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Jen Jasmin: Philippines
I dreamed that I was in a house like the one where Jesus and the apostles were eating the last supper. As I was about to enter I saw that the floor appeared to be in the outer space, and that I was looking on earth. 
I saw the clouds and was afraid of falling. On the other side I saw a man wearing a brown coat, and he said, "come, do not look down, just pass over the narrow block and you will get here safe". 
So I passed through it, and then he said that he had been waiting for me, and that someone wanted to see me. And he took me to another room where there was a long table with a lot of plates. On the other side of the table were more people wearing the same brown coat, and they were talking. 
And the man with me said, "she's here!" And the people stopped and stared at me, and I was amazed, because in the middle of them I saw who I feel was Jesus Christ! I saw his face, it was so peaceful, and I could feel the love, holiness, and the peacefulness on him. And he said to me, "it's okay, everything's gonna alright". 
And i ask my self, "why did he say that its gonna be alright, when i am already safe at my home?" And he said, "just step on a large plate on that table and you will go home," but i said "why? I dont want to go, I'm already at home," and he said, "you'll come back if its the right time." I was crying as I stepped on a large plate, because He said that I have to go back home. 
As I walked on the plates they became singing angels!, its was loud, yet calm and solemn, and I started to cry again, because I didn't want to go home, I just wanted to stay with him. As I stared back at him, and with a smile I said, "bye-bye," and he said bye-bye. 
I walked through what appeared to be a white hole in what seemed to be slow-motion. At the end was a bright light, and the angels were singing, but I forget what they were singing. As I approached the bright light the song was getting lower and lower, and suddenly I woke up!. 
The feeling in that moment was intense, and so peaceful and loving. All the goodness we feel is in there! I didn't remembered in my dream that I had sons waiting for me at home, and had even said that I didn't want to go home. My dream of Jesus was the most memorable dream in my entire life, and I will never forget it.

Stacie: United States

I have had many dreams - scary ones and good ones.  Which one should I share with you today?  

From my dreams I know that Jesus fights for us and that the word of God is more powerful then any double edged sword! Hebrew 4:12.  I am no saint, but I have been praying for God's grace on my hearts mistakes to be washed away before Jesus lately.

I accepted Jesus in 2010 and I had this dream that caught me off guard.

I was in a dark room sitting on a bed and I closed my eyes with my head bowed.  I hear footsteps coming and try to open my eyes, but I cannot do so. I try really hard to get my eyes to open.  

A man is praying for me, but I am not paying attention really to what he is saying.  The last thing I hear himsay is, "Father, may she know Me." Then I managed to open a sliver of my eye to see a soft colored golden light radiating from this man who is praying for me. When I awake I am still trying to open my eyes, in reality.

I told my pastor this because I was worried, why would Jesus pray for me in this regard, am I not going to know Him in the end?  

I have had a recent dream that wasn't good at all and now question my standing with Jesus even more to be honest, but God's grace is not without effect when we ask Him for help.   

I have questioned in my heart, why would Jesus pray over me on this regards?  I hope I know and get to love Him in a deeper way. - I know that He is the only one to go to in the time of trouble, doubt, fear, and everything else.

Do not be afraid, because God is bigger then any of your troubles or problems - He will not forsake you even when in doubt.  

I am a person in much doubt and am not super human, but He is always there to strengthen me - Amen.

Florence: Namibia
greetings, I dreamed that we were a big group of Christians and Satan himself with his demons was on earth. they tried to attack us but we were praying the " Our Father " and they could not touch us but when one of us got tired then Satan dragged that person to his side until we were a small group left. we decided to ran and i came to a hill path that was difficult for me to run but i tried. there was someone who was encouraging me from top to try harder. when i reached the top i could not look in his face because the light was all over but i could see his big hand helping me up to the safety and i woke up.

