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Lisa: United States 
My daughter and I was setting outside talking and as I look away something caught my eye. It was The Lord god almighty in the clouds above, so I stand in such excitement and all I could think of was the bible verse... Every knee shall bow.....
Then I turn to my daughter and said, stand up baby girl, The Lord is here to take us home.... 
He was standing so tall with his hands held out summoning all his children.... His face was warm and loving, his hands were huge.... He wore the brightest blue robe with a red sash.... He was surrounded by the clouds and looking over the whole world .... All we could do is stand a praise him..... 
I woke up with excitement and joy, wanting to tell everyone I knew to be ready for his return.... What does this mean?

Shirley: United States 
I was in a room with my sister and my cousin. My sister and I were looking out of the window. The blue sky had gotten very bright from the sun. When I look behind me the window showed that it was night time. The clouds in front of us started getting brighter and brighter and as light burst through the room it felt like a rapture. Both scary and beautiful. I looked over to my right and say a man in white. then I prayed and prayed, then woke up.

Chaplain: United States 
I was shopping and a person said, "what you want is not here but around back." So I walked around back of the strip mall, and there I found a NEW construction area. Then I found myself in miry clay. A man, (I believe to be Jesus), took me out of the miry clay and walked me to a brand new store, and then He left. The Name of the store was, "ANSWERED PRAYER." In it was everything we need for healing of every body part, (like on a conveyor belt)... It's was all there, he paid the price.. on earth, as it is in heaven 

Julie: United Kingdom 
When I was a child I dreamt that I was standing in my grandparents garden which had a rose bush in it. Then Jesus came down from the sky in a long white robe, picked one of the roses and gave it to me, then took me up to heaven and married me. I remember it very clearly even over 30 years later. What could this mean? 

Julia: United States
Hi, last night I had a dream about holding a plastic bag of sand. My cell phone rang and when I answered it was Jesus. He was cheerful, joyful and he said "Julie, don't worry I will take care of you, Trust me. And I was saying I know, I trust you, and I started to cry. I told him, I love you so much, then suddenly I felt a comforting presence coming over me and I woke up from my dream. I also saw a long paved road ahead of me. What does this mean?

Grace: United States
Hi! This is about my dream of Jesus and me hugging, and some things I don't understand. The first one is, the setting was in our driveway, why would it be in our driveway. Second, there was no talking at all just "doing" in the dream. When he told me to come here he didn't tell me, he just pointed. I didn't talk to Jesus. Also it was a dark cloudy day. 

The last thing I don't understand is, in most peoples dreams Jesus is so bright they cant see him, but in mine he wasn't bright. My dreams were sort of hard to see, like maybe blurry. I could only see that he had long brown hair and a white robe, but I couldn't see his face. I think its strange because he wasn't bright and it looked like a real person because he wasn't bright at all. Please tell me what these mean. thanks :)

Serena United States 
i saw a park with sprinklers the type that spray right out of the top and I said stop I wanna play in the water, I got out and started playing in the water and I saw these humongous trees that reached to the sky with large trunks and it was being raised up invisibly there were a circle of them being planted near the sprinklers and I looked and in the tree that was invisible being moved to be planted near the sprinklers was the face of The Lord 

Lisa: United States 
Hi! My beautiful vision of God was back in 2002. One day I was sitting on a soft rocking chair and closed my eyes just to relax for a little while, then suddenly I felt a warm, calm feeling that I had never ever experienced before. That feeling was the best feeling in the whole world. Then shortly after I saw the brightest white light with my eyes closed that I had never ever seen before. It was stunning and so amazingly beautiful! The next time I had went to church, I explained my beautiful vision to the priest and he said to me that it was God saying that I am with you always and everything is going to be alright. That was and is amazing and will always be forever and ever! I was not dreaming and I was able to hear noise around me. I wish that I didn't open up my eyes so suddenly. That was all new to me at that time and it was extremely beautiful! I hope so extremely much that I experience this again in my lifetime with all my heart, mind, body and soul! I will never ever forget this and I will remember this forever and ever. I am also so glad that I can share this with the world. It is the best experience to share with the whole world. God Bless the whole world. Love you all. 

Roger: United Kingdom
Was it Jesus? 
My dream/dreams: This happend to me approx 20yrs ago but when you read my experience you will realise why i will never forget.

First dream: I retired to bed on the monday evening about 10pm. I work in the morning, arise early. I fell into a deep sleep.
Suddenly i found myself in a very dark and dismal place, like a wooded area. It was very dark, a film of darkness was over everthing.
In front of me was a figure of a person, but it was transparent and i could see no face as a hood was covering the head area. The face was, as i could see, black.
This figure had a staff and was scrapeing the ground. It spoke to me, not through the mouth, but through the mind, and thoughts.
It said (and i will omit the swear words), "When these plants grow i will be out of here."  I thought, these things arn't going to grow, its to dark.
I felt uneasy, thinking that because i knew my thoughts were being read by this spirit like thing. 
I then tried to will myself out of that place, because i didnt like it.  I was scared when i couldnt get out. I was worried until I eventualy woke up in bed at home.
What followed is amazing. That dream, experience, was on Monday, on Tuesday i wasn't sure about going to bed, again; but knew i had to, so off to bed, and nothing happenend.
Second dream: On Wednesday i retired as usual, no problem i thought, oh but there was; I found myself looking down from the sky at dwelling houses.
A voice said to me, "You can enter any of these houses Roger,"  (even knew my name), "you will be made welcome." So i looked at one and in my mind said, this one.
I descended and found myself sitting/kneeling at the end of what could of been a long table. There was a figure standing in front of me who i couldn't look at for long. 
Then to my right was a multitude of spirit like beings all expressing with there hands and body movement. It felt good to get closer to them, and i kept trying.
Then I was gently pushed away, (although i didn't want to), but i came to the end of the table, and was falling of the end when a voice spoke, "Its not your time yet Roger." I awoke. 

