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"Dreams and Visions
Of Jesus"

Perhaps because we are living in the end times, we are receiving more and more reports of Dreams and visions of Jesus. Many dreams of Jesus remain for a lifetime. 

There are various meanings to these dreams, but many times it is simply His way of saying to an individual, "I am here, and I love you!" 

There are presently more than 50 pages of dreams and visions of Jesus submitted by visitors from all areas of the world. These beautiful and often chilling accounts of Jesus are in the words of the dreamers.

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Dreams and Visions of Jesus
(Short Entries)

Carolyn: United States

34 years ago when my son was a newborn, I saw Jesus appear with the clouds only as large as the clouds I gasped, and my husband turned over in bed and asked me what's wrong, and I said I just saw Jesus in the clouds.

Lauryn: United States

Several people were in my basement, even Kim Kardashian LOL, snakes took over the floors and were everywhere, my annoying cat was multiplying.

There was a storm that seemed to be moving exceptionally rough and in an odd way. I ran to the window watching the sky; all of a sudden there’s this small lighting that continued to get bigger and then there was fire.

Jesus’ face crossed across the sky, I look down, and Jesus is coming out of a tomb in my back yard!!!?? Everyone in my house is watching through the same window that I am. I bust out the screen in my window as Jesus begins to approach us. He gives every single person their orders (I know this; however, I do not know what the orders were but sent everyone one by one running to complete).

Kim Kardashian starts putting on makeup; I look at her and say, seriously? She says, Yeah, seriously? (Ha)

Jesus does not talk to me until last He pauses I began to think he’d forgotten me or that I wasn’t going to be welcome to heaven.

He looks at me and says, “As for Lauryn, I’m taking you home.” In the most calming, beautiful voice, I’ve ever heard.

Wendy: United States

I had a vision, and this was like about 22 yrs ago I’ll never forget. I stayed in the projects, every time I came home are the majority of the time, the elevators were broke, so my kids and I had to walk the steps. This one time I got so disappointed because I didn’t want to raise my children lol me that. So after supper and bath, I put the kids in bed.

Now my praying room was my bathroom, and it was the only room my kids let me have time; anyway, as I was on my knees praying I Iooked up and in the corner, I saw Jesus. I aw his long white robe with a rope like a belt, brown curly long wavy hair with a headband with what look like thorns. I saw him spread open his arms and at that time, I was crying, and after he was gone, I felt so much peace. The next day when putting my children on their school bus I got a lot of people saying to me you look like you are glowing, are you pregnant? Well, I wasn’t pregnant.  I really didn’t believe people have visions of Jesus until it happened to me. I remember like it was yesterday and I’m 52 years old now.

Angie: United States

July 13, 2019 

My name is Angie, and I’m 29 years old. In my dream, my family and I were having fun at a bouncy house festival.  I started to go to the waterside, and that’s when I saw something coming toward us if it was unclear about what I could see. But as They got closer, I saw a man and a group of army beside him. 

I yelled to everyone Jesus is here. “ Don’t be afraid!”  I started running toward him saying “Jesus, Jesus”  as I got close to them the angels told us to stand back. It seemed so hot as if they were holding the furnace behind them. As soon as I turned around, I saw Jesus fighting with the enemy. 

 Then all of a sudden, all the bouncy houses started turning into flaming hot faces saying, “now it’s our time boys.” People were screaming and being attacked; I was holding a child and running as fast as I could trying not to go near the fire. 

Then my daughter came and woke me up this morning. So I don’t know what else happened. My mouth was so dry as I woke up! It was like a dream from God, but I will be praying about this dream.

Cindy: Canada

A Daytime Vision
This was not a dream; it happened during the daytime of July 2019. I was sitting on my couch, middle of the afternoon reading my tablet, usual Twitter, FB, etc...when I caught a glimpse of movement out of the (top) of my eye, as I was looking down at my tablet. 

As I slowly started to glance upwards, I saw toes, a white robe, fingertips, sleeves, a body in a white robe, wavy style hair just below the shoulders...then Christ's face, a smile, then the WHOLE of Him...then HE was gone 

It was strange because as I was glancing upwards, it was almost like in slow motion...and Christ, HE was like a vision, I could see through him, but I still could see him.

