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"Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 29"

Stephen: United Kingdom

I was watching my dad play Xbox fully awake when all of a sudden I fainted and fell into the chair with my eyes closed and I saw Jesus approaching. 

He appeared in black and white from a distance getting closer and closer to me the way a photograph would develop in a dark room; it lasted about 5 seconds. 

This vision of Christ is one of the only things that really tell me I’m not on my own. 

I have also heard Jesus Christ call to me and had halos go round my head from the heavens. I was once protected by an angel on my motorcycle from a fatal accident.

I have also witnessed Micheal the archangel in blue flashing lights. 

BELIEVE IN JESUS AND CHRISTIANITY I am being rescued by the system. TRUST JESUS!

Chirchom: India

Dream of Jesus and Grandfather
I saw Jesus come to me while I was supporting people injured in an epidemic. He smiled and hugged me. Just a moment after that I saw my deceased grandfather come to me smiling and hugged me as well. I left with Jesus and people around me were screaming with joy. Everyone seemed to have gotten healed. I remember feeling so warm and happy as he held my hand. Then   I woke up.

Terrie: United States

I had a dream of a huge giant lady floating in the sky on her back. Then I saw Jesus He had this white cloth wrap from his stomach to mid-thigh. His hands were stretch out wide.

Emma: Australia

Jesus- hello, thank you for this.

My recent dream/ vision was a repetitive one. I kept seeing a glorious personage leading a mass of people, following behind him, descending from the sky.

Ginamarie: United States

What does it mean when you say the face of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns and wake up.

Phillip: United Kingdom

I've been dreaming about preventing Jesus ever getting crucified. When he's brought out to the public for conviction, I stroll through the crowds and tell the commander that he's making a big mistake. 

I get Jesus to bless some water and let the commander sip it while I say, "through the holy spirit, I trust and love the father. Through Jesus Christ, I hear the fathers words and live with love." 

I then go about showing how the religious group is pulling the commander by strings, influencing him by foul means. I give him a choice, the religious leader gets punished, or I take Jesus' place.

Lacy: United States

My dreams are him sitting next to me on the bed talking to me softly, and I'm telling him that I love him and trust him.

Jahmir: United States

I had this dream..

Sealee died, my friend died, and I died, an Arab dude died, and some other dude died. We don't know where the first two went so it was just me, this Arab dude and this other dude.

We went to my old house, and the sky was purple like the sun was setting and we were bowing down and calling Jesus name. 

We were rejoicing in his name, and the Arab dude was saying Jesus in Arabic; then we saw a person wearing a white robe and a crown on his head and riding a white horse, and, instead of riding over us he went into my heart, and after that, we were rejoicing more.

Leti: United States

Last night I dreamt that my husband, my sister and I were in a huge forest or jungle.  A lot of green trees everywhere.  We were walking in the middle of a tall mountain.  We noticed many animals going toward the top of the mountain.  Lions, monkeys, tigers, and others.  I looked toward the top of the mountain and at the tip was Jesus feeding all the animals.  He was wearing a white robe.  His calm and peaceful face glowed of love, kindness, and grace.

Nell: United States

I had just dropped my son off at daycare and was driving down N. Broadway, and suddenly there was a flash of crimson where the sun had been. The sky went completely black, and then a small pure brilliant white light started to appear; as it came closer it began to become bigger and bigger in the sky until it was closest, and then I saw Jesus appear standing in the white light with his arms extended and his palms turned up.  

He was wearing a white robe with a golden sash, and three rainbows fell one after the other as he came closer almost as if he was using them as steps. Big billowing white clouds were on both sides of him the rainbows reflected and glistened and bounced colors off of the clouds that completely covered my line of vision on both sides of me.  All of the trees and surroundings were gone, and it was only Jesus in the clouds.  Then I woke up.

Kurtsten: Philippines

I appeared on Jesus' temple, and he gave me a vine-wooden staff like and he said I need to light it up with a flash of lightning.There were 5 of us kids there, but I only remember the kid with glasses.

Christine: South Africa

I dreamt I was living in Jesus time.

There was a war coming, and He lifted a round Iron lid from the ground that led to an underground hiding place and told me, Wait here, I will come back for you.

