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JoAnna: United State
As a True Seeker and Follower of The Lord Our God and Savior Jesus Christ. One Evening I feel Asleep and had a Breathtaking Dream that I was outside on a Sunny Summer day, I was walking near a Mountain that was full of Beautiful Green Grass. 
FYI. I am always Looking up into the Skies being Fascinated by The Deep Blue Skies, White Puffy Clouds and The Bright Warm Sun as well as Nature. IN MY DREAM.
I LOOKED UP AND Saw Jesus Descending from the Blue Skies and The White Puffy Clouds. He was Surrounded by Such Majestic. JESUS saw  me Looking at him and Reaching for him. So He Stretched out Both of his Arms to me with a Great Smile.
I started Climbing up that Beautiful Green Mountain with all of my Strength. I reached the Top of the Mountain and REACHED OUT MY hands,to him with Amazement and Relief. He Grabbed me. I was So Happy. When I woke up I Had Such a Powerful GLOW.
I TRULY Believe in God our Father. Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit. The Comforter. He is with us. He shows himself and Speaks to his Children in different ways. Just Seek Him in Every way.YOU WILL See Him. Open up your Spiritual Ears and Eyes so you can Embrace His Presence. It's Breathtaking.

Alice: South Africa
In 2008 i had a dream at 03:30 where i went to town with my bible and found many people sitted, differnt race. I preached that you must repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. After that i sang a song and looked up in the sky. I saw Jesus in a white horse with an wepon on His right hand. What does this mean?

Madhav: United States
I had a dream in which Jesus came towards me and said "walk with me.". We started walking on a wooden bridge together. He was in a white robe but in black hair and was certainly not a blonde hair. Also when I see towards him I felt like he is extremely pure person and showing extreme love towards me. I was thinking that I am nothing in front of him. We were walking together and he was talking with me which I didn't understand. It's like he is talking but in a mute mode. Another surprize to me was when we were walking on the bridge there were many people ongoing from other side. But nobody noticed him except me. Not sure what it does mean. I am Hindu by religion and don't have any knowledge about Bible. I have visited cathedral only once in my life time, when I was on family vacation in Savannah,GA 

Susan: United States
I have had several dreams of jesus second coming...
one in which I was running towards a safe place because there was complete chaos, like a hurricane or tornado, everyone was screaming for help... I got towards a corner where several people where just standing there I dont know why but I ran to them. There was this person with his hands spread out standing in the crowd he could stand out easily so I figured he was my protector. As soon as I got into the crowd a bubble formed as if we were secured from our surroundings.. I wasnt the only one who saw this crowd. There were still several people running towards us.. some had catched up but couldnt be with us because of the bubble. Others were still on their way but were apparently slow because they were carrying loads of materialistic stuff... they were tripping over them too.. I looked back and my protector which I assumed was jesus was the one creating the bubble... as soon as I look in front of me again I saw an army of soldiers with their leader.. they were attacking the ones outside of the bubble. And kept marching as if we werent there, they couldnt get to us..

the other dream happened just the night  when the devil wanted to lure me back into the world.. I was having a hard time in my spiritual life. I had an on and off relationship with God. But thankfully that night I decided not to ever go back to my troubles.. so that night I dreamt of Jesus second coming again. This time several people and me were being sent to a jail. We began praising the lords name.. the christians... some of the non christhians were just standing there minding their own business... we sang several songs then I took a look back to what the non christians were doing. There was this girl whom seemed to be my friend from school who was looking at the weather forecast... I asked her how it was.. she looked up the weather forecast in her phone and wrote some notes in a piece of paper that had two directions.. she also had this book where she also seemed to get information from.... she directed me to her notes and explained that there will be  a hurricane or tornado of some kind close to where we were...she said there was only one way out.. she then referred me to the book.. I assumed was the bible because it said about the end of the world..we then arrived to a safe place......where you couldnt experience turbulence...(3/25/16)

