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Ayonna:United Kingdom

Dream about Jesus

Puja: India
Jesus and Satan
I saw Jesus and Lucifer (Satan) at a time in my dream. I had a clear vision of the faces of both jesus and satan.
I was fighting with Satan where Jesus was encouraging me. In that dream itself, a voice was urging me to be baptized in order to get salvation.
(I was not baptized at that time)
The same dream repeated for nearly three times.

Karen: United States

I had a vision of seeing Jesus with a white robe on going into the cloud, and I was following behind him.

Djuan: United States

I was so ashamed of committing the same sins over and over. I was praying asking Jesus to please forgive me, and I was truly sorry...saying Jesus 'I'm sorry' repeatedly and suddenly as I looked out the window his face appeared to me in holy fire ...he just looked at me for a few seconds and vanished...Jesus is so amazing! I truly believe that was Jesus indicating to me that he forgives me and he is here for me. I woke and could not believe what I dreamed

Christina: United States

I had a very vivid dream of Jesus in fall 2010.  I dreamt that I was in the back of a courtroom.  The lights were dim, almost as if lit by candles or lanterns instead of regular light bulbs we have today.  A man was brought out, dressed in rags.  He had long dirty, messy hair and looked just so sad.  They leaned him over a pulpit of some kind, and I seem to remember that he was somehow found guilty of a crime that I KNEW he didn't commit.  I knew that I was the one who was guilty, but he was taking the blame for me.  The thing that struck me most of all was the way that he looked at me, right at me.  His eyes were dark and piercing, the kind of eyes that told you he could see straight through to the bottom of your soul, that he knew you that well.  I was lucky enough to find a painting of Jesus the way he looked in my dream, and it hangs in my house as one of my most prized possessions.  I yearn for a day to see him once again.  He just had this deep loving look about him.  I can remember wanting so badly to help him in my dream before I woke up.

Tina: United States

I dreamt I was walking alongside with Jesus on a long dirt road. I don't remember what we talked about though.

Sasha: United States

I have had this dream since I was a very young girl.  There’s an entourage of us; alongside Jesus, we are traveling through a cobblestone tunnel beneath the streets of France.  We arrive in a room whereas we sit for the last supper, I am sitting to the right of Jesus, in the middle of the table on the south end of the room. I am a woman. I feel Jesus will soon meet his fate but, I am proud of his honor, and I feel I adore him. My love for him is more than motherly, and I feel the same affection from him.   I also feel as though I know where he is barrier and the whereabouts of the grail.  Why do I continue having this dream?

Joy: Nigeria

 I saw myself in a church here in Nigeria,  suddenly a man began walking towards me from the altar, I looked and saw it was Jesus; he came close and we We started discussing with smiles both on our faces. still can't remember what we said,  but the last thing he did before leaving has he held my hands and said: " don't worry something good will happen to you in the morning " when I woke up I felt this peace and happiness.

Stephen: United States

I was distraught, worrying about my children and grandchildren’s future in this world. I had a dream that was seared into my memory. Normally I never remember my dreams when I awake. This is my dream. I was standing alone in the middle of a green field that stretched to the horizon in every direction. A man approached me from the horizon, and when He came up to me, I realized it was Jesus. He had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. He looked right through me.  
He took my hand and led me to a grassy knoll where there was a lake that looked like a mirror it was so smooth. We sat down on the grass holding hands and contemplated the duel reality image reflected in the water across from us. Not a word was spoken, but I felt the most inner peace I have felt in my life. I think He has a greater purpose for me in my life, but I am not sure of what it is. I am awaiting another sign or message.

Karey: United States

In my dream, there was nothing except for I was surrounded by a light blue hue. All of a sudden a man was in my face, and he yelled "Jesus Christ!" then it went back to this blue hue, and I woke up.


 Dreamed of a lighting strike ten feet in front of me. When the black smoke cleared, you could see Jesus on the other side, in heaven.

