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"Dreams and Visions of 
Jesus Page 32"

Sherrie: United States

I had a vision that Jesus was calling to follow him. We were at this beautiful calm, peaceful place he was on the road, and beside the road was grass. And the sun was shining.

Then as I was following him I saw a river very beautiful and calm; he got in it and then all the sudden I was in it with someone else. He married the put oil on our heads then I saw it again with me and my ex, the same thing, but this time he went to heaven rejoicing.

Smiling flowers came down on us, then we got out of the river, and we saw Adam and Eve. They greeted us very happy and said, welcome family, then Sarah and Abraham greeted us, then Ruth, Boaz, David, and his wife.

He said, let's celebrate and dance for the Lord thy God is good; he told welcome and greeted us. We all were happy and dancing worshiping God. I loved it, so why didi have this dream.

Gina: United States

I had a dream back in February, maybe March, and in this specific dream, I was in the sky with Angels all around me.  

I saw Jesus hanging on the cross with nails in his hands and feet. He was wearing a white cloak, and he had semi-long brown hair and darkness was trying to shoot evil into him, but he absorbed all of that energy, and he started turning into a lava color then all I see is a bright white light. 

I then wake up and still see it clear as day to this day. Angels were holding swords as if they were preparing for a battle; they stood behind Jesus to give them the command.

Yack: United States

I don't remember what age exactly, maybe five or six. I would sleep with my grandmother because my parents were away. 

One morning, I woke up late, and the bedroom was surrounded by white light. I first turn my body 180 degrees to my right and could see two silhouettes of what appear to be Men in robes. They were standing in the double doorway. They didn't say anything and just stood there for a few seconds.

Then the white light was gone, and the room was filled by the sun. I got up and felt like it was the first time I woke up but still had the memory of who I am, where I lived, and who my family was.

Years later, I was taught of who Jesus was and realized that his figure matched one of the silhouettes from my vision. Although I could not figure out the other silhouette, I could ask when I get to Heaven.

Sam: Philippines

I dreamt way back way 2013 that I saw Jesus Christ sitting on a throne. 

There were 5 or 6 people around him, wearing white robes and super white clouds were behind them. I was standing 1.5 meters away in front of him, and He smiled at me. As I look closely

His face mesmerized by an indescribable tone of His white glowing skin, soft and delicate (more than of a baby's face). 

One thing that made me super overwhelmed was His eyes, a soothing bluish with deepening feeling and captivating which the latter I found myself floating in a blue sky. 

That scene in my dream is still fresh in my mind, which I'm going to keep forever with me.

Keith: United States

I was sitting at the kitchen table with my brother talking about the bible when all at once, the kitchen wall of my brother's house melted away. Then, {if one has ever looked at a paved road on a real hot summer day}, that's what it looked like. And through this vapor I saw Jesus Christ on the cross I started crying with this overwhelming sense of joy I had this feeling of something being taken out of me and when I asked my brother can you see it he just looked and asked to see what and the vision was gone 

Joy: Kenya

I dreamt last night singing as I walked on air and was very happy. I cast my burdens to Jesus higher and higher and lifted Jesus higher.

Natasha: South Africa

My daughter dreamed that Jesus was coming to our house on a cloud, and the people that she was with were saying that we are all going to die. Then she went inside the house to tell me that Jesus is outside, but my reaction was "Yes, I know, we have been chatting and is going for a coffee. She then felt relieved cause her mamma knows Jesus so sure she is not going to die. Then Jesus and I go off to our coffee date and comes back home, that's when Jesus said goodbye and just before he left, He said that He would be coming back in 7 months. (the lady that said we are all going to die, is currently two months pregnant)

James: South Africa

In the morning of June 8, 2019, I had a dream about Jesus Christ coming in a white cloud, I was walking with a guy, and immediately I turned around and looked up when I saw a cloud slowly turning into Jesus, The other guy continued walking as if he was not aware. Jesus was holding a child on his right hand. I screamed his name. He looked at me very closely for about 3 minutes and disappeared slowly to Heaven.

Luz: United States

 I had this dream many years ago. I was walking alongside Jesus, and He gave me the staff to hold. When He did that, I was able to see the whole world and all that was going on around it.

I then stopped at this one kid who was crying and said he didn't believe, and so my vision of the world went away, but my heart was so broken I could not stop crying. Then I woke up in tears.

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Dreams and Visions of Jesus Page 32

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