where I was there was nothing to offset love it was an everlasting state as we soared with the most familiar love I ever experienced.

It was like he was the love of my life and the only man I ever loved and felt he loved me equally uninterrupted and when we vapor hugged into each other I felt as though he was my father..the love was loud and beautiful amen

Jo Ann: United States


Our God has been showing me visions since 2010. I’ve seen Jesus Christ many times in visions, dreams, and experiences. I want to share the following vision from March 31, 2018: 

I saw the silhouette of a man sitting down about thirty feet away, and he was facing to the right. The lighting looked like sunrise or sunset. I was only able to see down to his waist, and he was shirtless. I saw a crown of thorns on top of his head, and I knew He was Jesus Christ. 

Jesus then immediately left where He was sitting, and I could hear His feet touching the ground. I then saw a big upright cross appearing in the air just above the ground. Several big stones were on the ground in front of the cross. 

The sky then looked brighter, and I realized it was sunrise. A glow then illuminated along the edges of the cross. The cross then disappeared. The vision ended. Jesus is Risen!

If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ, please accept Jesus quickly. The only way to the Father is through Jesus. You can’t get into heaven any other way.

  • Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

I am very grateful to Our God for His grace! Thank You, Jesus, for saving me! Thank You, Holy Spirit, for guiding me!

Myra: United States

I'm originally from the Philippines but a residence in the US. It all started when I got pregnant in April 2019. My husband loves to read the Bible, and he shares everything with me, we watch bible movies and shows as well on Netflix. 

While I was pregnant I kept having a dream about the rapture, I dreamt of Big explosions, Big monsters, and Big waves. Then I read the revelations on the Bible and blew my mind. Every week I kept having these dreams, then woke up the other day and thinking about what just happened in my dream. 

I  saw that the Statue of Liberty in New York was smashed on the ground because of the big explosions and war. I was thinking Jesus keeps giving me a sign; it was scary to believe, but my husband said, do not be scared cuz God said, "As long as I'm with you, you shall not fear." 

I gave birth 2020, and then had a dream again about an earthquake in Japan, then after 2-3 days after seeing Jesus in My dreams he came out between the weird clouds and splashing water, and it was so bright!

 In my dream, I told everyone, "I told you, I told you he's coming soon, and he's real!!" While crying. Then everyone couldn't believe their eyes; they were shocked! As I saw him, I burst into tears and said: "I know I'm a sinner, but please forgive me for everything because I wanna be in heaven with you."

I told my husband about it, and he said he won't rise up from the water he will come down from above. Satan is probably tricking you; that's why I'm trying to research some things. But I believe he will come soon! 

And I thanked him for giving me these dreams because I've been dealing with my postpartum depression after giving birth, and it sucks. I feel like he wants me to be better and believe in him more and more.

Anne: Kenya

I dreamt I was in a hall and doing some walk but was surprised to see the sink was made in the shape of a human being so whenever the tap is turned on, The water passes through the person lying flat. I interestingly, the person had one eye near the nose and kept on adjusting to look at me. I then realized it was Jesus. The light was too bright from the eye. I kept saying it is Jesus, then the dream disappeared.

Irene: United States

I had a dream that I was walking in a field that had white handkerchiefs in the ground being gently blown by the breeze. As I continued to walk, I saw before me a small type stage with a podium in the center. A line of many people stood before it as if waiting for someone to speak. 

I continued walking around the people going past them when I all of a sudden, I heard loud cheers and praise. I turned around to see a man approaching the podium. He was dressed in a white shirt, white pants, and a white blazer. His hair was to his shoulders. His face was slightly tanned from where I could see. His smile could have brightened up a room. I was about 50 feet from where He was. 

Then as I was staring at Him, he looked my way, and our eyes met. He then slowly left the podium and began to walk towards me. I couldn't move. I just stood there as he closed the gap and approached me, extending his hands out to me. 

Taking his hands in mine, he looked at me with a gentle smile and slowly said to me in a soft voice, "speak life...Speak life." I could feel so much love radiating from this kind stranger. Slowly, he let go of my hands and walked a few steps backwards all the while holding his gaze with a gentle smile. 