Montez: United States

The year of 2019, I had a dream of a horse with wings, an Angel, and the face of Jesus in the clouds.

My next Jesus sighting was when I woke up out my sleep and glanced over at my tv that was not on, and saw Jesus sitting in my chair. 

He had on a white gown. I closed my eyes because I thought I was losing my mind, but as I looked again, he was still there.

 I cried because I was scared, and I'm not supposed to be, so I later ask Jesus to forgive me for being afraid.

 Then, as I was laying back down to go to sleep, Jesus appeared on my wall shadow.

 Like, I'm happy to share my story.

Ally: United States

I actually had these dreams a few years ago, I just didn’t know I could share them— but just thought of them randomly today and thought I’d share.

So the 1st one: I was in my childhood bedroom and went to look out my window, and I saw Jesus nailed to a cross (that was the tree in my front yard).

I could see the blood and scars all over him and saw the pain in His eyes— it was light outside but shady where He was. A moment later, He looked up to the sky as a light beam shined over Him. The sun rays slowly healed all of His wounds. It was beautiful. 

The 2nd one: I was at my old neighborhood bus stop looking up to the shining cloudy sky, and Jesus was descending from heaven. But as He got closer, he grew in age. (High in the sky, he was a baby, and when he reached me on the ground, he was full grown) Crazy! But so cool.

Brianna: United States

I had a friend that I lost. And I blamed myself for not stopping and saying hi to her before she died. 

And one night I had a dream. And it was so real. I was with Jesus. I remember that he was wearing a white gown. And I asked him where my friend was, and he pointed to her. She came up to me, and she was so perfect. She told me that I don't have to worry anymore; that she is in a better place now. And I woke up crying. I knew Jesus was real.

Melissa: Country

When I was five years old, I saw Jesus' standing outside our car window every day about ten feet away; then one day he didn't show up. 

At this time, my family wasn't churchgoers; instead, my mother was a recovering satanist, so that name (Jesus) was ever mentioned in our home. So he would be standing there just waving at me. And smiling I waved back, always.

 One day he was in the car next to me, and I remember clear as day that  I clipped a seatbelt, and my mom said what are you doing that for, and  I said Jesus is going to ride with us.  she said excuse me, but this kid's losing it she's crazy, my own mothe

DeeDee: United States

In 1998 I dreamt a long hallway with lots and lots of doors. I ran through trying to open each one. I pulled on every door until I came to the last door, and instead of pulling, I pushed on it gently, and it opened.

As I entered the room, I looked in, and as the door opened, Jesus was sitting against a wall with the attire of his crucifixion and looked at me. We had eye contact, and then I awoke.

Innocent: South Africa

Hello Everyone, I came across this page because I was looking for an answer to my dream.

I dreamt Myself writing the name Jesus on a Sand, and I was shaking, I couldn't believe it, I saw it. 

I am a right handed person, but my handwriting was like I was using my left hand because the name was not 'Straight, so I tried it again; this time, It was 'straight' but only managed to write JE. Then I felt like I had a stroke and was dying.

I immediately woke up and pray on the 23 June 2019 Sunday morning, and I was scheduled to share the word of encouragement at church on that day.

Kristie: United States

Jesus was in the air people were flying around him my relatives and I were on the ground watching then Jesus flew down and stood beside us with a golden robe on and long flowing hair. My daughter was helping people pull their houses with ropes.

Aaliyah: United States

 This guy had come to a village I was in and had three huge nails, and another guy realized it was like the nails that they used to crucify Jesus. 

We looked around and found a shadow of Jesus on the cross, and all the men began digging, and then felt something hard, and flowers started coming out, so they asked all the girls to finish digging up the box,  and I started digging and pulled out the box.

 I can’t remember exactly, but I think the box says “I love you, “ and when we opened it, it had a red liquid and everybody said it was the blood of Jesus. I started praying to renew our village, and I threw some blood every time I prayed.

Cathrine: Australia

I'll make it really short...I dreamt of Jesus struggling to carry an arbor, not a cross. I said to my husband we should help him, so my husband went to help Jesus then within minutes of that I saw my husband change into an indigenous man, and it was like he was always an indigenous man; he looked the same just a different skin colour.

