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Dreams and Visions
of Jesus page 52
By Visitors to the Trusting in Jesus Website.

Maliha: United States

I dreamt of our Lord last night, 3/9/23.

I witnessed a man in a stone-walled room. It appeared to be set in ancient times.

I couldn't see his face. He was wounded; his robe was intact but muddy. There was a rope lying on the ground, cut loose. I saw Him pull out a nail from his wrist...

This dream was so somber and grave. However, it was Him coming back to life. I dreamt this around 6–7 a.m.

Princess Cecilia: United States

I had a dream of Jesus in the mall. I was climbing the stairs to give some cigarettes to my mom, and I stopped to look at him behind the glass.

I got closer, and he said, "Don't be sad;" I stared and cried. I wished it was real and remembered that I wanted to return for his teaching.

The times were 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. I am trying to understand what any of this means.

Sruthy: India

I usually have dreams about Jesus. I had a dream about Jesus this morning.

He was scourged, and his body was reddened with the spilling of blood. I was holding him on my lap, sitting on my bed. I was struggling to keep him closer to me because he was heavy.

Soldiers were searching for Jesus. I thought about covering him with my blanket, but I didn't because it would hurt him more. I woke up, and it was 7.00 a.m.

Chandra: United States

I dreamed that waterfalls were falling from the sky, and Jesus was large with his arms open wide, both hands in the sky. There was a rainbow and a light in front of his face. I could not describe how he looked.

Brittany: United States

I had a dream where I was hiking, lost, scared, and confused, when suddenly, there was a clearing, and I saw 12 men dressed as they did in the Bible days, and they all surrounded another man with a fire.

The man, who I assumed resembled Jesus, said, Sit, Brittany. The man said, "I need my generals ready and prepared." I said, "I don't know how, and I'm scared, and I don't think I can be your general."

He then said you can and must; I need you as my general. He also told me I was loved and that great things would come. He then told me to talk to John. Then, I switched dreams.

It was a fantastic dream, but I wondered what it all meant. My faith changed that day; I read the book of John and haven't stopped reading the Bible since.

Daniel: United States

This really happened.

I was having a discussion with my first wife about God, and I told her I was agnostic and didn't have proof one way or the other.

She opened her Bible and quoted the scripter about if two or more are gathered and believing. She said I had to be sincere about wanting to know God. I told her I was, as I was in my heart.

We both started to feel energy similar to electricity, starting in our hands that went up and down our bodies in waves; I quizzed her first to ask what she was experiencing before I told her the same.

Then, like a clear picture put in my head, I saw a giant Jesus standing out on the horizon with his arms outstretched, much like the giant statue of Christ, the Redeemer, on the Mount in Brazil. I could see the mainly Red color of his robes and the other colors going diagonally on him.

Along with this clear vision was a clear message that Jesus was inviting the world to come to him.

Once again, before I told my wife what I saw, I asked her first, and she described the same experience exactly. True events!

Daniyal: United States

I dreamt of Jesus. It was 3:30 a.m., and I was asleep. Like when you are dozing off. I saw Jesus's face on my left side in a blue gown. I saw him mid-length, and it woke me up in a state of shock. It was the night before a major event in my life.

I could not understand why I saw Jesus when I was Muslim. 1.5 years later, I'm a devout Christian. It was a sudden thing but a lifelong journey that brought me here. It's tough to explain and a very long story.

As I see it, it was my calling. He always watched over me. I know because a miracle happened when I was a child. My relationship with Mother Mary started at seven years old. It's a long story. I am just happy where I am.

The face of Jesus was not the only thing that happened to me. Other mysterious things led to my conversion.

Garrett: United States

After a long time away from the Church, I had many horrifying experiences with evil, and in fear of the Lord, I returned to faith.

I had other dreams that felt prophetic and as warnings, but this dream stood out.

I have ADHD, so test-taking has always been quite a bit of trouble. Usually, in my dreams, when taking a test, it's strange that everyone gets a cup with legos and bugs in it, and everyone solves it but me.

