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"The Lord Appeared to
Me in a Dream"

I was having a dream of being in a building when suddenly from the window, I felt a foreign presence and an immense feeling of closure. I saw a brilliant white garbed man with brown hair,  and he stretched out His hands and said: "come with me."

I took His hands and was pulled out the window, falling, fearing but comforted as I was falling.

I landed on a field of green, what I perceived to be grass, but a color of green like no other on this world, it looked like the sea in Greece, shimmering, pearlescent moving kind of green.

I was welcomed and held by the hand by a man who needed no introduction. It was my Lord Jesus Christ!

 An undetermined time passed, holding my hand, I remembered Thomas' passage in the Gospels "I will not believe until I see His hands and feet," and Jesus said touch my hands and side! That prompted me to look at His hand that was holding me and saw that it was pierced, no blood, but not healed. I know this dream is from the Lord. I kissed His hand and wept in gladness.

God the Father

I asked the Lord, "Is this my time? Can I be with you now?" Jesus didn't answer, but something, like the Holy Spirit inside me, prompted me to look up.

I looked up, seeing a beautiful sky, blue yet not blue, purple but not, like a sunset made of more colors than the rainbow. I looked to the right and saw a brilliant prismatic being, like the sun far away but suddenly came close. 

It appeared to be made out of a billion lights, moving around. The color was the same as the green grass on the floor, and there was NO SUN. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that God is the light. JESUS is the LIGHT of the WOLRD, and there is no sun here.

I realized who I was looking at; this object of a billion lights was the Creator. It was GOD the Father.

I immediately fell dead on my face - then I remembered the passage in Revelation that John fell on his face like a dead man. (You have to remember I had not read this passage in years, and it's not even in my current memory.)

Then Suddenly I was Awake

I believe that WAS JESUS

He has shown me this place, which I perceived to be like a garden, maybe the new creation that God and prepared for us.

God was there, like you and me, but not in bodily form but spirit, and HE WAS VISIBLE and was the LIGHT SOURCE of this place.

Jesus was beautiful, kind, with everything just as I had read. 

I believe He was showing me Heaven, and the new creation. The second age. And let me tell you, beautiful doesn't begin to describe what I saw.

This is the first of a few dreams that I remember so vividly. My other dreams are ALL spiritual dreams.

I believe that Jesus was rewarding me in my new, renewed faith. to comfort me to the question, "am I saved?"

I believe that the dream clarifies that I'm safe in the hands of my Lord.

This was the first time the Lord appeared to me in person. I am very grateful and have prayed every day since for thanksgiving of the gift of this dream/vision.

Bryan: United Kingdom

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The Lord Appeared to Me in a Dream

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