Cindy: United States

I found myself somewhere not in this world. There was a massive door. I opened it and looked inside. No one was there.  I took a seat outside the door. A very large being cane wearing beige colored robes.  I never saw His face.  He opened the door and looked inside. He closed the door turned around and came to me. He sent love to me. He surrounded me with lights.  He was pleased with me. He held up something (like a tablet) and was scrolling through it and showing me something.  Perhaps it was the continents moving (from the beginning of the world to the present time). Or maybe it was instructions to me for the rest of my life. He has had a plan for me all along, and He is pleased with me and loves me.  At first, though I did not know it was Christ.  I went through some very uncertain times after this dream that has led me back to realizing this was Jesus Christ. 

Denise: United States

I had a dream that my son and I saw Jesus Christ outside my window, and we reached and called out his name, and he split into pieces.

Markell: United States

I had a dream although, it seems rather funny Jesus gave me ice cream, and I walked up to him and asked him if he can forgive my sins and I believe he said yes and kissed me...

Princess: Philippines

I saw the face of Jesus Christ in my dream. 
I was recovering from fever due to pharyngitis and acid reflux; then the scenario was Inside a big tabernacle, a wonderful church which I believe is not here in my town...there were people kneeling, praying, giving thanks to God. And then there was other fellow churchgoers and me. 

I was holding my cell phone. It was a habit... I usually take photos of the saints and mural paintings inside the holy tabernacle. 

Then one person shouted, "Jesus Christ! And another voice yelled It's Jesus Christ!" 
Jesus was standing, with a light illuminating down in him. They were all staring at my phone, pointing on to something... 

And says, Jesus Christ! 
Oh, my God. Jesus Christ, wearing his dazzling red coat and wearing his golden crown. His face glowing like there's a picturesque so perfect. It was not pointing on to an image of a perfect clean man, but on a beggar kneeling on the floor and praying. Then the face of Jesus Christ disappeared. 

Then we stood and began singing a song depicting our gladness that we saw Jesus Christ. It was a Latin song. But we were all singing it. 

I wish to go back to sleep and finish that vivid dreams of mine. Then, I remembered... Mother Theresa told us, we can see Jesus in every person's face in disguise. 

Thank you, Lord.

Vijay John: India
Praise the lord

I had a dream on 30-1-2016. I sitting in a small home with one room on a chair with my father. My father was sitting beside me. Suddenly I heard a voice from the sky like a loud and base say something.  I can't remember what I was saying to my father. Father, can you hear that voice coming from the sky? My father said it's the Lord Jesus Christ. I run out from home shouting, Lord Jesus I love you I love you. I looked up at the sky, and there was a very bright white light. In that light, I saw the face of Jesus Christ coming down to me.  I was crying out loudly, saying jesus I love you I love you. He came down and kissed me and then looked at me and walked away. And I'm so surprised and still would like to understand what that means. Can you tell me what it means?

Raquely: United States

I had a dream a little over a year ago, that shook me to my core, it was so real. I am a Christian and saved by the blood of Jesus. I played down for an afternoon nap before work on Saturday. I was in this house, it seemed like mine but doesn't look like my house, I was sitting on a couch, and I got a sense I needed to go outside, I walked out the front door with my dog, it was fall, leaves everywhere. I looked up and seen a bright light that had moved just out my dog and me. Then Jesus appeared in the sky, I couldn't make out his face, but I knew it was him. And then he pointed at me as he was moving toward me. Then I woke up; I was so shaken by the dream, I immediately called my sister and told her what had just happened. She didn't know what to say. I prayed about what it all meant, the only thing that came to me was hurry, time is short, and it convicted my heart. If anyone reads this, please, Jesus is still saving souls, he is waiting at the door for you, and loves you, just ask him into your heart.

Katie: United States

I was walking on a path in the woods and saw something on the ground ahead of me burning. As I got closer, I saw it was a burning cross, and when I got to the cross, I knew it was Jesus. I reached through the fire and lifted up the cross. Jesus had been carrying the cross and fallen. He asked me to help him because there were evil men chasing him. I immediately lifted him and the cross and carried them along the path. Even though I knew we were in danger of those men, I was completely calm and felt safe because I was with Jesus.

Tammy: Country

I saw Jesus at his last dinner before he had died.  He was surrounded by all of his followers.