This dream was different. It was in my 7th-grade math classroom, and it was astrophysics; I wasn't panicking because it was tangible math. I felt like I could do it, and right before I was about to answer the first question, Jesus Christ walked into the classroom.

Everyone else is gone. He has his crown of thorns and is smiling, wearing a white robe and red sash. He explained all the problems on the test to me. He describes the universe and how everything is like a giant puzzle.

We talk about salvation, the resurrection, and immaculate conception.

Finally, he shows me a large stone over his head, floating. He asks me, "Will you carry this for me?"

I responded with, "I can." So the stone was above my head in my arms, and initially, it wasn't very heavy, but carrying it made me feel sick.

So I awoke from the dream feeling sick and continued to feel sick for the next three days.

Samantha: United States

I had a vision of Jesus coming from the clouds; the whole world had gone black, and even the sun was utterly dark .. but Jesus had this stunning bright light surrounding him, and he lit the entire world up again. Carol: Canada

I was praying for the presence of Jesus to fill my room, and then I dreamt I saw Jesus standing between two rocks beside a river. I also saw him standing quietly beside my head, with one hand in the other.

Rika: United States

I dreamed of Jesus' face craved out of wood.

Medhat: New Zealand

I was Muslim, and I saw, in my dream, the Judgment day; all the people were gathered, waiting, and looking at the sky. Suddenly, the sky opened, and Jesus filled the sky while he was still on the cross.

I said, "Oh my God, Christianity was the right religion, not Islam. Then the sky opened in front of me, and I was led as a king towards a grand palace, and people were bowing to me.

I have changed my face to Jesus since then and was baptized. Since being a child, I have had many visions of seeing prophets and saw Mary also.

According to my dreams, I thought I would be a religious or spiritual figure, but I am a doctor and 67 years old.

I can tell you later about my other dreams of Jesus.

Thanks for your help.

Dr. Medhat

Liesl: South Africa

I had a dream about Jesus, and I do not know the meaning of it, but I have to share it.

I dreamt that I was in my bed playing on my phone, and when I looked through my window, I saw that the sun was setting and the light it was giving was bright orange/red.

I went outside and looked into the sun on the horizon and saw Jesus standing in the sun with his arms open.

Response From Ade: Canada:

Dear Liesl (South Africa),

The sun setting means the world is coming to an end soon. Just as the sun sets to end the day and usher in the night, the world is also ending soon.

Jesus, as the Alpha and Omega (the beginning and End of all things), is stretching forth his hands to invite you to follow Him. He is going to bring an end to all things soon.

Read the Gospel of John in the Bible. Everything you need to know about JESUS is there.

Vanessa: South Africa

In my dream, I arrived at a hospital. I went up to the reception desk and asked for the doctor. The woman at the desk told me that the doctor was in the theatre but that I could go in and see him.

I entered the operating theatre, and Jesus walked up to me, kissed me, and said, "Hello, Margaret." This is not my name, but Margaret means "a pearl."

Jesus then picked me up and carried me down a passage. He told me that he would answer any questions I had.

Tina: United States

It was night, and I was looking toward the heavens. The sky was filled with stars; it was very unusual to see so many stars. I felt compelled to go outside to see the night sky.

When I looked up, I saw Jesus coming on clouds; he was dressed in white and was followed by multiple beings that filled the sky. I saw camels, too. I called to my husband to come out to see.

Then I looked to my left and saw children next to me; they were toddlers. I looked at the sky again and saw Jesus wearing red satin robes, sitting on a throne. It was bigger than a skyscraper.

I told the children to kneel, confess their sins, and ask God for mercy. I knelt with the children and prayed the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and the Fatima Prayer. At that time, my husband came out. I told him it was true; he would forgive you, kneel, and ask for forgiveness.

Then I looked up and saw so many people in line ascending a path (like marble) to a throne in the sky. I said to myself, I want to go there...but how? As soon as I said that, I was facedown with my face in water that flowed from the throne.

