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Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 50
By Visitors to the Trusting in Jesus Website

Glen: United States

I woke up at 3:56 this morning, went back to sleep, and dreamed we were outside on a cloudy day; the ways parted, and Jesus stood in front of what appeared to be a mansion door with his arms wide open. What does this mean?

Response to Glen's dream. 

Read John chapter 14 vs 1-3. Jesus is the Divine Son of God who has promised to prepare mansions for us in Heaven. He is inviting you to believe in Him as you believe in God.

Belief in "God" is not enough for salvation. Salvation and entrance into Paradise are solely anchored on faith in the Divine Son of God - Jesus!

Kayla: United States

September 23, 2021.

This vision came to me while sleeping, half asleep and awake. I was lying in bed, sleeping while aware and conscious at the same time, and in that state, I got a vision or picture. In childhood, I was sitting on Jesus's lap, sleeping in his arms with my head placed on my shoulder, and He was looking at me.

I didn't pay attention to the setting of this vision, but I think Jesus was either sitting on a log or stone, and the floor was like a giant stone tile, but it was like a bright, shining gold or bronze. Jesus had the same appearance in the dream when He came to me in May 2021.

I like to believe that this vision took place in Heaven. This vision was so sweet and cute, and I will always and forever cherish this, along with my dream.

Bless His sweet heart ☺️❤️

William: United States

In my dream, I was at a funeral, and the person who was being buried got possessed, and I started to pray. At that moment, Jesus, I think, but I didn't see His face because of so much light, but it didn't hurt my eyes, and the peace that emanated was so beautiful that I thought it was him.

When he appears, the entity asks to be allowed to leave, and that's when he told me that people need to know the coming is closer than what they think and that the first Pillar has come down,

That's when I woke up and was unconscious, praying out loud. I'm not a church person; I believe in him as my savior, but I'm not 100% sure that's my dream, and if someone can help decipher Pls, do.

Michael: United States

I opened the door and walked in, closing the door behind me. Jesus was already inside, sitting and waiting, and we had a serious conversation about my dad. Jesus had a serious look but was also understanding and loving. I asked him to forgive my Dad. I believe he did.

Michelle: United States

In my dream, I was walking around what almost seemed like The ruins of an old church where the grass had grown between the buildings and in some of the buildings. Some of the structures looked as if they were stables.

A commotion was happening, and monks and ordinary people were running everywhere. I caught up in the frenzy as everyone tried to collect everything from this area. A fire was coming from the hillside, already encompassing most of the ruins.

I ran behind a wall, and there was a statue of Jesus there. As I reached for the figure, it began to glow and emitted a blinding white light that completely enveloped me. Before the light involved me, I could see that The building was on fire. But when that light enveloped me, I felt such a strong presence of love that it was overwhelming.

I felt like I was shaking and crying, but simultaneously, I felt utterly wrapped in this love and unafraid. The feeling was so intense that it woke me up.

Marlo: Philippines

I had a dream of Jesus in the image of the Divine Mercy.

I was kneeling before Him; He held my hand and told me, "Give me Sunday." 

I am working on a cruise ship, so being in a church on Sunday is not possible for me to do. And also we work even on Sundays. So, this message needs to be clarified for what He is trying to tell me.

Shannon: United States

I had a dream that was so real. 

I was sitting on a porch with an older blonde lady; I looked up, and a lady in a red dress with brown hair was with Jesus. He flew her down to us, and she went into a house.

Then Jesus flew over me, and I watched him disappear into the sky. 

Then I saw a big white cross in the sky. This dream was so real. I never had a dream like this. What does this mean?

Therese: Philippines

I dreamed of Jesus' image forming in the sky, and all people came to see in awe like me. It was beautiful. Then, when it started to fade, a strong earthquake shook us, and there was a big flood.

After a few months, I dreamed of Jesus again forming in the clouds while I was busy going about my day, but he appeared with Mother Mary this time. When it faded, there was a massive explosion in the sky. It was blinding, then I woke up scared.

Anonymous: United States

So this dream happened today, on August 25, 2021. I woke up around 3:30 a.m.