He then turned around and began to walk back to the people that were waiting for him. He left the people just to come to talk to me. I didn't want him to go. Days later, after having this dream, I saw a preview for a mini-series called 'Jesus' that I had never seen before. The actor that portrayed Jesus was the same man I saw in my dream. Yet I had never seen the actor before.

Mylene: Philippines

Last night 07 Mar 2020, I went to bed and prayed, and while trying to fall asleep, keep saying to God, "Lord speak to me, I am here, your servant. I don't know what happened; next, all I can remember is I saw this very bright light in my darkroom, a human shape shadow. I couldn't tell who it is, but as soon as I saw it, I fell from my bed. I kneeled before him and said you are existing, my Lord, and I am crying.

 I could see He's trying to reach his arm to me, and I am so delighted from what I am seeing. I realized when I woke up; it is just a dream. It's been one and a half months I have chronic migraine and was rush to the hospital three times in Feb 2020. The doctors prescribed antidepressant and anxiety pills that I did not take because a friend of mine said taking these pills will only make me feel crazy.

So I tried everything, a proper diet, walk 30mins, yoga—still nothing. I couldn't sleep, and I feel very tired being awake for 4weeks without sleep and feel I am going to die because of fatigue. 

Then I realized there is one thing I am not doing...praying. I started meditating, praying when I woke up, in the middle of the day, and before I go to bed, I couldn't help but cry when I pray because I feel how God loves me as a sinner and that I am accepting Jesus Christ my Savior. 

It was the most peaceful feeling I felt when I got back on track connecting my spiritual life to God, and I forgot Him when I was so busy dealing my daily life to survive, work, and worrying.

 When I got sick it made me think God wants me back, and I thanked Him for making this happened despite I went through a lot of medical stuff, neurologist, primary care, sleep study physician, variety of pills, none of this made me feel better, but only through surrending my life and everything to the one, our Creator., my God and your God.

I felt a lot better to this date as I continue to search and be hungry on God's beautiful promises and reconstruct my connection with Him so I can be ready on a journey of an everlasting life, if we will have faith in Him and that Jesus had died on the cross to redeem us as a sinner.

The dream that I had last night was real!! Jesus is alive, and he is just right here loving us waiting for us to want Him!.

Vrushaliy: India

In my dream, I had seen that Jesus woke up from his sleep (it seemed like his resurrection) and started walking on the high staircase. A small girl followed him, and after that I. It was an underground room. 

When Jesus went out, there was a group of small children sitting on the chairs, even my ten years old son was accompanying them. Jesus went and sat on one chair.

 Before I sat on one of the chairs, I saw the other part of the place where my relatives were sitting. Beside them was a huge pile of garbage. They don't know Jesus the way they have to know him. I believe he was indicating that they are still in the dirt of this world. I pray for their salvation.

Charlotte: United Kingdom

I had a dream of Jesus not so long ago. He was speaking in Aramaic, and two other gentlemen were trying to interpret what he was saying. I think He was saying, “Peace be with you.” His voice was quite low, but I saw His face, long dark hair, beard and mustache, and wearing a white robe. I don’t know what this means, but I have not been able to forget about it.

Faith: Country

In my dream, I saw Jesus descending from the sky. There was this beautiful glowing gold surrounding him. I feel as if he was trying to give me a sign that he is coming soon.

After that, I remember being in the water, and I was swimming, Trying to stay above float cause it was deep, the waves were getting a little wild, but I stayed up. 

I didn’t know where I was swimming or why, but I have a feeling I was swimming towards Jesus. I was definitely in a hurry, and felt like I needed to get out of wherever I was swimming. Some of my family member we’re with me as well.

Aiden: United States

My dream: Meteors and fireballs were coming from the sky. It was as if bombs had been dropped and demolished everything, all buildings trees, everything was burnt down.

I was running so fast, and I was so scared.

 Then out of nowhere my dad was next to me (he passed away years before this dream took place) he didn't speak, only smiled, but I felt him say, "keep running, son." So, although I wanted to give up, I didn't. 

Then as we are running, I saw a group of people just laughing; I started to yell at them. "WHY ARENT YOU RUNNING FOR YOUR LIVES!?!?!?" They all laughed at me!

So I kept running, tirelessly running. I look over to see my dad for strength, and he was no longer beside me. That's when I couldn't go on anymore. I didn't have strength. 


