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"Dreams and Visions 
of Jesus Page 22"

Adrian: United States

I had a dream the night of 11/27/2018.

In my dream, there were 4 of us carrying a wooden casket. The lid was not on all the way so I could see in just a bit. All I could see is bones as I looked a little longer I seen flesh start growing on the bones. As soon as I looked back up someone was standing on the top of the casket. Then he jumped off on to the ground we all turned to look at him, and we didn't know what to think then we all realized it was the Lord Jesus. All the Lord did is put his hands up in the air and smile. Then I realized that the other three people helping me carry the casket were 3 of the apostles. It was crazy, and I can't stop thinking about it. It was the first dream of the Lord I have ever had. So now I pray for more dreams from God!

Mathias: Denmark

I dreamt that I was in some sort of room - I think it had wooden ceilings, but I'm not sure. I saw a man in his thirties with a brown beard, brown eyes, brown hair, wearing a white robe. I realized after waking up that I had seen the Lord - Jesus, but I wasn't aware of it while I was dreaming. He looked much like I could have imagined him in his human form while living on earth.

In the dream, he didn't speak to me, but he silently looked at something. I turned around to see, what he was looking at and it turned out to be crystals hanging on some sort of thread. They resembled the ones that you sometimes see on a crystal lamp with glass beads. On two of those glass beads were pictures of me. The first one was when I was about three years old and the second one was when I was in my late thirties after getting my faith restored after years in spiritual darkness and unbelief. I realize now that the dreams tell me he has been there my whole life silently at my side even in those years when I was in darkness and couldn't believe I him and wasn't aware. God is real. Praise the Lord!

Norma: United States

I had a dream that Jesus was floating in the air and was shaking his head no to me. But I felt no fear just trying to understand what he was trying to tell me.

Regan: United States

My then boyfriend (now husband) and I were having a lot of issues, and I was crying one night, not able to sleep. I lived alone, and I was laying in bed and closing my eyes trying so hard to just go to sleep. I was startled when I heard something next to me, and I saw Jesus. He was all in white, and his hair was brown and long. He put his hand on my arm and said everything is going to be ok. It actually scared me that somebody was in my house and I sat up, and he was gone. When I realized it was really him, I wanted him to come back, but I’ve never seen him since. I slept very peacefully that night, and my stress over what was going on went away after that.

Roland: Nigeria

I had a dream of looking up to the sky, and I called Jesus to appear, and he did appear. I did this in almost all the directions, and he never failed to appear. He asked me what my name is and I told him my name is oluwagbenga. He asked me what do I need, and I said I want to travel abroad. Secondly, I began to use His name to pray. Let there be light, in the name of Jesus Christ....and so on....

Yothi: India

I'm a Hindu ..one night I saw Jesus in my dreams.. he was protecting me from violence. I was hidden in bushes.. then Jesus came in front of me and took me from there and gave me the power to fly. I was flying ..he said that he will always protect me..though I had never gone to any church or said any prayer to Jesus. I don't bother at all.. because for me God is the one who lives in me.

Laura: United Kingdom

This happened last night, and I still can't believe it happened to me. Not me, I'm nobody. But I was asleep and all of a sudden Jesus appeared in front of me, after my praying to see Him for ages! It lasted only about 2 or 3 seconds, and I knew exactly Who it was, He didn't need to say a thing, I knew Him. I can tell you all, I've never seen anyone so beautiful in all my life, no actor who plays Him, nothing can ever come close. He radiated purity, beauty, and majesty. As I realized exactly Who I was looking at I got such a scare I woke myself up, this was Jesus! Still pinching myself. He's so so soooooo beautiful.

Amanda: United Kingdom

I had a dream I was sitting on a rock next to Jesus, it was hot. Then we were sitting on a park bench in an oasis; it was cool and shady with ducks in and around a pond. I asked Jesus who comforts God when he cries, and he said, YOU do.