But the dream was like this:

I was in a recurring place in my dream: a school or a castle. I jumped off the roof and landed on this place. I walked to the pond near the school/church/mini castle. I stood there looking at the setting sun. Then I got scared of Jesus returning. So I kept looking for a cross in the sky. A little bit later, a golden cross was in front of the setting sun. The cross exploded, and Jesus came out. 

I believe I was taken to a house with other people. I saw Jesus and asked him, "Jesus, was that you in the sky?"

He said, "I couldn't let the question go unanswered; yes, it was;" then I just woke up.

Walter: Japan

The Dragon has been slain.

I begin to sleep on my bed. Everything felt like a cartoon in the dream. A car appeared on the street; however, a giant eye appeared from the ground. Then the eye came out, and it was a red dragon with five heads. 

The five-headed Dragon roared as its body moved upwards to the sky.

Just then, a single lightning strike hit the Dragon, causing it to be slain in one strike. Its body begins to fall downwards, making a fast speed, hitting the ground and causing a large explosion. The people in the streets cheered the Dragon's death. 

Jesus Christ was walking the street and stopped at a dog playing with a small pebble. 

His hands picked up the pebble and placed it between the dog's eye until the stone became a third eye. His head turned to me, and he smiled as the dream faded.

Joeriza: Philippines

Hi, I had these dreams or visions in 2015, so I wrote them down and placed them in my pocketbook. I always have them anywhere I go.

So, this is my first vision.

I saw him on a cloud; his face was enormous; Jesus was smiling at me.

The second:

I was sleeping on the bed (4 a.m.). Suddenly, a bright light like the sun came upon me, something like pouring a very light on my face, and it didn't hurt my eyes. As I open my eyes to that vision, I know it's the Holy Spirit working on me...and I wake up. I feel no pain. I am. so refreshed. I know Jesus visited me to heal and comfort me.

The third one:

I saw his huge face in the sky. I saw myself kneeling. In the backyard, I cried out to him and said O JESUS JESUS! He smiled at me and said, (TAKE MY COMMAND, and I replied, What, Jesus? What? I can't hear you! And again he said (TAKE MY COMMAND; then I replied, take your command?? He said again (TAKE MY COMMAND. 

And I knew it then he kept smiling at me, and I was smiling too; he was very handsome. He was full of mercy, his hair was curly, and his face as wide as Heaven. 

My cousin was there. I told him to get her phone to take a picture of Jesus, who kept smiling at me nonstop; suddenly, I woke up.

I have had many more visions. Let's praise God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.....

Rose: United Kingdom

Audible Voice of God - dream/vision 14/06/21 @12:24pm

I dreamed I was living life as usual; then, I put my daughter in her chair in the living room while I had the TV remote to select something to watch.

Suddenly, I looked to my left and noticed something was wrong with my daughter, and her eyes seemed to be rolling to the back of her head.

I rushed to her, grabbed her, and repeatedly screamed Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...

Then I woke up... or so I thought.

I only now realized that I didn't wake up into the physical world yet, but I went straight into a vision from the dream.

In my vision, I was on the bed and woke from this terrible dream, only to realize that my baby daughter was still asleep in my arms next to me. Seeing her peacefully sleeping in my arms calmed me and assured me that nothing terrible had happened to her.

I saw someone looking around the room. I saw someone - I didn't see his face, but it was Jesus.

Immediately, I started to worship and glorify God and pray for my daughter - In an instant, I felt an overwhelming outburst from deep within me, and then my speech changed to tongues. It initially sounded like the tongues I've heard fellow Christians speak in waking life, but as I went on, it became even more complex but more straightforward at the same time. My mind was no longer in control. It was like I finally let go.

During this time, my mouth was just wide open (not moving), but the sound of tongues was radiating and pouring out from within me through my mouth. My face was toward Heaven, I was on my knees, and my mouth was as though someone had forced it open wide while this sound poured out from within me, through my mouth, and headed straight toward Heaven.

It went on like this for about 2-3 minutes, then when the sound from my mouth stopped, and I could finally close my mouth - I heard a response. Only one sentence was spoken back to me ( I wish I could remember what was said; I only remember that it ended with the words "on me').

