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Phumlani: Swaziland

I had a dream or vision of Jesus Christ yesterday, 2nd July 2018. He first wrote what he wanted to tell me in the sky after he noticed I didn't understand, his voice came from the sky still I didn't know or believe. he then showed his face to me appearing in a tall tree from heaven leaning down to earth, and he asked me "What will it take for me to believe he real?" I said "I need to see heaven." he gave me his hand and I saw his scar which appeared to be healed, I took his hand and he lifted me up. While i was being pulled up I saw my daughter and family below, my daughter looks a bit saddened, I asked the Lord how he planned o returning me, he said I will be now spending the eternity with him in Heaven, I said to him but Lord, don't you have option B, he gently put me down and said, it will do you a favour I never do for anyone, I will personally leave my throne for you today, and then he came down fully from heaven and stood looking at me, and said now ask any question about anything I will give you the answers, I asked a million questions, until I ran out. People started showing up, and he was healing them and praying with them as I stood at a distance. Then he said to me, "I was only here for you, I came on earth only for you, no one will know I was here, except you. But you will forever know from now onwards" then he stood next to the tall tree and went up to heaven with the tree.

Gary: Country

I was dreaming of Jesus with all robe with a gold medallion around his neck. I kneeled down and pray he prayed with me then held out his arm and pointed for me to go now.

Dominic: United States 

I dreamed of seeing Jesus but when he came to me it was half raining, and the sky was dark as if it was about to thunderstorm and he was about 100 feet away. We were standing in tall grass which was waving as though it was alive 

As I Looked up at him, it was an automatic zoom up to his face. He had short Brown hair, a short beard, holding a staff, and he had a maroon sash, but, as I turned and looked, a half woman half lizard was standing in front of me. Then Jesus yelled out, IN THE NAME OF JESUS. At that time it put its head down and walked off. That's when I woke up; it was a fantastic feeling.

Ammar: United Kingdom

Hi, I woke up after praying to god the night before saying show me if Jesus is right I want a sign on my knees crying.  I woke up in the morning I see Jesus Christ our Lord and savior from the chest up on my door he was brown-black eyes closed smiling so peaceful I knew it was Jesus he was wearing a white and blue high priest garment, I had to google to find that out

Ruth: United States

A few years ago, I had a dream that I was in the car, and I looked up in the sky and saw a big image of Jesus's face, and I said we had to stop and park the car. Then all of a sudden I saw Jesus walking with his disciples on these hills, and I run up to the line of people waiting to talk to Jesus, and I was given a ticket with the number 4 on it. What does this mean?

Tisha: United States

I had a dream and a vision. I was walking on fresh green grass. I had my arms along with my hands on the inside of my coat. Something told me not to go further, yet I did anyway. I fell into water that was completely covered with grass on top. As I struggled to get free, Jesus swam to save me. As I looked down, he points to his mouth. Then he disappeared. My vision is that I was on an arrow like edge cliff, pointed outwardly, Jesus with nothing below him, in the middle. His arms outstretched toward me. On the opposite side was two significant men. Another arrow like edge cliff pointed towards Jesus. It felt like I had a choice. I ran to Jesus and hugged him so tight. I choose Jesus. 

Noe: Philippines

I saw Jesus in my dreams, and we're up in the Clouds, and at the bottom of my feet was darkness. I didn't see his face, but I know it's him, at his back the sun shines very very bright, the whole place is calming. I saw him that he has a throne, he was walking while touching the throne and he sat on it, and he's telling me to go!

Michael: United States

I had a dream where Jesus came to me. I was walking and saw a man who was sitting on a stone or a log in the Forrest. He sat beside, a stream at his back that almost seemed still, so very very still.

 I felt a calm I have never felt before, As I approached I thought this man could be the Devil, and when I had that thought, Images of Jesus's face, and a Golden heart, with thorns around it had appeared. I knew this man was Jesus. 

He was skinny, whose hair was black and long. He wore clothing that was white, but that of a humble man. When I had that thought, he had shown me his hands. I saw the holes. I remember waking up with tears coming down my face.

Tammy: United States

I dreamed I saw Jesus on the tall mountain standing with his arms out reached and behind him was a Huge fire   what does this mean?

Jose: Saudi Arabia

I saw Lord Jesus Christ this morning (June 19) in my dream. He came back. First, HIS apparition appears.

