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Oliviahy: United States
I had this dream several years ago but I still remember it rather clearly. I was 12 0r 13 years old. Back then I had never really heard of Good Friday. My family is Christian and I've grownup believing so I'm sure it was mentioned. I went to sleep on Thursday night and my dream started with me in my Grandma's living room (that's where we were living at the time). I was watching Jesus crucifixion,not in detail. Then Jesus was next to me with the crown of thorns on his head. He was okay and at peace as he talked to me. I don't know what we talked about. I never have so it's not like my memory of it has just faded over time. Then the scenery changed and I was standing on the shore of the ocean. To my right was sand and rocks leading to a short ledge with grass. Walking along it, going up where people I k re to be the apostles. I don't know how many. I felt like I was Peter's daughter or maybe she was there. I'm not sure. I then ran up to Jesus and he picked me up. By then I'm pretty certain I was me and the sun was shining brightly on our facing as he lifted me in the air. He said to me, now I feel I may have said it to him but I think that's just doubt created over time and stuff. He said, you are the one. That was it and I woke up the next morning to find out I dreamt about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday.I didn't know it was that day or even that we had a day called that so it's not like I could have been thinking about it and the dream was just a manifestation of my thoughts from the day. Anyway, thank you and God bless!

Amberly: United States
I dreamed of being in a medical center with people. I remember being informed I was free to go. That it was time for me to go. But I wouldn't a man was next to me ( Jesus ) I got this feeling that was so Divine being in his  presence. He looked at me asked me basically what are you waiting for? I told him something deeply personal from my past something that has stayed with me. Explaining to him that "that" is holding me back from moving forward. I remember him just looking forward nodding his head.  There was no judgment From him. Nor did he tell me what I should do. But at the same time that  nod  spoke volumes . I know In my heart he was telling me I can't let what has happened to me in my past hold me back from living. That I need to live. Not just  exist 

Lbari: India
This morning 26/7/2017 I had a  dream that I know would change my life forever. I was on the terrace of my house, didn't know what I was doing there (probably collecting the dried off clothes from the hangers) when suddenly there were thick clouds in the sky, lights flashing out from these clouds and from these clouds I saw a light so bright and on that light I saw the Son of God Jesus, dress in white robe and a golden string tied around His waist, His hair was so shiny and golden and He's so fair and beautiful. At His sight I fell down on my knees and couldn't lift my head to see him cause the light was so bright and it could hurt my eyes. I exclaimed Jesus. I felt like crying as I said to Him to forgive my sins. I told him that I've change and lead a good life knowing that you are my Lord and Savior. What He told me made me ponder the whole day what message he want to convey to me. He told me,"You didn't do what I told you to do. You did what I didn't tell you to do." Before I could ask Him what He actually what me to do, I woke up. I really what to know what God wants from me. Can anyone help?

Stephen: United States
I had just moved to Florida in 2nd grade I am a sophomore in college now but I remember feeling unwanted at school and not really fitting in. I wasn't depressed but Very sad. I fell asleep in the family room that night and I was suddenly awoken, the sky was a blue that wasn't bright but not dark either. I remember looking out the window and seeing the palm trees and flowers we had in the backyard sway side to side; I was attracted to look out the window and not look away for some reason then out of nowhere I heard a noise like I never heard before it was very soothing. As I kept looking I saw something appear thru the trees and as it got closer it began to shine like a star so bright I couldn't see anything as where it's head would be. I was looking so curios and as I gazed at the light I heard a voice so "Walk with me" and then I woke up at peace. 
Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Stephen: United States
I dreamed that I was on a beach with Jesus at my side and a fish between us and the devil. Jesus told me not to be afraid and go get the fish that was between us and the devil. Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

Kerry: United States
I dreamed I heard something or someone outside my bedroom window & I want to my window to look out & I saw 3 men walking down our driveway toward the house. I kept watching them as themselves closer & seen they were wearing robes & as they got even closer I seen the man in the middle & said ohhh my God, its Jesus, & I woke up... Of course after I woke up I ran to my window to look out but there was no one there

Ulrike: United States
I was Dreaming i was outside a cemetery with my friend walking away from the cemetery and jesus was there, as a turned around and looked at him and he wanted my friend to come to him but she kept walking. I turned to him and said I always wanted to do something if i saw Jesus and he ask me what it would be and i said give you a kiss on the cheek. He opened his arms wide hugged me tight and i gave him a kiss on his cheek. then i woke up.