IRISH: Philippines

I dreamed of Jesus last night. I cannot recall much, but I know that Jesus was beside me. He was wearing white, and his hands and feet have holes. He looks like a foreign man with a black beard. Remember that Jesus died at the cross and he rose from the dead on the third day. I saw Jesus has a passport. Maybe he wants me to go with him to the other countries to do my mission. I have this deep feeling to help the children and less fortunate people. Let's help one another and do our duties like followers of Jesus Christ

Erin: United States

I was laying in bed with my eyes open, but all the lights were off. I wasn’t quite asleep yet when all the sudden I think I heard my name called and I knew it was from Jesus. My vision kept going in and out like awake to asleep and it was all hazy and then during all that Jesus’s face appeared looking at me right in front of my face. It wasn’t opaque, but I knew it was Jesus and I was scared until I realized not to be and that’s when Jesus appeared. He didn’t say anything, but I felt that he was there to say I love you and I see you.

Jow: Philippines

I dreamt about chaos at first, deception of evil, hearing evil voices, that made me paranoid. And then eventually I went on to a group of people asking them their belief and religion, with a raise of hand, a few identified themselves as Christians, I even asked if there are those who believe in mary, and got I think about three hands. Throughout I think I was fighting against the devil within my dream, I kept mumbling our fathers, and statements like I love you Jesus throughout that ordeal, then I also witness gun exchanges between adult men lying on the floor inside a room, it’s pretty messed up, then in front of me i think 3 toddlers who have their own m16. One of then got instantly killed as he was facing a gun and it was too late to warn him. One of them told me to look at the window because a few men were arriving. What I thought of upon seeing them was revolutionaries/katipuneros/guerilla. Then the kid told me, look who’s with them, to my surprise it was a brown, long-haired man with facial features similar to how Jesus is portrayed in films. He wore I think white robe. It appears they came to liberate the place, for salvation.

Then after some time, I ended up in a train with Jesus in front of me, and that train in what I know is nonfunctional, but it is up and running, so I asked Jesus how did he made it work again, he said some people work on it and not him. The place is like a dessert with a town far beside it. I know throughout it is actually a dream and realized when it’s over when i can fill I can already open my eyes to awaken.

Gilbert: United Kingdom

Seen Jesus come to me wading across standing water. His white robe was floating on the water

JAZZ: United States


Nathan: United States

I dreamt that it was really bright; the area was gold in all directions. I was sitting on a step, and a boy wearing an all white robe approached me having shoulder-length brown hair and holding a brown cord with knots. He asked me about it. I explained to him that it was not a chain for some reason Rosary came to mind (I am not Catholic nor have ever been nor ever will be), but I told the boy it was a cord. After telling him that with a bit of a smile on my face. Then Jesus appeared out of nowhere taking the boy by the hand and leading the boy away. The two disappeared in light, and I woke up.

Yekanamialye: Papua New Guinea

Early this morning around 3am, I saw Jesus appearing in the Sky.

I was in my village among the coffee trees, looking up to the sky. 

Jesus was speaking to me as I looked up. But all over sudden Jesus come down to the ground all dressed up in traditional regalia.

Upon realising he was right in front of me,I kneeled down to worship him, began uttering God.

Jesus reached out his hand and he touched my head. 
I could feel his hands and it was very real. I couldn't sleep until morning.

I prayed and praised God for this beautiful dream

Anthony: United Kingdom

I dreamt that I stepped in to take the weight off Jesus' shoulders and carried the cross for him.

Melissa: United States

I had a regular dream... then all of a sudden, I saw it disappear and I looked at myself and felt I was in another time period. I didn’t know where I was. It was a dirt floor. I only could see people from the waist down. I saw bare feet, and some wore sandals. I saw only a white robe like dresses no pants. I saw a man lying on the floor beside me. I wasn’t sure who this was for certain at first. He was wearing a white robe. He was sweaty, and his hair was black thin straight and greasy up to his shoulders. He was pale white in skin color and his cheeks were sunken in. His face was long. I looked at him and he looked at me. Then he smiled, he was glowing. I saw his teeth they were grayish white. He put a necklace around my neck but didn’t let go of it. He said something in another language. I wish I could of understood what he said? He took the necklace back and he continued to smile and glow. He was laying down on the dirt floor with a piece of wood next to him. I thought, who is this? A woman’s voice breathed in my ear and said this is Jesus and I woke up feeling breathing in my ear! What does this mean???

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