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Osenweokwu: Nigeria
I dreamed of seeing Jesus sitting on a throne, on top of a cloud with a thick cloud round about Him like an arc, He was wearing a golden crown, holding a sceptre in His right hand and looking down at me smilingly and when I exclaimed, "JESUS", he smiled the more and the image disappeared and in its place stood a big cross with a white linen round it. i had this dream about a year or so ago. 

Tracey Green: United States
Just before I woke up this morning and in my sleep I could hear the Lord so plainly saying "an answer will always come before and after a storm"....as I got up I peaked out my door and as I looked into the sky there was so much supernatural activity going on. 
As I proceeded to sit on the sofa for a minute and ponder on what I had heard in my sleep I could see in a vision Jesus standing in the middle of my yard praying. I felt such a sense of overwhelming peace this morning.

Kartisha: United States
There was two arrow like cliff pointing towards each other. Jesus stood where there was nothing underneath him. The middle. I was on one side. On the other side, two men stood on both sides of Jesus. The man on the left, a current relationship, & the man on the right, an unrequited love. I felt that I had to choose, yet, as Jesus held his arms stretched out, i cried & ran into his arms.

Arun India
My Dream is that, i was walking with my parents in a place where lot of trees are there with a little fog all of sudden the fog rises and i lost my parents .Then  i walked alone  long distance searching them at the end of dream i find out a cross with wounded jesus over it and he calls my name .Then i suddenly awake from my dream.This happened in morning.Can you explain it

Cynthia: United Stat
I had a dream about the Heavens gate.with Jesus face.and He reached down to grab my hand as I was reaching up to grab his.

Ralph: Lebanon
10 years ago i dreamed about jesus christ came to my room iwas laying on my bed and jesus have light around him and he approched to me and give me a black medalion to wear it than he left

Xen: United States
When I felt the peace come through me, along with a cool breeze of air. Jesus extended his arms to me and game me a small glass jar of Fig Butter. In my dream the asked myself, " Why Fig Butter?"  After, I daw myself at a small dinner with wood tables. At one of the tables, there was an old, sick man with spots on his body. I looked down at my hands and I had 2 jars of Fig Butter. I went up to the man and gave him one of my jars of Fig Butter.I told man the this was Fig Butter given to me by Jesus Christ.  I looked away & the man was gone. Nowhere to be seen. At another table was my family & I told them all to try the Fig Bitter that
Jesus had given me. We were eating it with cracker.
Those are my dreams so far. I hope I receive more.If someone could please tell me what they mean, it would be great:)

Dem: Canada
Hello. I am not particularly religious at all. I go to church either if someone takes me or for support in an event or weddings or something like that. First of all, Me not going to church as no affect on me believing in a higher power. I believe in God and that Jesus is real bc of what I have seen when i was a little girl.
My uncle to me and my cousins boating and I was playing with my uncle's binoculars. I seen a man in the sky. Just the face part the brown color of his hair his nose and his eyes. He looked straight at me while was looking at him. I told my uncle there's is a man in the sky and of course he looked with the binoculars too and didn't see anything. I tried looking again but didn't see anything the second time. I will never forget. I am almost 27 years old. This happened when I was around 6-8 years old in broad daylight and was wide awake. 
No one can tell me what I saw and who I saw.

Alex: United States
 I had three dreams with Jesus in them. They were all the same. My testimony is this. I stopped all internet, music, phone calls (shut my phone off minus one session to check and call back people quickly) I bowed asking Jesus to come to me face to face, to see Him and to receive the Spirit and Mind of Christ in my body. The mind of Christ not Holy Spirit. 33 days into it, I had a dream with Jesus walking in a white bright robe to my apartment releasing seven stars from His hand. I had been kneeling, asking for heaven, and for Jesus to take me to himself, and come to me to do it.
Then, soon after the first one, I was awake in the woods reading, when I had a vision. The sky turned to what appeared to be lightning and Jesus was in the midst of it. He came down, and stood me up. I had no control over anything and could not blink if I had wanted to... and He came within an inch of me. I felt power enter me from Him... After this, I was never the same!!
And the three dreams that were the same were all of Jesus coming to me telling me to tell people to ask for Heaven to be given now and for Jesus to appear and give it now, on earth! HE said the hardest thing for people is that since nothing happens right away they quit. 
They ignore the shameless persistence in asking for the Kingdom to come and Jesus to come to us to give HIS mind and His righteousness... belief in Jesus is the Holy Spirit in your heart. JESUS MUST COME IN ALSO.