I tried so hard to look at his face but I couldn't, it was too bright. Even with a dark cloud in front of his face, that light was too bright. And right before anything else happened, I said "Thank you Jesus " and then woke up.

I won't ever forget this, and I think about this dream a lot. I've had other vivid dreams, but this...this takes the cake.

Catherine: United States

All I remember is that I saw the side of a figure (man) in white walking, and then when he faced me, there was a light so bright that I could not look at it!

Mae: United States

I'm 19, and I had this dream last year in June of 2019. 

I had prayed to Jesus to show me his face a couple of days before I had the dream, which was really cool. I didn't think he would answer my prayer that fast. Anyway, the day I had the dream, I felt weirdly tired, so I decided to take a nap (I usually never take naps during the day). 

I remember falling asleep very quickly, and that's when my dream started. I was in my house late at night, and my mom was outside getting into a taxi, and in my living room, I saw a bright screen. I tried telling my mom what I was seeing, but she would not listen to me, so I went towards the screen. 

It seemed like I was in the sky and I saw a caucasian man (maybe an angel/ Gods servant and he looked swamped and behind him was a VERY BIG majestic door and the man opened up one side of the door (the other side opened automatically), and I saw God's lower body. I felt amazed, but a little scared. This lasted for about 5 seconds, and the guy closed the side of the door back and went back to working. 

I woke up after that, but it took me about 10 seconds to remember the dream. I told my mom, who thought that my dream was crazy, but that's to be expected.

 Even though I did not see his face, I still feel really blessed because he didn't have to do that for me, and I wish that everyone would ask Jesus to reveal himself to them. They won't be disappointed.

LaQuasha: United States

Last night I prayed before my fast, and when I went to sleep, I encountered Jesus in my dream. I was saying to him, “but lord how am I going to do this” and then he waved what seemed to be a magic wand with gold sparkles coming ou;t then what appeared to be a scroll was shown to me and listed were the ways I was going to do whatever it was I was trying to do through Jesus. it was amazing, and in my dream, I started to shout thank you Jesus thank you lord then it became a reality I woke up out my sleep shouting thank you, Jesus.

Sher: Canada

Last night I had a dream where I was in a body of water, the current was strong. All around me were crosses in the water. I was trying to save them and hand them to someone, and when I grabbed the largest cross and handed it over, I was handing it to Jesus. I was trying to save all the crosses and get them out of the water for him.

What does this mean??

Last week I dreamed of a big beautiful lion, he was in a cage, so I kept trying to feed him to make sure he was taken care of. I read seeing a lion in a dream is God communicating with you.

What are these messages?

Thanks in advance

Ana: Philippines

I dreamed about Jesus I don't know if it's am or 2 am, or perhaps 3 am February 25, 2020.

I'm on the beach with my wonderful husband, playing in the sand, and a person is staring at us. I was saying to myself, I know him, and I didn't know any words just always, I know him.

He was sitting and looking at us and wearing his white and long clothes that we still see in photos, movies or TV.

And it's three times in my dream it's happened, and in one dream continues. God is great all the time.  Thank you, Jesus, for loving all of us.

Rukaya: Ghana

I had a dream and saw Jesus, on my birthday,  giving soft drinks to some people. When it got to me, he gave me a can of malt, the most expensive drink among the drinks.

Another dream I had was that he was on a story building that part was uncomplicated and was sitting quietly, so some pupils were shouting Jesus, Jesus, and I asked, where is he? There, and he turned and was looking at us, but didn't say a word

Felicia: United States

My 13-year-old son had a dream that God was telling him to LEAD THESE PEOPLE then he says the people were all dressed beautifully coming down out of a home in the sky; he could not see his legs, and he was trying to see gods face but was unable to turn his body around to see.

Min: United States

Mine isn't a dream, but I guess a was a few years ago, I lived in a different house then, but we had a room that used to get the morning sun through the window.  This day I had a feeling to look at the window, and there he was. 

It was without a doubt the head of Jesus, there was no mistake; it glowed golden all around him. The feeling I had I could never put into words it took my breath away, and I immediately started crying uncontrollably it wasn't a bad cry, but it was just unexplainable. I told him I loved him, and I'm sorry for what he went through. 

