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"Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 27"

Vanessa: United States

I had a dream that I was outside, and it was silent, and Jesus was holding a metallic stone or rock that had to be carried with two hands, so I asked him what it was, then he told me to hold it, so I did, and it was heavy and dense. He said that, that is my soul and that it cannot be bought.

Patrick: United States

03-26-19 I dreamt that I was in a big beautiful office and there was a man and a woman across the desk from me, and they were talking to each other. All of a sudden I hear a man behind me praying in Latin the people couldn’t listen to him then a cloud started to pour in the room the two people fell asleep and the upper corner of the office opened to a bright cloud with a man appearing as he got closer I saw it was Jesus I couldn’t help to think of how beautiful he was long hair clean shaven he was very tan with beautiful white garments he seemed to be glossy like sweaty but no sign of fatigue then he stopped as he got 8 or so feet from me and he was telling me a story but his lips weren’t moving and his voice was coming out from behind me I was having a hard time comprehending the story but I could tell it was about children I was really trying hard to understand and I could feel someone hitting me in the leg I was trying to tell them to knock it off, and then the cloud left, and I woke up 

Meliss: United States

I had just laid my head on my pillow & Jesus appeared in my mind. He was on the ground pushing a giant cross. His head was down, and he had a crown of thorns, and he was covered in ashes. It was in black and white.

Janine: United States

On March 10th, 2019 I woke up at 6:00 am and went back to sleep.  I then dreamt that I was with Christ. He was standing much taller than me. I saw his kind face, and his beard as we see in the images of Jesus. His robe was more of an off white color. When I saw him, I went to him and started telling him all my sins and that I was so sorry for offending him. He had a look of anticipation while listening to me. He then smiled and extended his arms and hugged me. It was the most amazing feeling that I will remember as long as I live. It was the most comforting and peaceful feeling. I remember feeling the softness of his robe cradling my face. Thank you, Jesus.

Belle: United States

I dreamt I was swimming in shallow water, but I could sense that I was struggling. As I was trying to swim to the shore, I lifted my eyes and saw Jesus' feet. He was wearing a long white robe, and his feet were firmly set on the ground as if waiting for me. 

Namwawa: Zambia

I saw Jesus in my dream. In that dream, I was at the mall doing some errands, and then it started raining. The storm was so bad that the windows were breaking. This storm didn’t last for long. When it was done, I went outside the mall to see what was going on. And behold! I saw a big dark brown cross in the clouds. I should say it looked expensive! The clouds were so beautiful more like cotton wool. As I kept looking, Jesus came from behind the cross! I will never forget the feeling. He was looking at me. He didn’t say anything. I fell on my knees and started worshipping... I want to have that experience again. It was too beautiful. Before the dream, I had too much unbelief. But now, no one can tell me otherwise about Jesus.

Mary: United States

I have always wanted to dream with Jesus, but I have never gotten the privilege until recently. Jesus finally returned to Earth, in this present time. He came back because he did not like how we are living in today’s society. In my dream people were enraged that the Messiah came back, so they formed angry mobs and tried to kill Jesus. That is when I told Jesus to get in my car, and I’ll save him from the people. But everywhere we went there were angry mobs of people trying to kill him. I was driving on a mountainside as we were being chased by other cars. I asked Jesus why people were so angry and wanted to kill him, and he responded: “ They are mad because the world is not ready for me yet.” And at that moment we accidentally drove off the cliff, and I knew we were going to die. I'm very young, but I have this huge fear of dying, but for the first time, I was not scared because I wanted to give up my life trying to save Jesus. I felt so peaceful in my dream in our last moments.

Doreen: United States

This vision happened while I was awake.  It happened in 1994, I had gone in my basement to do laundry, and I saw Jesus right in front of me on the cross.  I didn't do anything, and to this day I wish I knelt in front of him and prayed.  I was a little scared after due to a lot of spiritual things happening to me at that time that I did not understand.  Jesus, I'm sorry I did not kneel in front of you and pray, I actually left the basement. 