Shaira: Philippines
I dreamt of Jesus. He suddenly appeared at the sky and I was telling everyone that Jesus was up the sky and that Jesus has come again for the second time. I didn't know why I told everyone that it was Jesus' second coming. Then, he suddenly disappeared. kinda weird.

Destiny: United States
I had a dream that I have been hesitating to tell but I just have a urge that I have to. 

I opened my eyes and I saw a bright light. I was confused about where I was, but felt like I was at home. 

I then saw a figure of a man walking toward me. I squinted my eyes to see who it was, but the sun was too bright. When the figure was closer to me, I saw that it was Jesus. 

Realizing who it was I went down to my knees. "My child, you may rise," He said. When I looked up, his arms were spread open as if he was welcoming me to his home. 

When I stood he waved me over. I walked to him and he put one of his arms over my shoulders, as if I was his daughter. We stopped In front of a pond with rocks surrounding it. He told me to go on the other side of the small pond, and so I did. 

Then he bowed his head and folded his hands, and I did the same. He started praying, but I could not understand the language he was speaking, but it
felt like I did. When he stopped, I pitched in speaking in the same language as he. We both lifted our heads and he smiled at me, as if he was pleased. 

"Tell me what you see in the pond." I looked down and  saw that I was wearing some type of armor, with a sword at my hip, and my hair was golden blonde-haired  in a tight bun. Then I looked past my face and I saw golden wings behind me. I took my eyes off the pond and I looked behind me to make sure it was real. And sure enough they were. 

Then I turned to Jesus and answered him, "I see myself." He nodded and smiled again. "Now, look again." I did and this time I saw myself in my bed sleeping a peaceful sleep. "I see myself in bed sleeping." He nodded again. 

"Correct, Now I want you to tell me the Ten Commandments," so I quoted him the Ten
Commandments, but did not know the creeds. Instead of giving me a smile, he frowned at me with disappointment.

I felt like I wanted to cry but no tears came. And then I was falling, I tried to use my wings but they would not move so I just fell.

Before I hit the ground, I woke up with a jolt, and was very cold. I felt like I was dead, but came back to life. I tried to move but my whole body was numb. 

The dream has been nagging at me as if I know what it means, but it felt important. So I started reading the Bible, and pray every night before I go to bed. I just want to know what it means. 


Rita: United States
I had a dream about Jesus, it was few years ago," I was looking for my daughter, it was a bright sunny day, I was walking on a dirt road, it was like desert.

I was panicking, and started running up a hill, people were running all over, like middle east (women in scarves and long dresses) men were wearing long material as well.  

All of a sudden an earth quake happened and I started to see big rock buildings collapsing, men in long black robes and weird black hats were scared, and started to fall on their knees. 

The whole time I was asking if anyone has seen my daughter but it was like no one understood me, I turned to see a man in long white robe, I started to cry and realized he was JESUS. 

I felt OK, and when he lifted his hands my daughter was under His arms."  

I am still not sure what to make of this dream..


Sarah: United States

I had two dreams in the last 2 weeks. 

First one was of me in a kitchen that was very bright. I was cutting up a beautiful piece of meat. I kept thinking to myself, this is so beautiful!

Then Jesus spoke from behind me to my right and spoke to satan who was across from me on the left and said, the end is near, it's almost over. It was very matter of fact and I wasn't scare whatsoever. 

The second dream was last night 12/08/14, Jesus was teaching me things that were written in beautiful white stones. I'm not sure what the stones said, but they were important. I knew in my dream that there were three lessons, the second lesson, I physically woke up and understood but then quickly fell back to sleep. When I woke up, I couldn't remember what the lessons were. 

I somehow knew when I woke up that these lessons are apart of me but they're somehow sealed up in me for the time. This is just the feeling I got, almost an all knowing feeling. 

In both dreams, I did not see Jesus but I knew he was there. Both times he was to my right. 

I'm wondering what the meat means in my first dream and what the stones and lessons mean in my second. My human nature wants to know so badly but I have a feeling the Lord will reveal these things to me in time. 


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