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Arete: United States
I dreamed / vision My hands traced 'Jesus' face. I touched his hair, I paid attention to his right ear- but, mostly amazed that I was touching his structures on his face. I did not look in his eyes, nor R.E.M. Looking at anything except his face, his ear was My last touch. I woke up.

Eloise: United States
I had a dream this morning when I was cutting pieces of wood to build a bridge to get across to the other side and as I was cutting I seen the lord beside me saying let me help you so I did ....he said do u trust me I said yes I looked into his eyes and smiled and he smiled back then he picked me up and put me on the other side where I was trying to build a bridge to go ..then once he placed me there he was gone back onto the clouds but I can still see him smiling at me saying your gonna be ok .. Just trust in me ..so I waved at him and he waved back and then he left ...don't really now what it means ...a little i do but not all..
What sticks that he said Trust me I got u..

Goldina: India
I use to get dreams of the coming of the Jesus to the earth, and the whole universe is in destroying stage and i and my neighbor is taken up directly from our homes, recently i had dream of that i was driving my bike with my son to my moms house which is near the lake in the morning and suddenly the sky became dark and the moon was too big with lot of light and the people was running around with out restless, while driving i looked up in to the clouds, i saw Jesus face in between the clouds, he smiled at me. that smile i never seen with any body in the universe.

Christy: United State
I dreamt Jesus was holding me.I asked "How are you spending this precious time with me, What about everyone else?" He spread his arms wide, I could see each person like a mirror in a mirror(many to the left and right) Oh the peace and love.I woke up crying tears of pure love.Each of us are so special to Him.Trust him.He cares for you.

YOLANDA: United States
Yolanda Hill new RESIDENT OF PENSACOLA FLORIDA July 18, 2016 I was laying across my bed just relaxing, with no intentions of going to sleep, but as I laid there I went into a sleep...I saw a WHITE HORSE IN THE SKY WITH A MAN ON THE HORSE APPEARING TO BE A KING...APPEARING TO GO TO BATTLE, THE HORSE APPEARD TO BE TRAVELING AT A FAST SPEED...THEN I WOKE UP...FOR A FEW DAYS A STIRRING IN MY SPIRIT.

Carol: United States
I had a dream laying down in bed, and a man in all white surrounded by clouds holding his hand for me.Possibly Jesus calling me home.
Before that I had a dream of people I knew that has passed already telling me to pay up my bills and I responded to them in the dream and said ok.
Years ago I had a dream of telling my friend I'm dying.
Should I be preparing for my dealth.  thank you

Gautam: United State
I saw Jesus Christ our Lord in church, he had the cross on his side and he was hugging me, there was the most beautiful smell and calmness of the wind blowing around me as he was hugging me. His hug is something that I will always remember, worship and Cherish.

Liaa: United State
I was in church and spirit was very high....I could not keep my eyes open for visions...Jesus sent the Holy Spirit around the church to rid all of the negativity, evilness....he stood at the door turned around and told me to follow him  when he turned around I was drawn to follow him.

Catherine: Uganda
I had adream when i was home with my brother n sister trying to put up aburrial ceremony of our late father, we later went to sit near awell when i saw a person in jesus form standing in the sky bt he was using alot of forces wanting to fall on earth with fire surroundin him bt ahand was holding him tightly later he fell direct into awell we were sitting near then water exploaded all over the place we all became wet, am very eager wanting to knw the meaning of that dream

Salma: Nigeria
Dreant of the names Jesus used what does it mean

Aprille: Philippines
I was college when I saw Jesus in my dream. in my dream it was a lovely day i walked for a while then i saw him coming towards me. He smiled at me and said, my child u don't believe in me, he gave his hand to me i saw two holes/scars in his palms that indicated that He had truly been cruxiied  on d cross.  After dat im awake.  Wat does it means?

SR kumar: Singapore
I dreamt that Jesus come into body and everybody worshipping

Gife: Philippines
I was in a place that resembled an abandoned Asylum... (like in the movie, Outlast, but darker and creepier, and there was something big was after me, but I was able to escape.  Then I found other survivors, including my friend Fatima, and we all gathered together.
While were trying to find a way out that same big thing began chasing us again.  I was able to save some of our group, but don't remember if any were caught. I was the last one to leave and as I was running I tossed everything in the way that I thought might slow the beast down. 
Then we were all in a kitchen, and I said, "Run! I'll catch up later!" I attempted to block the door with some old chairs.... then followed them down the hallway, and as I ran I met some others, but not Fatima. 
Some of these were survivors from the dark hall... and they were running from the direction we were going, and we met up in the middle
While they were resting I went on ahead and opened a door that was in the middle of the hallway. There I saw another friend, Gelo, and he had some blood on his head.
Gelo looked at me, then slowly looked at still another hallway (Not the one I had just from...). I also looked, and there was Jesus. 
He was half naked with only covers for his bottom, and there was a spiky like vine rolled up on his head, and He also had blood on His head. I watched and saw that He was carrying a big cross on his back, and then He turned and looked at me...and that is when I woke up.
What does all of this means...