More than what was said, what stuck with me was the voice that spoke back to me. It was the audible voice of God; for the first time in my life, I heard God directly, not the little still voice I normally hear, guiding and telling me what to do, which is the Holy Spirit. No, this was much different; This was the voice of the most high God!

I'm so overwhelmed and happy as I write this that tears are filling my eyes and flowing down. I've always wanted confirmation that I still belong to God, and I've gotten it in so many subtle ways, but this was different; there was nothing subtle about this experience.

So, I will try and describe the voice I heard - please, God, help me do your voice justice in my description.

The Audible Voice - it sounded like the pulsating echo of many waters. It's as if someone were to talk while underwater but more profound. Like the vibrating echo of talking underwater (imagine sticking your head underwater and talking, the vibrating sound you hear back).

The voice was filled with so much love and power that I could see the vibrating sound waves. He only said one sentence to me, and I can't even remember what was said completely - but I am so grateful to have heard that voice.

After God spoke, I jolted back awake in reality/the physical world, still asleep in bed with my baby in my arms.

This was when I realized that I didn't wake up from the dream I was initially having, but instead, God brought me out of that evil and scary situation into a place of meeting with his son Jesus and hearing from God himself.

Praise God - Thank you, Jesus.

The date was Monday, June 14.

Further Research:

So after waking up from the vision/dream, I just typed the following into Google: 'I heard the voice of God, and it sounded like many waters.

The result confirmed that it was indeed the voice of God that I heard in my vision. It came up with the following Bible passages:

Rev 14:2

Ezekiel 43:2

Rev 19:6-16

Ezekiel 1:24

Rev 1:15

Oh, Jehovah, you are mighty - May you be praised forever. Amen

Valeria: United States

This is a weird dream, to begin with. It was about my friend and me riding up and down this hill with trees everywhere on a road that could fit a car.

After five times of riding up and down, there were girls, so we were at a camp I had recently gone to. I heard the girls yelling as they looked up into the sky. 

My friend and I decided to stop and saw something like an eclipse. It was the moon; the moon was red, and what covered it was a bright orange. As we watched, it started to get bigger and bigger. The moon turned into a blue color (a light blue) until it covered everything. All you could see was the outline of a moon.

We started to float. Our feet weren't touching the road we were on, and as I looked to my right, I saw a man praying, so I did the same. But it wasn't a good prayer because I was terrified. There was no earth anymore in the middle of praying; we were floating in the dark, stary night. 

After that, I guess I woke up and fell back asleep again because when I did, someone grabbed me from my waist (I was curled up like a baby in the womb). It was almost like they were exchanging because someone was handing me to him, which I believe to be a guardian angel.

I was taken, and I knew it was Jesus the second he touched me because of how gentle he was with me. I tried to turn to see his face, but for some reason, I couldn't remember what he looked like, so I never got to see his face; I just felt him hold me as my classmates sat in the back of him.

I still believe that it wasn't a dream; it felt too real to be a dream!

Jamie: United States


I was standing in a sewer looking out of a ground grate facing the outside. It was dark inside the sewer with water flowing around my feet, and outside, it was around dusk. I had my hand at my mouth, and it was like I was watching myself from an angle behind.

These zombie-like people were around but not threatening me, and I was standing there waiting, a little afraid. I saw Jesus appear from nowhere and float down to the watery floor behind me; he was glowing with light, and I wondered if when his feet touched that disgusting sewer water, it would purify it because, of course, I would...

I got a very warm feeling seeing him stand there behind me.

Nancy: United States

In my dream, I was sitting on the back of my truck in my yard at 3-4 in the morning, looking up at the stars. 

There were a few clouds around. Suddenly, a cloud lit up with bright white light, and then Jesus came out of the cloud toward me. I was amazed and started taking pictures with my phone.

He went behind another cloud and came out again; this happened a few times, then he went behind a cloud, and this time, the light before came out was white, blue, and pink.  

He came out, and I took a picture, but this time, the image on my phone was of my father in his late 20s, so young looking, and me, around six years old. I am now 44, and my father is gone, and Jesus is gone.

