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"Dreams and Visions of 
Jesus Page 36"

Nickodemus: Kenya

July 2018 Jesus Christ

I dreamed about Jesus Christ. He was descending from the sky in slow motion, and he was wearing blue. I could only see him from halfway as from head to waist. My eyes met with his, and I felt much love that I had never experienced before. He descended at a slow-motion that lasted for almost 5 minutes. As I looked at him, I felt much and celebrated a lot. Then the dream ended

Maureen: Kenya

I dreamt that Jesus was visiting me at home. Moments later mother Mary came to my house to look for Jesus, asking Him why He didn't say He was going out for a visit, then she left, but she looked tired.


You can see the Jesus of Nazareth, The Jesus of Mary;
Anyway, Jesus is real.

Tasha: Country

In the dream i saw a photo of Jesus in the sky!

Adrianna: United States

I had a dream that Jesus came down from heaven we have one angel on each side of him with a light going down from the heavens I had a dream that the world was ending and God was there with me I also had another dream that Jesus was coming down from heaven and he was holding a cross in his hands it was so beautiful that she was going with like very good light very bright light it was so beautiful that I actually woke up in the morning feeling very happy and go lucky in the morning and I felt very happy and all the sudden I was so optimistic the next day this is my story this is my dream

Yeseul: France

Before I came to France, I had to decide which ph.D. position I needed to take. There were three offers from other countries. Other positions offered more money, and those topics were something you can earn money easily after finishing the study. But the one in France looked more attractive because I liked the topic so much. But for me, the most important thing was to go somewhere where God leads me to. So I prayed for about a month for making the final decision. But I was not really sure if I am pursuing what God wanted me to do or if I am just taking a position which simply looks interesting to me. I had to decide without God's answer. But I kept praying to God to give me the answer so that I can correct my choice. And a couple of days later, I met Jesus in my dream.

Jesus wore a red garment and had a blue sash. (or blue garment and a red sash, I don't really remember that, but it was blue and red). And he came closer to me and told me with full of love, "I go wherever you go with you. Don't be afraid of anything." I was full of joy listening to him. I wanted to continue the talk, but I woke up. But it was extended to another dream in fact (but in this dream, I thought it was reality).

So in the second dream, I was talking to my friends about my dream where I saw Jesus whenever I met them.

After waking up from the second dream, I felt like God wanted me to talk to my friends about my dreams and spread the Gospel and Jesus's love.

Terry: Ireland

I was walking home from the gym and saw Jesus Christ standing about 20 meters away from me, and everything went so quiet, and I just looked at him in amazement for about 4 sec, then I came out of it and lost my balance, and he was gone; this was on my mind for a few days. 

After the gym, I went back to where I thought I had seen Jesus. It was at night, and the street lights began to flash on and off, which gave me a warm feeling. I got my phone out and took a selfie because I wanted to see what was behind me.  

When I got home, I looked at the picture, and it was amazing. Jesus Christ was standing to my left.

I still have the picture, and  it is 100% real. God bless.

EKA:: Uganda

I dreamt Our Lord Jesus Christ in a white garment which later turned into red....He was in the sky with knights around.

Joshua: United States

Helping Jesus

I had a dream that one night I had gone to sleep and dreamt that Jesus had sent someone named Simon to request help from me.

 I was told that Jesus had long ago made a list of names and kept it hidden in his sandal, but the list had been lost and was now in possession of a group of people. To get inside where these people were we, Simon and I and a few others I did not know, had to wear disguises. 

We got all dressed up and got into a big building and started searching but I woke up before we had found it.

Rose: Hong Kong

I saw Jesus standing wounded look at me in a short distance. What does it mean..and I felt a bit fearful when I saw Him.

Joshua: United States

Dream of Helping Jesus

Aries: Philippines

See of the tall face of Jesus Christ in the cloud, and he smiles at me; then he goes, and black souls came from the cloud when Jesus was gone; it was a scary vision.

I was not sleeping while it happened, and I don't know what it means.

Tyler United States


I had a dream last night that I was standing on this field, like a battlefield; it was kind of dark around me. I was wearing what looked like warrior clothing that was gold in color. 

Then I looked and in front of me saw who I believe to be Jesus. He was wearing a red robe and was on a white horse. I did not see His face, but the horse had a white cloth on it with gold trim and netting.

 I said something to Him, but don't know what. He responded to me, "I look forward to the day when I get to sit and talk with you."

 Then He was about to ride away, so I ran to Him and jumped out to Him and grabbed the gold netted cloth of His horse and I held on. I said to Him, " You are the one and only God!" 

Then I jumped down, and He left.

Janine: United States

The first week of September, I dreamt that my sister was visiting and she was outside my front porch.

 She called me to see something outside and said that she saw my neighbor’s house transformed from a pink house to a gleaming white house that looked celestial with light shining from the sky through every window. 

When I looked, I only saw the pink house as it was. Then I closed my eyes and opened it again and saw what she saw only that I also say white burglar bars in the front of the home. 

I kept staring at the beautiful vision of the house when I saw Jesus outside the front door calling me to come over. I did, and he took me inside and showed me around. I don’t recall what I saw and what Jesus was telling me. 

This is my second dream of Jesus. The first was on March 10th, 2019. Amen. I love you, my beautiful Jesus!

Frank: United States

I dreamed that I am flying home, and I got to somewhere, and Jesus Christ said to me, you don’t have to go right now

Bethany: United States


I have always believed in God but never quite understood that Jesus is the only way to Him. About a week ago, I started searching for how to have a relationship with Jesus so that I could be saved. 

Several days into this search, I had a dream that I was with Jesus after the crucifixion. He was being carried on a wooden stretcher like an object, and I wasn’t allowed to help carry him because many men were doing that, but I got to hold His right hand and walk beside Him. 

I woke up with an unmistakable peace and love I have never felt. Since then, I have been studying and worshiping continuously. I have no desire to do anything else anymore. I am truly humbled and changed, and my mission now is to learn as much as I can about Him and try to help others follow Him. 

I have been hearing many testimonies about how Jesus comes to nonbelievers in dreams, and they wake up and convert to Christianity. 

They too feel love like never before and are filled with the Holy Spirit. John 14:6, Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Debbie: United States

I was walking, and I looked up at the sky, and I was like oh that cloud looks like Jesus and being amusing I waved Hello Jesus, and the hand of the cloud waved back.

Mckenzy: United States

I had a dream last night that I was in a cabin filled with my friends and family. There was a long hallway with a lot of doors. I opened one, and my friends and family followed me into it. There was this huge window, and there was snow on the ground, and it was evening. 

We looked up at the sky setting, and the sky burst in bright colors for a moment, and then at the moment, we looked in the corner of the room to see Jesus sitting in a chair. 

He told everyone to get out of the room except me. I closed the door, and he said to me that I should get along with my family more and that God said he loved me and that himself loves me too. 

Never in my life have a seen such a bright appearance. I was so happy to see him. I woke up and felt so alive and hopeful.

ROCKY: India

In my dream, I saw Jesus, but I was not able to see his face clearly as of his hair seems long on my dream, which covers his face. We were at the top of the mountain, and he said that it is too heavy to carry the cross because of our sin and told me to help him to carry his cross.

John: United States

Jesus....my dream I had 3 weeks ago was I was on my knees crying and jesus was in front on me about 25 feet..I had my hand out and he just walked by me got about 25 feet behind me and stoped and turned around and said something but as he spoke I woke up. I've been bothered by it for weeks did he shun me I'm not sure

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