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"The Statues in My Dream"

In my dream, I was with my family in the evening, and it was dark. We were in what looks to be a church in a courtyard. 

I'm sitting down smoking a cigarette but do not realize I'm in a church until I feel something nudge me forward, I turn around and look back to see a statue of baby Jesus in a bed next to Mary; this is when I know I'm somewhere holy. 

My family is walking around and about looking at the statues in the building. The kids are also running around. I notice a fountain with blue/green glow, and as I approach it, I see this is a baptizing pool. There's a man with a child next to it. I feel something in my hand, and I place it next to the water, it is two nails that were used for crucifixion.

I proceed to walk closer to my family to stand with them, and a man passes me eagerly walking. As I'm talking to my wife this same man lets out an aggressive scream, to which we all turn to see why.

The Statue is Moving

He's kneeling praying by a statue of the Virgin Mary, and then proceeds to punch a candle in the wall next to the statue; instantly a woman screams, "look the statue is moving." So I glaze closer and the Virgin Mary, which is laying down, begins to move. Her eyes and head slowly turn, and everyone is freaking out because the statue is moving. She then stands up and begins to walk around. 

Everyone is in awe. The statue of the Virgin Mary gets up and walks towards the back of the church. Immediately I'm wondering where my baby boys are in all this, and I ask my wife, she doesn't know. So I begin to walk where shes headed anticipating that is where my sons are and if they see her they are going to freak out.

Jesus Comes off the Cross

When I turn the corner, there's a giant statue on the wall of Jesus on the cross. I see it, and instantly Jesus also begins to move his head and eyes and comes off the cross, and everyone drops to their knees, including myself, and we began to praise him.

It's at this time that he's on a stage with every kneeling before it and he begins to approach us and starts to reach out touching everyone's hand including myself, and when he does, it feels amazing that he has noticed me. 

Some other giant figures join him on the stage with one that seems to look like a Pharoah Egyptian with greenish tones skin, and long yellow fingernails, he addresses me and says my name and says that I am famous. Although being recognized appeases me since they know me (but not coming from Jesus), I wondered why he was telling me this.

The Show

A voice behind me says, "a good famous or bad famous?" I turn, and all my family is there now, more family. A show of our heritage begins to display in the ceiling of the church. 

My mother who is holding my new baby nephew is walking across the church now to give her new grandson to my sister, who walks out and begins to dance a folkloric dance as there folkloric music playing now with the show that us displaying above us.

A show starts on how to do the makeup and how the statue of the Virgin Mary was created. The show appeared to be staged. 

I woke up and was in awe about seeing the statues come to life, but more, seeing Jesus come off the cross; I didn't want to believe it was staged; I wanted it to be real.

Ray: United States

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Statues in My Dream

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