Belinda: Australia

I had a dream Jesus was coming out of the seashore and crouched to pray with beam light all around. His head was bowed.

Rigoberto: El Salvador

I am 50 years old, when I was a teenager I did dream with Jesus Christ, it was a really special dream, since I am not devout Catholic this has a special meaning for me. There is something important that I would like to share with you. I was able to see in my dream the body of Jesus with a bright tunic, he did have a face, but I was not able to see it, and I keep wondering why?

Karl: United States

I've had so many dreams since y high school of the lords 2nd coming, my latest one. I was in a large building with a lot of people, maybe like a mall or warehouse. We were all standing just outside the doors looking at the sky, and it looked like a storm was coming. We stood there, and in a blink of an eye a blast of breathtaking wind hit us, it was like breathing for the first time at the same time the sky was so bright as if we were standing in front of the sun, but it wasn't hot.

Wayne: United States

I had been just laid off while I was working out of state. I was sitting on the side of the bed when I noticed something about the light from the sun coming in through the window behind me changed. There was a blind on the window. I saw a silhouette of a face, and then he turned I and could see Jesus's face shining like the sun, and he spoke "I am Jesus, I am Here, and I do Love You" I collapsed on the bed and couldn't move. I then noticed a purple orb floating in the middle of the room emitting energy showing me Jacob's Ladder, and I immediately thought this was my time. Get chills every time. Thanks for letting me share.Catherine: United States

I dreamt of Jesus on April 7, 2017. I was at the foot of the bed and all of a sudden, this bright light appeared, and everything was white. I saw someone wearing white with purple rays on the left side and red and blue on the right side. As I tilted my head up wondering who is there, I saw Jesus looking and smiling at me. His eyes look brown, and his hair is also brown shoulder length. Then my husband was trying to wake me up. It was the best dream ever!

Hong: Malaysia

I was dreaming of Jesus when I am asleep. I found myself in an enclosed wall of bricks with gaps between. I saw a tall, coated man looking at me from the outside. He tried to reach me from the outside, and I thought he was trying to catch me until he tried so hard to fit into the bricks' gap. When he gets into my enclosed space, he gave me a note writing, "I am Jesus, trust me." with the following verse. Seconds later before I could read through the verse, the note burnt and the tall guy disappears together with the enclosed brick wall. I awake with a clear thought, thank you, Jesus, for approaching me.

Deona: United States

 I had a dream that I was really troubled, and in a lot of fear thinking I would never get out. I saw a light at first and, then it made me realize I was not alone but.. then I woke up and something was standing there in front of me in real life; it was JESUS. I freaked out at first and wondered why he was there, and when I thought about it I called his name. 

The really freaky thing is I was almost taken in my sleep, and I said I was not ready, "yes I am going through a lot, I know I am unhappy with my life but... I have so much more to learn," and I felt the angels let me go. 

I woke up and could still see GOD at a glance, but he said it would be alright, child and then nothing.

Jonna: United States

It all started with me being depressed and I was feeling very sad just laying in my bed listening to music when all the sudden I heard no music, and Jesus just walked into my room. He held out his hand and was going to take me to Heaven with him. The vision wasn’t long, but right at the moment, I broke down into tears. I do not know why, but my chest felt heavy, and I was shaking. It is something I will never forget. 

NORA: United States

I dreamed of Jesus; saw him by my window in giant size side view. I held his hands as I prayed with my eyes closed.

Destiny: United States

My dream started with me seeing him face to face. He was hovering over me like I had passed out somehow. When I got up an looked at my surroundings I saw a beautiful white apartment with light shining in from the windows. Some of my friends and other kids I knew were there. 

After talking to him about who knows what, there was a commotion. We both looked at where it was coming from, turns out a little kid was getting bullied. The thing is I have never seen someone so angry before, that it's kinda unbelievable.

 He had yelled something along the lines of "I will not tolerate this behavior!" and took the bully somewhere else. Once that was over we had started to talk again about something while talking I realized " My vision is going in and out," then I turned to him and asked, "Do I really have to leave?". He nodded, gave me head pats, and I woke up.