Angel: Philippines
Last night dated May 15,2017 Philippine date/time: I had this strangest dream ever in my life I know i had a lots of creepy dreams, I already dreamed talking to God,seeing God,the happenings on earth,talking to Virgin Mary and i know that this dreams are how the way God communicates me. I am a catholic but i didnt often go to church. I just prayed and prayed to God. And talk him everywhere I am. But last night I dreamed the rapture day. Last night I saw in my dreamed hundreds of people went missing and only left was the bad people and the missing people was in other place like world "heaven". I saw hundreds of children,people who believe in God and people who is faithful and people who have sins but they have full of repentance. When i was in heaven i smell like flowers orchids or flower like thing. And i saw left  people on earth they are all in pain. The sea dried up and theres no water on earth, The earth is devastated. And the last time i remember before i woke up is I am riding a something like I cant explain. I shared this dream in my friends but i dont think they believe me they are just laughing. And I am looking for answers on my dreams. Why I dreamed talking to God ,Virgin Mary and the calamities.Hope anybody can answer it.

I had a dream of standing in front of Yeshua. I could not see his face from the light beaming from it. I approached him and felt all love. I hugged him. I was then thrusted back with great force without him touching me.
All of the sudden telepathically with great force he said inside my head. I am authority. I instantly spiraled down a funnel into my body and was thrusted awake.
I just want to mention that before going to sleep I was in distress over some finances and had asked Yeshua for some kind of help, relief from my distress.i I will never forget this vision. It has brought me closer to Yeshua and I understand he is authority over all.

Timothy: United States
I would like to tell of two divine happenings, one being a dream 

and the other not even close to a dream. This happening occurred when i was about 16 years old. I was asleep in my bed, an hour or two after praying about Isaiah 45. I woke up to a voice out of nowhere coming from the side of my bed,whispering lovingly "Boo." Then i felt this awesome feeling that the Lord was next to me. I instinctively put my hand and ear against the wall on the other side of my bed and something AMAZING HAPPENED! I received a vision from the past. I could hear women speaking in Arabic or Hebrew, as they came to see if Jesus was still in the tomb he was buried in. It was like Christ showing me he loved me, and wanted to show me he really did die and ascend 3 days later to save my life and to bring me to him and God. 
The second occurance was an actual dream i had when i was about 19 or 20. and it was bed time. I prayed to Jesus to visit me in my sleep. That night after i fell asleep, i had a dream of seeing like 2 or 3 white horses with a person sitting on the one in the middle, and what i assume to be two saints, one on each side of him on their horses. Either that or i was being shown the rider on the white horse who was given a crown and a bow, and was sent out to conquer the nations. I've had many other astounding revelations if anyone would like to hear about them email me at tim king 4 life @ gmail  dot  com

Thank you and God bless!

Debra: United States
I had a dream that I was in the sky and Jesus appread to me and he told me that God wants me to return to heaven 

Tamy: United States
back at the end of last year around thanksgiving i had a dream which only the end was very vivid.. It was like i was sitting in the back of a truck and a guy resembling Jesus walks up and leans on the side of the truck and said "you know why I'm here".. at that point i began to cry and i said yes then he said "you need to come with me God needs you... then i woke up not know what this meant.. i think about this all the time... i want to understand because sometime i have bad vivid dreams of destruction then sometimes i have  bad dreams i can't remember when i wake up...

Bingy: Philippines
I dream about the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, is on the Platform, and He is falling from the platform and I catch him 3 times he fall and 3 times I catch him.... what does it mean?? 

Darryl: United States
I found out I have a blockage in the right vertable artery.. a few nights later, I had a dream.. I saw Jesus, and heard him speak.. Jesus was dressed as if it were Biblical days, He has shoulder length brown hair, and a neat trimmed brown beard and mustache. His eyes are greenish-brown, hazel... Jesus placed His hands around my neck and spoke, " I am The God, Jesus. I command all infirmities to leave this man".   I have recently had a CTA scan of the area in my head. I have not heard the results yet, but I am confident that the blockage will not be there. I believe Jesus came to me in a dream and healed me !!!  I believe Jesus still performs miracles today, as He is alive, sitting at the right hand of Hod The Father. 

Jason: United States
I had a dream of Jesus.  He was in white.  He was sitting down at a wooden table almost like a counter top.  As I walked toward him calm and not afraid.  Jesus said "I know who you are Jason.  Let me tell you how you have lived."  As I further deliberated for forgiveness.  Jesus replied "Your on the right track."  Then I woke up.  When I awoke the next morning I felt full of life and energy that I could not contain.

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