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"An Experience with Christ
is Unforgettable"

I have been keeping this dream to myself ever since my childhood. Now, I know it's time to share it with the whole world. I thank God for the Internet, one of the most powerful means of communication yet.

Now, to my dream.

When I was a child of about the age of 11 or 13 years old, I became indignant of Christianity, and I began to make decisions deep down in my heart, not to ever be a Christian or follow Christ when I grow up.

Whenever my family sang songs of praise and worship to Jesus and did bible studies together, I would scoff and mock them in my mind, whilst physically pretending to sing along and pay attention at the fellowship. But deep down in my heart, I knew what I was doing.

Though I was still so young, I had a mind of my own, and I knew what I was doing (or so I thought). My resolve was every strong; this went on for some time.

Then one day, after fellowship and my usual pretense, indignation and mockery (in my mind, but not outwardly, of course), I went to bed, as usual, only to find Jesus Christ appearing to me in my dream. 

Why Do You Doubt?

He was dressed like a King but amid a blazing fire/light. The light from him was very beautiful, and it shone into every nook and cranny of the room, but the light did not cast any shadows.

On seeing him, I staggered backward quickly, in utter astonishment. I thought I could speak, but when I tried, all I could do was gasp. I was amazed, astonished, happy, and shocked at the same time. 

Then he spoke to me, saying: "My daughter, why do you doubt me? Don't you know that I am present in every little gathering, and I hear every little prayer made unto me?" 

On hearing this, I was shocked, astonished, and happy, all at the same time. I also felt humbled. 

I was shocked because all along, I had thought that my thoughts were safe with me and hidden from everyone else. I had thought no one knew what I was thinking, but now, I felt caught and humbled. My prideful wings of self-confidence were broken before Christ.

A Countless Number of Angels

So while he spoke, I just stood there, head bowed, hands folded in front humbly receiving all his reprimand. His voice was full of power and authority. He then continued, to show you what I can do, go and ask one of my angels for what you want". 

It was then I turned and saw that the entire house was full of a countless number of angels, moving about the house in groups of two, going about their duties. They looked so beautiful, radiant, confident, and content. Some had writing pads and pens and were taking note of things and writing them down. 

I began to approach one of the groups of angels as instructed by Christ, and as I drew closer, I noticed that he had a sword tucked in his garment. He was so radiant, confident, beautiful, and shinning. He was moving side by side, his co-angel. 

As I got to him, he stopped and tilted his head towards me with his ears facing me, as if to hear what I had to say. I wondered how he knew I was there because he never looked at me. How did he know I had a request?

Everything was New

As I made my requests, the angel kept his ear close to my mouth to hear what I was saying.  After I finished, he just nodded calmly and happily and kept moving on, still smiling. In fact, all the angels were smiling. 

After making my requests, I saw myself slightly lifted up by someone I couldn't see and taken on a brief cruise around our family house.

As I was taken around, I saw that everything in the house had become new - all the furniture, television, utensils, wall paintings, and even the flowers and decorative stones surrounding our house outside.

Every wear and tear, patches, creases, and stains had all disappeared, and the entire house was looking all new. 

Christ is Unforgettable

After the tour of the house, I returned to the room, but Christ had disappeared. It was then I woke up and discovered it was only a dream. Well, not just a dream, because after waking up, I could still feel Christ's presence strongly in the room where I slept. I was still shocked, astonished, and full of wonder after waking up. 

So, all along, Christ knew the thoughts of my heart, yet I had thought no one knew my secrets? I had been caught! But It was great, glorious, amazing, awesome, astonishing, and fearful, all at the same time. 

I didn't want to tell my mother initially for fear of rebuke, but as I prepared for school, I heard a voice say, "go and tell your mother," so I went and told her.

This happened well over 25 years ago, but to this day, the memory of the dream remains as new as yesterday. Truly, an experience with Christ is unforgettable.

To him, glory and praise forevermore. Amen.

Annette: Nigeria

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Christ is Unforgettable

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