Hi, I'm 27, and I Don’t recall ever dreaming of Jesus until last night. I dreamed I was actually just boarding a space ship completely convinced I was about to take control of it and do some missions. 

Then randomly Jesus opened a door and I was instructed from an unknown voice or force to follow him. So I do. We enter a room that is on fire but I am not afraid or concerned, for some reason. 
It’s a small room without any type furniture. There is a staircase leading up to another floor. Jesus calmly walks up there to another door to another room. Again I follow. 
I don't remember what the next room was because I woke up at that point, but this was a very profound dream. I Don’t even consider myself religious. What does it mean?

Salinas: United States
I had two dreams: One was my body was lifted up in the air inside my room. I saw above me a circle light with white and yellow colored together. When i looked down i saw red hands reaching out towards me; so i looked down at the hands instead of the light circle ,and then my dream ended.   
In my second dream: I thought i saw god or Jesus Christ because it was an old man and he put his hands behind my shoulders. I felt his hands behind my shoulder and his strength was stronger than my strength. Then i woke up.

Naomi: South Africa
I dreamed I was  standing in a place with green grass and I looked at my hands they were full of oil. I walk towards a house and there were Islam people they were scared looking at me.  
I asked them if I please can use the bathroom to wash my hands and the oil was dripping all over. They did not speak to me and just show me where to go. I wash my hands thank them  and walk outside. There were a lot of clouds like thick grey clouds. 

When I step outside all the clouds turned into these beautiful soft orange and pink clouds; Then I saw Jesus with stretched out arms in the clouds wearing a crimson Red beautiful Robe, and then I woke up. 

Jesus is  coming  soon. He come to deal with all evil very soon His robe dipped in the blood of His enemy. Please turn from all sins. Time is over.

Raymond:United States
Hello I have had 2 dreams of Jesus within the last 3 days.

Dream 1:
I was walking through a giant church like structure and as I walked I came to a wide door with foldable wooden doors on ether side.
As I turned to face the doorway I saw a huge lion standing before and in a flash I grabbed the wooden doors and began closing them slowly and as I did this I said allowed "GO AWAY FOR I DO NOT KNOW YOU," and slammed the doors shut. 
I then turned to walk back the way I came and I saw Jesus sitting in a large chair with many other people sitting with him in the chair.  I put my hand upon his arm and he turned to me and I asked, "How are you today" and I woke up. 
This dream has me worried that I rejected Jesus as the lion, but it is also said that the devil prowls like a lion looking to devour any who cross his path. I'm unsure I will pray tonight over it. thank you for reading.

Dream 2: 
I was standing in a room and I turned to the left and there was Jesus standing before me and the first thing that came into my head was, "In Jesus name Reveal yourself."
He smiled and light all around him got brighter and brighter and brighter, consuming his body. He was so bright I woke up.

I was so surprised when I woke up that I remembered to test the spirits and I'm pretty certain it really was Jesus standing before me. 
I will pray on this dream for God to help me understand these dreams better. Thank you for reading. 

Laura : United States
I had a dream back when I was a teenager. I am now 49. I remember the dream very clearly. I was taken up in the clouds by Jesus and I remember the feeling of pure elation, awestruck fear, uncontainable joy and love, and a peace and calmness all at the same time. Since that dream I have had a certain sense of  "knowing" that I will not see my death but my rapture.

Viki: United States
I'm not sure if this is a dream or a vision. I guess it could be both since I wasn't in a deep sleep I could still hear my neighbor upstairs. 
Anyway it started out as a huge bible conference called the Promise Line. I was there for about a minute and then I looked to the left and saw a totally white room, and in the room Jesus was kneeling in Prayer. He was dressed in a white robe with a gold corded sash. This vision was so clear like I was there.  
I saw Jesus Stand and a White Dove flew up from looked like his shoulder as he was standing. Then it looked a slide show of pictures of Jesus just flooding in front of my eyes. But it quickly faded because my neighbor upstairs was so loud.
I have no Idea what this means but that vision will be with me the rest of my life it was so totally amazing and Beautiful

Chasity: United States
It was a couple years back and I was sleeping in a house but my room on the back wall was glass. Jesus tapped my glass and I woke up. He said come here child and I went to the glass wall then I was in a sack like a potato sack or something with my sister and an angel was carrying me and her to heaven. Next thing I saw was a bright light with Jesus's shadow

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