Crysta: United States

I had a dream that it was night time but there was no darkness it was full of light, and outside I see Jesús carrying baby Moses and walking with the Virgin Mary. He walked standing tall into the clouds, and I ran out to him very excited to see him, and he kneeled down on one knee and said you know what it is you're supposed to do, and I wanted to ask what is it I'm supposed to do, but I woke up. Not only did I have this dream about Jesús I had another one where the devil was chasing behind me, and Jesús put his hand on my shoulder and said have no fear my Rod and staff comfort thee. I stopped running turned to the devil and said I fear you, not I Walk with Jesús and the devil vanished, and I woke up

Serilla: United States

I dreamed that I looked up at the clouds and I saw that each cloud shape was of Jesus' face

Tasia: United States

I had this dream last summer of 2017 and it 2018 I believe in July where Jesus was flying In front of a huge tsunami and two pieces of moons or 2 moons behind him, and Jesus said its time to get my girls ready.

Sarahkamran: Pakistan

I saw Jesus standing sadly facing sunset

Susany: United States

Basking in His love then saw Him suffering. What beautiful dreams that I've read here! 

In my dream, I was in the Roman days, I knew Jesus, and we were friends. I was basking in His love and His presence, telepathy wise, He knew that I needed to be near Him. (things are rough right now) He was there, and then I looked up and saw blood coming out of one of His eyes, like tears of 
I felt so horrible for him, and I hurt for Him and His suffering. I ran to tell others that He was suffering, but no one would listen. And then I woke up. I have no clue what this means, and at first, I became worried that it was an attack or something because I remembered the scripture how even the demons called in the Messiah and he would rebuke them. It was just strange to me that from that peace to tears of blood. I woke up sad, although I know that He had to do this and we should rejoice for what he did!

Cherry Pie: Philippines

I had a vision, and this vision always pops up whenever I worship the Lord. In my vision I am with the Lord Jesus, we are holding each other arms just like a Father to his child our surrounding is like we are in heaven then suddenly I saw a cliff under that I saw many people and they are busy doing things,they are so busy then He said "Look."
Actually, every time I have that vision, it bothers me. I hope that you can help me. God bless you

Devorah: United States

I dreamt one night, about seven years ago and it's the one dream I will never forget. It all began on this huge boat, like the old times, it was wooden and ancient looking. On that boat were many maps and Jewish scribes. They were reading these maps as though their destruction was going to take place and, in the mist, there was someone else on board. I remember someone saying who are you but no answer. But then I was faced with him, and when I looked at this person's face, I will never forget. His eyes were as the oceans, and he was as bright as the sun. I asked who are you, what is your name...HE SAID, I AM CALLED BY MANY NAMES, I AM THE I AM. I saw CHRIST. HE SHOWED ME HIS HANDS AND I SAW WHERE THE NAILS WERE...HE SPOKE SAYING. They MUST GO TO AFRICA WHERE WE CAN BE SAFE. I tried to speak to him, but I remember him saying to me. YOU'RE FROM THE TRIBE OF NAPHTALI, and he departed. I NEVER had a clue of all the tribes in the bible so when I awoke I sought my text and behold the ten tribes of Israel and Naphtali was one of them...The one true Christ himself.

Hamilton: USA

As I was Praying, I saw clearly a mans foot with a Golden Sandle, and my eyes were open. I'm writing this with tears in my eyes cause I felt Jesus was standing in front of me while I was Praying

Sandra: United States

The first part of my dream: I was walking back to my house, and two of my grandchildren was in the car. I saw people running and yelling, and they were shouting "its the last days, the kingdom of heaven is upon us" I ran back to the car to get my grandchildren out.  And I started to run but then I thought why should I run we cant hide. Then someone shouted to Look,  and there in the sky was full of Angels. Around the shape of their bodies and wings it was this bright light of fire. I then woke up because I thought it was time to call my daughter to wake up.  I then went back to sleep. And started dreaming again, it was a continuation of the dream: By now all the Angels were on earth.  They were speaking to me but not with their mouth. They touch my hands, I had this amazing feeling of peace and calm and then they touched my daughters hand. I asked her how did she feel. She said I feel different.  Then someone shouted, "Jesus, Jesus is on his way, he's coming." I then looked in the sky and there was Jesus.  I couldn't see his eyes but the shape of the face, hair and body. I thought, oh my God its Jesus, He was so large, he started waving at me and smiling, and he came down. We spoke but I don't remember what was said. I woke up and now I cant get this dream out of my head. I've dreamed of Angels before coming to save me and my family but never Jesus. But I'm so thankful.