He did, I guess you would say, talk to me.  That I can't explain, but he did speak to me. It was like an inner voice. It remained for a few seconds more and was gone.

LINDILE: South Africa

I had a very confusing dream. I saw Jesus in the dream, He was wounded, as when he was crucified I don't know where the place was, but it looked like a house. And I could see His face, covered in blood. Then He was sitting and teaching, just as described in the Bible,  and His face was now ok. He even asked me if I knew what the uniform in the organization I belong to at church symbolizes, as I am Methodist in the Southern African region. 

I remember telling Him that the four buttons on the blouse represented the wounds on His body, and even counted them. I was not afraid, and I felt so much peace in the dream. And ever since, I have been crying non-stop.

Helen: United Kingdom

I had dream which never fades, I saw Jesus in very white like snow garments in heaven with holes in his hand when I was 12yrs. And every time I find myself singing with highly spirit gospel which I never know beautiful songs. Jesus is my Saviour and he is coming soon.

Tatum: United States

I just had a dream that I was on a cliff, and I was with my mother and I seen a man standing in the clouds above us I remember saying it's Jesus and I remember I was waving at him and he waved back he was shining white, and there was gold all around him, and in the clouds, we had to jump off a cliff into the water we had to to be out of flesh to be with him, and I remember jumping into the water and trying

To drown, we had to be out of the flesh to go to the kingdom of heaven? Please, I am so confused, was Jesus giving me a sign?

Sarah: United States

I dreamed last night of riding in a small fishing boat to the other side of a river and Jesus stepping out on the other side. Then I went to Bible study tonight, and the message was on Jesus walking on water and also the passage where He calmed the storm when they were at sea. I found it interesting that I just dreamed about Him in the boat.

Kimberly: United States

In my vision, there was so much detail it will be very hard to put it all in words. I tried to describe it to my daughter, but I’m almost at a loss for words as to what I saw, but here goes. 

I dreamt that Jesus was standing before me in magnificent golden and white robes. I was behind him watching the beauty and serenity unfold before me when he slowly raised his arms and face toward heaven above. 

As he did this, everything around him was turning bright white, and this light started streaking towards heaven. 

There are no words to adequately describe the magnificence of what I was seeing and feeling at that moment. I felt drawn as if I was to follow, but then he was gone.

 Because I have FND, I usually forget details and even entire events, but thankfully, this, in all its full detail, remains intact.

Gillian: United Kingdom

I dreamt there was a large statue of Jesus next to an old church. Then there was a sudden bolt of lightning from the clouds which made the statue fall towards me as I stood near, but it rested face down on a five-foot-high wall, The rain came down, and as it ran down the figures face it looked like the image of Jesus was crying real tears. I was astonished and said out loud, "Jesus wept," feeling sad to see such an image.

Jonathan: United States

I had a Dream that Jesus was feeding me Everlasting Water in the inner Temple of Heaven I was so happy it was bright and Heavenly he said " Come on." 

My Sister in Christ Rizza had a beautiful dream of Jesus that she was sleeping on a great bed with the Heavenly Mother Mary and Jesus was on the bed with her telling her "its going to be okay" in a Heavenly Room.

Gemma: United Kingdom

I dreamed of being in a cave while Jesus was sitting on a stone talking and smiling to the children and me.

Amanda: United States

I saw Jesus on the cross clear as day, but he was a bright white, almost like a light.

Devon: United States

Jesus is with us, and my brothers will come back soon.

Marita: South Africa

My name is Marita; we were in a very bad situation. A year ago, my mom got a baby; I love him very much, but sometimes I hate him. I guess that's normal for brothers and sister,s but I had the best school in the best town In Paarl, but we didn't have a lot of money, and the people my mom was working for didn't pay for maternity leave for my mom, and they are supposed. 

The people we hired the house from were mean, and they wanted us out in 2 months, so we moved to my stepfather's house. I hate him and his house, and I hated my life.

But then one night I had a dream that my school friends and I were on a giant ark with many animals, and I dreamt Jesus stood in front of me and was talking to me and he said "Everything was going to be ok, and that he loved me".

My family is Christian except my horrible stepfather my mom hates him too I trust Jesus, and I pray every night and trust that Jesus will look after me.

