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Nicole: United States

I had a dream last night. I saw Jesus being baptized, it was like in a river or Ocean it was beautiful and emotional that I was screaming then I saw also like the Virgin Mary with light blue flowers it was amazing. My husband woke me up...

Jacob: United States

Jesus Christ loves you.


The Earth opened up, and I was falling to the core. At the top of the Earth stood Jesus Christ. He raised me up to him before I hit the core. He sat me down next to him, and I woke up.He is so forgiving. Amen.

Elias: Ethiopia

Healing & finances.

Haley: United States

I had a dream that Jesus came down from the sky picked me up, and we went flying around the earth through the Earth, and I just remember feeling so overwhelmed with shock that he actually came and got me and it was so exciting and great.

Ragulraj: India

I'm a Hindu, but in my dream, I was so thirsty by that time Jesus came in my dream, and he gave me a tender coconut, and I got it, and I drank it.

What is the meaning?

Lisa: United Kingdom

In my dream Jesus stood in front of me he looked at me lovingly and smiled and walked away I have no idea where we were, but it seemed like a calm and peaceful place.

Tammy: United States

I have had one open vision of Jesus and many dreams of being pulled away by Him.  His time is different, yes, BUT we are very near- on the brink- of HIS RETURN.  Praise to our Lord Jesus!

Bobbijo: United States

Hello everyone, a few years ago I was incarcerated(jail) I was probably there only like about a month I would say. So one night went to bed and then early morning woked up and meantime while I was sleeping. Jesus came to my dream with bright glowing yellow and saw Jesus and smile at me. So I woke up and I felt was it real or no??? Well u know I do believe in my Jesus and it's real. It's so cool. I love you, Jesus.

Suprise: South Africa

I dreamt I was at my school which is Johannesburg bible college.

It was a normal day, as the lecture was teaching I was bored and just wandering off with my thoughts. I looked at the door is made out of glass, and I saw a man with a white garment, he had a goldish yellowish light radiating from him.

I sensed  in my spirit at that moment that it was Jesus, I fell to the floor and started crying with joy and adoration that "Hallelujah Jesus you are here,  you came for me."He then came close to me, and all I could see were his feet, and I was still on the floor shouting and crying " Hallelujah Jesus you are here, you came for me."

I then got up, and Jesus with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen hugged me like he was waiting for that moment all his life. He hugged me, and my spirit felt reunited,  it felt as though I just met up with my friend after years and years of just chatting on Whatsapp, at that moment I knew I was with the love of my life. His skin was olive toned, his hair was not long it was short, and a bit curled and in the dream I remembered am just dreaming so I asked Jesus how do I know if this is really you, how do I know this is not only a dream?

Lol I was the doubting Thomas but because of his kindness,humility, and love he smiled gently and stretched out his hands and said " touch and feel my wounds" I then reached out and touched his wounds and me being the person I am,  I pressed on the wounds and asked "does it hurt?" Jesus then smiled gently and said nothing. As he was about to leave I cried and said "I want to go with you Jesus," he then just hugged and smiled at me and said not now the captive still need to be made free and then I woke up.

Prajva: India

Hi everyone,

 I had a dream last night.  I suddenly woke up and checked my mobile phone, and it was 3:47 am. I then prayed to God about this sleep interruption and asked if there was anything that He wants to tell me or share with me, and I completed this prayer. After this prayer, a slide show started, and although my eyes were closed, I was awake. So, there began a slide show of Jesus Christ. First, it appeared 2013-2014 then it seemed to be 2016-2017, and then again in 2018-  all of Jesus Christ. 

I woke up again with goosebumps all over my body. and the time was 4:30 am.

Mehran: Iran

Greetings, and God bless you for assistance.

With all respect, a while back I dreamed of Holy Mary and Jesus Christ. They were both in white rope shrine....? Both were asleep, and Jesus was outside of the mary's womb, but the cord was still attached as though He was just being born. His face was so beautiful and He had long shiny grayish hair. I was very close to them and could hear him breathing.

Dear God, forgive me if I should have kept this secret, but I feel it may be important for everyone to know.

With the greatest respect, Mehran

Andy: United States

It was night, and I stepped out onto the balcony of my hotel room, the balcony became enclosed, and I was looking through an open window, not a modern window, but a window from thousands of years ago like when Jesus was on earth as a human... this was when my dream turned into what felt like reality. I could no longer determine if I was dreaming or in a real-life situation. I was looking into the dark sky lit dimly with stars and some cirrus clouds, then flashes of small lightning, like static electricity began to flash across the sky and I started to have a joyful feeling inside my body. Then I heard people singing this beautiful hymn, not specific words though, in my mind, I knew they were Angels although I couldn’t see them. Then a portal opened in the sky, and Jesus was standing there sideways with his hand out, he didn’t say anything, but I yelled out “Jesus” because I immediately knew it was him. He was glowing like a lamp all around his body, and although he didn’t say anything, I could feel something deep inside my body being pulled towards him as if he was telling me in my mind “it’s time, come with me.” This feeling inside me was incredible, nothing like I’ve ever felt before, a feeling of total peace, joy and surrender deep inside me. My body was starting to be pulled because whatever was inside me was pulling it with it. I wasn’t resisting, I wanted to go!  Right before my feet were about to be pulled off the ground, I woke up, not because anything woke me up, but I just woke up, and that feeling disappeared. But I know that the feeling I felt in my dream, my actual body was feeling laying there in bed like I had actually been in his presence even though it was a dream. 

Julie: United States

Multiple huge ornate doors being thrown open for me. Believe it was Jesus. He was smiling and telling me to go out; it's all waiting for you. Go and be happy

John: United States

I had a very vivid dream. I was awake and alert on a beautiful white marble floor sitting in a school circle on the floor with other people. Jesus was letting people ask questions. I raised my hand a couple of times, and Jesus called upon me. I asked why do people who do not have a chance to read the Bible and have not chosen Jesus as their Lord and Savior because they have never had an opportunity. Why are these people sent to Hell?
Jesus  got angry and shouted at me “How do you know?”” His eyes were deep blue, and I made eye to eye contact. I then looked at the floor and kept quiet. When I heard Jesus take another question, I looked up, and he was no longer angry with me. 
I’ve read the Gospels where Jesus rebuked and shouted at the  2 apostles. It was real, and Jesus is as real as you and me. I’m grateful  I was chosen to meet God even though I ...... him off. My experience is not like any other because it is True.

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