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"Dreams and Visions of 
Jesus Page 34"

Sarah: United States

This is a vision of Jesus I had in 2016. I was worried about my daughter's severe gut and immune system problems. It was hard to find foods she could eat. So I went in my room fell to my knees and started asking Him for healing and if the disease I just read about was what she had. Before I could even finish praying, I saw Jesus kneeling and praying. I knew He was praying for me and hearing my prayers. He was bright and hard to see clearly, but I knew it was Him, and I felt His love and comfort, and It helped me stop worrying. 

The second vision of Him was when I was routinely singing my daughter to sleep. She was crying with stomach pains, and I remember praying in my mind, "God, even if you don't heal her, thank you for making way for her to go to heaven." And right after I prayed that I saw Jesus kneeling and praying again and then, He stood up and raised up His hands and His back was toward me. 

It made me nervous, but it was so beautiful. I was singing to her in a pitch-black darkroom, and my eyes were open when I saw Him. Two years went by, (2018 during this vision) I was kneeling at my couch praying and asking the Lord for wisdom on a very important decision ; if I should try a new doctor/medical treatment for my daughter's illness and before I could finish praying a right hand shot down in front of me from above, and I clearly heard in my mind/heart "Are you ready to let me lead?" I knew then and there that was my answer to stop trying different doctors. My daughter continued to suffer the disease for two more years, but she was miraculously healed by prayer with my pastor. God was so good to me through that hard, hard trial even though I doubted Him several times through. He forgave me.

Millicent: United States

I dreamed of the face of Jesus in the sky with a crown of rubies. Below the crown, on his forehead, I could see the scars he had from the crown of thorns through his crucifixion. His hands were folded in prayer as he looked up towards heaven. Everything was vivid and real. In the same dream were 2 sets of angels who never spoke but stared down at me with smiling eyes. Also in this dream were men sitting at a round table as if they were meeting to discuss something, and Jesus was standing in the middle of the table.

Georgie: United States

I had just left my abusive husband after being married for 6 years. I stayed with my brother for a little while until I found a job. My little girl and I found a home to rent, and things seemed to be okay. 

Then I lost my job, didn’t know where rent money or food was coming from, had Attorney expenses, had to find a new job, I was depressed. 

Also, I had lost my Mom and Dad three years apart during all of this. I was under tremendous stress, not knowing what was going to happen or what to do. All I could do was pray. One night I woke up after the most real dream I had ever had. I was home alone. 

My dream was as follows: 

“I was driving an SUV through the desert. There were hills of sand around and flat areas in the desert. For some reason, I just knew I was in the Middle East somewhere. 

As I was driving along, I saw a “person” seemingly gliding towards me. As I got closer, I could see it was Jesus. He was in a dark red robe with a gleaming whiter than white frock underneath. He had shoulder-length hair & a beard & mustache. 

I literally fell out of the SUV onto my knees and at his feet. I said nothing. Jesus put his hand on top of my head and said: “Don’t worry.... everything will be okay.” A calming sense of peace overcame me & I woke up. 

This dream happened last summer. I am still struggling, but I’m okay.

Cody: United States

Hello! On July 30, 2019, I had a dream that shook me to my bones (literally and figuratively)! My dream was a one-on-one interaction with Jesus Christ and myself. Christ handed me a Bible and told me to turn the pages and read the verses that spoke about His resurrection. Of course, I followed His instructions and began to open the Bible; however, the pages were empty.

I looked back at Christ and told him that the pages were empty, and how could I read the words for Him? Christ told me to, “Place your thumb on the Bible, and the words will come to you.” Now I must admit, I am not too familiar with the words, but I know the exact telling of His sacrifice. I again followed His words and placed my thumb on the blank pages and what happened next is what scares me the most.

As soon as I placed my thumb on the Bible, the verses started to flow from me!!! I was stricken with fear and was trying to understand all of this interaction with Christ. Why did He choose me to read? Why this specific passage? What is the meaning or lesson He wants me to learn? But before I knew it, a BRIGHT white light struck!

The light flashed, and when it did, I woke up! Scared, curious, and unfulfilled for the sequence that just transpired. My body covered in goosebumps and all the hair standing straight up! I turned to my girlfriend to see if she was ok. She was fast asleep, and I did not want to wake her, so I got up. And as I am walking through our apartment, I had this feeling of a presence. Feeling like I was being watched or that I was not alone in our living room. I told my girlfriend, my family, and my girlfriend’s family about the vision. Shocked as I was, they all suggested speaking to a pastor about this. I am curious about the meaning of my dream with our Savior.

Rowdy: United States

My first dream:

 I walked out onto the porch of what appeared to be my house. It was dark out, and I could see let most vibrant light coming towards me first it was bright white & gold then it turned a beautiful red. Nothing was said, but I knew it was JESUS. In a bright flash, I fell to the ground and went with him at full peace. It was so real that I thought it actually happened. I awoke gratified to have had that dream because I knew it was from God. 

