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Jesus came to me in my dream, He asked me why i havent been working on my garden. He spoke to me telepathically and i recognized His voice, i know Hos voice better than i know how to count to 1. My 9 yr old sister had a dream of Jesus too, she said there are colors of flowers in Heaven that aren't on Earth. She knew it was Jesus because of His magic power. 

Dominic: Lebanon 
One day I had a dream about Jesus and a bunch of saints..I was in a farm and it was night time.. I remember a angel flying, after that a portal opened and a bunch of cartoon saints or people came out... But I saw one person clear and it was Jesus Christ, all of a sudden I saw animals appear and watermelons grow, I went to a watermelon and ate it.. After I went around asking if anyone saw that and some people said yes and some people said no.. This is a dream I can never forget and everytime I think about it I cry!! 

Grace: United States
Hi! I am 12. A couple weeks ago I had a dream about Jesus. I don't remember anything but the best part is that I was in out in the driveway and it was a cloudy dark day. 
I looked and I saw Jesus, and I think he was doing something then he turned around and told me to come here (in a pointing way). Then I ran up to him and hugged him. but there was no talking at all. When we hugged, I felt peace and happiness. 
I loved it, it was the best feeling ever. I know he gave it to me cause I could feel it. 
I forgot about everything and only thought about Jesus, then I think I woke up while we were hugging. In the morning I could remember more, but later I could only remember the hug. 
He wasn't bright but he had long brown hair and had a white robe. I couldn't really see his face, I couldn't see him like I would in real life. It took me about a day but I figured out why I had the dream. 
I was more close to God and I really wanted to be close to Jesus, so I prayed about it that night and I had the dream. 
He is there and will answer your prayers. but sometimes he will say no, he cant ask to win a million dollars and get it, but he gives you what you really need. I love them both with all my heart, and I pray to them a bunch and more than 1 per day. 
Jesus gave me peace and happiness, he gave me more than I wanted. 
(my name is Grace in real life) he is there, don't think they (God and Jesus) are not. He is with you.

Michael: United States 
Hello. My name is Michael. My wife and I are born and raised Christians. We love the Lord with all our heart and have made Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. This is my dream: "I was with my wife and other people we know in a vacation place, looked like a beachfront hotel we went to a few months ago in Jaco Costa Rica to get involved with a church and help out. Sitting on the back we heard someone saying: quick everyone come here, Jesus is coming. 
Me and my wife walked towards the beach to see what was this person talking about and when we had walked a few steps I saw far out in the ocean, the moon, or sun, (don't remember which) was descending fast, and before it hit the oceans surface it turned into a man who was surrounded by a circle of light, and a few people around him, ( in my dream I was calling them His disciples). 
They all started running and within a few seconds were at the shore and they went to, what appeared to be, a room.  The interesting thing was that even tho everyone knew it was Jesus, the whole scene was in a cartoon theme. Jesus and His followers were cartoon characters. Human cartoon characters. 
Everyone was overwhelmed, and for a few moments I could only move in slow motion as I walked toward my wife to hug her and to celebrate Jesus coming. words cannot describe our excitement. 
We were wishing that we were back home so that we could see the sad faces of the unbelievers we know when they find out that Jesus had come. At some point a friend or a relative (not quite remember) came close to us (in the dream he went somewhere to do something and missed the rapture)..
I was explaining him that Jesus came and tried to describe how it happened. It felt like (but I am not 100% sure for that) that the majority of the people were missing. 
I was so excited to see Jesus coming out of the room that I was telling my wife that when Jesus comes out I will bow on my knees and tell him, "Lord forgive my sins and have mercy on me." 
While we were waiting a lady came out of that room and said that she didn't have good news for the people who were waiting. She said, "the names that weren't called didn't make it to heaven," (that's my interpretation, she didn't say heaven). 
I can't describe how sad I was thinking that I didn't make it to heaven. I asked my wife: " I didn't make it but how come you didn't make it? You knew Jesus way before me." My wife said she would have made it if she hadn't been married to me. That didn't make sense to me... 
In the mean time I saw other people I knew who believed in Jesus Christ that I would have expected to make it to heaven, but they didn't. 
The lady who had given us the bad news had some envelopes with names of people that, from my understanding,included their ticket to heaven. I volunteered to find these people in the crowd and give them the envelopes, but there were only a handful of them. 
From the conversations, those who were around us and apparently hadn't made it to heaven either, but surprisingly some weren't all that sad about missing heaven, but I was devastated. Sooo sad that we didn't make it to heaven. 
At that point I woke up and as I was waking up I start ed to realize that this was just a dream. I began saying Jesus name again and again, thanking Him that this was a dream, and that I still have a chance to make it to heaven. 
I am not sure what the interpretation of this dream is. Is it literal? was it a warning for us to do more work for God on earth? (My wife and I). We have been asking God to guide us in how we can serve him better until He comes back). Does it symbolizes something else? Was it from God? 
I dream a lot, some of them make sense, some don't. This is the only one I can clearly remember from that night.

