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"Dreams and Visions 
of Jesus Page 24"

Elisha: India

I Was a little Child just seven years old. We were very poor at that time. I still remembered it been a winter season and I don't have slipper. I prayed every day that Jesus please bought for me slipper, And one day I had a dream that Jesus Christ holds my hand and took me to the slipper shop and bought me some slippers. When I woke up I searched everywhere, but I didn't find it; but later that same day my father bought slippers for me. And I still remembered his smile his hair and how my Savior looked at me, and after this dream, my life changed I studied in good school. My father got a very good job. I even moved to another big city for studies. Now I have everything. But in my Dream Jesus never came again. I want to dream again, and I want my savior again to hold my hand. 
Love you, Jesus... Missing you  

Merly: Australia

I saw Jesus in my dream, and that he needed help; and told me I needed to take off the crown of thorns that was on his head and put it on the table. And all of a sudden he was standing and I saw Jesus like a tall human being. 

Renae: United States

After a very painful and tumultuous separation from my Husband, I was discerning what to do. I concluded it was God's will for me to stay married.

Immediately following I had the same dream 3 nights in a row, in Feb. of 2017, Jesus appeared breathtakingly in White, offering me a chalice to drink.

He spoke no words, but I immediately knew what it meant, it was life giving and a blessing and confirmation of my discernment and suffering to come for the course to take. But that he, by giving Himself to me, would be with me the entire time. I will never forget the experience. It has changed my life. Jesus, I trust in You!

Peter: Zambia

I have been seeing faces of people, Jesus, and others unknown in the clouds/skies. What does this mean? 

Myriam: Country

It has been 8 years since I had the dream. I do not visit church except the night before Christmas and on Palm Sunday.

In my dream, I saw myself laying on a bed. All the sudden, I realized, I was floating. I could see my body laying on the bed. I then saw a man walking on the foot of the bed toward a desk I used to have by the window. It was bright outside. All the sudden, I’m standing in front of the man.

I was very close to him. I could see his dark brown eyes. His skin was dark, his smile was peaceful. His nose was definitely of a middle eastern man.

He was dressed in a light brown big blouse like a robe.  His hair was black, shoulder length and slightly wavy. He was definitely of middle eastern descent. He was wearing a khaki hat.

He then held my hand, it was warm. I felt so much peace. I used to wear a ring with a green glass on my heart finger. He took it off. He then started to talk to me eye to eye without moving his lips. He gave a set of instructions I rather not say. He then placed in the same finger he took my ring off, another ring that had an emerald. I started to feel so much peace.

I then saw him passing by leaving the room. He opened the door, and when he closed the door, the building alarm went off. I woke up and quickly started to run to leave the room. When I opened the door to leave, the alarm stopped ringing.

A week later, my husband gave me a ring and proposed to me in a cave in Pizmo Beach. I moved across the states to follow him. Before that dream, the last thing in my mind was marriage. In fact, I was previously married 12 years before. I kept pushing my husband away until he finally left California to move to Georgia. 

I don’t have a doubt in my mind that the man in my dream was Jesus.  That’s how he wanted me to feel in the dream.  I felt I could trust every single word he said to me even though came from a stranger. I felt so much love and peace. It’s a dream, I will never forget, and it changed my life 360 degrees

Leo: Philippines

I saw Jesus Christ in my dream ... He was wearing a White dress with green sash. Jesus spoke to me and said, " How are you, Leo?" Come on and join the festivities, let's eat. Jesus was smiling while the wind is blowing gently. 

I decided to take a picture of Jesus using my mobile phone while He was sitting.

But when I reviewed the picture gallery He was not in the picture, only the people around Him were on the picture. And I said to myself, He was the real True God.

Toni: United Kingdom

I'm not a religious person, and this is the first time I have dreamt this. I dreamed Jesus was dressed in a white gown with thorns on his head. A cross was burning Jesus got on it himself and burnt his self to death. He made no noise, and no words were exchanged between I just stood watching.

Felipe: United States

I was inside my house with my family when I heard a loud noise come from outside. When I looked out the window, I saw a white figure coming down to earth. I immediately thought of Jesus. For a brief second, I saw him visit my neighbors. But the one part that I didn't understand was that he turned into someone else. 

After telling something to my neighbor he came to me and my parents. He looked at me said something that made me happy. It filled me with joy.  

