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"Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 20"

Brandie: United States

I am 34 and apparently while I was asleep last night I woke up to seeing someone in my kitchen. I screamed of course not really being able to see in the dark. But the way I explained it to my husband is that it looked like Jesus long brown hair and a beard, and he was heavier-set. Is this normal; because I was apparently shaking so bad that I could not go back to sleep for a while? I even set up to watch one of the Christian channels for an hour or so then finally passed back out.

Amy: South Africa

I dreamt that I was standing outside my gran's house while my mom was busy getting stuff ready for a prayer (my gran and mom are Hindu).I then noticed the moon was moving a bit, and then it continued a bit faster then stopped. Suddenly the outline of the moon started up in flames and then the whole moon was on fire. A few areas between houses were also on fire...I told my cousin who was with me that this is the second coming of Christ. We ran into the house and took our Bibles to read Revelations. We looked up and saw Jesus standing before us...He made his way into the room in which my mom was doing the prayer and stood there for a long time. At that moment, I went to wake my hubby who was asleep in the other room. I could see Jesus the whole time, and the rest of my family was seated next to him. Hubby did not want to believe me when I told him what was happening and refused to wake up... Just then Jesus walked into our room and closed the door. I cannot remember what he said, but he had a long conversation with us both..
He also had a book in his hand, and I nudged my hubby and said look at the year.... it was the number 1239.After our conversation, he said goodbye and left. I then thought to myself this can't be real, and it was just a dream. My mom then came to me and asked if I saw the hole in his neck and cuts and bruises on his body...
I cannot remember the rest of the dream. Since waking from this dream, I cannot stop thinking about it.I would appreciate if someone could tell me what this means?

Meghan: United States

I was standing in clear ocean water, and the sun was shining so brightly! The waves were very calm, and everything was quiet. As I turned around more and more of Jesus' followers were gathering around, waiting for Jesus' return.

Julita: Cyprus

I'm dreaming of the shadow of Jesus, and he was dancing/playing, floating on the sea and water during at night. I saw the shadow white.

Elaine: United States

All my life I had been seeking and searching for spiritual correctness with God and Jesus.  In 2002 going through some difficult times, I had the best gift through a dream.  I was floating high in the sky, pale blue with puffy white clouds.  As I look straight ahead into the sky something catches my eye.  My forehead furrows and I squint as it comes into view.  Almost instantaneously my face relaxes, and my eyes grow wide.  It is Jesus before my eyes holding a stone tablet in each arm.  He is as we have seen him portrayed, beautiful, wearing a soft white robe.  The tablets had writing etched in them, it said, I am Here, and the other said I have always been here.  I had such love and awe in that encounter and knew Jesus came to tell me he has and always will be with me.   I then awoke, I praise and thank Jesus every day!

Sandra: South Africa

I had a dream where Jesus stood at a cave entrance inviting me to come. He was dressed in garments of His time long white robe with an overlay of brown. He was smiling at me as he beckoned.

Susan: United States

On Sunday, September 30th, I had a dream of flying over water with Jesus. He was behind me, on my back, and all I could see were His white, beautiful hands extended out by mine.
His arm would sometimes come around my waist; this created a very comfortable and secure feeling in me.The experience was exhilarating, and I could control the direction over the water.I was aware that I was in a dream, but when I woke up, I was very disoriented. Kind of like it took a few seconds to realize where I was. This is weird because I woke up where I always do: my bedroom.I have never had a dream like this. One that I could basically control.When awake, the knowledge of my real life (which is in complete shambles) came crashing back, and I wished I would never have woken up.

Florence: United States

About A giant Jesus with soldiers running to and fro. 

Kynetta: Bahamas

I saw Jesus in the clouds waving at me.

Maria: Australia

On Monday the 24th of September 2018.I Had this dream I would like to share and document with you all. 
I am religious and a strong believer, however, I don’t go to church every Sunday. 
That night I went to bed as normal and had this dream. In my dream, I remember my house being haunted. I also saw the words on a wall writing you are a sinner. I know the evil one has tried to persuade me the other way by appearing in other dreams through different versions of himself such as; a form of a monkey. 
Anyhow these words were quick to disappear off my wall. Suddenly out of nowhere I see Jesus Christ he is sitting down on a chair. He started talking to me I can’t remember all my conversation with him. What I can tell you it was for a decent amount of time that he was talking to me.
I remember a few words he said; I am always with you besides you. Yes, it was my father Jesus Christ who was talking and comforting me. 
I felt really liberated and peaceful. I then woke up from this dream.

Jennifer: United States

I had this dream on 9/22/18I saw Jesus from a distance, and he was wearing a dark and light robe. He was just standing with his staff, and he shook his head. The second that I blinked my eyes, he became prominent, as he sat down on his throne. He was wearing a white and gold Robe, and his throne was the same color white and gold, and he has beautiful hair, and he is a very handsome man. He was so big I felt like an ant looking right at him,  he grabbed his stick and hit the ground with it, and it started raining, hard; so I started running because I was getting wet. Then I  returned and saw people playing in a pool and they couldn't believe or couldn't figure out how the water was so high above the pool. But they kept playing in the water, and I shouted Lord Jesus show yourself again so people can see you and believe it was you who raised the water above the pool, and people weren't getting the bigger picture that it was the Lord doing all of this. Then I saw two young men about to fight, and I grabbed one of them, and I put my head over his head and started rebuking in the name of Jesus and kept praying for him. He looked at me and became humble because of the Holy Spirit through me praying,  and I woke up. 
I pray for the people that are blind may the Lord do his will upon us and I thank him for saving me. 

Christine: United States

I had a dream of Jesus this week on 9.17.18. He was standing at the end of a paved path dressed in a long white robe with his back toward me.  I could also see his long brown hair. I called his name as I was crying, he knelt down & kissed the ground. I woke myself up as I was shouting his name. It was so real!! I feel blessed to have had this experience. It felt so wonderful!!

Gary: United States

I was imprisoned and don't know why.I was working my way around the prison to find an officer and ask why I was here. I could not find anyone but prisoners there. I looked around, and a man was sitting on the wall. I went up to him, and I looked, and his face said that it was Jesus, I was not afraid or emotional. I reached down and kissed his forehead, and the inmate's where startled and fearful of what I did. I do not know why the inmates were all upset about this, so I tried to explain that we all are Jewish people if we accept Christ. That we are grafted in with acceptance. I know its a weird dream, but Yes I did Kiss Jesus on the forehead. 

Helena: United States

As I was worshipping, I closed my eyes, and I saw a door. It was closed, but it had a very bright light behind it.Two days ago in worship, I saw Jesus looking at me. He didn't say anything or do anything. He was just looking at me.

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