Latesia: United States

In my dream, I saw and felt that Jesus was standing, with a light illuminating down in him and all around him was darkness...I could feel/hear myself saying, help him, help him. To whom I was speaking or urging this to I do not know. Then it was almost like this light, or being or person was about to reveal itself I became paralyzed with fear and I could physically feel this in my dream. My whole body from head to toe was aching with fear of what was about to be done or revealed. Then I woke. I’m so stunned and shocked and have never in my life felt anything so powerful. Is this real? What does this mean? Am I crazy?

Denese: United States

I dreamt I was sitting around a rectangular box dream on the ground and Jesus was writing on the ground. 

Sarveenaz: United States
I just woke up from a dream where I'm walking into a dim lit room & a cloud of light brown smoke appeared out of nowhere. The presence felt so familiar; I knew it was Jesus/God. The amount of glory and might that his presence was filled with prevented me from staying on my feet even if I wanted to. I fell on my knees and began crying out of joy, I screamed in thanks to him for visiting me. In him was no hate at all, the judgment that was present was only like one of a caring father. I can't even go back to sleep after witnessing that much glory and righteousness within him, it is endless, and it is all.

Frankie: United States
I had a dream of Jesus last night. I was in a small room, i believe i was in it with my dad and someone else. Jesus came through the door, i was very shy and frozen like we shook hands I said "hello" and he said "hello" but his tone was so calm and understanding. I feel awful now that the only thing i had said was hello... And in a very shy voice at that.. 

Tim: United States

I had just finished prayer, this was at lunchtime. I had been praying about the book of Jasher and asking if I should read this along with scripture. I Wasn’t tired, but I fell asleep somehow. I must have slept for 20 or 30 min, but seemed like a lot longer. In my dream, I felt at peace. I could see a bright light, but I knew as I got closer it was the Lord Jesus. I fell to my knees and said I commit to you, my Lord.  Immediately every cell body felt charged. It was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. I can’t describe it. So good that when I woke I was laughing. All I could say is thank you, Jesus!

Laurie: United States

I dreamed I was standing on the front porch of the house we lived in my whole life. Which had been torn down years earlier. It was windy like a storm was coming. Suddenly the dark clouds broke opened. There I saw Jesus only from the waist up like the clouds below him was blocking his lower body. On both sides of him were children. The children were waving at me. I called for my mother who was inside the house to come see. The dream was over. I woke up calling mama. 

Christina: United States

I had dreamed I opened a door slowly and I looked in and saw Jesus with his back to me but speaking to a man to his right while intently looking at him. They were seated at a table. Jesus was dressed in purple robes, and there were a few men seated around the table with him, all dressed in robes. No one noticed that I opened the door. I thought that I should not be looking in and that  I was going to get in trouble with Jesus. I was trying to close the door slowly and not be noticed when it dawned on me that Jesus knows everything. He knows I am looking in. So I opened the door again and felt at peace. That didn't last long cause I woke up.

William: United States

I was just dreaming or was I,  it all felt so real. I was in a dark place I could see one great doorway as I reached to touch them they began to open.I walked into a great room with immense size there were seven thrones three on each side of one that stood over the others. I could see behind them the universe, and I knew then who I was standing before because he spoke to my heart without saying a word. He then really spoke with a booming voice and great anger in how he was dissatisfied with me. That's when two of the ones sitting on Gods right side began arguing about me. I knew who they were without hesitation it was Noah and Moses I could feel my family connection to Noah he was defending me. Moses, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with me too. I was crying, and I mean like a baby. That's when a hand was laid on my shoulder and all the great feelings of peace, hope and knowledge. Without turning around, I knew it was Jesus. I turned to him, and he put his arm around my shoulders like who cares for you. He then let me know everything was going to be fine and not to worry, my heart was never put so at ease. We began walking to the door, and I awoke with rivers for eyes I wiped them and walked to the bathroom to wash my face. Jesus let me know that there is a plan for us all don't ever give up or give in to anything that challenges us.  

Maria: United States

I dreamed I saw Jesus from a far distance. He was dressed in a white robe. He was in the desert, standing next to a very beautiful green tree and I could see there was also water coming from the ocean into the desert. I take it that with Christ everything is possible. If you trust Him. Very lovely dream.

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