"Nicole's Dreams of Jesus"

#1: I Love You

 I've had a few dreams of Jesus and the first one I can remember I was very young.  I was six the first time he came to me and I felt like nothing in life was going right.  My father left my mother and I, we had no money and could barely afford food. I felt that since my father didn't love me anymore something must be wrong with me, I cried myself to sleep that night. In my dreams I was in a place surrounded by light and warmth and a feeling of love and belonging, however I was still sitting on my bed crying. Suddenly I was wrapped up in someone's arms, it was a man who gave off nothing but light and in a voice that somehow sounded like rain, wind, and thunder but was somehow beautiful and peaceful  at the same time said, "Remember if no one else loves you, I love you. Then the light faded away and I woke up carefully tucked into my bed.

#2: Glowing Red Eyes

The next dream i had I'm not so sure if it counts as a dream being that it was happening while I was awake, and I know it wasn't a vision. For the first ten years of my life I was always being followed by this demon, whom always tried his best to frighten me. When I was a child he would stand at the foot end of my bed at night and just stare at me. He always stayed hidden in the dark so all I saw was a shadowy figure with bright glowing red eyes. One night when I was eight the figure had tried to reach out and touch me (while I was facing away trying not to look at him),his body seemed to be made up entirely of shadows that seemed to swirl around him. As he was about to touch me the same voice I heard in my dream when I was six shouted to me "Get up!" It was a command and inspite of not wanting to move out of my fear of the creature I sprang up and looked directly at the beast. I had no control of my body I just sat straight up and looked at the demon. The demon looked startled for a moment then disappeared. From then on when I saw him he always appeared to be watching from a distance, he never got that close to me again

#3: Warmth and Peace

I dreamt of Jesus again when I was 12 I was praying in an area I can't seem to remember, but I knew it was beautiful. I wanted to look around and see it but I couldn't look up, I was so warm and at peace, but I couldn't look around to see the place in all its' glory. I felt the same presence I had when I was six and automatically knew who it was next to me. At that point in my life I had started pulling away from the church because I wanted to do the same things the teenagers I knew were doing, I desperately wanted to fit in and be cool. I could not look Jesus in his face and for a moment I felt ashamed and afraid to be there when I knew he had seen the things I had gotten up to since I last saw him. I had been rejecting my calling, because it had been revealed to me what I was meant to do on this earth while I was still a child. I was trying to find favor with the people out in the world, rather than keep my favor in Christ. This time when he stood next to me he didn't speak, he put his hands on my shoulders and embraced me all the warmth and peace I had felt then came rushing back to me, and then I woke up.

#4: Out of their Reach

In a dream I had when I was 17, I did not see Jesus but I felt his presence, I was flying above the earth and felt peace and the most joy I had ever felt. Then I began to descend until I had reached under the earth and there I saw hell. I was still flying and I don't remember very much of what I saw but I heard the screams and hisses of the people and creatures below me. It sounded like torture. Then demons tried to attack me but I always flew up and out of their reach. I began to ascend again and no longer felt the horrors of hell. From what I remember he'll had been hot yet cold, and there had been a feeling of suffocating, but I did not feel the torture that was happening there however the screams are something I will never forget.

#5: Satan Appears

When I was 19 I dreamt that I was in a house with people I'd never seen or met before, and although I could not see Jesus I felt a warmth in my chest and felt almost as if I were glowing, so I knew he was there with me. I was trying to lead these people out of this house but a few of them refused to follow me and I never saw them again. Others that did follow somehow became sidetracked and left our group until it was just myself and a woman left. As I was leading her through the seemingly endless home Satan himself appeared to me. I cannot remember exactly what he looked like, but I do remember him being the most beautiful man I'd ever seen, his voice was deep yet light and soft at the same time. He was trying to make me a deal, he wanted me to join him. He spoke about me and to me as though he'd known me all my life, almost as though he were trying to convince me he was my friend. When I said no to the deal he became angry and tried to attack me and the other woman I ran with the woman until I got her outside then when she was safely out of the house I went back in Satan did not scare me at all and I knew he couldn't touch me, but I wanted to help those people that had left us, then I woke up. I've had that dream a few times. 

#6 The Battle is not Mine

A few weeks ago I dreamt of Jesus again. I've been having a lot of problems in my life recently. My health mental and physical took a turn for the worst and the people I work with were not understanding. My boss was trying to convince me to have sex with him (he is married, and I choose to remain a virgin until marriage), because I told him no he began to torment me and sexually harass me at work. I began thinking of hurting him fighting back so he could hurt like I was hurting. Jesus appeared to me in a dream and he was trying to teach me a lesson, almost like a sermon. He opened a curtain I can't remember where we were as I had never seen a place like this before, to show me the most outrageous storm. It was raining, hailing, hurricane like winds, flooding, and the earth outside our (I'm assuming it was a tent) was shaking and cracking, there was the loudest thunder I'd ever heard, and the brightest flash of lightening I'd ever seen. He was telling me this was the battle I was fighting, I was trying to fight against all these forces, then when he opened his mouth to speak soldiers who had this look of evil and mischief about them burst in. I was angry that they were here to stop Jesus that they wanted to hurt us. I got up with a sword in my hand to fight them to stop them from hurting Jesus. Jesus told me in a calm but stern voice, "Sit down, and listen." So I sat down and put down my weapon. He opened the curtain to the storm again, he told me I was fighting too much and too hard, that I was fighting chaos and anarchy, resentment, and hatred. He told me to stop fighting, because if I do it alone I will lose, he told me the battle is not mine but his. Then I woke up.

Nichole: United States

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