Leshay: United States

Had a dream of a beaming light from the sky, the sky opens Jesus appears on the cross, I look up toward him and say hey Jesus with a smile, he took his hand blew me a kiss, and then a ring appeared.

Mia: United Kingdom

I dreamed about Jesus, and I clearly saw him in my dream. I was very overwhelmed and awestruck.

Kristina: United States

Dream that I was having a conversation with someone, and as I'm talking, I glanced over, and I saw just like an image of Jesus.

Sharma: United States

I was standing at the bank of a river, and I saw Jesus lying under the water as if sleeping. I was afraid that He might drown because he was just like when he walked the earth as a man. I started crying out to him, Father, Father, and each time he raised his head and looked up at me as if saying, I am alright.

Humphrey: South Africa

I was part of a group of mounted cavalry invading a giant and formidable place in the service of a grand alliance of peoples that had the trappings of Napoleonic Europe but in a righteous way.

One of my comrades, a dashing Knight, returned with me from this particular victorious dream foray with dented armor. 

On leave from the battlefront, I attended a gala that was like something out of Sergei Bondarchuk's or King Vidor's War and Peace sagas, Anatoliy Petritskiy lighting and all. Some elegant types with Regency-era clothing graced the place.

In the lavatory, I encountered a striking fellow whom I initially thought was a transfigured Napoleon Bonaparte; tall, olive-skinned, clean-shaven with short, well-cut dark hair, exotic and beautiful to behold. I realized it was actually Jesus with the help of some wise minds in waking life. 

His stare transfixed me.

Russ: United Kingdom

I saw fire red and orange more intense than I could possibly imagine or seen before. Coming down what appeared like a hallway, but it wasn't a hallway. 

As it drew closer, I saw bright, brilliant white doves being released from the fire. Then I saw a man walking towards me in the fire. I knew it was the Lord, but I couldn't see a face or anything. Arms and hands with outstretched towards me. 

At this point, I was on my knees just fixated on this vision. And the sweat was literally pouring out of me; I was soaked in sweat literally. It was so intense that I felt as though I was going to explode. But even in this, all I could say was more more more of you Lord. 

I was reminded of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and later that day, a brother began speaking about that very same people. It was so intense I cannot begin to describe it.

Darlene: United States

I was dreaming about work. I was looking at a job site when suddenly, Jesus' face was appearing right in the middle of the dream. Jesus interrupted my dream.

Wisani: South Africa

I've dreamed of Jesus hugging me and rub me, and at that moment, it was the end of time. He was big with a white dress is written heaven is coming.

K. Wendy: United States

I have seen many dreams and visions of Jesus. In the early 2000's I had about three dreams where I saw a man in a white robe in a mist above, and I called out in my dream Which is that and a voice answered It's Jesus. I typed on the internet to a pastor and explained my dream, and he said there would be more.

So I went to church to pray after 911 Special day of prayer, and I saw a vision where the feet of Jesus standing in the mist above and many souls (people) were with their hands up at his feet.

Then not long after, I was thin, very sick and so tired all the time and my hair was falling out. My friends at work were talking about Cancer; they thought I had it, I guess. I was working at a nuclear site. I got fired from work.

Then one morning, I woke up, and Jesus was in his white robe sitting next to me in my bed. I was having a vision. So I looked at his hair wavy black and his ear and beard and the thought, what does he want?

He didn't speak, and for 10 mins I was just wondering, so I thought I can see so sharp without my contacts in so I should be able to feel him (like all the senses working), so I touched his robe on his arm, and it all disappeared. Then my hair stopped falling out, and I was healed.

My life totally changed from this day on, and I received my Masters in Education, and everything was paid for amazingly. I have so many visions Jesus is helping me and others in my visions.

I'm going to write a book soon. He is coming visions my friends saw me go up, but at first, I was to die, but the path changed because I have been helping everyone I could.

Bacan: Philippines

I saw Jesus with the father in the sky, and I kneeled and asked forgiveness, and I pray the lord's prayer.

Mayra: United States

I had a vision of Jesus, I was sleeping in my bedroom, and He was standing next to my bed. The dream was so real; it's almost like I was awake. He was a bright light, but I could still see the image of a man. I felt peace at that moment, something unexplainable. I heard Him say to me, " do you want to follow me"? Then I woke up. But I could never get the vision out of my mind.

