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"Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 28

Blessy: United Kingdom

I had a dream early morning today (17/04/19) where I was traveling somewhere with my Dad/husband - cannot remember who exactly. We stopped by a grotto, and we came out of the vehicle to pray. There was one statue of Jesus falling whilst carrying a cross and next to it was another statue of Jesus (wearing white long dress and red shawl)helping the fallen Jesus up. Obviously, the statues were still. But, in the dream I started seeing, the Jesus who was carrying the cross gradually lifted his head and looked at us and brought his hand forward as if he was calling to us. It was so painful and scary to watch. I had my palms together singing hymns and praying way of the cross in my dream.

Roosevelt: Philippines

April 16, 2019, It was Holy Tuesday. I went to the church to hear mass in the afternoon with my college friends. When I went home, my legs were numbing. All over my body was aching. I have a high fever. I drank my med and went to bed without my dinner. Then I fall asleep. I dreamed about myself looking for medicine to relieve my body pain and my fever. I didn't know where I belong, but I remember some camps and bonfires and soldiers around the camps. I asked for my med to a young soldier, but he instead directed me to go to a room. I went to that room, and there I found Jesus, wearing his brown clothes, sitting with happy and joyous people. I was speechless. But when He asked me whats my purpose, I stuttered while asking for my meds. He just smiled. I embraced Him tight, and He tapped my back. I just said, I love you Jesus, and He answered me back, "I love you." Then the girl beside Him told me where can I ask for my medicines, but when I turned back, I was already awakened. It felt like its true that I have seen Jesus and hugged Him. I looked at the time on my phone, and it was 10:08. My fever was gone at that time. And I was praying hard to God, and thanking Him that I have seen Jesus even just in my dream. I knew He cured me that night.

Marie Rigi: Philippines

My vision of the images of Jesus Christ is increasing anywhere I go,  and especially when I visit the Church. But even when I am in the office or home or anywhere that my eyes can see; and also some images of Mother Mary overlapping the face of her Son Jesus. Even the rocks and other solid and liquid things become formed into the Holy Images that I always saw.

Lakeila: United States

I remember a few years ago I was at home I fell asleep with my lamp on; however, Jesus was in the choir stand in front of the church glass he had pretty wavey sandy brown hair his eyes where light brown real pretty like he said to me to stop telling my business. That's all he said, and he disappeared. I then woke up and could not believe what I had seen; He was so close it was like he was standing right in my face.

Dianne: Australia

I was going through such turmoil in my life at the time; This was approximately 15 years ago. The truth is, it was around Easter time, as the world knows this time of year. I can't remember if the vision I had was on Good Friday or Easter Sunday. I got up went outside and just happened to look up to the sky directly in front of me. I saw a vision of Jesus. I believe it was Him. I will never forget what I saw.

Alyssa: United States

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was in a church with several other people in all different places on the pews. I was maybe more close to the front but still in the middle rows on the left side of the church but standing right by the middle aisle.

I was watching these robed people wearing mostly black but had some red on their robes. It was more cult and evil worship from them. I saw they were trying to get to me and the others in the pews and I witnessed people getting slung around and their heads chopped and other body parts.

I am a Christian, and I kept praying and saying that God is real. God is trusting and faithful and forgiving. I even kept saying that Jesus is my Savior. I wasn’t letting these cult leaders change me.

After a while I was being shot with bullets, and I felt jolts every time I got shot (multiple times), and I remember them laughing, and someone said that if I don’t move I probably don’t feel the pain anymore, but I didn’t feel any pain at all.

Eventually, I vividly remember Jesus inhabiting my body and rose up... I can’t remember if my body also rose up and light shown through me or if I watched it from below, but I feel like Jesus showed Himself through me, like He was showing everyone that He is there and real.

I am a Christian and know that Jesus died for my sins. I have fully accepted Him into my heart. I want to point out that I am trying to do Paranormal Investigation and I like doing Tarot, and I love crystals and rocks and energies. I believe that this is not hindering my faith at all. I stay away from evil things like the Ouija board and all that.