Audrey: United States

I have dreams featuring our Lord after seriously praying, seeking Him earnestly, and reading His Word for hours at night. Last night I dreamed that He was standing near me... I couldn't make out His face, but he had the white robe. 

I remember hugging him and feeling some thick scars on His back. I was shocked, but He explained they were from being scourged before His crucifixion. 

He then explained that I, too, would have to suffer the same way He did because no servant is greater than His master. All this he said, but I need to remember hearing His voice or what it sounded like.

I always think, wow, it would be an honor to be crucified for the sake of Jesus, but in my dream, I was terrified and stupidly asked, "Does that mean I'm gonna have nails through my wrists?!" He kindly explained yes but that he would give me the power to help me endure. I remember the feeling of love and peace mostly.

The Jesus that visited me in my dream is unlike the stereotypical ones in pop culture. He is very "manly," strong but at the same time so so loving. I love Jesus so much. Let's all pray we will endure till the end and keep His commandments.

Savanna: United States

I was on a kid roller coaster with one of my friends that goes in a little circle. I told the instructor to turn it on the highest setting since it was just us. Suddenly, I flew way up high in the sky. 

I couldn't keep a grip on my seat, which also flew along with me. But I looked down at my mom's house, falling 200 ft from the sky. I wasn't scared but said, "Jesus, please save me." I kept falling and smashed into the ground. 

It was black. Then I woke up and saw my siblings and parents playing in the backyard pasture. My mom had her arms wide open for me to hug her, but I ran right past her with my arms open wide, running to Jesus. His arms were wide open with a huge smile on his face. 

It was the best feeling in the world; I can't even describe how he looked except for the brown hair & white robe… but I just knew it was Jesus. 

 My mom took a video of the whole thing. But on the tape, I was hugging air, and they couldn't see Jesus. 

Jesus saves!! He is so so real. Tell your friends & family about Jesus or your dreams/visions. He loves us all so much, even if we sin.

Jacklin: Australia

In my dream, it was as if l was walking in the street, and other people were around as usual. 

I saw a crowd of people surrounding someone. I couldn't see him, but l did say to myself," Oh, that's Jesus he has come," and knew that he had come and people had gathered to see him. I was so happy.

Jess: United States

I had a vision last night. I was close to sleep; I think I had even fallen asleep.

I was lying on my right side, and I heard a rushing wind pass by my left ear, and I saw something like the son of man - Jesus Christ in the clouds coming down from him, shining His Divine Mercy - colors of blue, purple, white, and red. He was bright and shining.

At first, it's like I'm being brought up, and I think to myself, Jesus is here, he is coming, the time has come, I'll thank the Lord, and this joy fills me. I'm so excited.

In a split second, I hear another Rush of wind pass by my left ear, and I see these clouds Rush in and block me, along with so many other people. I know we are completely separated from him; all I can see are heads and faces, and there's so much anguish there. There are screams and crying people yelling, even myself. The pain is unexplainable.

I opened my eyes and immediately knelt to pray, asking God what this meant and why I would be separated from Him.

I'm still learning how to hear and discern God's voice, but I'm pretty sure that this was Jesus and the Holy Spirit telling me and warning me -

Stop doubting your salvation. If you continue to doubt your salvation, you grieve the Holy Spirit; you do not allow the Holy Spirit to fill you up and be a light to your path.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and he will make your way straight.

When you doubt your salvation, it is like rejecting the free gift of Christ Jesus.

And then I saw nothing but clouds and heard, Do you believe in Jesus Christ who died for your sins?

Yes, I said.

Do you have faith in Christ Jesus and the Father almighty that His Holy Spirit dwells in you and that you are being guided daily? Yes, I said.

Suddenly, the clouds cleared away, and there was a clear sky like a straight plane of endless Blue sky - this is your mind when it is clouded with doubt; it is like a literal cloud that separates you from the Lord. When you walk in faith without a doubt, you walk a straight path in the heavens.

Preach the gospel to all who will listen to the simple words - believe in Christ Jesus and His death on the cross, and you shall be saved. Repent of your sins and come to Christ Jesus. There is no time to waste, for the hour is short, and the time is near. Repent and be saved.