Cris: Philippines
I had this dream during my younger days. I saw the clouds open wide and someone wearing white descended from the heaven. I was with 2 ladies that I don't know and can't recall how they look like. We were drinking and chatting at a coffee shop. I dreamt of this during my high school days. But on this dream, I was already working in a corporate industry. When I saw the man (who I think is Jesus) in white who descended from heaven (and I can't recall how he looks like) I held my compact make up and started putting red lipstick.

Sadie: United States
When my dream started I saw lights coming from the sky that were gold and yellow then I saw God or Jesus he had black and brown hair with a white robe on.

Sheunda: United States
I had a dream... that thousand of people was standing behind me and three ladies were standing next to me. I really couldn't see all of the people who was standing behind me and the ladies who was standing next to me I didn't know. I looked up to the sky and it was clear...the next thing I know I was laying on the ground with my arms stretched out speaking in an unknown tongue... as I was speaking I looked up to the sky again and there was a vision of Jesus fulling the sky with His arm stretched out looking into my eyes. The three ladies that was standing next to me form a circle and they were speaking something , but I couldn't understand what they was saying, then I woke up. What does that dream means?

John: United State
Just know I had a dream about Jesus. It started at an apartment complex I used to live as a child, I was in a room which I was cleaning and protecting, more like picking up trash into trash cans around me. I noticed that I hadn't seen people in days, so then I decided to get the trash together and throw it outside, as I gathered the trash someone came in someone that I knew but don't remember who it was just that I knew him. He came up to me then I noticed him going to a wall which then he pushed something and the wall open that's when I realized I was protecting a room full of secret entrances then I got upset and I was wondering why I was left to take care of a room full of secret entrances. The man that open up secret wall entrance asked me if I wanted to come along with him so then I agreed it was a water passage we were boarding up a boat as I got on we were riding down a dark passage then we came outside. It was daylight as I look up in the sky I saw a man in white which I knew it was Jesus with long hair curled up in the bottom but cannot really see his face when I looked up at him he look like he was telling me to come up with him up there he had a light cloud for me to be on as the boat kept moving I saw a cloud of light as if to pick me up I quickly jumped on it as it took me to Jesus by his side I look down and then look at the world and it look so beautiful and then soon after I woke up with tears in my eyes and a great feeling.

Juston: United States
I had a dream last night about Jesus. He was staying in a house and was laying on the top bunk of a bed and I stood looking face to face with him. He looked to be fully grown but didn't know who he was yet. I had to leave and planned on coming back the next day. The next day I was lost and was trying to find my way back to Him. I was in a car and couldn't figure out the right road to take so I pulled over to ask for help. I had a messenger bag with me and sat it on the ground for a minute and ants started to walk and pile onto the bag. At the same time a man started helping me with where to go. He wanted to go with me to see Jesus. The man either had a wife or girlfriend, but she didn't seem as interested in going, but accompanied him. Before we left I was thinking to myself, "Here I am supposed to get myself back to Jesus, but I have these others that want to go with me." I then realized that the ants and the man were being drawn to Jesus, the same as me. I was wanting Jesus to myself, but realized that he was for everyone. We made it to Jesus and I was surprised to see that same house was packed with lots of people. Jesus was at a desk and appeared to be working on something or writing something. Then while we were still there something happened to the man's wife and I think she died. Jesus was getting a bag and some strange tools like a saw. The man was confused but I could tell that Jesus was going to bring the woman back. Then all of the sudden there was a fire on the opposite wall.  Then it started raining inside the house! It was like a miracle just happened and that was the end of the dream.

John: United States
In my dream, I am leaving work with my coworkers early around 310 PM which is unusual. When we are outside, I hear a long and loud trumpet horn. I immediately know that Jesus is coming back. I also somehow know that everyone on Earth knows this too.  It doesn't matter if your Athiest, Christian, Muslim, or whatever, you know. I have this incredible overwhelming feeling knowing that this is the return of Jesus and all of my worries about money and everyday life no longer have any meaning. I immediately kneel on one knee and bow my head. I look up at the sky and the clouds are pulling together. A bright sphere similar to the Sun appears in between the clouds. It becomes larger and closer the longer I look at it, and then I wake up. When I wake up, I look on the internet for the trumpet sound I heard from my dream. It is from a shofar(a ram's horn). I have NEVER heard this sound and I have never heard of a shofar before this dream. This dream happened six years ago and I still think about it to this day. God bless

I dreamt that I woke up to find myself lying in a field in expansive fields and open countryside.  I only had my eyes open and had not moved at all when i realised that there was a lion sleeping next to me with its paw on my ankle.  I knew the lion was not really asleep and would kill me as soon as i tried to move and get free.  I was lying there thinking "how will i get out of this?", pretending to be asleep, when i noticed in the distance the hill of Calvary and the 3 crosses on it.  It was very far away and i thought to myself, "oh there is the hill of Calvary I've seen that before in dreams" - suddenly in my minds eye i was transported right to the foot of the cross and to my absolute amazement i realised that Jesus was actually there on the cross at that moment, the sky was dark at that point it was very powerful - when I woke up i knew i had to get back to church. I started reading my bible again and am now enjoying a renewed relationship with the Lord and have been full of joy and peace.  I have also been under spiritual attack and i am putting on the full amour of God.

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