Lopez: United States 
I closed my eyes on a Sunday morning, around 7:45am and fell fast asleep. I was playing ball with my kids and some other people in the courtyard of a Roman building when i heard a big loud boom sound. As i looked to see where it came from i saw a shadow of two feet with sandals, in the sky. As i walked to get a clear picture of what i was seeing I passed a building with an arch. 
I saw a shadow of a man with a robe, and his hands reaching out by his waist, and a scripture in the sky in white letters and blue sky with no clouds. 
My body felt weightless and i couldn't move, and the world around me became quiet, and i woke up scared. This is the first time i dreamed of Jesus. 
Today at service i will acknowledge his coming for our salvation. (Love you Jesus Christ)

Alwin: India 
Hello bros and sisters: I am Alwin, 23yr old metallurgist. It was today on 9th Sep'2014 while i was sleeping i saw a vision in where i was with my family in an under construction house, (note: its all in my dream), where we all saw through a window a very bright source of light opening up in sky. 
Its brightness went on increasing and suddenly a human face with all its glory was visible in that brightness. A man came from it dressed in brown with beard and long hair. My dad first saw him as i couldn't face the brightness. I was crawling on stairs like a dead man and he said, he is JESUS.
The man never told he was Jesus, and don't know why i felt such great deep love for him. It reflected from him as he called out my name, "ALWIN" ....after which i woke up.  It was 4.30am...i felt a great flow of energy and peace running all over my body. 
I never had such an experience in my life 

Melinda: United States 
I have visions of Jesus praying in Heaven on his knees

Breana: United States 
Growing up as a child, I was very involved with the word of god. I went to a religious private school also. I've recently felt detached from god. I need to go back to church. anyways, my mom to this day tells me that I used to tell her that I could see angels and what not from god. 
I remember this dream from when I was around 4 or 5. I was dreaming that I was sleeping in my bed, and this almost gold sunlight of a fog appeared above my bed frame. There was a staircase leading from my bed to the cloud and Jesus with his hand extended. I remember grabbing it and walking up the stairs. ... I cant seem to remember the rest.. I wish I could; it was so long ago. 
Bu I will never EVER forget that dream of my encounter with Jesus :')

Edward: United States 
I had a dream that I was sitting next to Jesus in the dessert. It was dark and we were sitting in front of a campfire. He had some rocks in his hand and threw them at his feet in the sand. He said this is your life. 
I looked down at the rocks to try to figure out the meaning of what he was telling me when I woke up. Can someone interpret this dream? 

Donna: United States 
Had a dream that Jesus came to my window and said "come follow me." Then I floated out my window and we rose up into heaven and I was but in a room with a lot of people.i was looking for my son and husband, but i awoke before finding them.

Lakeisha: United States 
I saw Jesus in a bright light, in the rapture. Both of my love ones were gone. and I was lfet behind. Jesus turned his head away, I'm afraid i'm gonna go to hell. I want to go to heaven. 
Samuel@trusting-in-jesus.com Responds: 
Hello lakeisha, Thank you for sharing your dream. Isn't it wonderful how God can talk to us in any situation. He does so because He loves you very much and wishes to have a relationship with you. You can have a relationship with Him and become His Child by accepting Christ as your Savior. 
Jesus is the One who died and paid for all your sins on the cross, because of this, if you ask Him into your heart, you will begin a relationship with Him that will last forever, including eternity. 
Isn't it amazing to know that you can spend eternity in total happiness. To find out more about being saved, go to: 
You can be saved and go to heaven and I will be happy to show you how, just let me know. Jesus loves you and He is waiting. Samuel Mills

Well my friend just called to tell me that she had a dream that she & I had just left her cousins house and were walking outside when we saw two water tornadoes, one in front of us, one on the side. so we turned around to go bk to her cousin house & then we both saw an angel, and half of Jesus' face with an bright light. What does this mean

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