"My Dream of Heaven"
Had plenty of Mansions

Two days ago, I had a dream that I was in heaven. My dream of Heaven began here on earth. There were people hiding from evil, and I was really scared, and didn't know what to do.

Everything around me was so dry, (like a desert), and destroyed. There was no food, and the people caught diseases that quickly spread amongst everyone on earth. The people, including me, that didn’t get infected by the disease, were running and hiding.

I remember running with someone, and somehow being on top of a roof of a house that wasn't fully constructed. From the rooftop, this person and I saw helicopters, tons of them, landing all over. Out of them came an army, not any army that we knew, but an army of evil. "The army of the devil."

They were shooting people and killing everyone in sight. At that moment, we ran in fear. We had to run from both, the diseased people, and the army of the devil.

Then I was led by someone to a hideout where other non-diseased people stayed. We were only there a little while before we heard that the army was close by.

So someone led me to this downhill slope, carved from the dirt in the ground. It was like a very long slide, but it wasn't man made. It is hard to describe, but it was as if the ground was just carved with a U shaped slope, that went all the way down this hill.

I slid onto it, and it felt like I was sliding for miles and miles. At one point I stopped and went to the side to see if the army was still trying to get me. It was, and I was so scared that I got back on the "slide," not knowing where it would lead.

When I finally reached the end, it was in the backyard of a huge house. Their were others with me, and they wanted to go into the house, thinking the people there might be able to help us. But I said no, what if they're evil too? So instead, we went around to the front of the house; from there we were over-looking a,  huge city like place.

This city, in my dream of Heaven,  was unlike anything I have ever seen! The grass was the most vivid color green, and the sky the most vivid color of blue; and there were hillsides on top of hillsides, full of HUGE beautiful mansions. Everything was so colorful, unlike any contrast on Earth.

It was so beautiful that I started crying. I felt so happy, and peaceful, not like anything I have felt before. It was like the happiest I have ever felt on earth, x a billion. The word, "happy" is an understatement for the way I felt, there is no word that can describe the feeling.

No evil could get to us, their was no sorrow, no guilt, no jealousy, no depression, just PURE joy.

Then I was led to a building that overlooked a huge ocean. The sky over us was filled with pinks, purples and oranges, like a sun set. I knew by the way we traveled, that we were no longer in human form. We were transported through the grassy hillsides so smoothly and fast, that we definitely were not walking.

Once we arrived at the building, a presence came upon us, not in human form though, it was like the Holy Spirit.

It was God, and although I didn't see Him I knew He was there. All that my subconscious mind could think of was how beautiful everything was; and I thought, "do I get to have one of these huge homes, if so, which one? I want one!"

At that moment God said to me, "don't worry, I have plenty of mansions here for you to choose from." It was like He knew what I was thinking. I was So happy, and felt so loved  that I knew in my dream,  I was in heaven, and I didn't want to leave.

I remember gliding through Heaven, seeing more hillsides and mansions, and wanting to see still more of it, then I woke up.

When I woke up I could still feel the joy and happiness. My body and mind have never experienced these feelings before, and I'm so very thankful for the blessing I received that night, in my dream of Heaven..

Christianna: United States

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My Dream of Heaven

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