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"Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 25"

Joyce: Philippines

I had a dream last night; I saw a man holding his trumpet and playing and then I suddenly saw a sea of clouds above and Jesus appears glowing, and He looks beautiful and always smiling. At that moment I felt calmness and peace. No words can describe the feeling of seeing him in front of you, and then I woke up in the morning.

Brian: Hong Kong

Sept 10, 2018.  I saw Jesus in a dream. He was young mid-30s. Very handsome. Muscular but slim.  About two times larger than me.  White natural light everywhere;  Felt Intense warmth throughout my soul, Loved and accepted.  No fear or worries or pain.  

I look at his face and hair shoulder length.  I mentioned to Jesus about the girl that painted him. He answered Yes.  He was carrying me, I took a peek at his hands, and there were the scares.  

I knew I was leaving and cry to him that I wish to stay with him.  I felt he was about to take me somewhere so I asked if I would be scared where he is about to take me.  We flew upwards, and I woke up at 5 am.

Tammi: United States

I dreamed of Jesus last night, not my first one but he is not frightening of course, but I have a reverent fear of his presence. 

In the dream it appears there is a storm and I am trying to run from it and, I am covering my head. Them I can see Jesus like in 3D, and it appears he is floating in a cloud and he is looking towards me very peacefully, and then I wake up. 

Brian: United States

In my dream, I was shot and killed, and I can remember my hearing was the last thing to go. I slowly drifted off into oblivion, and another white light was slowly getting brighter until my eyes were open and I was in a room with a few other people who were all happy I was there.

I remember feeling safe and full of happiness there, and as I looked around I realized I went to heaven and all I can say was “I made it” “I made it!” I kept shouting it because I was filled with joy.

I went to a large window and stepped out, and to my amazement, the place looked like a paradise beach resort. There was a large swimming pool, and children were playing all around me, and there was a large rainbow in the clouds, and I was just overwhelmed with love and happiness.

Then I think someone approached me and said: “it’s time to meet Him.” I immediately knew who he or she was talking about and I suddenly appeared in this space full of white clouds. I saw a man, that looked like an average American, not to be racist but that’s what He looked like in my dream. As I approached Him, he was glowing white.

I shook His hand and asked if he was God. He smiled and said, “I am Jesus.” Suddenly I was overwhelmed with this feeling of pure love, and I immediately fell at his feet.

Next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital with doctors pulling pins and rods out of my face. I had survived the shooting and was filled with sadness because I didn’t want to leave that beautiful place. I was angry and frustrated because my life had been spared. Then I woke up and now I’m typing this. Any thoughts. 

Yvonne: Country

I was at church singing and praising I could see in my mind a figure of a man on a road. Jesus is standing behind him and an angel flying behind Jesus. I could see a sunset behind everyone.

Amanda: United States

I had a dream I was laying in my bed in the same position I was actually sleeping. In my dream, I feel a hand upon my face. I open my eyes in the dream and look, and it's Jesus, I looked at him for a matter of seconds with his hand on my face. He looks into my eyes as though it will be ok. Then I reached out and woke up. As I wake up, I'm still looking for him and reaching for him. I felt like he was really there.

Ashley: United States

My fiance and I weren't doing too well last night, so I went to sleep on the couch, and I cried myself to sleep listening to Christian music on Pandora. I've always had dreams before where I would reach up at the clouds and say,  Jesus, please take me, and he would always extend a hand out of the cloud and walk with me holding my hand, and he would never pull me through. But last night he pulled me through, and when I saw him there was a bright shining light behind him, and he was white with dark brown hair shoulder length Hazel looking eyes white skin very beautiful white robe but not a bright white like an off-white. I fell before his feet, and all I could say was oh my God you are white! I cried at his feet, and I didn't want to look up at him because I was not worthy enough and I begged him for the forgiveness of my sins, and he said I love you and he pulled me close and hugged me. I have had many dreams with a huge hand in the formation of a cloud come out of the sky, and that's when I would reach up and ask him to take me, and he would never bring me all the way through the clouds, but last night he did. When he hugged me, I felt a sense of calmness and peace, and I didn't want to leave. Jesus is real! The time is at hand; please ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sins. he says nobody comes to the father unless they go through me.

Denise: Philippines

I had a dream last night.
In my dreams, my friend and I was walking, and then I looked back and looked the sky behind me then I saw clouds that were perfectly sculpted like Jesus. and there were rays of light behind him.

Brenda: United States

I was sleeping, laying on my back which I rarely do. I am a side sleeper. I dreamt I was lying in a beautiful, green field of grass.  I was laying on my back with a blanket under me, and one on top and my head was on a pillow. I remember thinking, why am I sleeping out here in a field laying on a blanket and a pillow? I looked up at the sky. It was clear blue all around except for one huge, fluffy, white cloud. In the middle of the cloud an area opened up, and it was the shape of a figure wearing a robe with hands outstretched. I knew it was Jesus. Then the shape changed, just looked like a hole in the cloud. I could see a very bright light approaching through the hole. I knew it was God the father. My heart started to quiver, and I felt terrified. It felt like all the power in the universe was approaching and my physical body couldn’t stand it. It was as if the very atoms in my body were going to vibrate apart. I only looked at it for about and second and a half. I had to shut my eyes; I knew if I kept looking I would die. I realized that God is so amazingly powerful, it’s impossible for us to comprehend fully and we cannot be in His presence in these mortal bodies.  I feel so privileged to have witnessed even the approaching of God. It was amazing.

