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"Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 30"

Stian: South Africa

I was making ready for bed, tired from a hard day's work.

It took me about 30 min to fall asleep, as soon as I was sleeping I started to go into the most beautiful dream I have ever had in my 26 years of living.

Part 1.

I was at a farm for some reason there were 3 guys wanted to fight me with me, I won the fight and turned around, and Jesus was standing there.

One of the guys stood up and wanted to punch me from the blind side, Jesus took point, grab the guy and gave him a big hug, I could see the feeling of peace and love in the guy's eyes and the biggest smile I have ever seen.

Part 2.

It was my birthday, and I found myself with Jesus at a bar ( Not drinking ) but for all my friend were under the influence. Jesus and I just walked through the bar greeting everyone, and I left with Jesus to go to someplace else.

Part 3.

Now I was in, what I assume was China because there was a lot of Chinese people walking and standing around.

 Yet again I was walking with Jesus, and he stopped a few meters away from 2 girls that were standing next to a clothing rack; both of them had black eyes. Jesus lifted His arm and put his right hand on the forehead of one girl, and suddenly black smoke came out of her mouth up into the air, and her eyes turned normal, and she was filled with gratefulness and joy, He did the same with the other girl.

Everything happened while I was standing next to Jesus.

Part 4.

I was at a School, and it looked like my old high school (Die Wilgers) I was not with Jesus in this part.

There was a lot of people at the school, and suddenly a blonde girl run up to me and give me a hug and told me she loves me very much, I saw her smile, she was/is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,I felt a sense of purity and innocence within her heart and soul.  I looked at her a few moments ( I don't know who she is ) and then I said to her, I can't stay here I'm following Jesus, walking with Him wherever he goes. Again she looked at me, such beautiful eyes, unforgettable smile and told me to go and follow Jesus, that she will be waiting for me until the time is right for us two. I gave her a big hug and started running to Jesus. 

I woke up with joy, peace, love, and thankfulness in my heart with a few happy tears :-)

Elena: United States

I've had a dream where Jesus came down in an elevator, and HE spoke to me inside the elevator, and He told me to tell my dad, dying in cancer, that if he would repent of: ( the thing that he had done ), then Jesus would heal his cancer. But my dad didn't care about the dream, and then he died a few months later. ( my dad was an engineer of elevators ). 

I've and visions 2013 where I was awake but still saw. I saw a frog that was gasping for air, sitting under a transparent protecting dome, and all around the frog a Nuclear War had started, and the sky was so black, and the fear I felt in the vision was a kind of fear that is so big and indescribable. Then I felt like the presence of a HAND behind my back, and I understood it was OUR CREATOR.

And I was told "telepathically" that London, N.Y. and Miami had "been hit." And I also realized in the vision that I was that frog and GOD HIMSELF was keeping me alive in the surrounding nuclear war. I became a believer in JESUS CHRIST and 2018 I went to Israel to see The Holy Fire and got baptized in the Jordan river. I had prayed to God to reveal to me if my visions 

Marck: Philippines

I dream of something I can't explain. 

At first, I dreamed of an angel from heaven giving me a gold crown and said that it'd stay gold, it's for me. And if it turned black, it wasn't for me. And it did stay gold. 

After, I was at the church attending a mass. I was looking at Jesus's image. He moved and gave me something & said that I shouldn't forget that I'm His son.

Later then, the priest angrily asks why I'm holding that thing that the image of Jesus gave me and didn't believe me when I said "It moved. He moved, and He gave it to me." Then I saw a lot of angry faces in the church. I just said, "He really moved, and He is powerful."

After this, I woke up holding my heart and it feels very warm. 

Roseanne: United Kingdom

I had a vision as a child that Christ came to me. I was very upset and calling out to God.  In the vision, Christ lifted a dove over my head and threw it up into the air where it flew away. With it went the pain and anguish, and I felt calm and at peace thank you, Jesus.

Trevor: United States

Everything Will Change

I went to bed, and in the dream, I wake up, and I was alone in my home no pets or family just me. 

It's warm outside, and the sun is shining, I get out of bed, go into the living room, and Jesus is sitting on my couch watching TV. 

He turns and looks towards me and says everything is going to change. The dream ends I wake up, and it is raining outside.

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Dreams and Visions of Jesus Page 30

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