The next thing I knew, Jesus was splashing my face and head with his right hand and holding my head in the water with his left. He was jubilant.

I felt his joy. Immediately, I rose from the prostate position and saw the water flowing from Jesus like a raging river but calmer. I felt his love and joy to see me. Like I was the one he was waiting for. He told me in my head that all the shame I carried wasn't necessary. He loved me.

After my long embrace with Jesus, I was returning to earth and met all those who trespassed against me coming up an escalator. I stopped to acknowledge them and say I love you. I knew them all except one by name. But I told him I loved him too.

I was waking from my dream.. groggy, and a voice in my head said get on your knees and say a prayer. At first, I thought it was just me... but then I saw a cross with a heart.

I got up immediately and prayed all the prayers in my dream. Then, I grabbed my journal to write this down. I didn't want to forget a detail; suffice it to say, there is no way I could.

Jesus loves us. He wants us to have a relationship with him.

Rachel: Kenya

We were in a ceremony. Then my sister, who stopped talking to us, came over, and there were lots of emotions and pain.

Then I saw Jesus on the clouds; He appeared two times. All the trees were bowing and saying Hail the Lord. I ran to my mum and showed her the sky.

Then floods came, and people started coming down. They stabbed my dad.

My son was stabbed a little, and he went to sleep.

Then my mum was taken away, and I was all alone with my son in my arms in agony. Telling God not to take away my son from me

Sarah: Denmark

Throughout my experiences, I didn't feel any judgment, only understanding and directions to be a better person.

A few days later, I saw the old man sitting next to Jesus in the throne room; he came flying right towards me in a vision when I blinked my eyes for a moment.

I SAW EVERYTHING CLEARLY AND NOT FOGGY. Then, the Dark night of my soul started.

Testimony 1—2

I saw the same Jesus as the nun, KIRSTEN MØRCH NIELSEN, painted.

The Jesus I Saw ⤵


Ashley: United States

August 2022:

I had a fantastic dream. Jesus is the light and bright like the sun. He was so bright.

October 2022:

Dreaming of Jesus, As this Amazing bright Light

telling me I was Ready to go with him, MADE ME CRY because I've been going through it. I've been baptized into Christianity. These dreams were Amazing, and I felt his presence.

Jamie: United States

In my dream, I was walking with Jesus; as we walked, an army of soldiers started walking behind us as if they were trying to catch up to us. I told Jesus to run because the soldiers were coming, but we kept walking.

We entered a room, and the people there seemed like kings, queens, and dignitaries. I felt as though I didn't belong, but Jesus gave me a gold goblet and told me to drink from it.

I said I was not worthy of drinking from that cup. he stretched out and offered me the cup, and I drank from it.

Antonio: Philippines

I dreamt of seeing Jesus Christ on the cross when I was 16.

Ed: United States

A few years ago, my wife and I attended a Baptist church. My wife Annette led the worship, and I made the sound. We had no piano player then, so we used taped music. I would pull songs from different tapes on Saturday and create a master tape for the Sunday service the next day.

This Saturday, I recorded the first two songs, and when the third song started to play, the following came up inside of me, "When this song starts, I want you to get up, go down front, get on your knees, close your eyes and raise your hands."

I finished the tape, and the battle began. Was it me, or was it God speaking? It continued that night and the following day. Finally, that morning, I decided it was just me and not God. But when the service started and the third song started to play, I heard a distinct "go."

I was terrified but went down to the front, got on my knees, closed my eyes, and raised my hands. Immediately, I was taken away by a vision. In the vision, I am on my knees; my hands are raised, and my eyes are closed.

I felt something warm dripping on my head and running down my face. I opened my eyes and wiped them, and it was blood.

I looked, and there was a post in front of me. I looked upward and saw feet, legs, a torso, and a face. It was Jesus! He was looking down at me as I was looking up at Him.

He said to me, "Because I love you, because I love you," and He died; this is what He did for everyone! It brings tears every time I think of it.

Ed: United States

I was wide awake when this came to me.