Icee: United States
My name is icee and i had a dream march 24,2016 about jesus i was at my grandparents house and looked outside and seen jesus coming from the sky he looked at me holding his hands out and said come with me my daughter and in my dream i was speechless all i could do was walk to him i couldnt eveb blink my eyes it felt so real.. What is the meaning of my dream

Ndapopiwa: Namibia
I had dreams about Jesus, but this was one of many vision and dreams I encountered. One day just before I gave my life to Jesus. I went to bed early, around two in the morning, I fell in trance I had a dream when I went back to the same church I went to the previous Sunday. I left my friend standing in front of the church, finding myself walking on the stairs going up, cross the sky and came across an image I couldn't describe. I bow down my face, but when I look around and not to the face of this image I saw white clouds so close to me. I heard a loud voice coming from the clouds telling me that "if you want to be saved you must live according to the ten commandment" This voice still clear and loud to me every time I thought of it. It gave me hope that Jesus still luvs me and wants me back. I once lived a wayward life and that was the beginning of seeing vision and dream dreams. I saw Jesus face on my dream and Angels leading me to the paradise I didn't know, but saw on a distance on separate occasion. When I sat down with Bible at my table these bright light image in white long gown appear to me walking day light as well, but I never saw the feet or arms of this images it looks like they have wings. I still don't understand why and what massage does all these images and dreams has for me. Can somebody interpret these for me please. I start developing that sweet feeling on me about Jesus, but I lack something still I need wisdom when reading my Bible.

Darlene: United States
I saw a spirit dressed on a black robe with a little black hat then Jesus came I saw him before me I was wide awake I didn't know at the time what was happening but as yrs went by I know now I saw Jesus and I am so sorry I didn't tell him face to face that evening that I love him .

I had a dream Jesus standing behind me outside church.he was really calm and looking at me.i saw him on the cross also in same church on really thick wooden. Brown man with black hair on cross in front of tree.

Kisha: United States
I dreamt Jesus formed out of a cloud. He had a stick in his right hand and then held out his left hand to me and about 3 almost hurricane gust of wind was felt

It's already April 26,2016 and i can remember what i dreamed 2 years ago, in detail. everything on my life is full of failure, I don't have friends, then in one night I had three identical dreams. Everything changes in one night.
I am watching with 10-13 kids or children with curly hair in front of me I was in the back with my brother and between my brother and I, was the Lord Jesus Christ.
We we're watching the city where I lived being deserted, destroyed, we were planning on scouting the area to rescue those who are in need, then my mom became mad while taking care of 5-7 kids. In a blink of an eye there's a blinding light, we teleported where we we're going. Jesus, my brother and I went to where my mom is, but there was a war just passed before we came.

Everything besides our home is wiped out, only rocks, i can't feel anything, it's like I don't exists anymore. My brother and jesus can't see me any more. When we were about to exit the gate of our house, I suddenly woke up.

My dream later continues and we we're standing facing the gate and a shining light came from the outside. I was about to talk to my brother, but he just smiled, and turned toward the gate. I felt my breath shortened, and my body felt numb, and I was lying on the floor.

Then God turned back and saw me lying, he smiled, kneeled, held my right hand. His hand was so soft, so warm, so big, and gentle. He read from his black book, perhaps it's a bible.

When he closed the book my breath came back and I heard the number 300,000, then i woke up.

I was shocked when I realized that I had forgotten every sin I had ever committed.
Ps. I prayed 3-4 hours every night and cried sincerely asking God to give those in need, hope, faith to faithless, and to send a messenger with a guiding light to people.

I have always doubted myself but God didn't disappointed me, he is not just my Savior he is God, He can hear our prayers.

I hope my experience can help those who are still doubting themselves.

Sylvia: United Kingdom
 I had this dream 1 year ago. It all started while i was fighting demons in my childhood home in a village in Masaka Uganda. 

