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 "Dreams and Visions of
Jesus Page 31"

Digzy: Philippines

The other night around 4 am, I woke up. And as I went back to sleep, I had a dream.

We were in front of a table and about to eat, there was a guy next to me and a lady in front of me on that table. Before we eat, they were yelling "Lord!" and I don't know why, but in my dream, I was expecting they were calling an evil Lord.

Suddenly a very tiny image of a man sitting on a chair (a chair that you can lean your arms on) appears in the sky. It was too bright and cloudy. I already realized its Jesus! And then he spoke "it looks like you called the wrong one" (something like that, coz as I said earlier, it was expected that they're gonna call an evil Lord)

The guy and the lady explained to me. That they did it on purpose so that the evil Lord will think that we will call him, but we call Jesus instead. 

It was so bright that I could even see white light directly going to our table. And then suddenly the tiny image of Jesus, that's sitting down, changed to a big image of his face, but it was all bright that I could be only able to see the lines of his face, but I can describe that his hair is extra curly than what we see on the pictures.

After that, there's a plate of rice on our table, and he used his powers to it, and I can see how this bright white lights went directly to the rice. He created an image of a "tan" little girl jumping like playing around, I honestly don't know how to explain, but the girl looks like she's jumping.

I started crying coz I can't believe what I'm witnessing, My mom came in, and I was like "Mom look! Jesus is there!!" she turned her head and looked at where I'm pointing her, but she can't appear to see it.

Afterward the lights slowly darkened and the image of the face of Jesus went back to the small image of him sitting down on his chair before he completely disappeared.

Dennis: Kenya

Jesus will come like a thief, that is what the Bible says. On a fateful night, before the feast of ascension. I had a vision about the coming back of Jesus. I was in a city, walking around.

I saw people looking up at a bright light, just next to the sun. It was encircled by a rainbow and an image faded in, it was the image of Jesus. It became bigger and bigger, and suddenly a flash of bright light appeared, there were trumpet sounds and fear gripped over the whole city.

Some people were clapping and jubilating as they welcomed Jesus, while others ran helter-skelter screaming at the top of their voices. They said, "It is too late to repent, there is no more time!" I could see priests on their knees, praying earnestly for repentance..The words came to me that we shall all give an account of our deeds on earth. This is my first dream of this nature, I was so scared

When I woke up, a thief had attacked our home, and yet we did not hear him.

Speciosa: Kenya

Before I went to sleep, I prayed and asked our Virgin Mary to protect my daughter and me.

When I slept in my dream, I saw an extraordinary lion in the sky! When it descended, it was Jesus who blessed us! Lion of Judah

Daniel: Philippines

2 am, I woke up after dreaming of seeing Jesus via a glass panel of a door. Then gently opening the door and handing over a folded white handkerchief. After that, ascending,  while looking up.

Faith: United States

In my dream, I was with my daughter, she's 3 but was a little older. For some reason, I let her sit in the front seat but had the worst feeling. 

While I'm driving, I'm on some type of highway, and a right turn is coming up. I notice at least 10 or so cars just stopped in the road and then see Jesus laying in the road bleeding as if he were dying on the cross. 

All the people were surrounding him holding him, but I didn't stop to help...my GPS in my dream said to turn right; so I turned a fast right, wrecked, and woke up.

Erandi: Sri Lanka

I saw Jesus in heaven!

Destiny: United States

In my dream, I was explaining how Jerusalem and Islam split.  I ended up in Jerusalem in a field. In the field, it was all ages of people trying to find the exact spot Jesus was born. 

People wanted to spin 68 times then walked to find the direction, but they were told to turn 8 times instead. A kid did and walked in that direction, then fell. 

I looked over in this beautiful green field and saw Jesus with long white hair and a white outfit sitting in a rocking chair reading. When I looked at him, I was in shock. 

He came up to me, and we started walking. We walked and sat on a bench, he started telling me about his life and what happened to him and the things he did at 13 years old.

Neikka: United Kingdom

A Dream about Jesus bringing comfort and guidance:

I can't even remember my dream and didn't even think it was a dream. When I first woke up, it seemed real, even though I couldn't remember anything. I felt like I'd, had the experience of being with Jesus. 

This thought unfolded as I identified what it was I was feeling/experiencing. I then realized I had been asleep and that I had been dreaming. 