I was walking in the woods and came to a golden wheat field.

I saw a man walking through the field, which was Jesus. So I took out after him, caught up with Him, and we walked side by side and talked as we walked. That's the way it ended.

Thanks! This was the fourth vision I have had. All were when I was wide awake. Thanks!

Tasirya: United States

I was 16 years old, and the first time I saw Jesus was in my dream.

I was in a room, a trailer, or some building. I was standing in front of a door. On the outside of the door, I heard noises as if a bad storm was going on.

So I decided to open the door, and as I opened the door, my eyes grew big. I saw fire falling from the sky and people screaming and running. It was the End of time.

So I was like really scared. I was crying. As I cried, this male figure approached me. He had a glow around Him, and it was bright. So bright it lit up the room. And he spoke.

His exact words were, "If you do what this scripture says, then you will be saved." The scripture he gave me was Romans 10:10

Jozy: Country

One time, I saw Jesus. I was near a tunnel, and people were walking. I got pulled by someone, and I turned it was Jesus. He said it would be Okay because, in real life, I was struggling. I woke up and was shocked.

Yahei: United States

In 2019 or maybe 2020, I am trying to remember precisely the time.

I dreamed I was on an island submerged in the surrounding water. The island became very small as the water took over until I found myself in it, and no more island existed. I was drowning deep in the ocean.

The funny thing is I was watching myself in my dream sinking. As I sank deeper, the water became dirtier to the point it was becoming dark.

I panicked, watching this happen in my dream, and moments later, a long arm reached inside the water.

I watched myself grab onto the arm as it began to pull me back up. As I am being pulled up, the more I go, the more I start noticing a light or light.

I'm watching myself be pulled up until I reach the top. I was finally at the top, being pulled out of the water by no other than Jesus Christ.

I was so happy and filled with emotional joy staring at him as he stared back. He was so bright in the form of light, but his presence didn't blind me.

Liam: United States


I've recently started to walk with Christ after a couple of years of studying religions and philosophies. I have been astray from God for many years and have been a wicked and sinful man.

I was at a very low and hard point in my life, and I had a dream of Jesus one night. In my dream, I was walking in a green field; the sky was as blue as possible, and the sun's light was intense. Jesus was walking next to me, holding my hand, chuckling.

I couldn't hear anything during the dream, but Jesus conveyed a powerful feeling. That feeling told me He loves me and everything will be okay". I know that it wasn't just a dream.

God took the time to whisper directly to my soul when I needed it the most. I'm very grateful to God for everything he's done for a sinner like me. I hope you all find peace and faith in Christ.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my dream, Hail Jesus the King of Kings.

Keagon: United States


Last night, I dreamt that I saw Jesus sitting upon a horse, and his face shone with glory. He was holding the sword of truth in his hand and with his Angels. I saw them in Heaven fighting the Devil and his minions.

Calandra: United States

I was fasting and praying for seven days. I asked for wisdom to see Jesus, and on the seventh day, I fell asleep; I was in Heaven, and Jesus was beautiful. 

Flowers surrounded me, and Heaven smelled great. I could not see his eyes, but he smiled at me.

Stephanie: United States

In my first-ever dream of Jesus, I was terrified. I'd been back and forth between giving him my time and undivided attention.

I felt like I was somewhere in the middle between him and the world, but I had begun giving him a lot more of me. I was reading my Bible more, Praying more, and worshipping him more, and one night I fell asleep.

In the realm, I woke up and saw him coming toward me. He was walking in like a slow-motion, fast walk. The walk wasn't slow but fast; it was just in slow motion if you know what I mean.

I was lying in my same bed, asleep at home, when I had this dream. I woke up to see him approaching me, and I said, "That's Jesus." My eyes were big as a nickel, and I was terrified; then I woke up.

Carmel: Philippines

I have had at least five dreams of Jesus my whole life:

1st: When I was a new Christian back in 2013. In my dream, I was surrounded by enemies. I cried out to God for fire. Then, He destroyed my enemies with fire. I cried to Him, "Father, Father, Father." 

