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"Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 44"

Suhana: United States

I had my dream when I was younger, probably in 3rd grade. I was lying down on my bed, with my nightlight on, and as I closed my eyes, I was surrounded by pure white.

I was in a long flowy white dress, and my hair was not as curly and longer.  I was wearing a beautiful crown of flowers around my head too. I remember seeing that I was smiling and happy.

I was dancing with Jesus. His hands felt like nothing, although it was such a graceful, innocent dance. Our hands were interlocked, and we spun around in joy. I had never felt so relaxed in my life!

When I looked down, I could see the earth so clearly, as though I weren’t standing on anything. Even though what I was standing on was clouds. 

When we came to a halt, I told him I didn’t want to go. And he told me I had to. That was when my smile disappeared, and I woke up. 

Jo Ann: United States


I received the following vision from our Lord God on July 29, 2014:

I saw two men on black horses fighting in the air against a man on a white horse. The two men were wearing all black, and their heads and faces were covered with black cloth. 

The man on the white horse was wearing all white. He began riding quickly to the right, and the two men chased after him. I saw an illuminated cloud higher in the air on the right side of the scene, and a white temple or church was inside the cloud. The man in white entered the cloud, and the men stopped in their tracks. 

The cloud began descending, and it burst into a huge brilliant light just above the surface of a lake. An enormous king with a crown suddenly appeared in the same spot. 

The King was Jesus Christ! Jesus' head was above the surface of the lake, and the rest of His body was underneath the surface. His head was much larger than the two men altogether. They were on the ground in the foreground of the scene and still on their black horses. 

They were near the edge of the lake, and Jesus was in the center about forty yards from them. Jesus was staring at them. The riders were very anxious to attack Him. They were about to take off, but they stopped again. The vision ended.

"Be strong and of a good courage. Fear not, nor be afraid of them, for the Lord your God, it is He who goes with you. He will not fail you, nor forsake you." (Deut 31:6)

Come, Lord Yeshua! Thank You, Father God!

Submitted April 22, 2020

Uche: Nigeria

Just this morning, after I woke up, I just decide to lay on the couch and rest a little. All of a sudden, I saw two white mini-aircrafts on the clouds, and not long after they appear, the son of man appeared too, and I woke up

20/4/2020. Uchenna from Nigeria

Donna: Australia

Jesus is within me.
I dreamt of a huge wooden cross that has been lifted to a tree. I know Jesus was around but didn't see him. The was a chain in the cross with a dead woman hanging, but they try to cover it with a cloth. The next scenario was we're on the church, and people were all wearing white and their arms chained together surrounding this bad guy that Was trying to defeat by a good guy with a sword. Suddenly I was in the middle, wearing a white gown and representing Jesus. It's kinda weird I didn't see him there, but I know he is there. I think the message was Jesus is within me.

Jo Ann: United States


I received the following vision from our Lord God on February 4, 2012:

I saw land with brown hills at night. A vivid blue universe was in the top right corner of the scene, and it had many bright white stars.

 I then saw Jesus Christ standing on the land. He was on the right side and facing to the left toward the land. The blue universe was still present and above Him. Jesus was wearing a white gown, and He looked nearly transparent. He had a crown on His head, and the crown was glowing like a halo. 

There were a few words to the right and below Jesus. I suddenly saw a huge rectangular tent in the center of the land. It was the Tabernacle! The inside of the Tabernacle was radiating a beautiful bright glow. It was breathtaking! The vision ended.

  • "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (John 1:1-2)
  • "Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, He saw it and was glad." (John 8:56)

Jesus has been with Our God since the beginning! Jesus Christ is the Word! Submitted April 18, 2020

Patricia: United States

My dream was very long and detailed. The dream started with me being in a house that my mother lived in, but she has been dead for 12 years. I never actually saw her in this dream because she was away somewhere visiting but said that I could stay there. 

Then I have a party and my cousin Lois shows up but she died in October, and she said, no I wasn’t really dead, I just needed time away. So I am walking alone through this house that I had never been in. 

And finally, I see my two sons and my nephew Joe, who are all still alive; then we look out this Big skylight and see the sky filled with Angels coming down to take us All to Heaven, and then I wake up.

Elvira: Nigeria

Today is the 16th of April 2020 at exactly 8.30 am I had a dream that the clouds became super blue; before them there was like a trumpet sound, it was loud, everyone was scared. On the cloud was written, Jesus is real, so many things were written there; he also talked about the internet being addictive, says it's not his idea. I woke up in fear and prayed the best way I could, it felt soo real.

Cindy: United States

Today, April 15, 2020:\This morning, I was half awake, half asleep... was still lazy to get up. Then all of a sudden, I felt I was flying like I was a drone in the air. Suddenly I was like in a desert looking place. The scenery's color is like sepia, like sunset looking place. While I was up in the air I saw a man wearing a white robe; He was walking. Then I realized it was Jesus.