Nita: Namibia

The first time, I had a vision of Jesus, I saw a bright light, and I felt love and peace, and on my right-hand side, I saw Jesus' face with beautiful colors radiating through Him.

The second time, I saw the Holy Spirit descend on me as a Dove, and He opened up the Kingdom of God. Then I saw Jesus on the cross, between me and God the Father. Both were visions, fully awake, not dreams.

Stefanie: United States

I had a dream I was driving down a mountain, and there was a car coming towards me, the car was out of control and started driving itself. Cars were coming at me, but I wasn’t hitting them. 

I looked over to the right window and looked up and saw Jesus standing on a hill, he was holding something, but I couldn’t tell what it was. I felt at peace at that moment.

Eva: United States

In my dream a few days ago, I was lying in bed sleeping, and then Jesus suddenly appeared with a golden glow around him, and he bent down and hugged me while I was asleep.

It felt very real like I could feel that someone was actually hugging me. I still had this feeling when I woke up in the morning.

Lenetra: United States

I was in the bathtub, and Jesus appeared and told me that I am his bride, and before I could answer Him, I woke up.

Abigail: United Kingdom

I had a vision when I was young, I had just closed my eyes, and the vision appeared, I saw Jesus behind a window. He smiled at me and then laid his hand on the window. And just at that moment, the vision ended.

Anthony: United States

A man laid hands on me, and his head and shoulders begin to glow once he touches me, and in the sky, the lord appears. what does that mean?

Sylvinia: India

I saw Jesus Christ in my dream, and he took me to heaven, and from heaven, I saw the earth. On earth, there were many noises, people running around in different places. 

I don't know how it happened, but I suddenly came back to earth, and I thought to myself, what is happening and how did I came back to earth?. 

Also, I saw someone was trying to attack me or like to get me. But then, I screamed, "Lord, Jesus, please help me. " And again, I was taken back to heaven by Jesus Christ. I was saved by Jesus.

Betty. David: United States

I was ready for bed, and as always, I pray to God. My mind was like it was in a tunnel. I couldn’t see anything at first. Then I saw his heart .the meaning behind the heart is that he will be with me always, and I shouldn’t worry. I’m a single senior sp I do concern myself with problems and talk to God about them. I know from the vision that he will be with me always.

Maya: Bosnia and Herzegovina

I saw Jesus lifting his hand towards me in a quick vision. then he disappeared.

Helunda: South Africa

While my friend prayed for me, holding my hands, I saw a vision. It was my kids and me on a beach. Jesus was there too. He holds out his hand to me, as if he wants to pull me forward, but very softly and kindly. I couldn't see where the beach is going. The ocean's water touches my feet, just a little, now and then...and then he holds my hand and walked with me. He was so friendly!!!!

Kenneth: United States

I was going through hard times I was in jail looking at a 25-year sentence. 

I was wrongfully accused. I sat in jail fighting a case for nearly three years, and every day I was in there, I was reading the bible and studying. I was always in meditation with the word of God ..with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

One day, I was lying down and praying and went into a vision; immediately, I was standing by a storm cellar with all my family. I couldn't get in the cellar; it was like some force was holding it down. And a dark tornado appeared coming toward me, and I was scared and hopeless.

 Suddenly I remembered Jesus would protect you in a storm, and I started praying, and in my vision appeared, Jesus hovering beside the tornado and where Jesus went, the tornado went. I kept trusting and praying to him, and He kept the tornado away from me, and I was safe. Then I woke up and meditated on my vision.

 I met Jesus even though I was in jail, struggling to prove my innocence. He would be right beside me the whole time through my storms in my life, and if I continue to trust Him and pray He would set me free and to this day, I have my freedom.

He will help anyone in their storms of life, just trust in Him, and everything else will follow, according to his will Amen.