Nanix: Tanzania

I had a dream when I was still in medical school, living in sin and never knew Jesus. I wanted to read the Bible during that time, but whenever I tried to read it, I never understood; it was the most challenging book I ever read. 

For the past 20+ years, I never read even a chapter in the Bible; though I was going to church now and then but never really understood anything, I would show up. 

One night, as I slept, I was taken up to a place where I saw many people of different nations standing before one man who was glowing. He was judging people and telling some people that they were going to hell, which was terrifying, while others were going to Heaven and given white clothes. 

When it was my turn to be judged, I stood before him, and all my life was revealed on the screen; he kept everything about me and said to me that I was going to hell. I was terrified and asked him why; I was a good and very polite person. I did many good things, but he remained silent, so I looked at his face. 

All I saw was a very bright light, and suddenly, I was taken to another place, and this time I was a bit younger. Beside me, a book looked like the Bible; as I was about to open it, it opened itself very fast. I saw words that I could not read. 

I heard a voice telling me to read the texts, and I told him I did not understand; suddenly, all the text was wiped out, and the words of fire came out of the book I LOVE YOU. 

I took the book, the Bible, and read it this time; I understood and was happy, But I was told to go to church and didn't go. Suddenly, I woke up. When I was young, I escaped from going to church and used to be my friend instead of church.

The saddest thing is that I never knew who I saw was Jesus and never read the gospels. I only tried to read the book of Mathew in the past, but only the first few verses. I knew what I saw was Good, but certainly not Jesus. Hence, I was very confused, and my search for the truth started there. 

I was in a dilemma: the true God, the God of Muslims or Christianity, and I never believed Jesus was Good. So, I started reading the Quran. I downloaded the Quran app, which increased my confusion. I deleted it. 

But something told me to read the gospels as I was reading. To my surprise, I understood the Bible, and when I was reading the book of John, my eyes were open, and I knew that who I saw in my vision/dream was Jesus Christ. I cried that I stood before Jesus and never knew it was him.

Rebecca: United States

This was a dream in 2016 or so. I was in my home, and as I looked out the front window, all I could see was darkness and stormy weather. It looked eerie. 

Jesus walked through the front door. Like actually through it, He didn't open the door. He came in with urgency and seriousness. He said, "It's time to go." I asked about my dog, and he said she would meet you there; this gave me hope because I wasn't concerned for my three kids or my husband coming, just the dog. 

We went into the kitchen area where a Chariot was waiting; Jesus got in on the right side, which is unusual because, in America, the driver is on the left. He held out His left hand for me to hold with my right hand. I thought, "I'm not worthy of holding His hand," but I did it because I love Him and wouldn't miss this opportunity for anything. 

Once I touched His hand, liquid love poured into me, and it was like being shot with 1000 lightning bolts but in a good way; it was like pure ecstasy. Think of every good emotion all at once, times a million. 

I then appeared in a safe place that was all white and not on Earth. 

Adelita: United States

I dreamt about the Last Supper tapestry scene. The original side of the tapestry was normal, but on the other side, Jesus and the Apostles had red glowing eyes.

G. L: United States

I dreamed I was walking beside Jesus on a beach. He was tall and slender with full (not long) dark curly hair. As we walked, he reached down to pick up turquoise-looking stones from the wet sand as the waves receded back to the body of water.

The stones seemed to represent dead or dying (maybe suffering) people whom Jesus was praying for as he lifted them toward the sky and released them toward Heaven. At some point, He asked/told/compelled me to help him.

Kristina: Canada

I had a dream of Jesus last night and the apostle Paul. In the first part of the dream, I handed the Apostle Paul a clay or stone tablet carving of Jesus. I know it was him, even though it was wrapped in white linen.

The size was thin in diameter, maybe an inch, but its length was at most 15 inches. I was to pass this tablet to Paul through a crack maybe 5 inches wide on the stone floor, which looked like a cave; it had a lantern or fire burning because it lit up Paul's face, who was reaching up to get the tablet.

Then I was watching from afar Apostle Paul and Jesus talking. We were in a cave, but it was lit with candles/lanterns. Apostle Paul, wearing white but brown sandals, was sitting on a wooden chair on one side of the cave, and Jesus was sitting at a wooden table on a wooden chair on the other side of the cave. 