Colette: United States
My Beautiful, Loving daughter Jennifer passed away July 10, 2015. She fell asleep & never woke up. She was only 28. Her Doctor gave her a lethal mixture of meds & the pharmacy filled it. She took it as prescribed & it caused liver failure. She was living in Florida at the time. 
The rest of her family & Friends live in Illinois & Indiana. I had to fly to Florida to bring my baby home. She was planning on moving back home in December. I have been crying constantly & praying for her Soul. My Daughter didn't get her last rites. This was killing me. 
I had a vivid dream of her sitting on our couch & she held out her hand to me smiling. When I sat next to her, she showed me the outside, big white snowflakes the size of feathers was falling from the sky everything was white. Jennifer smiled at me & vanished. 
As soon as I woke up I ran to the window. It was a hot sunny day. My daughter & I both loved snow. When she was visiting me this past January she was happy it snowed. 
Iv been crying & praying for her day & night for her Soul to be in Heaven. Last night I went to bed & prayed & while my eyes were closed, I saw a face. He looked like Jesus thick black hair, with a slight curl to it, a beard warm eyes & a smile. He looked at me then he looked up towards the sky. 
Was Jesus telling me my daughter is in Heaven? I have been praying day & night for my daughter to be in Heaven or for Jesus to bring her back to me. Grieving my child is the most painful thing anybody can go through. If anybody can help answer please do. Thank you & God Bless.

I had a vision that I saw Jesus on the cross and looked at me and said "accept me".  I am saved so I didn't know what he said that to me.  He then showed me that he left the Garden of Gethsamine by his own will and was scourged and that he never went through these things because he couldn't escape but because of his love.  He then took me back to the cross.  I don't understand 

Lakeia: United States
I dreamed I was sitting on the floor by the couch in a room, and I was reading my bible and praying. All of a sudden the room begin to change and became filled with clouds. For a moment I was afraid because I thought I would fall through them. Then I looked up and saw a man with a long white robe, and a gold sash. I then recognized it was Jesus, I begin to cry and worship and say thank you for the lamb that was slain. I bowed, Jesus then looked at me and said "Don't be afraid of my presence". I stood up and then he grabbed and hugged me quickly and tightly, when his arms wrapped around me I became afraid for just a moment and quickly the fear went away, and my body begin to pull out black stuff and it felt like all the worry, pain, disappointment had came up and then it broke off me like glass and a light shined through me, and he let me go. Then I looked and I had a white long robe on just like him, and then he disappeared.

Merin: India
I have seen Jesus when i was a kid. One day i was sleeping and saw Jesus between two angels. It was for a few seconds. Suddenly I opened my eyes and He appeared, like a spark, then vanished.
While praying in full concentration i have a feeling like current coming in my body. Now I am a mother of three. When I pray to Jesus he is hearing my wishes. So I was very happy in praying not only for me personally, because I am praying for the whole world.
One day, whe4n I had not been for few days, i was distracted and cried and prayed. I saw him near to the door of my room. What was the meaning i wondered. 
Maybe Jesus is waiting to come to our heart. Whenever I have sorrows and doubts in my life I open the bible randomly to one page, and read. 
I will get the answer...so please pray to god he will surely answer for our problems. God bless you. Amen

Catherine: United States
Dream I was in some type of waiting room. It was a pretty small waiting room. It had beige walls, and was dimly lit. There was a tan skinned man sitting beside me in black robes; I think he was waiting too. 
Then someone opened a black door at the right corner of the room and said to me, "Jesus Christ is ready to see you now." Then he came and crouched down in front of me, his hands taking mine.He had white and gold robes and was wearing sandles. His eyes were greyish.
He told me everything was going according to plan; that I was going to be okay and I did't need to worry. 
I remember his eyes were mesmerizing and they looked so caring and tired, like he hadn't slept in long time. Then he gives my hands one last sqeeze and leaves back through the door. 
Then I heard a man screaming, like he was being murdered, coming from behind the door. Then I walk towards the other side of the room and look through the door. It was a long hallway with a row of doors on both walls. I think the screaming was coming from one of those doors. 
I became angry thinking someone needed to help the man. However, someone at the door said there wasn't anything we could do, and that there was no way he would get into heaven in the state he was in. 
I was thinking jesus wouldn't do this, but satan would, so they have to be the same people. 
The ending was really confusing. Can anyone tell me what it could mean? I'm spiritual, but I don't believe in any religion.

Joy: Philippines
When I was young, (maybe 4-6 years old) I was inside in our house alone when I heard a very beautiful trumpet music! very loud and breathtaking! I think it can never be heard from this world. I look out window and saw Jesus in the sky. I go outside to see him more. I saw him in the sky like a screen, 3 pictures of him appears, he is really big in the sky. 
I wave at him and praise Him and I am with an old woman with black cloths, she was praying to Jesus. I look around to know were the trumpet sound  but it goes everywhere.....I was so amazed and happy, then I woke up and told my mom about it!! This is my first dream,

My second dream was people riding in clouds their cloths were Jesus cloths in his time,and they were going somewhere then disappears....many people were folowing them,but they were left behind... after that the sky  darknnssss,.....

3rd dream; it was disasters, storms, hundreds of whirlwinds... great storm in south china sea... i dont know how to explain,but its really terrifying!! what is the meaning of my dreams??

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