In my second dream: 

I saw a spectacle of many lights of many different colors, with a bright golden light in the center, and they were swirling around. 
At that very moment, I knew it was JESUS. Suddenly all the lights merged into one almost as if it were going to explode, and then everything went black. I awoke and thought to myself, JESUS will surely be coming soon. 

I was hesitant even to write these, but then I thought to myself that it would be selfish not to try and describe what I saw. It is very real

Theresa: United States

Hello Everyone, I had a dream on July 25th, 2019 that I was sitting in a room with two other ladies, and I was crying so hard to the point of sobbing.

My heart felt heavy in my dream, and when the ladies asked why, Jesus said, not enough people know about him yet; Not Enough, like time was running out. I did not see him, but like I felt his sadness. 

I have been trying to share on my blog and with respect to which one won't say, but I keep getting blocked but will keep sharing on my channel. 

I have not always been aware of my behavior and once I also dreamed God held my wrist, and I flew with the Angels with so many different color dresses, and I wasn't afraid of being up there because He told me to trust him. 

I was facing abortion, and I did not trust him. So when you mess up, he still loves you, and you will hear again; for those that I have read, you wish you could. 

Thanks for this great blog page. I will share yours.


Dee: United States

I was about 12 years old when I dreamed about Jesus. We were sitting in church, it was just the two of us. 

There were only candles or lights; it was dim. I remember that Jesus had like an oatmeal color robe, but I couldn’t see his face no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t see his face. I know we had a conversation, but I can’t remember it. I pray that I can speak to him again. 

I am 37 years old and have done not such good things, and I feel like God is angry with me. I just hope I can dream about Jesus again.

Shaun: United States

I had a dream around 5 am with Jesus wearing brown clothes, and I was walking with him. I saw three angels.

Gus: United States

Before this crazy interaction with him, (Jesus), I had no connection with him. Well, from this, it definitely changed.

  • I woke up in a church with no one around but me, in a pitch-black room; so I decided to close my eyes. 

Now the next part has to deal with me being adopted. 

  • When I open my eyes,  standing in the place where my birth mom left me, and she was standing right in front of me. I immediately woke up and was in shock.

Teosha: United States

Around 4:45 am, I dreamed of seeing three crosses in the sky they were black. What woke me I was shaking, so I go back to sleep I see them again, and as I'm looking I see on the middle cross Jesus foot than he shot down straight at me like lightning threw my body, and I was shaking again it was so powerful, but I don't know what his message to me was.

Angelita: United States

Dreaming of seeing Jesus scattered heart or two kids in the sky.

Carolyn: United States

34 years ago when my son was a newborn, I saw Jesus appear with the clouds only as large as the clouds I gasped, and my husband turned over in bed and asked me what's wrong, and I said I just saw Jesus in the clouds.

Lauryn: United States

Several people were in my basement, even Kim Kardashian LOL, snakes took over the floors and were everywhere, my annoying cat was multiplying.

There was a storm that seemed to be moving exceptionally rough and in an odd way. I ran to the window watching the sky; all of a sudden there’s this small lighting that continued to get bigger and then there was fire.

Jesus’ face crossed across the sky, I look down, and Jesus is coming out of a tomb in my back yard!!!?? Everyone in my house is watching through the same window that I am. I bust out the screen in my window as Jesus begins to approach us. He gives every single person their orders (I know this; however, I do not know what the orders were but sent everyone one by one running to complete).

Kim Kardashian starts putting on makeup; I look at her and say, seriously? She says, Yeah, seriously? (Ha)

Jesus does not talk to me until last He pauses I began to think he’d forgotten me or that I wasn’t going to be welcome to heaven.

He looks at me and says, “As for Lauryn, I’m taking you home.” In the most calming, beautiful voice, I’ve ever heard.

Wendy: United States

I had a vision, and this was like about 22 yrs ago I’ll never forget. I stayed in the projects, every time I came home are the majority of the time, the elevators were broke, so my kids and I had to walk the steps. This one time I got so disappointed because I didn’t want to raise my children lol me that. So after supper and bath, I put the kids in bed.

Now my praying room was my bathroom, and it was the only room my kids let me have time; anyway, as I was on my knees praying I Iooked up and in the corner, I saw Jesus. I aw his long white robe with a rope like a belt, brown curly long wavy hair with a headband with what look like thorns. I saw him spread open his arms and at that time, I was crying, and after he was gone, I felt so much peace. The next day when putting my children on their school bus I got a lot of people saying to me you look like you are glowing, are you pregnant? Well, I wasn’t pregnant.  I really didn’t believe people have visions of Jesus until it happened to me. I remember like it was yesterday and I’m 52 years old now.

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