Jesus was wearing all white, and he was laughing and talking. He looked very happy and relaxed. That's when I woke up.

Kayla: United States

May 15th, 2021

I had a dream about Jesus; I can't remember what happened, but I think he was in the sky, and I (including everyone in the world or just me) saw him. Light emitted around him, and he had his arms outstretched.

I was brought up to him, and the dream ended after that. Maybe there was more to it, but I don't remember what happened.

It's the same dream; I wanted to add some things that might be important).

On May 15, 2021, I had a dream about Jesus. I can't remember what happened, but I think he was in the sky in a white robe with a red drape. I and everyone in the world saw him.

Light emitted around him, and he had his arms outstretched, looking forward; then I was brought up to him.

Added Later: 3/29/2022

I was not yet a Christian when I had this dream and mistakenly assumed it meant I would be Raptured.


Walter: Japan

"The Real Christ Shows Up."

It was on May 1, 2021, at noon, that I took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. My body was cold, but my head was hot at the same time. I saw the light (probably the holy spirit), And I felt roots in my body, like being attached, and it felt so good, but it went away, and I saw a black book. 

It wasn't the Bible. It has no cover or anything, just a solid coal color of that book. It opens on its own and shows words, Like making it up or mocking it. Then, a drawing of a man and woman tied up to each other while fire was on their feet. It then showed the actual appearance of both people screaming in pain while helpless. They were stabbed in the chest, arm, and neck but not the head, and no blood had come out. 

I heard their cries and screams until Satan came out from the book. He was big and tall, having a black horn, black fur, color / red eyes, and white/ yellow teeth; I began to say "EVIL EVIL EVIL! BAD BAD BAD!" loudly until my dad woke me up and I too cry uncontrollably.

 The next scene (the same night) happened where I saw the Antichrist (fake Jesus); he was an exact copy of Jesus Christ. I smiled at him, but I felt something was wrong; instead of a greeting like hello or anything, he had a smirk....an evil one as he began to approach me. He grabbed both of his hands onto my neck and was going to choke me. I said no to him and cried until the real Jesus Christ appeared. He punched fake Jesus's left cheek, right cheek, and upper jaw. The faker begins to run away quickly, but Jesus pulls out a flaming sword. He throws the sword back at the Antichrist, striking him, and he screams blood. His skin turns like wax as his skeleton shows until he turns into dust. I ran to him and hugged him tightly. I said, 'I'm not a true Christian; I did bad things, etc.,' but he smiled at me and said, 'You're a good soul; love is the most powerful weapon, and you are a true Christian.'

The last scene: as I walk onto the bright streets, People are walking under the blue sky and white clouds; birds (white pigeons, I think) fly, and I see Jesus Christ sitting on a golden throne with a golden crown on the sky. He smiled at everyone but mostly looked at me and smiled more than the dream ended. 

Robin: United States

I am standing in an open field. A small river is on the left side of me; I see people by the river. I see Jesus, the brightest blue eyes, wearing a blue and white robe, and gleaming was calling up certain people.

He called my name, and I remember feeling pleased and so happy for being called; no words were spoken, but I understood him. He had this smile that was pure love and joy. He had the whitest teeth.

I stepped on a small pedestal or stool, and As I stood before him, his eyes were so piercing and beautiful. He touched my forehead and the top of my head with his hand as if I was being anointed.

As I left, I felt a peace I never felt before and happiness. I then remember being on my back, floating towards the blue and white sky, spinning slowly upwards.


Topic: Jesus, Heaven, Lucid.

I have dreamed of the Holy Spirit protecting me from demons since I was a little girl. I am currently 17 and still young, but I can't ignore what I've felt. 

I dreamed that my grandmother with dementia (who lives with me now) came to me asking for my help. I feel like this was, in part, Jesus testing the nature of my heart. I followed her to her room, where I saw my grandfather (who had passed away a couple of months before) smiling at me, standing tall, surrounded by a large heavenly light. As I got closer, the light consumed me completely. I felt like I was being sucked into Heaven, sucked into the afterlife. 