Ian: United Kingdom

I was never religious; instead, I used to call myself agnostic. However, after I turned 29 years old, I had three dreams within a few weeks. 

In the first dream, I saw two angels and then a representation of Jesus flying to me, and then Jesus and I flew to the Vatican City, and I remember having a strong feeling to paint the Vatican white. 

Then, in the second dream, I was chasing what looked like the devil. I followed him underground and found him in a dome-like structure made out of pure diamonds. 

Finally, in a third dream, I saw men like manifestations running through walls. Then at some point, one man stops faces towards me and starts walking to me, but he changes into gold and letters come out towards with this phrase: “The West Wing.” The next day I googled “the west wing” and discovered that it is a TV show that was screened from 1999 till 2006 about how the personal life of people interfere in them running the White House. 

So, I managed to turn from agnostic to a believer in God. I am still far from certain which religion is correct, but I cannot deny that maybe we are leaving in the final days.

Schelly: United States

I'm a 60-something yr young gal and have been walking with the Lord over seven years. In the past two yrs, He's given me a new talent, to paint.  

Two nights ago, I dreamed very vividly that I was one of a group of people, and we were all being taught and led by Jesus. 

He wasn't anything like I thought or expected - no somber, sad-eyed man full of "thee" or "thou" - He was joyful, filled with laughter and good gentle humor. 

He taught us as a group as we walked from place to place, and He also worked with us individually. I found myself in a room above a store - a huge window and bare, smooth floors and the only furnishings was a table with paints and paintbrushes, an easel and a canvas ready for me to paint on.  

He looked at me with smiling eyes and handed me a picture of a gazelle standing with its tail toward the camera. The gazelle was looking to the right with big, soft eyes that were soulful and gorgeous.

He asked me to paint it, and I instantly eagerly began. I was enjoying it so much! I got into the zone and the next thing I knew, I was nearly done - just had the little black patch on the gazelle's rump to complete.  I looked around to see what He thought of it so far, but He was no longer visible in the room with me.

This didn't distress me.  I was still filled with joy and peace.

Anthony: United States

I dreamt that while I was in bed Jesus came from the sky and asked for my hand and I was lifted to a planet a red rocky planet Jesus said, you must know who the devil is and you are My child, and you will hear my call. I was 4 yrs old. I was never exposed to the Bible or churched; my parents were not religious at all

 Stefi: United States

 So I was probably about 8 or 10 years old at the time. (now I'm 20, but I remember this so vividly).  I was going to VBS (Vacation Bible School), and my church did communion, and I was not allowed to. 

My friend (my age) was able to participate, and I asked her how you are ready to participate? And she said she invited Jesus into her heart to be forgiven and go to heaven, (around this time was the beginning of VBS). She told me you had to admit your sins in prayer, forgive and tell God you repent them and live a Godly life and try not to sin.

She was a brilliant young lady. Her parents taught her right.) Anyway, I prayed and told God to forgive me and invited Jesus into my heart and thanked him for dying on the cross for our sins.

 A week later, I had a vivid dream that has never been erased from my mind. Before I was Baptized in water, I had a dream, like a week prior. In the dream, I went to my back porch, and the sky was a purplish gold tone. All I could feel was happiness, so I started to explore around my house. 

I eventually saw Jesus himself (He had brown hair and was wearing a white robe with a royal purple sash.). He was sitting kneeled down beside my house. I started to burst out into tears, and he said, "Why are you crying? You're safe now;" I woke up in a panic attack, but I was not scared, I was shocked at what had happened. 

I told my mom what had, and she believed me and told me I was with the Lord spiritually. I'm sorry this was long; I'm hoping my story will help someone out. Have a blessed day!

Sherrie: United States

I had a vision that Jesus was calling to follow him. We were at this beautiful calm, peaceful place he was on the road, and beside the road was grass. And the sun was shining.

Then as I was following him I saw a river very beautiful and calm; he got in it and then all the sudden I was in it with someone else. He married the put oil on our heads then I saw it again with me and my ex, the same thing, but this time he went to heaven rejoicing.

