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Benard : Kenya
I was walking down the road with my older brother, slightly behind him but slightly infront of us there was a man coming towards us and he was saying these words ...there is a light coming down from above ,there is a light coming from above ,to me he looked like, like a guy who passed away not many years back but was a very bold guy talking about Jesus when he was alive ,he was so bold in the dream that my bro smiled seeing how bold he was, we shortly passed each other, and he went on his way saying the same words even louder that he even looked kinda funny according to human eyes, after he passed my brother still us looking up said Jesus is coming back soon, only shortly after my brother said this i saw the heavens open and release a man that was wearing a white robe, and his body looked liked a glorified body and he came out both arms stretched, like how you keep your hands when you are approaching someone to hug them from a distance how you stretch all your arms , then  i saw my older brother smile and say in our language , its him its Jesus , when i woke up i thought it was real , cs all looked so real in that dream ,i have dreamt dreams but this one i will never forget,i am a christian but since i had that dream i have considered everything a loss and as paul said garbage ,i just wanna be where he is when he comes back

Christina: United Arab Emirates
 While I was praying and pouring my heart to Jesus, I saw a vision of a hand of Jesus, golden in colour with the deep scar mark of the nail trying to hold my hand. What does this mean? Can you please interpret for me?  Thanks. Tina

Dream 1: I saw myself at my praying spot,an isolated quite area, and I sat there wondering where Jesus is.I had this idea to shout his name,as I instinctively knew, this dream world was actually the spiritual world. So I shouted his name. Immediately, curiously a light come down in shape of a man, slowly walking on the clouds as stairs and reached out to me by extending his hand to me. The dream ended. Morning,I woke up feeling like a baby; pure, clean and perfect.
Dream 2: I was praying and fasting.At night as I slept. I saw myself talking to a 'Caucasian' man. He was wearing a silky-silvery diamond-sparkling white gown. As we talked, cant remember the contents of the convo, I realised there were also people behind him also wearing the same white shining-glowing robes. All this time I had no idea they were angels. As we talked, I realised this caucasian man was not listening listening to what I was saying, he seemed distracted. Always glancing beyond the point where we stood as if he was seeing something....so I turned my head to see what he kept looking at. I SAW A MAN SITTING ON A THRONE SET UPON A HIGH PLACE. HIS FACE WAS SHINING LIKE THE SUN!!!!Instantly,I panicked, woke up in terror, for I knew I was flesh, I has seen the MOST HIGH face to face.
Country: Country
I dreamt I laid my daughter down for a nap, her father and I noticed the nail piercings in her feet, just like the ones they pierced Jesus Christ with at the cross. They weren't bleeding, so we put her on a rolling cart and pushed her out. It freaked me out so I immediately woke up. What does this mean for us?

immyy: United States
I had my dream and saw him in person but he has a mechanism skill with my body to be able to see him when in normal life the body can't .. only when he decide to come. Am trying to find comments matched my dream and in person too but I couldn't find.. saw him in dream with my eye closed when he approach soft golden light good enough not to wake up my loved one beside me .. saw him wearing thorn crown on him I was like wait a min lord if you are already alive and resurrected then should have wear golden crown instead I was kind of shock and I woke up he is still there staring at me the same picture as in dream he still there good for 17-20 seconds. The mechanism he put on me is see him clear through my eyelid while eye is closed I see him crystal clear and when I woke up the same picture still there he came just to let me know that he died on cross for my sin and forgiven. Or that he is alive. Which is very good news not only for me but for me to tell you all he's alive and very real. Almost wake my loved one up and tell her to look what I saw but in my body I was frozen and unthinkable ... I had many imagination of grab my iPhone and take selfie with him it was right there on nightstand charged.  No other dream I ever dreamed matched this one see through with my eyes closed. I woke up saw him for 17-20 seconds then he faded away into the air. I asked lord to come back. And go outside get some fresh air and I cried as I was very happy.    He can do all impossible way to make it works that's how I will know when some one say it along with mechanism that way I can believe them because I have been there.   Maybe everyone have their own different methods another than mine but of course must have mechanism with impossible. If he shows you the impossible way you will know that's him if other that is possible it could be from reading books or tv or look at picture etc.  I hope if any one of you have alternative to my mechanism please email me jimmymosero@gmail.com again good news he is still alive. He also doesn't stop forgiving he loves you still ... praying father thou art in heaven thank you for giving me all this news and to share to the world about good news and describe of the impossible mechanism to be more specification honest I pray that you can give other alike what you gave me to bless them if they find it and knowing it's true and knowing few are chosen and few are called thank you father for this pray Amen.   He loves you....

Christina: United Arab Emirates
 As I was praying and pouring out all my difficulties,I saw a vision of Jesus' showing his one hand that shone like gold,with a deep scar of the pierced nail trying to
touch my hand.  What is the meaning of this vision, pls. thanks, Tina

Omar: Finland
I'm Muslim from Iraq my original roots is
Al- Hashimi related to my grandfather prophet Mohammad living in Finland 
I'm reading Quran and Bible 
Believeing Jesus as God's Word, miracle, from God's soul and also savior. 

Today 09/08/2017
I had dream in ( Jesus, Virgin Mary and prophet Yahya or Johan) all together.
Jesus was harmed and his hands behind his back tied I was so sad and worry about him. Sitting besides him trying to help 
He had black normal not long beard with beautiful lighting face.
Then (Virgin Mary and prophet Yahya or Johan)  came with smile and certainly trust.
Then Jesus told me
" don't worry everything will be good soon " then he said something I don't remember But I had good and peaceful feelings. But I wanted to talk and speak with people about him and his situation.
Then two gentle big persons came tried to prevent me from talking but I was resisting them back.
Then I just wake up

Rick: United States
It was Saturday morning,June 17, 2017 I had gotten out of bed at 630 to let the dogs out into the yard, but went back to bed to sleep in. I began dreaming that I was in a warehouse and for some reason, was being chased by demons. In my dream I had a bottle of water which I was trying to bless, however, when I was trying to do so, Jesus appeared next to me floating in the air. I looked up and saw his face and he was wearing a bright white robe. He opened his arms and hugged me as I hugged him back. He then told me "you are blessed and healed". As he released me from his embrace, I woke up. It was a beautiful dream and it lets me know that he is watching over me. 

Mary: United States
I had a dream I saw Jesus ascending into heaven with a glow all in White.  I was speaking with my ex-mother in law who was there and I turned to her and said he was here I felt him . I have chills all thru my body.  I then woke up and smelt smoke. 

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Dreams and Visions of Jesus Page 10

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