I can't lie; I was terrified. By this point, I was completely lucid. I knew I was in some dream as I recognized my grandfather as not present in my waking life. I felt like I was in some danger, I knew it was not my time to go to Heaven, yet I was being sucked in. I closed my eyes, calmed down, and began thinking of one of my favorite songs, again entirely lucid. 

Then, I woke up as a child in bed surrounded by my parents. I was back in the dream state and looked over at the Jesus portrait my mother had hanging on her wall. I started getting lucid again, and my vision was wavy and trippy. 

I stared at Jesus, and his eyes seemed to follow me with intensity, but his eyes were comforting. I felt like it was him, and I thought it was significant. I'm unsure of what or even if this has much to do with the rapture; it's more personal. But still, I haven't been able to forget how he looked at me. 

When I pass the portrait in my mother's room, I always look at the eyes still... thanks for reading. God bless.

Sherry: United States

My dream came after I spoke to someone who didn't believe in Jesus. I drempt I was next to someone about to die we were at the beach in the water. I tried to tell the person about Jesus and wanted to help him to Heaven right before his death, and that's when I saw him. He was out in the water, standing on it. He was here for this man but wanted me to see him, too. I wanted to go with them. The comfort and joy I felt is indescribable. I knew I would be at peace. I knew I would be going home. I laughed but also cried tears of happiness. I only made out his body as a figure, but that was enough. I will never forget this dream.

Frank: Country

What I witnessed was not a dream; it was real. His manifestation was transparent but in full detail.

I was a child living in a rodent-infested house. My mother always shared Bible parables with us to match our experiences with Bible scriptures. One night, I was awakened out of my sleep (I have only told a handful of people who won't judge me and have true faith).

Jesus appeared at the foot of my bed with his praying hands at my feet. I was punching my sister in terror next to me, but she never felt the hard hits I gave her. I was so terrified that I covered my head and buried myself in my blankets. 

I saw vividly what the Holy Spirit is. He wore colors that communicated with me without speaking: a white and purple robe representing the pure, sinless, holy spirit; purple representing His Royalty.

The red represents his shed blood, and the blue represents Heaven, where his father is. The robe was white and purple to illustrate that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are now One, resurrected. 

He was praying for me, which means he was praying for his father to have mercy on me, or he blessed me to communicate with him through divine knowledge and scriptures. Either way, my job is to share that he exists.

Using colors to communicate shows me he has intellectual abilities beyond anyone has ever witnessed. Only those who genuinely have a relationship with him will be able to pick up the signs he leaves us to show he appeared. 

We can't simply choose to see his spirit. "Blessed are those that believe and do not see me..."

I saw him! That verse was intended for me and those he has appeared to who do his will in letting others know he exists and send a warning about how narrow the path to Heaven is and how wide the path to hell is. The more significant path means more will go to hell than to Heaven. 

Let's pray for our sins, beg for forgiveness, and love others like we want others to love us; may the Holy Spirit be with you as well...

Mourad: Sweden

I am a Muslim and live in Sweden. I am fasting in Ramadan right now, 2021. We're in the last days of Ramadan, and yesterday night, I dreamt of Jesus.

I saw him in my dream, laying himself down on the cross. And the cross had some iron wrapped around its tree on the parts for the arms. The whole cross was on round white rocks about the size of an apple. 

What was clear to me is that Jesus showed that he lay himself down willingly. There was no military force from any people or brutal violence surrounding what he was offering. He was wrapped with a white cloth. He lay Himself down on the rocks, on the cross, with arms spread wide—a very relaxed face. 

Then it felt like he raised his upper torso, and the cross followed; simultaneously, He showed me that the "passing over" was done willingly. He showed me that twice, like the upper torso raised from the rocks with the cross. 

That was the dream, but I'm still fasting today, and I'm still praying. As Muslims, we are to believe that Jesus never died on the cross. Who am I to judge dreams? I love Jesus in both religions' interpretations and always leave the door open for God to show me the light. 

I think a part of being a God follower is not limited to labels. We are all God's children as long as we search for guidance. I always keep the Bible and the koran with me.

May God bless us all!

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