Smiling flowers came down on us, then we got out of the river, and we saw Adam and Eve. They greeted us very happy and said, welcome family, then Sarah and Abraham greeted us, then Ruth, Boaz, David, and his wife.

He said, let's celebrate and dance for the Lord thy God is good; he told welcome and greeted us. We all were happy and dancing worshiping God.  I loved it so why didi have this dream.

Gina: United States

I had a dream back in February, maybe March, and in this specific dream, I was in the sky with Angels all around me.  

I saw Jesus hanging on the cross with nails in his hands and feet. He was wearing a white cloak, and he had semi-long brown hair and darkness was trying to shoot evil into him, but he absorbed all of that energy, and he started turning into a lava color then all I see is a bright white light. 

I then wake up and still see it clear as day to this day. Angels were holding swords as if they were preparing for a battle; they stood behind Jesus to give them the command.

Yack: United States

I don't remember what age exactly, maybe five or six. I would sleep with my grandmother because my parents were away. 

One morning, I woke up late, and the bedroom was surrounded by white light. I first turn my body 180 degrees to my right and could see two silhouettes of what appear to be Men in robes. They were standing in the double doorway. They didn't say anything and just stood there for a few seconds.

Then the white light was gone, and the room was filled by the sun. I got up and felt like it was the first time I woke up but still had the memory of who I am, where I lived, and who my family was.

Years later, I was taught of who Jesus was and realized that his figure matched one of the silhouettes from my vision. Although I could not figure out the other silhouette, I  could ask when I get to Heaven.

Sam: Philippines

I dreamt way back way 2013 that I saw Jesus Christ sitting on a throne. 

There were  5 or 6 people around him, wearing white robes and super white clouds were behind them. I was standing 1.5 meters away in front of him, and He smiled at me. As I look closely

His face mesmerized by an indescribable tone of His white glowing skin, soft and delicate (more than of a baby's face). 

One thing that made me super overwhelmed was His eyes, a soothing bluish with depthening feeling and captivating which the latter I found myself floating in a blue sky. 

That scene in my dream is still fresh in my mind, which I'm going to keep forever with me.

Keith: United States

i was sitting at the kitchen table with my brother talking about the bible when all at once, the kitchen wall of my brother's house melted away. Then, {if one has ever looked at a paved road on a real hot summer day}, that's what it looked like. And through this vapor I saw Jesus Christ on the cross I started crying with this overwhelming sense of joy I had this feeling of something being taken out of me and when I asked my brother can u see it he just looked and asked to see what and the vision was gone 

Joy: Kenya

I dreamt last night singing as I walked on air and was very happy. I cast my burdens to Jesus higher and higher and lifted Jesus higher.

Natasha: South Africa

My daughter dreamed that Jesus was coming to our house on a cloud, and the people that she was with were saying that we are all going to die. Then she went inside the house to tell me that Jesus is outside, but my reaction was " Yes, I know, we have been chatting and is going for a coffee. She then felt relieved cause her mamma knows Jesus so surely she is not going to die. Then Jesus and I go off to our coffee date and comes back home, that's when Jesus said goodbye and just before he left, He said that He would be coming back in 7 months. (the lady that said we are all going to die, is currently two months pregnant)

James: South Africa

In the morning of June 8, 2019, I had a dream about Jesus Christ coming in a white cloud, I was walking with a guy, and immediately I turned around and looked up when I saw a cloud slowly turning into Jesus, The other guy continued walking as if he was not aware. Jesus was holding a child on his right hand. I screamed his name. He looked at me very closely for about 3 minutes and disappeared slowly to heaven.

Luz: United States

 I had this dream many years ago. I was walking alongside Jesus, and He gave me the staff to hold. When He did that, I was able to see the whole world and all that was going on around it.
I then stopped at this one kid who was crying and said he didn’t believe, and so my vision of the world went away, but my heart was so broken I could not stop crying. Then I woke up in tears.

Digzy: Philippines

The other night around 4 am, I woke up. And as I went back to sleep, I had a dream.

We were in front of a table and about to eat, there was a guy next to me and a lady in front of me on that table. Before we eat, they were yelling "Lord!" and I don't know why, but in my dream, I was expecting they were calling an evil Lord.