During the fight I heard a voice say to me, “stop fighting and look this way.” I ignored the voice and carried on fighting, suddenly I looked up to the ceiling and there was no roof at all, only a dark cloud as if it was about to rain. In that cloud was a shadow of a long arm, the voice who called me earlier called me again and this time I listened.

I looked in the sky and there was The Amen, dressed in a long robe with a sash in his vest. He reached his hand towards me but there was a deep hole between me and his hand. Then the voice behind me asked 'can i help you' I said yes. He held my right hand and put it in Jesus's hand.

Then Jesus grabbed me quickly as if someone else was trying to snatch me from him. He took me, and I don't know how or where. I could only understand again when I found myself seated on his shoulder, in heaven.

He was lighting a pillar and I asked if I could help, and He asked, 'with what? I said, with lighting the candle; then He gave me the lighter and I lit the pillar, then we sat down and had a long conversation.

I asked a stupid question, “Lord how do you hear us when we pray, because you live so far away from us? But He did not answer, and then I woke up from my dream. God is amazing. 

Joshua: United States
I was descending from the sky and a large spiral motion as I took notice of the landscape around me. There was a large Plateau forming walls on three sides of me, and a large opening into a clearing of vast desert landscape on one side. The plateau walls on the inside had large ramp walkways leading down to the bottom from the top of the Plateau. 
I took notice of a large crowd in the opening. there was a large number of people all wearing robes would seem to be from Biblical times. I hear someone call out, " look into the sky! it is the Son of Man!" as I completely descend to the ground a large cloud of dust settled around me. the large group of people were all standing behind me, and then I turned around to face them. as I made my way to the group of people they all closed in around me, and one of the men asked me, " who are you?", and I responded, " am I not you?". All of the people all closed in for a closer look at me.... 
I have had many dreams similar to this one. I have also had many premonitions that usually end up a reality within less than 24 hours. I have an ability to interpret my dreams upon waking. 
I have also had many Visions while I've been awake that would seem unexplainable too many, but I have strong faith and believe in God, so I do not question the things I see, I rather try to make sense of them for the benefits of our future, hoping that maybe someday the things I see you can help. 
If there is anyone out there that would be willing to sit down and speak with me of the thing I've seen,and possibly help make sense of them, please feel free to email me. J
Jannise1984 at gmail dot com

Steven: United States
In my dream I was riding in back of a truck with another person. We were fighting something off and we were both beat up pretty bad. Once the truck stopped I fell out of the bed of the truck saying "I cannot do this anymore Im in so much pain" I felt like someone was over me, when I looked it was Jesus with a white and brown robe on, I could not look him in the eye. If i remember right he said "Follow me, look into my words" I was in no pain and felt nothing as he held me.

Melissa: United States
I had a beautiful dream this morning.  Jesus was wearing a pure white gown with a pretty blue sash.  With his left arm extended toward me he was handing me a beautiful orange.  This was such a pretty dream and I would live your interpretation.  

Janet: United States
The first dream I had of Jesus was when I was around 10 years old and for no particular reason at the time. In this dream I was walking toward a very large tree, everything was white, everything. As I got closer there was a white deer beside the tree, there were big fluffy white snowflakes and birds, white birds, snow was everywhere and it was night though all around this tree it was very light and I was warm. As I got closer to the tree, Jesus took the place of the deer and he held out his hand. I woke up very happy even though it was a simple dream. The 2nd & 3rd dream I had were at the lowest points in my life. I was distraught with grief and hardship, one of those times I was planning to take my own life. In the dreams I'm sitting on a park bench on a cliff overlooking a beach with a view for miles on either side, no people, no houses, nothing but Jesus & I on this bench and I'm crying, very upset not knowing what to do next. Jesus just looks at me and smiles without saying a word and I smile back. That's all there is to it. He has never spoken to me in these dreams but he doesn't have to because after I have them I'm comforted and I collect myself from grief and everything always seems to work out after that.

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