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Shelsea: Saint Lucia
Hi my name is Shelsea .I'm from st Lucia .last night i had a dream.it was 12:00 about that  time .As a teenager i don't understand why am saying this in my dreams.Like we were in some country but it don't look like my country to me.but in the dream i saw many people on the street just walking up and down .like they were confuse about something .all  new god was coming they said that "your'll should go to the church i said no am not going cause it a satanic church .there was a girl with me but i have never seen her in real life she said to me i believe you it's not a good church.We lift and went by  the beach as soon as i reach there i started crying and saying to my mom ."mommy don't go there " she didn't listen she went with my other family members. Then i saw something in the sky .i started crying and went down on my knees i was the only one who did that and my other friend the girl i was talking about . i bow down to Jesus Christ .he looked like something beautiful i can't explain how he was .he was surrounded with other angels all in white thick real thick clothes and they were looking at me.when i woke up i told my mom .i don't know if she believes me but i know she don't.i have many to say but i just keep it short.

Gladys: United States
I had a vivid dream of being in an open field like the countryside and I looked up to see a bright light in the sky. At first I thought it was large white birds flying but couldn't understand it suddenly the appearance grew closer and I saw Jesus with about 2 Angels each flying by His side. I  stared up in shock,the light around Him was so bright. He descended close to me and I could see Him so clearly, He had a calm look. Then He went a little further and disappeared  back into the sky. I was in shock. I told someone in the dream pointing to the spot Jesus disappeared,  and the person said "that place is like a gateway " I woke up this morning and remembered the dream quite well.

Estella: United State
Tonight i had a dream that i was looking up to the sky during the day my mother and my sons and brothers where there with me i saw a wave of black and white horses running like they where wild in the sky all of a sudden all the horses come together to make one huge horses head almost like a tall mountain and there stood someone on the very top and when we noticed this person on top of this giant white horse head me and my youngest fell on grass which looked to be like a front yard as we fell back and looked up at this person standing there far away on top of that white horse head my son yelled i love you god and i yelled i love you Jesus and then for no reason me my boys my mother and brothers walked towards this person who i refered to as Jesus it was beautiful green grass warm and nice we where looking at all of the people staring at us from afar then this load noise came  out of no where and these almost metal thin bars came down like claws over the green grass me and my loved ones where on then it got kinda of dark but the only thing i could say at least where together. Then i wake up

Micah: United States
Jesus has also told me that He is coming soon and that the people are not ready. God bless

Indiana: United Kingdom
I saw Jesus Christ in my dream , he got in my house through the roof and sat on the Sofa facing me , then he said to me am here to talk then we had a conversation for more than 10 minutes then he went back to heaven . Last thing I remember was someone asked me if am healed since Jesus Christ visited me then I replied saying who will see Jesus and come back sick ? Then I woke up 

Michelle: United States
I was in the backseat of a car my husband was driving and there was a guy in the passenger seat who I did not know. I remember seeing how green the grass was and how blue the sky was. I looked up and I saw the clouds in the clouds I saw The shape of Jesus flying over me. As the car kept going down the road I saw yet another cloud in the shape of Jesus. Then all of a sudden I saw angels flying together towards this whole in the Sky. The light shines like Gold down from the sky. But my car kept going. I looked forward and the sky began to change to a darkish red color and it was getting dark and cloudy. I ended up in this room with about five other people yet I can still see the Angels flying towards wich I believe to be heaven. Just as I was about to run towards the where the hole in the sky was it closed. And then I woke up

Ricky: United States
I saw jesus in a dream in the sky at night and bright moon light

Elizabeth: United States
I saw Jesus standing on the water extending his hand, while I was in prayer this occurred in the Past 3 weeks. January 2017
In the Summer/Fall of 2016, While laying prostrate before the Lord in Prayer I saw the Feet of Jesus. 

Debby: United States
I had the same dream as Sadie very recently. It was Jesus sitting just looking at me with very pleasant expression. He had no beard, very very long hair and a simple iron crown with a cross in the center. It was a very SHORT vision but I was seeing him through gold and white rays of light.

Shobha: India
Last night  I had vision of jesus with the smiling face while I was preaching a Gospel to a women in a dream. He appeared in a dream with white full  gown and red shawl on his shoulder.please let me know what does this dream means .Last night  before sleep  I prayed to God  please God answer me in my dream  to my problem which I am facing right know ... so after  that I got this dream the same night so please any one of u can explain me....

Shannon: United States
About a week ago I dreamed of ascending. What I remember was I was outside & it was like a storm or something that made me go outside & look up. I may have heard something but am not sure. What I do remember & very clear is I saw other people in a distant ascending. I felt fear because I thought I was being left behind so I lifted my arms to the sky & tilled my head up & screamed as loud as I could "Jesus I love you" & at that moment I began to ascend. For a moment I felt pressure & a second of fear from ascending so fast. As soon as I new I was ascending I felt joy. Then i saw brightness with the outline of a man. As i got closer i could see Him clearly..Jesus! He had a round face with wavy brown hair. His nose was not flat but looked like it was a bit crooked. He had a big smile and kind eyes. He wasn't attractive but was attractive if that make sense. We traveled through space very fast. He said "Stay here, I have to go back down there" as I stood on a cloud like platform.Then I woke up. December 2016

Beth: United States
I dreamt about a person wearing a diamond handled sword. I saw this from the shoulders down only to above the knees. Wearing a Tunic with a rope belt. The Diamond was large and  beautiful perfectly cut. Perfection. Then the person put their hand on the Diamond. The sheath was leather. Tunic looked like a Person would wear in the days of Jesus.

Nicole: United States
I dreamt of Jesus in the sky with his hands stretched out across the sky and a rainbow was in the sky as well 

Joy: Nigeria
I dreamed that i was walking with a man, the man walked a distanced and change to Jesus Christ and was ascending to the sky and was also telling byebye . what is the meaning of this dream. 

Barbara: United States
I dreamed that i was in church and they said that Jesus was coming to visit us  at our church today. I said "he is going to know me/my voice because i talk to him many times daily. 
As we sat there He came in the door and came walking down the aisle. When he got to my pew he stopped, looked at me and motioned to me with his hand to come to him. I got out of my seat and went to him.
He turned around and led me out to the entrance of the church where no one could see us. He then placed his hands on my shoulders, looked me straight in my eyes and said to me, "Do not ever let anyone or anything stop you from using your mind." He then turned around as if he was leaving and i woke up.
A few weeks after having this dream a pastor visited our church and told me that I have a gift whereas I can think something and it comes to pass, almost immediately. He said that I already knew this, but did not use the gift because I think it is of the devil. He said God sent him over twelve hundred miles to tell me to use my gift.  Something i have done but not often. Thank you for allowing me to post my dream. "God bless you, Barbara"

Esperance: United States
Jesus standing looking into my office window on the 40th floor smiling.

Michelle: United States
My husband and I are standing in a room when Jesus walks in and holds out both of his hands.  I walked to Jesus and take his hand to turn around and see my husband walking out the door.  I have looked and looked for reference and I am coming up with nothing.

Veronica: United States
I just had a dream about an Angel flying in the sky. As I squint my eyes to see if it was a real Angel and it was. I continue watching the Angel fly just under the clouds and as I continue watching, the clouds began to move and there I saw Jesus. I immediately feared Him, His presence. It startled me because He just showed up. But as soon as He showed up, I woke up. What does this mean?

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