Suddenly a very tiny image of a man sitting on a chair (a chair that you can lean your arms on) appears in the sky. It was too bright and cloudy. I already realized its Jesus! And then he spoke "it looks like you called the wrong one" (something like that, coz as I said earlier, it was expected that they're gonna call an evil Lord)

The guy and the lady explained to me. That they did it on purpose so that the evil Lord will think that we will call him, but we call Jesus instead. 

It was so bright that I could even see white light directly going to our table. And then suddenly the tiny image of Jesus, that's sitting down, changed to a big image of his face, but it was all bright that I could be only able to see the lines of his face, but I can describe that his hair is extra curly than what we see on the pictures.

After that, there's a plate of rice on our table, and he used his powers to it, and I can see how this bright white lights went directly to the rice. He created an image of a "tan" little girl jumping like playing around, I honestly don't know how to explain, but the girl looks like she's jumping.

I started crying coz I can't believe what I'm witnessing, My mom came in, and I was like "Mom look! Jesus is there!!" she turned her head and looked at where I'm pointing her, but she can't appear to see it.

Afterward the lights slowly darkened and the image of the face of Jesus went back to the small image of him sitting down on his chair before he completely disappeared.

Dennis: Kenya

Jesus will come like a thief, that is what the Bible says. On a fateful night, before the feast of ascension. I had a vision about the coming back of Jesus. I was in a city, walking around.

I saw people looking up at a bright light, just next to the sun. It was encircled by a rainbow and an image faded in, it was the image of Jesus. It became bigger and bigger, and suddenly a flash of bright light appeared, there were trumpet sounds and fear gripped over the whole city.

Some people were clapping and jubilating as they welcomed Jesus, while others ran helter-skelter screaming at the top of their voices. They said, "It is too late to repent, there is no more time!" I could see priests on their knees, praying earnestly for repentance..The words came to me that we shall all give an account of our deeds on earth. This is my first dream of this nature, I was so scared

When I woke up, a thief had attacked our home, and yet we did not hear him.

Speciosa: Kenya

Before I went to sleep, I prayed and asked our Virgin Mary to protect my daughter and me.

When I slept in my dream, I saw an extraordinary lion in the sky! When it descended, it was Jesus who blessed us! Lion of Judah

Daniel: Philippines

2 am, I woke up after dreaming of seeing Jesus via a glass panel of a door. Then gently opening the door and handing over a folded white handkerchief. After that, ascending,  while looking up.

Faith: United States

In my dream, I was with my daughter, she's 3 but was a little older. For some reason, I let her sit in the front seat but had the worst feeling. 

While I'm driving, I'm on some type of highway, and a right turn is coming up. I notice at least 10 or so cars just stopped in the road and then see Jesus laying in the road bleeding as if he were dying on the cross. 

All the people were surrounding him holding him, but I didn't stop to GPS in my dream said to turn right; so I turned a fast right, wrecked, and woke up.

Erandi: Sri Lanka

I saw Jesus in heaven!

Destiny: United States

In my dream, I was explaining how Jerusalem and Islam split.  I ended up in Jerusalem in a field. In the field, it was all ages of people trying to find the exact spot Jesus was born. 

People wanted to spin 68 times then walked to find the direction, but they were told to turn 8 times instead. A kid did and walked in that direction, then fell. 

I looked over in this beautiful green field and saw Jesus with long white hair and a white outfit sitting in a rocking chair reading. When I looked at him, I was in shock. 

He came up to me, and we started walking. We walked and sat on a bench, he started telling me about his life and what happened to him and the things he did at 13 years old.

Neikka: United Kingdom

A Dream about Jesus bringing comfort and guidance:

I can't even remember my dream and didn't even think it was a dream. When I first woke up, it seemed real, even though I couldn't remember anything. I felt like I'd, had the experience of being with Jesus. 

This thought unfolded as I identified what it was I was feeling/experiencing. I then realized I had been asleep and that I had been dreaming. 

I was then led to read the passage from the gospel of Luke, about Jesus walking with the men to Emmaus. It's almost like I can remember the dream, but not in visions or words, (it's deeper than that), and despite my dream having no words, I am none the less sure of it.

