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"Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 41"

Irene: United States

I had a dream that I was walking in a field that had white handkerchiefs in the ground being gently blown by the breeze. As I continued to walk, I saw before me a small type stage with a podium in the center. A line of many people stood before it as if waiting for someone to speak. 

I continued walking around the people going past them when I all of a sudden, I heard loud cheers and praise. I turned around to see a man approaching the podium. He was dressed in a white shirt, white pants, and a white blazer. His hair was to his shoulders. His face was slightly tanned from where I could see. His smile could have brightened up a room. I was about 50 feet from where He was. 

Then as I was staring at Him, he looked my way, and our eyes met. He then slowly left the podium and began to walk towards me. I couldn't move. I just stood there as he closed the gap and approached me, extending his hands out to me. 

Taking his hands in mine, he looked at me with a gentle smile and slowly said to me in a soft voice, "speak life...Speak life." I could feel so much love radiating from this kind stranger. Slowly, he let go of my hands and walked a few steps backwards all the while holding his gaze with a gentle smile. 

He then turned around and began to walk back to the people that were waiting for him. He left the people just to come to talk to me. I didn't want him to go. Days later, after having this dream, I saw a preview for a mini-series called 'Jesus' that I had never seen before. The actor that portrayed Jesus was the same man I saw in my dream. Yet I had never seen the actor before.

Mylene: Philippines

Last night 07 Mar 2020, I went to bed and prayed, and while trying to fall asleep, keep saying to God, "Lord speak to me, I am here, your servant. I don't know what happened; next, all I can remember is I saw this very bright light in my darkroom, a human shape shadow. I couldn't tell who it is, but as soon as I saw it, I fell from my bed. I kneeled before him and said you are existing, my Lord, and I am crying.

 I could see He's trying to reach his arm to me, and I am so delighted from what I am seeing. I realized when I woke up; it is just a dream. It's been one and a half months I have chronic migraine and was rush to the hospital three times in Feb 2020. The doctors prescribed antidepressant and anxiety pills that I did not take because a friend of mine said taking these pills will only make me feel crazy.

So I tried everything, a proper diet, walk 30mins, yoga—still nothing. I couldn't sleep, and I feel very tired being awake for 4weeks without sleep and feel I am going to die because of fatigue. 

Then I realized there is one thing I am not doing...praying. I started meditating, praying when I woke up, in the middle of the day, and before I go to bed, I couldn't help but cry when I pray because I feel how God loves me as a sinner and that I am accepting Jesus Christ my Savior. 

It was the most peaceful feeling I felt when I got back on track connecting my spiritual life to God, and I forgot Him when I was so busy dealing my daily life to survive, work, and worrying.

 When I got sick it made me think God wants me back, and I thanked Him for making this happened despite I went through a lot of medical stuff, neurologist, primary care, sleep study physician, variety of pills, none of this made me feel better, but only through surrending my life and everything to the one, our Creator., my God and your God.

I felt a lot better to this date as I continue to search and be hungry on God's beautiful promises and reconstruct my connection with Him so I can be ready on a journey of an everlasting life, if we will have faith in Him and that Jesus had died on the cross to redeem us as a sinner.

The dream that I had last night was real!! Jesus is alive, and he is just right here loving us waiting for us to want Him!.

Vrushaliy: India

In my dream, I had seen that Jesus woke up from his sleep (it seemed like his resurrection) and started walking on the high staircase. A small girl followed him, and after that I. It was an underground room. 

When Jesus went out, there was a group of small children sitting on the chairs, even my ten years old son was accompanying them. Jesus went and sat on one chair.

 Before I sat on one of the chairs, I saw the other part of the place where my relatives were sitting. Beside them was a huge pile of garbage. They don't know Jesus the way they have to know him. I believe he was indicating that they are still in the dirt of this world. I pray for their salvation.

Charlotte: United Kingdom

I had a dream of Jesus not so long ago. He was speaking in Aramaic, and two other gentlemen were trying to interpret what he was saying. I think He was saying, “Peace be with you.” His voice was quite low, but I saw His face, long dark hair, beard and mustache, and wearing a white robe. I don’t know what this means, but I have not been able to forget about it.

Faith: Country

In my dream, I saw Jesus descending from the sky. There was this beautiful glowing gold surrounding him. I feel as if he was trying to give me a sign that he is coming soon.