As I woke up, I prayed. To be reminded of what Jesus said to me In that dream. Before I went to sleep and had this dream, I was lost and confused. I selfishly started saying outrageous things as I wept. Now I feel like my faith was restored as well as my hope and trust in God. 

I prayed for forgiveness for what I said, and I prayed for his blessings, for his protection, and guidance.  I also prayed for grace and wisdom for what's to come, and for my true love to be brought closer to me

Dianne: Guyana

I had a dream that I was in front of my house, and the sky started to get dark. I got a little scared, but then the sky started to get so bright, and as I looked I saw Jesus' face in the sky. I was calling for my family to see Jesus but by the time my family came outside his face just disappeared.

Tina: United States

I was standing in the street, and a car was going to hit me. I looked up, and Jesus was floating above me to the right of me reaching his hand, and I was reaching for his calling his name. I kept looking back at the car coming. The image of Jesus turned into an angel who was also reaching their hand out to me again. I kept reaching but still looking at the car. That's all I remember. I think I woke up.

Kylie: United States

I had a dream that I felt lonely, and everything in the world was going wrong, the world was in a state of chaos, and I looked up to the night sky to see the stars making a vision of Jesus. I reached my hand and called out to him, but he turned away and waved his hand at me like he was trying to shake me away as he turned

Whitney: United States

I had a dream of a bright image in the sky. I couldn't see through it until it dimed a bit. I then saw an image pointing to the left. I think he pointed twice and turned his back and walked away. What does that mean, am I on the left hand of Jesus??

Annie: United States

This was on 12/31/18, and I had this dream last night. I started off hanging out with some friends and ordinary things, then I go into like a cottage type home, I come out of the house on the other side, and I am so shocked I see all these beautiful colors, and I don't know how to describe how it all looks. I then came up to Jesus and all the other people at the table I go on the side on one of these things and start shouting "THIS ISNT REAL, THIS ISNT REAL" I was crying tears of joy as well, while I was screaming Jesus was looking at me smile and nodding his head. Although he did look similar to Jesus but not quite. I then sat at the table there were no more people there, and it was just Jesus or me. I was on my phone, and I decided to get off because it was disrespectful. What I'm saying is what is the meaning?? He never spoke to me?? This felt very realistic, and I felt very comfortable with Jesus.

Becky: Country

I dreamt that I was hugging Jesus and crying. 

He let me cry for hours and hugged me the whole time. He was wearing a white robe, and he felt so safe and warm. I didn’t want to wake up because I knew it would end.

Carol: United States 

Jesus Answered My Question            

For as long as I can remember I have always prayed to Jesus but wondered if he could hear me with so many people praying to him at one time. And this is what he did. I never forgot it, and it changed my life.  

About 13 years ago I hurt my knee in work, and I had to go for an MRI  As I was waiting in the inner room for the MRI my knee hurting I was just sitting there rubbing my knee, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a white cloth hanging on the waiting rm door. It was a week before Halloween, so I figured it was some kind of a stencil, but also wondered why I didn't notice it when I walked into the small waiting room.

As I looked at the door, I noticed green grass next to the cloth. I slowly started looking up, and at first, I saw past the cloth a long, rolling, beautiful hill, and also a large beautiful tree on the left side. My eyes went back to the cloth, and fingers were sticking out ..still expecting a decoration I looked, and there was the face of a man.

I jumped up and looked into the face, and I don't know if I said it out loud, but said, oh my god it is Jesus, and I just fell into the chair I was so stunned. I covered my eyes and prayed dear God I am not worthy to look at you, just say the word so I may look at you, my heart was pounding. I looked up again and Jesus was sitting on a large rock, his hands were together, and he was looking at me smiling ..but this time I was not in the room. I was standing almost in front of him.and a beautiful tree and sun were shining towards him.

I wanted to speak to him, but I just could not take my eyes off him and how beautiful he was. Also, I knew he wanted me to let everyone know that he heard every prayer people say to him.

I blinked my eyes and all of a sudden was right there inside the place with Jesus. I could feel the heat from the sun very warm on the back of my neck and Jesus was smiling at me, but before I could ask him a question I was sitting in a chair and someone was telling me it was my turn to get my MRI. but by then there was nothing on the door..

Later, after sitting in my car going over what happened I went home and felt so peaceful, and spread the word that everything was going to be okay with Jesus watching over us 

I am 70 years old and still feel that peace and see his face. Knowing he is my Father in Heaven watching over all people that believe in him his children.

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