 It feels like the next level of surety if that's even a word. As if it is saying, this is how it is now, but in the future, you are not going to listen with your eyes and ears; you will have to learn to hear differently, but I am still here,  and still as close. This follows the previous messages telling me it's time to get still, be quiet to both listen and teach. 

This is like a confirmation to me that we're never alone, not ever. Jesus is closer than the breath and more intimate than hands and feet, and even in our sleep, he never leaves us, which is comforting.

 I just recently wrote about how my mind never stops working, even when I'm asleep. So, it's nice to know that neither does my substance.


I had a dream of Jesus being beaten and nailed to a cross many times.

Ashley: Canada

Hey! A few months ago, I had a dream where I was at my uncle's house; he also has a field in the back. But my dream went like this. 

  I remember being in his living room, and he had a projector, and a worldwide alert went off, and we were watching it. 

Then suddenly I went to his kitchen window, and I looked up into the sky, and it felt so peaceful because I saw golden lights as well as the sunlight, also rainbows. 

It was such a beautiful dream, but it reminded me of the end of times, it scared me a little, and I can't stop thinking about why I dreamt of it. 

It felt like God was sending me a message that something big is going to happen very soon because of how we are treating Mother Earth. 

I always prayed to Jesus and the Creator. I always remind Jesus that he is my saviour, and I love him with all my heart. PRAISE. 

Thank you for hearing my dream. I hope I can get an answer. 

Thank you,

Stephano: Brazil

I Had a very weird dream about Jesus.

I dreamed that he was chained in a town Park among big buildings and there were buildings behind him, and at his sides and in front of him, and people were protecting him from something.

And there was also scary background music, the music was not scary itself, but it was scary for me. I woke up scared.

I Also had visions that we are going to have alien contact at the year 2500 and that humanity will prosper for 2 thousand Years ahead.

When God was talking to me, I felt chills all over my body and heavy breathing; all of a sudden, it stopped, and it seemed Like I had run a marathon.

Chelsey: United States

War was going on, and everyone said we shouldn't fight yet because we have no leader and some said, just begin to open fire, who cares.

I heard "help help," from somewhere ! Others said they didn't hear anything and that I was going crazy, but I swore I heard it. Then there it went again, and I followed it. 

I followed it into a cave where there were thick mud and dirt, almost like quicksand; at the end of the cave, it was bright. So I went into the cave.

 I had some people with me to try to find the person who was calling for help, but they didn't see anyone; then I began to look more. All of a sudden, I was in an extremely bright place. The colors Gold and white were everywhere, and  I see a man in the distance sitting at a table. 

I walked towards him and saw that it was Jesus. He had a long white beautiful gown with a thick blue cloth around his neck that fell on each side of him. It was so so beautiful words could not describe it. 

As I got closer, I saw four unopened letters on the table; I asked, what's this and he told me to take a seat and "open that one," and pointed to it, so I did. As I was reading it, I began to cry tears of joy and could not stop thanking him. It was an incredible feeling, and I was eager to open the next, but before I could, he stopped me. 

All of a sudden, I heard gunshots and people yelling and crying. I turned to look, and being up high,  could see that the war had begun.

 As I turned to look back at Jesus, but he was disappearing. I tried to get him to tell me what to do next, but he left.

Irene: United States

I dreamed of a big circle of soldiers in the sky, horses, dragons,  animals coming down to earth from heaven.  I love all the people, and Yahusha is speaking to me ... I was sitting at his feet in the dreams two nights ago. 

He was giving instructions and showed me the hidden keys that set the earth free from a curse. Have a good day! SHALOM

Mariah: United States

I had this dream when I was a kid, so in my dream, I was a kid. 

I walked into my living room, and the walls were on fire. There was a podium in the middle of my living room with Jesus looking like a statue but sad with his arms up. And in front of the podium, there was a couch with my family looking at him and also staying still like a statue.

I walked to a window and saw my two dogs running in separate circles as if they were glitching. I looked back, and Jesus was the same, but something about him made me scared. He was scaring me, but he was still in the same position, but he looked mad

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