After that, I remember being in the water, and I was swimming, Trying to stay above float cause it was deep, the waves were getting a little wild, but I stayed up. 

I didn’t know where I was swimming or why, but I have a feeling I was swimming towards Jesus. I was definitely in a hurry, and felt like I needed to get out of wherever I was swimming. Some of my family member we’re with me as well.

Aiden: United States

My dream: Meteors and fireballs were coming from the sky. It was as if bombs had been dropped and demolished everything, all buildings trees, everything was burnt down.

I was running so fast, and I was so scared.

 Then out of nowhere my dad was next to me (he passed away years before this dream took place) he didn't speak, only smiled, but I felt him say, "keep running, son." So, although I wanted to give up, I didn't. 

Then as we are running, I saw a group of people just laughing; I started to yell at them. "WHY ARENT YOU RUNNING FOR YOUR LIVES!?!?!?" They all laughed at me!

So I kept running, tirelessly running. I look over to see my dad for strength, and he was no longer beside me. That's when I couldn't go on anymore. I didn't have strength. 


I tried so hard to look at his face but I couldn't, it was too bright. Even with a dark cloud in front of his face, that light was too bright. And right before anything else happened, I said "Thank you Jesus " and then woke up.

I won't ever forget this, and I think about this dream a lot. I've had other vivid dreams, but this...this takes the cake.

Jo Ann: United States


Our God has been showing me visions since 2010. I’ve seen Jesus Christ many times in visions, dreams, and experiences. I want to share the following vision from March 31, 2018: 

I saw the silhouette of a man sitting down about thirty feet away, and he was facing to the right. The lighting looked like sunrise or sunset. I was only able to see down to his waist, and he was shirtless. I saw a crown of thorns on top of his head, and I knew He was Jesus Christ. 

Jesus then immediately left where He was sitting, and I could hear His feet touching the ground. I then saw a big upright cross appearing in the air just above the ground. Several big stones were on the ground in front of the cross. 

The sky then looked brighter, and I realized it was sunrise. A glow then illuminated along the edges of the cross. The cross then disappeared. The vision ended. Jesus is Risen!

If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ, please accept Jesus quickly. The only way to the Father is through Jesus. You can’t get into heaven any other way.

  • Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

I am very grateful to Our God for His grace! Thank You, Jesus, for saving me! Thank You, Holy Spirit, for guiding me!

Myra: United States

I'm originally from the Philippines but a residence in the US. It all started when I got pregnant in April 2019. My husband loves to read the Bible, and he shares everything with me, we watch bible movies and shows as well on Netflix. 

While I was pregnant I kept having a dream about the rapture, I dreamt of Big explosions, Big monsters, and Big waves. Then I read the revelations on the Bible and blew my mind. Every week I kept having these dreams, then woke up the other day and thinking about what just happened in my dream. 

I  saw that the Statue of Liberty in New York was smashed on the ground because of the big explosions and war. I was thinking Jesus keeps giving me a sign; it was scary to believe, but my husband said, do not be scared cuz God said, "As long as I'm with you, you shall not fear." 

I gave birth 2020, and then had a dream again about an earthquake in Japan, then after 2-3 days after seeing Jesus in My dreams he came out between the weird clouds and splashing water, and it was so bright!

 In my dream, I told everyone, "I told you, I told you he's coming soon, and he's real!!" While crying. Then everyone couldn't believe their eyes; they were shocked! As I saw him, I burst into tears and said: "I know I'm a sinner, but please forgive me for everything because I wanna be in heaven with you."

I told my husband about it, and he said he won't rise up from the water he will come down from above. Satan is probably tricking you; that's why I'm trying to research some things. But I believe he will come soon! 

And I thanked him for giving me these dreams because I've been dealing with my postpartum depression after giving birth, and it sucks. I feel like he wants me to be better and believe in him more and more.

Anne: Kenya

I dreamt I was in a hall and doing some walk but was surprised to see the sink was made in the shape of a human being so whenever the tap is turned on, The water passes through the person lying flat. I interestingly, the person had one eye near the nose and kept on adjusting to look at me. I then realized it was Jesus. The light was too bright from the eye. I kept saying it is Jesus, then the dream disappeared.

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Dreams and Visions of Jesus Page 41

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