"Heidi's Dream of Jesus"

My dream was on September 14, 2016, in the early morning hours. 

I had recently been praying in earnest for my mother and brother (unbelievers) to come to accept Jesus, and that He would have mercy on them. Many, many nights I have cried myself to sleep asking God to save them, or to use me to bring them to Him, to escape the eternal torments of Hell.

I am a saved, born again Christian that accepted Christ on the basis of Grace Through Faith five years ago, and ever since then the dynamic of my family has changed. 

On this specific morning, I felt myself leave my body and ascend toward Heaven. Immediately, I was fully aware of Heaven, Hell, and everything happening. I could see myself leaving my body, fearful of not wanting to go down. Instead I went up.

Suddenly, a vacuum tunnel took my spirit. I was then traveling at the speed of light. This tunnel was black on the inside yet translucent because I could see the earth, sky, clouds outside. This vacuum pulled me higher and higher. 

As I drew nearer to Heaven, God's loud voice said unto me, "Ye must be born again!" I felt as if this tunnel was a metaphorical birth canal and I was being born again(cleansed) to enter Heaven, because I was not dead, but only a visitor.

Immediately a bright light appeared and I was standing in a room with whom I knew right away was the first child I had lost, my son Isaac. Instantly, I knew I wasn't only in this room with my son, but that even though I didn't see Him, I was also in the presence of God.

My son ran to me and hugged me  but he wasn't speaking with his lips, we were talking telepathically. We had no need for words and this was the new language. My son hugged me and then pointed, and I could feel an overwhelming presence. I instantly looked away, because God had entered the room and I felt unworthy to look upon His face.  

My son had left to continue playing while Jesus spoke to me. The first thing I saw, without looking directly at Him due to my unworthiness, was His feet. Jesus was not wearing shoes, and I could see the holes on His feet. He wore a tannish garment (robe) and He had a golden aura. It was extremely bright yet I could still make out His features.

When He stopped in front of me, I looked up a little higher to see His hands with holes where the nails had been, and that is when He carried a telepathic conversation, though my eyes had stopped at his Hands for my feeling of unworthiness. 

He said that because my mother and brother do not believe in Him, He does not (know) them. They are not His children and He has denied them external life. He was especially stern about my brother and I was fearful, but relieved it was not me that His anger waxed hot for. He told me that my family will hate me but that He was hated before the world began. 

God then told me that He had brought me to Heaven so that I could return and tell people about Him. Finally,  just before telling me that He had found favor with me, He said He would show me His glory (face).

When I saw Him as a whole, he appeared to be  a lot shorter than I had imagined, (although He stood a foot taller than me), I'm 5'3. His face shone like the sun yet every detail was identifiable. His face was roundish like a circle, His eyes darkish green, stubble was on His face with a mustache, His nose was predominant and His hair shoulder length, wispy and brown like a breeze was always around Him. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, unlike ANY image I had ever seen before. 

Then, He held out his hand and I was instantly back in my bed. I woke crying with all kinds of mixed emotions. For days, I have been both enlightened and troubled over this, reading fervently in the Bible about the dreams and visions the disciples and prophets had seen.

It has been especially hard for me to grasp the fact that God has denied my mother and brother. And it is because of their unbelief. 

Even after reaching out and telling my mother and brother these things. my mother refuses to talk to me, and my brother denies Jesus is God. 

Please pray for them and pray God relents for them to have a chance in Heaven. I feel like Moses who had to constantly pray for the children of Israel that wandered the desert forty years, and it was their unbelief that brought their demise on the first generation. 

These images scare me for them that they will go down to Hell instead of seeing and feeling peace in Heaven. 

I believe this was more than just a dream but a vision. God not only allowed me to see my son,  but also showed himself to me, and I have never loved Him more for it.

Heidi, United States

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Heidi's Dream of Jesus

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