Ana: Philippines

It was more than five years ago, but still, I clearly remember my dream about the scar on Jesus' hand. 

What happened is that I was talking with my friends then suddenly on the window I saw heaven open up widely; then Jesus hand with the scar was shown to me, and I felt peace.

 I cannot really describe the feeling, but when I began to be curious about the image, and let my friends see it as well, the heaven closed,  and then I woke up.


Seeing four suns and the lord in the middle, then the sky caging.

Tom: United States

I dreamed I was walking next to Jesus thru crowds of people on both sides.  
People were reaching out towards him while I was saying repent the time is upon us it's not too late while walking with Jesus.
I didn't want to wake up from this dream.
This is what keeps me going.

Lisa: United States

I dreamed I was visiting a sick person. They if I could see what they saw, and I asked what? They saw Jesus walking down the road; so I looked out the window, and I saw Him. He walked through the door without even opening it

Kaye: Philippines

I was in my senior year in high school so around 10 yrs ago we have issues in our family that time I pretended not to know since the grown-ups tried to hide it from me however I was deeply affected by it. Then one night it was Holy week not sure exactly of what day it was. I dreamt of Jesus coming from above-wearing color white cloth or I assumed if it was a cloth or its very very bright wide arms opened then He hugged me whispering I love you then my tears kept falling until I woke up. The dream doesn't feel like a dream, but it felt so real.

Julie: United Kingdom

I had been asking Jesus to come into my life and for a long time wished I had a vision and he could hug me as I was feeling very low and it has been ongoing for a few years. I had prayed for years for him just to hug me and come into my life. Anyway, this particular night before I went to bed I told him I loved him and asked that he never leaves me.

I had a dream I was in a country public house with family. Suddenly a man, dressed in a brown jumper, brown trousers walked into the pub. He was looking towards me. Very tall, brown/auburn hair, in his 30s. His eyes were unusual, his face slim with defined features. He acted as if I was the only one in the room and as he came over to me I asked him who he was, and he said, Jesus. He then hugged me and said he would never leave me! It woke me from my dream..... so beautiful

Francisco: United States
I have been an alcoholic for almost all my life today I woke up with having a dream of Jesus sitting in the clouds with his disciples. I knelt down and asked him not to leave me he started disappearing in the clouds I cried for him not to leave me then he reappeared in the clouds with better visibility his disciples were then suddenly in front of me they told me there names from Mathew to John they were humble normal men I felt like humbled and a feeling of fellowship It’s been two days since I haven’t drank in taking it as a sign.

Raphael: Malta

I had a dream of Jesus Wearing Red Cloths, In this dream, I Saw His Divine face, and I looked in his eyes, and my right hand touched his hand. This Happened in 3/4/1992

Kass: United States

I had a dream that I just saw a big cloud form clearly outside my bedroom window, and it started talking to me, and he looked kind of like god. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but I saw his face so vivid .

Andra: United States

In my dream, I was floating as if I were being taken somewhere, & I could see where I was going. Then the sky went black, and I could feel that I was standing on solid ground. That’s when I looked up and realized that I was standing under the cross. At the moment I looked up, Jesus gave up the ghost, then I heard thunder and the sky turned dark, but I could still see him, that’s when one drop of His blood dripped on my left shoulder. The moment that happened, I faded away, and that’s when I woke up

Cheryl: United Kingdom

I dreamt I walked into what seemed like a walled garden. Reclining on the wall was a man, dark curly hair and wearing red and white striped clothing. He spoke in a language I didn't know or had even heard. My discernment of him was mistrust.  I heard a voice telling me to turn round as God was behind me.  I turned around and saw a figure. Everywhere was light. I didn't see facial features but felt such love coming from him.  He put his arms around me and held me so close and with such love and said "Never doubt my love for you. I am always with and will always love you"  He then left so quickly and as soon as He left I woke up.  I sobbed and sobbed.  My heart and soul was fit to burst.  I believe He visited me.  I have been going through some quite tough times and had questioned my self as to whether I was worthy of His love. I know I am Each time I recall that visit I feel that love over again.

Barbara: Kenya

I dreamt that Jesus Christ was speaking to me and He said, "you know that the Holy Spirit and I are the same.." In between He and I, there was a golden crescent moon with a golden circle right below

Marie: United States

My dream - I was in the car with my family on a very sunny day. Some of the members in my extended family were irritating me. I happen to look into the sky, and I saw the clouds moving, as though they were forming something. I kept looking, and I believed it was forming the body of something. As we got to our destination I immediately recognized the figuring forming in the clouds, it was Jesus. No one in the car saw what I saw. After getting to the destination and trying to explain to my mother what I had seen, I was so overwhelmed that no one else could see it. As we were leaving to get back into the car, I saw it again, fully formed and I ask, If you are Jesus can you reach out your hand and touch me? I held out my hand to the clouds, and as I did so, then the clouds came towards me and formed an arm, hands, and fingers, and he touched my hand.  I woke up from my dream screaming and crying with joy.  I knew what had just happened and I called my family all that day to share with them what had happened to me.  I know some didn't believe. I knew the truth. I am very forgetful, but that is one thing I will never forget.

Florence: United States

I dreamed Jesus was a giant, and I was sitting on his shoulder.

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