Marilyn: United States

I dreamt I was at some fancy ball, but I wasn't prepared.  I was walking sheepishly through the crowd when a man stepped in front of me. I looked up, and it was Jesus. He kissed me on my mouth very tenderly and lovingly, and I felt this incredible love surrounding me like I was underwater.  It's faded since I woke up, but it stuck with me for a few days like a heavy odor. It wasn't a smell though; it was a feeling of indescribable love. I try not to let it fade further by reliving it and reminding myself how much he must love us all and how incredible his love is; It's been a huge blessing; this life seems so trivial in comparison.

Joseph: Australia

I had three dreams of Jesus in one night. 

1:  We were in Jerusalem, and Jesus was preparing for a big fight with Satan in the temple. 

2: I can't seem to remember the second one too well

3: Jesus came up to me and said I was saved. I asked if I could go and tell my family so they could quickly change, but he said no. I’ve given them enough warnings. 

 I wondered how it would work, would I die now and be reborn?, (I felt like that’s what I wanted); He said, no I still had things to do and will have a long life, and after my natural life is over I will be transformed. 

He then said, all the evil people would die now and go to hell; then he went around collecting people and dogs. He had 50 German Shepards and 36 Great Danes; It was so weird, but I didn’t feel any fear in my dream only peace, joy,  and excitement and so much love.

May God bless you all that are reading this, and if you haven’t fully gone to Christ yet, please do so before it’s too late.

Annette: United States

Last night I had a dream of Jesus.  I can only remember so much of it.  I do remember talking to him.  I do remember we sat on the floor talking.  He didn't have a shirt on.  His skin color was dark brown.  I was happy in my dream.  I was at peace in my dream, and I listened to what he told me.

Moses: India

I had a dream of Christ crucified on the cross with blood stains, and I cried to him saying that it is because of my sin you were crucified.

Madison: United States

So I’ve been home alone the past couple days, and I don’t like sleeping at home alone, well I had a dream that I was sleeping alone in some dorm room or hotel type set up. We got woken up in the middle of the night and had to get in the hallway because tornadoes were going on. I randomly saw this baby horse alone in the hallway, so I grabbed its collar, and it stuck by my side the whole dream (I love horses lol). So I was sitting in the hallway literally cuddling this baby horse, and I look out the glass doors at the end, and I see a small white flash that looks like a shooting star, then a bigger flash, then this huge white light that just kept getting bigger and I yelled out! “Jesus is here!!” I was so happy and overjoyed, and I think other people were a bit confused. Then there were some tornadoes for a while but nothing too bad. We all ended up going back to sleep in our beds (I still had my horse with me cuddling it ) then woke up next morning as nothing happened? I think my dream ended up with me at sonic with my family

Bridget: United States

Jesus was in my dream, and so were some other people. We had to walk up to him to get nailed in our hands.  I told him I couldn't do it and he said, take your time and try again. But one other person fell off into this water with electricity she died in front of all of us.

Joyce: Philippines

I had a dream last night; I saw a man holding his trumpet and playing and then I suddenly saw a sea of clouds above and Jesus appears glowing, and He looks beautiful and always smiling. At that moment I felt calmness and peace. No words can describe the feeling of seeing him in front of you, and then I woke up in the morning.

Brian: Hong Kong

Sept 10, 2018.  I saw Jesus in a dream. He was young mid-30s. Very handsome. Muscular but slim.  About two times larger than me.  White natural light everywhere;  Felt Intense warmth throughout my soul, Loved and accepted.  No fear or worries or pain.  

I look at his face and hair shoulder length.  I mentioned to Jesus about the girl that painted him. He answered Yes.  He was carrying me, I took a peek at his hands, and there were the scares.  

I knew I was leaving and cry to him that I wish to stay with him.  I felt he was about to take me somewhere so I asked if I would be scared where he is about to take me.  We flew upwards, and I woke up at 5 am.

Tammi: United States

I dreamed of Jesus last night, not my first one but he is not frightening of course, but I have a reverent fear of his presence. 

In the dream it appears there is a storm and I am trying to run from it and, I am covering my head. Them I can see Jesus like in 3D, and it appears he is floating in a cloud and he is looking towards me very peacefully, and then I wake up. 

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