"Ajede's Dream of Jesus
And the Rapture"

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to share with you this dream and revelation which he has revealed to me. 

One cool night while lying in my bed I began to observe myself in a dream. Every one around me was working in what appeared to be a market. Then, I left that scene and found myself in still a another, where there were several voices telling me to get married, so I would be like them. 

A lot of people where marrying, and women are being given in marriages. The married ones had united together and despised the unmarried. It was difficult for the unmarried to fit in the community.

I wanted to join in and mingle with them, but they treated me like a rejected slave. I was so frustrated that I returned to my own home. Even there, my family glared at me as if I were an enemy. My mother told me that if I wanted to be accepted I would have to marry and stop wasting my time by doing the work of God.

She spoke to me in an angry manner as if we are enemies, and I was totally frustrated. I decided that since everyone in this community was celebrating the married life that I had to make a decision, but I didn't want to sin against God. She and my elder sister taunted me about arriving at the age I am, (mid twenties) and not yet married.

Then my mum told me that she didn't want to see me again until I would bring a lady to show her that we are dating, and going to marry. I couldn't understand, it was as if they had a law that required everyone, both young and old to be married. 

I was frustrated because of the rejection, then as I stood there, the whole world split open. It was in the form of a sphere and was rolling fast towards me. I was afraid because it was fierce and uncontrollable.

suddenly I saw Jesus speaking to me. He said that I should not defile myself with a woman because time was very short before the sounding of the trumpet. Her said that I should hold onto what I have because the world had reached the end of its existence. 

In His last statement He  the world would be destroyed but that I would have happiness and peace. I was afraid, yet happy for what he had told me. 

Everyone should examine their lives, repent and be prepared, ignorance is no excuse.

Accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour so that your name will be written in the "Lambs Book of Life." There is no other way by which anyone will be saved. 

Thank you very much for reading. 

Ajede: Nigeria

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Ajede's Dream of Jesus

"Lets Teach Our Children to Love"

Why is it so difficult for our educators and society, in general, to understand that love and respect for one another taught from a young age can solve much of the world's hostility and social problems!

"Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it" (Prov 22:6).

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