Luke: Australia

I was out fishing on the beach, and was lifted into the spirit; it almost felt like at this time that I had faith in God. I never denied Jesus walked the earth but didn't accept him as Lord and Savior; my faith was flakey and without any direct belief,

My vision once lifted up I saw Jesus sitting on a rock with a lamb that he directed to me, and the lamb came towards me, this was before I even knew about the meaning of the lamb of God,

After this, the lord pressed on me very directly to get baptized, so I followed his direction, and after the vision, I couldn't deny Jesus Christ as Massiah and my lord and Savior. I was baptised 24 November 2018 as it was put on me that I must be baptised,

I had many other Visions like the lord's sword that came down about five building high just his sword this sword destroyer the enemy that was surrounding me after ten years into new age meditation but always seeking the true God, and I have always sought truth, Jesus finally came to me and protected me and destroyed the Enemy around me

I also was under massive spiritual battles, and God's ark angel Michael descended upon me and touched his sword on my forehead with the words "anointed."

God was always protecting me, but after the vision of Jesus and lamb the lamb of God, I have no doubt Jesus is lord, and today although struggles I live my life for God in spirit and truth the best I can.

I'm a new Christian, and there are battles, but God's goodness and love outpouring and forgiveness almost bring me to my knees, I cannot stand I will fall to the ground or burst in tears when he Floods me with his love or forgiveness.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ; I hope we can all get understanding from one another.

Axel: United States

I had a dream where my younger sister and I went out into a shed there. I saw a saint, and we started talking about Jesus, then all of a sudden, he faints. I hold him, so he doesn't fall.

Then I look up to see Jesus face staring at me with blue eyes and a straight face and hug him tight; then I left the shed with my little sister.

Kaito: Philippines

I had a dream when my family and I were hanging out on our terrace doing the usual stuff, when suddenly; A mighty earthquake so strong is happening that caused us to evacuate and exit our home. Then we looked up and saw bright lights on the sky (northern lights), but it was happening in the daytime.

All of a sudden the day turned into night, and the lights were brighter, and it became day again; still, the lights are dancing at the sky, and giant fiery balls were falling from the sky, and I saw Jesus coming down from heaven with his angels and I heard trumpets. Spirits are brought home from those who accepted him

John: United States

I dreamed a dream this morning that My Wife and I were walking in the yard holding hands like we always do. When all of a sudden, out of the eastern sky, a Shofar sounded, we instantly looked at each other with amazement, and with our next step, we were a mile or so from land. With the next step, we went higher and higher, until we were face to face with Jesus. The Face of God, I have often wondered how God would look. As I look into His eyes, I see completion; I see fullness, love, compassion. “Jesus my all in all “ I look to the sky, everything is so bright but yet no sun. Then I see Jesus. All of a sudden, my back hurts “ I’m laying in bed on a pillow to ease my back pain, the result of a wreck many years ago. When I wake up and begin telling my Wife about the dream “, I’m looking at the ceiling, and all I see is Jesus, anything I stare at for a second I see Jesus Face, “ then I began telling my Wife I see Jesus face everywhere. Jesus is in all and by all the things Jesus is.

B: United States

I was at work, but was going to endure a life-changing event that day after work; it could go horrible or wonderful. 

I sat with my eyes closed tight, praying for Jesus to walk with me through the doors. With my eyes closed, I saw a man reaching out with his hand. I knew in my mind exactly who it was, but his face was not clear; it kept changing almost as if I was looking at myself or someone I knew my whole life, as well as I, know myself. I felt complete peace and comfort; that moment truly changed my life.

Tonya: United States

Praise Jesus!

Jacqueline: United States

What is the name said he heard me came in my room I was sleep talking had my arms in here saying Jesus help me Jesus help me

Valerie: United States

I had a dream Jesus took his hands and placed them over my eyes.

Neethu: United States

I dreamt that I was in the middle of a problem that was becoming big, and then Jesus came in a white lining Cloth and gave out his hand. I took his hand, and we walked along an area that was half water and sandy land. After some time, I put my second hand in his hand, and we continued walking for a while. I admired his facial features. I had never seen such a handsome face. I was thinking of how calmly he walked. He was so majestic. Later he took me to another dimension, and we walked passed a table. He made me sit on a long narrow table at the other end of the throne seat. He then faced the table we passed by, it was circular, and there were a bunch of Jewish people speaking about power and conquering the world. He put a red thread around them, one of the men tried to escape, but his hands got stuck. I suddenly woke up after that


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