Cathyrine: Philippines

My name is Catherine..  I remember my dream now when I was a kid were leaving in a province... Its all about my childhood.  I dreamed of sitting on a dead tree with some kids ... There is a man who is also sitting in the edge of it he was wearing white clothes , long hair with brown eyes he opens his hand to sit in his lap, but der is no voice come out on me. I was looking at him; it is not a clear dream, but the image is like a man that we used to see in the bible. I don't know what he wants to say. And right now I am 30 but just late realizing. If he is really Jesus what does he want to tell me?

Gabriel: United States

A few years ago I had a strange but rather remarkable dream that I will never forget.  In my dream, I was wearing a black suit and was atop a balcony in a mansion that appeared to be the White House or something similar. The sky was dark as if a storm was coming. There were other people with me also wearing black suits. From the balcony, you could see a field with thousands of people. The people at the bottom were wearing regular clothes and not black suits. The people were reaching for the sky as a powerful light was coming from the sky and was in the distance. I soon realized the light was Jesus and the people on the field would jump in an attempt to reach him. As he came closer, I noticed his arms were extended as you see him in many paintings. He was wearing a white robe and a golden belt. On his head was a golden string that ties at the back. It was not a crown but looked more like a string. His face looked most like the divine mercy image of Sister Faustina. The original painting. It was remarkable. I’ll never forget it

Gail: United States

I lived in a small town in the united states. I have always been a spiritual person but did not attend a church. One night I dreamed of Christ on the cross. I was one of the evildoers beside him. I was in immense pain and thought that I was not going to wake up from this dream, but I would die. The pain was so intense. My arms and legs were killing me. The pain was intense. I remember looking at Jesus and saying, "I am dying aren't I"? Then I woke up and I had non-coagulated blood in the palms of both my hands. I was telling my husband the dream, and he saw it first. No sores or wounds. Only blood and only once did it happen. I would have thought I was crazy if he had not seen it. I have had lots of strange things happen to me after. I at times have visions of things that happen before they happen. I still do not attend a church, but I do study the Bible and pray a lot. I have strong faith in Christ just very little in men

Lavitric: United States

I had watched the path of the Messiah on TV last night. When the part about the original wall where Jesus body was kept after he died. When they showed it was like something came out of there, and I became mentally paralyzed for a few seconds then it left.

Well, when I went to sleep, I had a dream of Jesus being beaten, and he carried the cross. I layed across Jesus in my dream and was whipped as I laid across him. My boyfriend stated that I was crying and saying, leave him alone and stop.

When my boyfriend woke me up, we found a piece of leather in our bed, and I felt sore in my back as the same spots I was being whipped on my back in the dream. What to make of this?

Selina: United States

 I had a dream about a year ago that I was in a forest. I was walking, and Jesus came to my side. Satan appeared in the darkness and Jesus, and I fought him off. I don't know if the devil was trying to get me, or of Jesus was just saying "Hey, I've got you!"

Kuulei: United States 

I had this dream about five years ago, but can't remember all the details. 

In this dream, I'm at my grandparents home (which is connected to their church), and I'm upstairs when these random people maybe like five or six of them try to take my one yr old son from me.  

I try pounding on my grandmothers' door to open, but it would not open, so I ran downstairs and up the street to my mothers home to have her hid my son from these people.

When I get back to lure these people away from my son I encounter this old woman sitting in the middle of the street in a reclining chair; she asks me for my son and when I tell her no she hovers across the street toward me and screams. Her screams bring a strong wind that almost knocks me over.

 Then I look her in her eyes and call the name of Jesus over and over again until she vanished. I continued walking down the street when I came upon this house, where the people who were chasing us gathered;  (this part was confusing because I was trying to be friendly to them to see why they wanted my son). After asking them all the questions I could they still wouldn't tell me.

 Then I walked to the end of the garage door (that was opened), and I feel water brushing up and down on my feet; as I looked to the ground, I can see the shoreline of a beach and my feet being washed over. 

Then I looked out towards the horizon and gazed at the reflection of the full moon on top of the ocean, but as I focused a little more on the background I see something on the top of the water in the reflection of the moon. It was Jesus, and he looked right at me for a short moment. Then he looked up into the sky, and a beam of light carried him away. (And I woke up).

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