"Jesus Brings Peace"
Yadira's Dream

Jesus brings peace to our family, and I SAW HIM COMPLETELY almost...

I had a dream were I was in the dark in the middle of what seemed to be my room. I was crying uncontrollably and around me was nothing but darkness. Then, as I was crying into my hands, I felt His presence. 

Then I felt his hand on my right shoulder. His hand was light caramel color with thin long fingers not to long and his hands were hairy, but not exaggerated. He had black hair on the top of his hand going to the top part of his knuckles. 

Then I turned to see him, but didn't want to fully. I saw only up to his chest then stared instead towards his feet and bottom of his tunic. He had a BRIGHT WHITE tunic, long with a criss-cross cloth design on his chest section, but the tunic did not cover his feet at all. 

I was crying when, in a calm peaceful yet somewhat stern voice, in Spanish (I'm bilingual), he told me, "Don't cry anymore it shall all come to an end soon."

I PANICKED when I heard this because I had a recent newborn and a little 4 year old and didn't understand why he was doing this. Then he started walking away, but I was still panicked, so i started begging him to please not to do that.

My girls were so little and I was crying and tried to reach out to him with my arm as he gave me his back and started to walk away into the darkness. 
I was afraid to touch any part of his clothes or anything, because I thought he might be offended, so he walked away 

I well remember how he looked from the back. He was approximately 5'5 to 5'6 in height with shoulder length hair, which was JET BLACK and curly, yet with a bounce and flow to it. (kind of like conquistadors from Spain in their day).

I continued to cry while reaching my hand out, and then I brought it back to my self and watched as he disappeared into the darkness. I was alone again in the dark, scared to death; and that's when I woke up. 

I was crying and not sure what I had just dreamed, let alone what he meant. I thought he was going to end the world or at least sink California, LOL.. 

After 6 years I now realize:

At the time my mother owned a home and had asked me to move in with the family to help with the mortgage. I did because the lord teaches that we should honor our parents. 

The problem was that I don't like my mom or sister, and my mother seems to hate me and CONSTANTLY hurts me with her words and actions. I suffered A LOT while I was there, but continued to do what scripture, and what I felt the lord wanted me to do. I felt I should humble my self and love those that hate me while honoring my mother.

A couple of months after the dream my mother lost the house, thus ending my commitment. 

My husband and I, and our 2 girls live in our own home and are very happy to be alone. With the strength of GOD I ended my hurtful relationship with my family. Now there is no more suffering, only peace with my lord and savior Jesus Christ, Amen 

Yadira: United States

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Jesus Brings Peace

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