I was then led to read the passage from the gospel of Luke, about Jesus walking with the men to Emmaus. It's almost like I can remember the dream, but not in visions or words, (it's deeper than that), and despite my dream having no words, I am none the less sure of it.

 It feels like the next level of surety if that's even a word. As if it is saying, this is how it is now, but in the future, you are not going to listen with your eyes and ears; you will have to learn to hear differently, but I am still here,  and still as close. This follows the previous messages telling me it's time to get still, be quiet to both listen and teach. 

This is like a confirmation to me that we're never alone, not ever. Jesus is closer than the breath and more intimate than hands and feet, and even in our sleep, he never leaves us, which is comforting.

 I just recently wrote about how my mind never stops working, even when I'm asleep. So, it's nice to know that neither does my substance.


I had a dream of Jesus being beaten and nailed to a cross many times.

Ashley: Canada

Hey! A few months ago, I had a dream where I was at my uncle's house; he also has a field in the back. But my dream went like this. 

  I remember being in his living room, and he had a projector, and a worldwide alert went off, and we were watching it. 

Then suddenly I went to his kitchen window, and I looked up into the sky, and it felt so peaceful because I saw golden lights as well as the sunlight, also rainbows. 

It was such a beautiful dream, but it reminded me of the end of times, it scared me a little, and I can't stop thinking about why I dreamt of it. 

It felt like God was sending me a message that something big is going to happen very soon because of how we are treating Mother Earth. 

I always prayed to Jesus and the Creator. I always remind Jesus that he is my saviour, and I love him with all my heart. PRAISE. 

Thank you for hearing my dream. I hope I can get an answer. 

Thank you,

Stephano: Brazil

I Had a very weird dream about Jesus.

I dreamed that he was chained in a town Park among big buildings and there were buildings behind him, and at his sides and in front of him, and people were protecting him from something.

And there was also scary background music, the music was not scary itself, but it was scary for me. I woke up scared.

I Also had visions that we are going to have alien contact at the year 2500 and that humanity will prosper for 2 thousand Years ahead.

When God was talking to me, I felt chills all over my body and heavy breathing; all of a sudden, it stopped, and it seemed Like I had run a marathon.

Chelsey: United States

War was going on, and everyone said we shouldn't fight yet because we have no leader and some said, just begin to open fire, who cares.

I heard "help help," from somewhere ! Others said they didn't hear anything and that I was going crazy, but I swore I heard it. Then there it went again, and I followed it. 

I followed it into a cave where there were thick mud and dirt, almost like quicksand; at the end of the cave, it was bright. So I went into the cave.

 I had some people with me to try to find the person who was calling for help, but they didn't see anyone; then I began to look more. All of a sudden, I was in an extremely bright place. The colors Gold and white were everywhere, and  I see a man in the distance sitting at a table. 

I walked towards him and saw that it was Jesus. He had a long white beautiful gown with a thick blue cloth around his neck that fell on each side of him. It was so so beautiful words could not describe it. 

As I got closer, I saw four unopened letters on the table; I asked, what's this and he told me to take a seat and "open that one," and pointed to it, so I did. As I was reading it, I began to cry tears of joy and could not stop thanking him. It was an incredible feeling, and I was eager to open the next, but before I could, he stopped me. 

All of a sudden, I heard gunshots and people yelling and crying. I turned to look, and being up high,  could see that the war had begun.

 As I turned to look back at Jesus, but he was disappearing. I tried to get him to tell me what to do next, but he left.

Irene: United States

I dreamed of a big circle of soldiers in the sky, horses, dragons,  animals coming down to earth from heaven.  I love all the people, and Yahusha is speaking to me ... I was sitting at his feet in the dreams two nights ago. 

He was giving instructions and showed me the hidden keys that set the earth free from a curse. Have a good day! SHALOM

Mariah: United States

I had this dream when I was a kid, so in my dream, I was a kid. 

I walked into my living room, and the walls were on fire. There was a podium in the middle of my living room with Jesus looking like a statue but sad with his arms up. And in front of the podium, there was a couch with my family looking at him and also staying still like a statue.

I walked to a window and saw my two dogs running in separate circles as if they were glitching. I looked back, and Jesus was the same, but something about him made me scared. He was scaring me, but he was still in the same position, but he looked mad

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