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"Dreams and Visions 
of Jesus Page 21"

Mpho: South Africa

I saw Jesus in my dream watching at me and I was holding a sort of Gold and were I was poiting (finishing of the mortar joints), coming out were flames of fire and he was looking at me from in the mist of a cloud and it was pure white, and the look was a happy look.

Nancy: Nigeria
I saw Jesus appear in the sky and he said he was tired of the sin being committed in this world. He then placed something in My hands.

Mary: United Kingdom

In my dream I had an encounter with Jesus, I was elevated towards the cloud and everything was serene and beautiful. And I saw his face and he spoke to me and said, "Preserve Love". immediately I was moved back from the sky and I woke up. it felt like an instruction.... God is Love!

Bev: Philippines

I had a dream that it was good Friday and in the church, everyone weeps and prayed to the Black Nazarene, and when I came close to Him I saw Him clothed in beautiful shimmering red clothes and His eyes were opened yet He was dying. I cried asking Him not to forget me, and help me and save me. and He answered me with a nod of His head upon closing His eyes.

Where I dreamt of seeing Him lying wrapped in red clothing was in a church me and my family used to visit and prayed in recently.

Lauretta: Nigeria

I dreamt seeing a cross with one wing which turned to the face of Jesus and later a full body of Jesus glittering and shining in a praying state in the sky. This happened in a matter seconds then it slowly faded away. A white figure began flying around but I couldn't place out what it was. 

Anonymous: United States

I was walking in this place like a desert and there was a very small stream running right below me to my left and when I looked up when I realized just where I was in the middle of nowhere in the sunshine I see his glowing white robe and there I didn’t see his face but I felt his almighty presence and I kept walking like I knew where I was going following the water to this wall in the distance and as I got closer the wall got bigger and there was hole in the wall where the water ran into and I looked up to the left and Jesus gave me the gesture with his right hand to go in that hole in the wall and when I did the feeling I got then was.. unexplainable.  it looked a million times bigger inside than out. and there were a beautiful big blue water full and beautiful blue glowing birds flying around and beautiful colors that was a pretty awesome dream thank you Jesus!

Donna: United States

I have had 2 dreams of seeing Jesus in the clouds within this week. The first dream, I seen Jesus just come out of the cloud, so big, beautiful and transparent, but yet so clear. I know who I saw, and was not afraid, but then I woke up, it was morning. Then a couple days later, early this morning, my other dream was it was night out, I was walking with my husband and looking up at the clouds, I seen Jesus, and a big brown dog by his side, this time not transparent, but big, bright and golden and white glare of white and gold around them both. I turned to tell my husband to look up, and the time I turned back to look, it was gone. but my husband said he seen Jesus and the dog also! Amazing to me!!

Suzanne: Australia

A Buddhist Sees Jesus:
I was meditating at a Vipasana sitting with other meditators, and firstly I saw a very clear image of a man’s face with a dark grey beard. And then I saw an image of Jesus. Real, but like a sketch in a rust color, close up of his head slightly back, neck exposed, closed eyes, and the crown of thorns on his head. 
Today I asked for help. Then I saw him...

Victorio: Philippines

Jesus standing on the highest mountain!

Maritza: United States

A few days ago I had a dream about Jesus I heard God talk to him and said go before Maritza, and then I saw myself walking next to Jesus. I saw him as a huge Giant in the clouds, and as I gazed closer I made a connection with Jesus that I haven't stop thinking about, it has remained imprinted in my brain. Jesus was so tall, and all I could see was his monstrous legs walking before me going with the police to my old house. Jesus was taking me to possess the land after the pharoahs were taken out of the land. Just as it is written in the bible when Jesus took Israelites out of Egypt getting them ready to possess the land and the police supernaturally obeyed God.  in my dream, I feel God has arrived in my life he is next to me, and I am so phantom by the amazing dream, the spirit has given me. Now I see Big God small Me.

Holly: United States

I dreamt that myself and many others were running from a monster or some evil, I didn't see it, but we were all afraid.  It seemed we were in a place that looked like Jerusalem. I saw a lone figure with a maroon cloak with the hood on the head.  I was excited and ran to him.  He looked like Jesus to me. I asked,  " it's you, isn't it?" And he just smiled. I wasn't afraid anymore I started crying with happiness and got on my knees and bowed.

Azizy: Canada

I had a dream of Jesus wearing white cloths long hair, but he had a bunch of numbers in his body, and I was reading them, but I can’t remember them all. What does that even mean?

Leanore: United States

Had a dream of Jesus lying dead and he wouldn’t stay still that was it, nothing more.

Leanore: United States

Had a dream of Jesus lying dead and he wouldn’t stay still that was it, nothing more.

Rafael: India

My friend Melissa from the united states , I have always ask myself what's the number 9 , number 9 has so much influence in my life and events , it has put fear in me , I've been asking Myself Why 9, what is this energy coming from it, it has put so much of the negativity in me, that I didn't know what to think anymore , but then I realize fear is nothing but an obstacle for you to achieve something great in life. And Jesus is the answer, Fear not for I am with you, He will come to rescue you from the wilderness, Keep on praying and Trust in him, Have Faith in him, and he will cleanse you from the evil spirits. 

I had a dream, I went through a beam of light like in a supersonic speed for a while, then all of a sudden it stopped, and I saw A man glowing like a star, I just knew it was Jesus in my heart. He wore white clothes, had long hair, his arms were wide open, he was so gentle, and he gave me life.  All of a sudden I came back down through the light and woke up from my bed and knew that was real and he hasn't forsaken me, and he hasn't forsaken anyone on Earth, he loves everyone from all his heart. My prayers were answered from the previous dream I had, I was sad, I was down, I was left behind, and out of frustration in my thoughts, I yelled and looked up to the sky and shouted: " Why have you forsaken me ?" 

Then I realize , he has not left you behind , he's around you all the time. God is good, God is love, and he loves you and God cares about you, Praise the Lord, Amen.

Melissa: United States

I can't remember much, I've dreamt the returning of Jesus a few times, but more often recently. The last one was my family on a big ship, and the sky started looking orange & dark and just rumbling with clouds passing very fast. Next thing you see is Jesus opening up the sky, and he sat down with my family and me at the ship. He looked at all of us, and next looked at me and said: "it is not your time yet, I will return you to Earth, 9." I don't know what the 9 meant, nine years? Nine months? Nine days? I woke up, and I kept asking myself, nine what? Lord, please bring me and my family & friends closer to you. Help me understand you more.

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Dreams and Visions of Jesus Page 21

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