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"Jennifer's Dream about 
Jesus and the Rapture"

My dream was extremely vivid and scary and beautiful and joyous and sad all at the same time. I had this dream just last night on May 14, 2019, and it was something I will never forget.

My dream was extremely vivid and scary and beautiful and joyous and sad all at the same time. I had this dream just last night on May 14, 2019, and it was something I will never forget.

My husband, two younger boys and I were at my parents' house, and there was a huge hurricane coming. We all headed out to the store to get supplies and groceries. 

My oldest son, who is 22 and an alcoholic was not with us but instead with friends partying as usual. My dad and mom were in their vehicle and my husband two younger sons and me in our car. 

The Enormous Bridge

We came to this huge bridge where tons of cars were pulled over, and people everywhere were staring at these massive dark clouds. We started walking over the bridge to see if the hurricane had already reached us. 

That's when the sky changed to all these beautiful bright colors...pinks, reds, oranges.

Angels Trumpets and the Rapture

I looked around in a state of disbelief as we all got out of the car. Then I saw what looked like angels flying down.

We heard loud siren type sounds which I'm assuming were trumpets.

My dad then said "sit down now. It's time... Jesus is coming. This is not a storm..it is the Rapture".

The Letter

We all immediately sat down..there were many people around. An angel stood in front of my husband whose name is John. Then a hawk appears with something in his mouth.

The angel signals to the hawk to place it in front of my husband. It was a letter that had a label on it that said the project of Jay..it's what I call my husband. I pick up the letter and open it. 

The letter says very vividly.."you are my project, John, and I am Jesus. You have been my project from the day you were born, and I chose you. Your initials spell Jew...I am a Jew. You are a carpenter. I am too. 

Little did you or the mother of your son's know that your third born son, Jacob Corey, is of me and I am of him. His intials are my initials. JC. Jesus Christ." 

My husband was startled and so was I, and so was my middle aged son. 

But Jacob and my dad kept saying don't be afraid. Jesus has chosen you both. 

Walk with Jesus

At that time people started crying and saying there he is. I looked over to the right and saw his disciples and prophets walking in front of him. Then I saw the angel that stood in front of my husband, and then I saw Jesus. 

He was waving to the people to come with him. People were standing up and following him. I could see his scars from his wounds. 

When he got to my family and me, I started crying and saying I have to get my oldest son, and in my mind, I could see my son in a drunken stupor. 

I started praying for forgiveness. Jesus looks at me and waives his hand and says "come, my child.

"We all stand up to go walk with Jesus and then I woke abruptly with tears streaming down my cheeks.

This is the only dream I've ever had like this, and it shook me up and brought me to my knees.

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Jennifer's Dream about Jesus

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