When I realized it was Him, I was drawn closer and closer to Him. He was getting brighter and brighter until I was almost on his chest, then I just wen through His shining chest. Then I woke up; this was my second dream of Him. Jesus is with us. We should not fear, He is always with us!

Aprilyn: Philippines

I dreamed of Jesus many years ago. I saw how Jesus was crucified and beaten many times by a group of men. He was crucified on the floor, and when the men lift the cross, Jesus's head was bowed down and stared at me.

I told this dream to my Minim friends, and they said I have to prepare because Jesus has a message for me, they said that even though they were nuns, they never experienced this dream. Since then, I also sometimes found a crucifix on the ground.

Alayna: United States

A dream about hugging Jesus

I was outside, and all of a sudden, I heard music, and I saw this smoke from the sky. I looked up and saw a shadowy cloud that looked like a man or angel, and then I took a pic w my phone; then all the sudden Jesus started coming down to me, and I started crying in my dream, and he hugged me, but that's all I remember.

Jo Ann: United States


I had the following experience from our Lord God on August 25, 2014, and I was fully awake:

I was staring at a narrow wrought iron gate in front of me. It was daylight, but it seemed like dawn. The gate was an entrance to a pasture, and there were several trees in the background about forty feet away.

The gate was about seven feet tall and three feet wide. It looked old but strong. The entire gate had an elegant design, which included a lion's head inside the top portion.

I then noticed the silhouette of a man walking on the right side of the pasture. I saw him again for a moment, but this time he was closer to the gate. I began closely observing the lion's head, but the head was suddenly transforming into a cross. The cross changed back to the lion's head a few seconds later. The man was Jesus Christ! The experience ended. 

Then Yeshua said to them again, "Truly, truly I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. All who came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. I am the door. If anyone enters through Me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture." (John 10:7-9)

Be ready! Jesus is coming soon! Thank You, Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!

Submitted April 28, 2020

A Gift from God

I dream this on Feb 2020 again; many times, I see Jesus in the clouds with many angels surrounding him. When I was in the Philippines before, I dream of Jesus, the same thing, always in the clouds with angels. I thought when I came to Canada, it wouldn't repeat anymore, but I was wrong, it has happened three times already. 

The latest was this Feb 2020..he was looking at me, but as a bright light and he always wears the white robe. I can only say in my dream " what Lord," and many times, I see things which I know are not natural. 

I've been given a "gift" ..a gift that I can feel..strong feeling that normal people don't have, "I can feel what people cannot see. I have experienced a strong force, who saved my life before when I was almost dead. It was a strong force that I cannot see, only feel. Perhaps it was an angel Jesus christ himself saved my life from danger. From that moment, the gift of feeling became stronger.

I can feel evil spirits in this world, many of them even hiding in the body of humans.

God always tries to help me when something is wrong..I have this gift since elementary, and it is even stronger now.

I have lots of dreams in the past...strange things, especially when it comes to natural disasters."

I accepted this even when I was young. God is always with me everywhere I go.

Joyce: United States

In my dream I went back into Jesus' days, well how I know the clothes they had on, I seen a man in white looking at me I went to hide, but I saw some people, so I ask, who was that man they said, Jesus. And I woke up.

Jamie: United States


Two men were going inside a series of caves. They got separated, and the one man came into a large area. There was a white ball, glowing brightly on the floor of the cave. The man looked astonished. The ball was God.

 The ball went back and forth towards and away and around the man. This went on for a minute, then the ball hit the man, and he turned a brilliant gold shiny color. The man walked into another part of the cave and rested for the night.

 The two men met up again, the one who was gold was normal looking again, but he was changed, and Jesus was standing nearby. 

They went into a marketplace that looked carved out of a cliffside, Jesus walked with them. They pulled along a shopping cart with something inside it, Jesus looked at the cart as they rolled it past him in a contemplative way. They wanted to show the people who God was. 

The people of the marketplace seemed astonished as the men told of God. At one of the shops sat a guy who I think was a representation of me, was nervously and fidgeting with a paper. Jesus stood next to him and said something soothing, and it felt comforting. 

Jo Ann: United States

I received the following vision from our Lord God on January 16, 2011:

I saw a man walking in the air just above the ground, and the dirt looked gray. He was floating in the opposite direction, and he was wearing an oversized white suit. I noticed another man nearby, and he had the same white suit. They were wearing glass helmets, but the glass seemed very thin. 

I quickly realized the suits were white spacesuits, and the two men were astronauts walking on the moon. While I was viewing them, I saw a man in the foreground of the scene slightly to the left. I could only see from waist up, and he had shoulder-length hair. 

A thin bright blue light outlined his body, and he was transparent. I could see right through his body to the scene of the astronauts. He was Jesus Christ! Jesus was there when the astronauts were on the moon!

The vision ended. 

"The Lord, He goes before you. He will be with you. He will not fail you nor forsake you. Do not fear, nor be dismayed." (Deut 31:8)

Keep trusting in God! Thank You, Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!

Submitted April 26, 2020

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