I need to know what this dream I had meant. Is God trying to tell me something? I didn’t think so until someone said otherwise in my family who believes that I am messing around with Satan. I am NOT messing around with Satan. Please help me!

Jordyn: United States

I saw Jesus in the sky. 

Tessa: United States

I had three dreams of Jesus. 

1. Last night I had a dream where this girl and I were talking about the millennium. Then all of a sudden I jump up really high into the clouds and I saw a glimpse of Jesus. There were bright lights and fluffy clouds. Then I woke up. 

2. This other one was a while ago. That I still remember deeply cause I wrote it down. In this dream, I was laying in bed sleeping, and I wake up and see Jesus; he tucked me in and kissed my forehead and said: “everything will be ok.” 

Then I woke up. 

3.  in this dream my dad and I Were in a picnic, and I look up at the blue sky and the clouds spelled out heaven and then all of a sudden my dream turns into like a cartoon animation, and I see Jesus standing on top of a yellow star. He had curly brown ringlets he was wearing a white robe with a red rope around his waist. I said wow. Then I woke up.

Carolyn: United States

Last night I had a dream that I  was standing amongst other saints wearing white in the sky and in front of us  I believe was Jesus I was only able to see the white tunic I didn’t get to see his face, and I had woken up. The dream right after it was so beautiful. I can only imagine what it would be like in heaven and standing in front of him to worship and praise him

Toatepi: Tonga

On the 3 of April 2019, I went to bed around 3, or 4 am in the morning. When I close my eyes, I saw the bible flipping by itself but with the books of all the prophet like Isaiah, Hosea.etc. And I feel that an influential person is standing in front of me, but I did not want to open my eyes.

Suddenly I felt a heat flow from my head down to my feet, and I sat up in my bed and sang the Halleluiah song, and praising God for a couple of minutes.

Then after my prayer I open my eyes and feel that someone is pulling my t-shirt toward my left-hand side, and I was so scared, but at the same time I kept saying to myself, please don't take me to hell please, and if this is really my day, please take me with you, not Hell but to Heaven. And I keep repeating this sentence," Please forgive my sins" for more than 3 to 4 times.

At the second time I felt the heat flowing from my head, and when it reaches my heart then I feel a hand touching my body, and I see angels wearing white but they are standing at the back of a man which I think it was Jesus and I felt weird and woke up.

The man that stands in front of me has powerful energy which I did not see him clearly but blur. I was so so so afraid and felt weird.

Charles: United States

I dreamed of being in the place Jesus was for those three days he was gone, I looked upon him, he glowed in the dark like marble and washed his body of dirt/blood, the thorn crown still placed upon his head, and this dream played over and over until my alarm clock woke me up.

Sunaina: India

I saw a huge cross un the blue sky with white clouds and one of the HINDU GODS STANDING on one hand of the cross and JEUSU PUSHED HIM BACK...WITH ANGER.



AND THEN suddenly it became, and I got separated from my family and got lost... 

I called my husband to pick me up, and he said NO I CANNOT COME. I AM NOT WELL...





Anastasia: United States

Jesus was holding four hearts around my son (vision) he has a tumor on his brain stage 4.

Alexia: South Africa

A few years ago, I had a dream around 3 o'clock in the morning. I was in my room, sitting on my desk- drinking a warm cup of tea. Suddenly I saw a lightning-bolt flash with the left corner of my eye. Behold, standing next to my Guardian angel statue was an Angel dressed in black wearing a rainbow sash. On his right side was Jesus, wearing white with a golden sash, sandals and a rope surrounding his waist. He looked beautiful; the light in his eyes was gorgeous! It felt like I was so awake in this dream. I jumped from off my desk into Jesus' arms, shouting, ''Jesus!''. Jesus smiled and giggled as I hugged him. I felt so much love radiating off of him.

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