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"How Jesus Saved My Life"
By Maggie

I would like to give my testimony about how Jesus saved my life numerous times from the Devil and when I write “Devil” I am explicitly talking about Lucifer who is God’s prime Adversary whom I have seen few times in my vision. He made me realize how much he hates me. I don’t want to disclose my identity so I would call myself Maggie. I from Dehradun, INDIA.

I was a physically weak child though but was active in sports, extracurricular activities and was very good at studies. 

But life was not so very easy for me right from the childhood, my relatives never liked me and always attacked me by doing witchcraft. They tried to kill me through their black magic. 

One more important thing which I would like to share is that I am a gifted child. Majority of my dreams comes true, and I keep getting visions since I was six years of age. Moreover, I can clearly hear heavenly or evil messages.

The best and most beautiful part is I have seen Jesus around 8-9 times in my life. Gradually understood that I belong to Jesus, I am one of Jesus's beloved children and devoted myself entirely to him.

Remember, Satan does not like these things and right from those times, Satan made my life miserable, pathetic and tormented me as if some horror movie has been played on.

The evil one chose my relatives to kill me and destroy me. The evil one made it so hard and tragic for me that y life started looking a trouble for me. The physical tormenting which I suffered was very slow which ensured that each day of my life become so tough that I finish my life. 

These relatives will go to Church, sing songs, do worship but from inside they were all devilish.

My parents took me to every place in India and did whatever they could to save my life, but my conditions worsened as the days were passing by.

In the meantime, I kept getting visions of good, bad and evil. 

I was taken to priests of all religions to perform an exorcism on myself. Regular, exorcism practices were making so very weak and very ugly. No one was able to help us. These priests didn’t have enough power to save me from that demon as I was possessed.

Finally, I decided to end my life because I was emaciated by that demon who was eating and killing me every day. It even used to rape me. 

I thought Jesus is not listening to me anymore and was about to finish my life.

But as the bible teaches, One must not lose faith. A miracle happened in my life- Jesus taught me to fight the battle with the demon. It was amazing how that I got a big hope in Jesus, and Jesus was about to take away those 15 years of possession by this demon from me. 

I didn’t have to go anywhere. I was told in my vision by Jesus to keep fast for 40 days. I was also told to pray on water so that the water becomes the Holy blood of Christ. 

Fasting in such a weak, wretched body seemed impossible, but with God anything is possible. I started fasting and prayer over water. This led to my internal healing made me felt better and confident. 

Jesus gave me my beauty back. No person can figure out by looking at my face that I have been through so much. When all this started, I was 19 years old, and now I am 37, seems like a century but I don’t know what words to use to praise our Almighty Heavenly Father. No word seems enough to express his nondescript love, kindness, and mercy. Trust me, I am not talking high about myself, but I still look not more than 25. Isn’t that amazing!

I hope that my testimony encourages the people and gives a boost to their waning faith and belief in Jesus. My continued prayers are for all the believers of Jesus Christ our Lord and for all the other good people who are pure in heart and have made up their mind and heart to give themselves entirely to the Lord. Jesus is Master, in him & with him, everything is possible. 

Maggie: India

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Jesus Saved My Life

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