Then I saw a man coming towards me. He was wearing white, and on his chest were precious stones like were on Aaron's priestly garment. Then He hugged me.

2nd: When I backslid. I dreamt of Jesus. He was talking to me. But I couldn't understand what He was saying. I tried to listen very closely but still couldn't understand what He was saying.

3rd: I was still backslidden when I dreamt of standing before the Father and being judged. I was so afraid. 

Then, I saw Jesus in the distance. I knew that only He could help me. So I called out to Him, "Jesus, Jesus," like a fan. But Heavenly Father ordered me to be quiet. I was afraid.

4th: I was still wandering during this season. I dreamt I was riding a boat in the middle of an ocean. But something happened that got me transported into Heaven. 

I saw Jesus but was angry at Him because why did He take me so soon? I was so regretful that I couldn't fulfill my purpose on the earth. I kept begging Him to bring me back to earth. 

I also asked Him how about my unsaved loved ones, to which he answered, "They're already on their way."

5th: I was already coming out of my wilderness season. A day before I had this dream, I asked God if He loved me. This dream was His answer:

(First scene in this dream) Jesus was at the head of the table. I sat beside Him, watching Him closely and listening to Him talk. 

Then He opened His mouth wide. I mean, wide! And inside His mouth was an ocean of water. I was bewildered. Then water flowed from His mouth, and I saw people approach Him to drink freely.

(The second scene) He was sitting on a throne, and I was standing before Him. He was holding a round crystal in his right hand. When I looked closer, I saw that it was the earth. There's land, clouds, and bodies of water. 

Then, he effortlessly changed it into another Earth-like planet with different elements and colors. Then He transformed it into another planet, then another, and another. 

But I was thinking, What a waste of planets and elements! So I corrected Him. Yet, He just laughed at me in amusement. And I wondered why.

(The last scene) He was lying down, and I leaned on Him. I told Him, "I love you," I meant it. He replied, "I love you," without moving His lips; He communicated to me through His mind, yet I heard Him clearly.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your love and patience with me.

Michea: United States

I had this dream in the early morning of May 12, 2022. I was out with my significant other in this dream, and I'm assuming we were out at a park, but people were arguing and fighting. 

The next thing I know, I'm looking up at the clouds, and I see a cloud in the shape of a man standing on top of another cloud. An angel-like cloud came down and took him. Then, people-shaped clouds were running back and forth, and I began to hear loud trumpets sounding out of nowhere. 

Then, this cloud in the figure of how Jesus is portrayed in pictures (I did not see his face; I am unsure how he looks) slowly comes down, landing on the cloud with his arms raised up to Heaven. 

I instantly fell to my knees and began to cry; I began thanking him and praising him. Then I woke up. I wish I would have stayed asleep a little longer to see what would happen next...

"For the Lord Himself will descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.

Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus, we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore, comfort one another with these words:"

(1 Thes 4:16-18).

Salrane: Jamaica

It's an honor to share my vision with the world. My vision was very short and powerful; I felt peace and gesture. 

I feared him because this was the first time I had seen him. I knew I saw him with a light over his head, and it was dark all around; he was the light.

His holy presence was right in front of me. I felt like I wanted to stay in the vision, and with a blink, I was out of the vision.

But what I knew was that I was saved, and he loves me, and all I want now for my life is to serve him in spirit and in truth Jesus is Lord.🙏

Eric: United States

I had a dream the same night my best friend of 30 years' mother died. 

I was walking next to Jesus. I didn't see his face or what he was wearing, but I knew it was him. I just felt his presence. 

We walked up to a white cross lying across a small hill. The cross was beautifully decorated with a colorful floral design. 

Jesus spoke to me and said, "I did this for you." I woke up immediately from my dream and said Thank you, Lord!

Cristian: United States

Jesus showed me a clear blue river. I was with someone, and they said this was the only river still intact that Jesus stepped in.

The river was beautiful & a crystal blue-cyan color; everything around me was blissfully peaceful and pure.

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