Carlos: UnitedStates

In the dream, Jesus comes in a cloud and tells me to start with my family and everyone I encounter tell them am at the doors.

Chad: United States

I had a dream that I was in a river or ocean with my two young children 9 and 11. and somehow we knew that Jesus was coming someone said he was don't know who and when he gets here everything will blue. And as we were in the water, everything started to slowly turn more and bluer until all you could see was blue. I looked up and could see his face passing through the blue clouds then he was on a dock that was by the water. So we got out of the water to go to him, but my children and I did not talk to him. My daughter asked about this garment he was wearing, I had never seen anything like it or ever seen him wearing it in any pictures or movies of him. So then I went to try and explain it to her, and when I touched him I was shocked, and my alarm went off, and it was time to go to work.

Robin: Costa Rica

I'm a bit of an over-thinker. If I'm not careful, I can get extremely overwhelmed by the smallest thing. Well, one day I had a dream about this.

I was packing the night before a trip and got really stressed because it took me hours and I literally got nothing packed. A thought came to my mind "Ask Jesus to teach you how to pack" automatically I thought (distressed) he doesn't care about that! I'm not asking him to help me with that. He doesn't care about that.

A moment later a man sat with me. He was super plain looking, long shaggy-ish hair. But so sweet, he started talking to me, he said 

Robin, I hear all your prayers. Nothing you pray is too small. NOTHING is insignificant. Nothing is too small" He was saying this to me over and over. 

He said that he heard all my prayers. And to pray to him about everything. As he was talking, a voice said to me "that's Jesus."

But I wasn't surprised, I knew. The best way I can describe it is if your mom or dad or someone you're really comfortable around and used to being with comes to your room to talk to you. Like an old friend. I wasn't surprised or anything. .which is crazy cause in real life I'd think my reaction to be the complete opposite. Shouting, jumping, going crazy or something. I was just super relaxed. Like listening to my best friend.

Andrea: Country

I dreamed I was looking at the sky and suddenly saw the brightest and most brilliant two huge circles of clouds. The outer circle had 12 huge white lighted crosses, and the next circle of lighted clouds had seven huge white lighted crosses and in the center was the brightest light.  I heard "Jesus is Coming," "Jesus is Coming," "Jesus is Coming."  I awoke saying "Jesus is Coming," "Jesus is Coming."  It was the most colorful and real dream I have ever had.  I wish I had not awakened before Jesus emerged from the Center Light.

Mechell: United States

It was a summer night in Denver Colorado, in 2014. I was broken and alone. I was feeling, like every road I went to was a dead end. I'm crying walking down 104th, and a lane and all of a sudden a blackboard appeared in my head with white letters that said, Jesus. I felt a sliver of his life for us his rejection, and it was so overwhelming. I looked up, and it seemed the whole night sky lit up, and he was on the cross looking down at me. From that moment my, life changed. I've since then gotten to see the other side. His eyes are turquoise in which no color here on earth resembles them.

Shashanna: United States

In my dream, I was on the couch sleeping or trying to sleep.  The room kept spinning, and something was evil in my dream, a mischievous face. Kept popping up on the television screen. i was scared in my dream, so I stopped and dropped to my knees and prayed for it to stop. The spinning stopped then it started to increase fast until I was lifting off the floor and I was being thrown around, but like I was being carried. And it was this woman on the ceiling she had internal flames, I was trying to get to her so I can help her. The flames didn't engulf her yet. There were just sitting there. Then I was dropped down, and I woke up in my dream saying I finally understand the dreams I been having. Then I reached towards my phone so I can tell my husband Franklin what just happened And then I woke up in real life. I was in that fuzzy state of sleep and woke, and I looked up at the ceiling and saw Jesus' face. I saw a crown, a big crown, and his face was in agony. When my mind became more clear the image disappeared. 

Sheila: United States

I have lost all my faith and trust in God, and it scares me very much; I tried to pray, and I just cannot focus. Nevertheless, I dreamed I saw a picture of Jesus Christ large frame it seemed like he was looking at me what does this mean?

Pau: United States

I had a couple of dreams. The first one was I was in a place that was absolutely beautiful. Clean, beautiful, and bright full of love. I was watching Jesus, who was in a bright white robe. Only it wasn't a robe. It had light coming from it. Light from Him. He was so full of love and joy. I was so into being there with Him. When I woke up, I didn't want to. I wanted to stay with Him. I have had dreams about Scripture and about receiving the gift of tongues. I don't have it yet. I would like to know what this means. Thank you.

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