"Clyde's Dreams about
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Hello, I have been dreaming about Jesus since I was a teen.

WhenI was in grade 6 my dreams were all about vampires and monsters. I always ran away from them until the time I was cornered, and I looked up and there was a church, and I saw Jesus. He was so bright that I couldn't look at him. I couldn't see his face but I knew it was him. He drove the vampires and the monsters away.

Second: was the same as my first dream. This time I called his name and he appeared to be a shooting star coming from the church and shining so brightly, then driving away those monsters.

Third: I was inside a tomb in a cemetery, that looked like an igloo, but was very hot. It felt like I was in Hell and I was trying to get out, but couldn't because the opening was too small.

Then I called out the name of Jesus and suddenly the tomb seemed open at the top and it became very bright. The openings at the base were also getting bigger so I managed to get out.

Fourth: It was very scary because it was my judgment day. I was in heaven but really hadn't died at all. Then I saw angels and God in front of me, and at the side was Saint Peter. God ask me to recall the good deeds i have done,. but I couldn't remember any. Tears were coming out from my eyes and I was so ashamed that I couldn't answer.

They started to throw me in the fire, but I asked for another chance, so they gave it to me, and the net thing I remember I was in a church praying. Then I returned to Heaven and told them about my going to church and praying and telling others how to do good things, because there is a God.

Fifth: I didn't see Jesus but was at the overlook in our town and saw a valley and the valley had tombs in it, but with no names. There was only the sign of the cross, and some carvings and statues of saints and the blessed Virgin Mary; so I was with her seeing places I hadn't seen before.

Sixth: I think this was on 2014 when i felt that my life was cursed. i really don't know whats the meaning of these dreams. 

At first, I was trying to climb a very steep mountain. though it had a stairs on it but the stairs were very slippery because water was coming down from the top. it seems that it can't be reached, but slowly and carefully i was trying and almost fell, it was very challenging. When i reached the top I saw a very big statue of Jesus so I lit a candle and prayed.

Next, I saw a church, then there was a war that was waging. I lit a candle and prayed and suddenly I couldn't even remember how I got there.

In this dream I saw Jesus's face and almost went to heaven holding his hand. This was a very meaningful although confusing dream . 

At first my dream's location was at my birthplace. i have dreamed about my late grandfather. it did described my birthplace as a very mythical one. that place were i always dreamed of demons and monsters. i remember that the was a war going on between demons and people.

Suddenly when I opened the door to the house of my late grandfather, I was surprised by seeing a king. He was like a middle eastern man during the time of Jesus. and he came up to me saying that he was king Herod. he showed me his kingdom. a very cast kingdom. and he even said to me that i can also have that kind of kingdom if i join him.

At first he just looked at me, then he got angry and almost slayed me with his mighty sword. When I turned to run from him a man stood in front of me. At first I didn't know who he was, then he said, "I am Jesus". I was shocked that I really saw his face.

I could hardly recognize him, because he was very different from the pictures I have seen. "Is it really you? I asked. Your face is different". He has short hair, and not an elongated face, but very different from that of the portraits. I wish i could draw it. He appeared to have little chubby cheeks. not an elongated face.

Then he ask if i would like to come with him in heaven and offered his hand to me. This time i couldn't see his face. It was more like a hand extending out to me. So i grabbed it and we started to lift off. Then this to my mind, what if i go with him and this is only a dream? I might die and not wake up anymore.

I was afraid so when we were above the roof top I let go his hands, and then fell slowly, and it seemed like a cloud was helping me to get down.

Clyde: Philippines

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