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Dreams and Visions
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Jina: India

August 7, 2020

I had a quick dream where I saw heaven gates were wide open, and an angel was standing behind the wall of the gate, and I was standing outside heaven's gate, and standing next to me was a man who looked like Jesus.

Mikayla: United States

Contact Form: Well... I dreamed about Jesus and the Virgin Mary in the same dream. How it started is I'm walking up a hill, but it was a rocky path with pine trees on both sides. The path was cleared but had trees on both sides.

As I was walking, which I believe was me, I realized it was me, and I was pregnant and wearing a white nightgown but silky type... Then... I'm also holding a little girl's hand; she has medium-length wavy hair but Brown. She had an olive skin tone.

As I was walking up the path, I noticed it turned out to be a cliff. As I kept walking, I saw the Virgin Mary stand beside Jesus as he stood too. As I got closer, I stopped in front of them. Then the little girl I was holding hands with walked towards Jesus.

As she walked, he got on one knee, and the Virgin Mary smiled deeply and looked down at Jesus. And then... Jesus smiled at the girl And gasped for air, and then, things got scary.

All of a sudden, he just yelled, "SHE was supposed to be a miscarriage!" While he said it, He shooked her lightly... All of a sudden, something hit him as if he was being stoned. After that... It took me to a different vision. 

Suddenly, I saw these grey stone pillars in a circle formation, but there was lava on the ground. And there was a stone clock in the sky, but it was in pieces, and it was floating but not moving (the clock hands weren't). And I heard a voice say, "The time is coming.." ( it was five years ago when I dreamed this.)

Ashley: United States

I had a dream. It was like a couple of weeks ago.

 I work the graveyard shift a get extremely tired when I get home; it's like an hour's drive for me.

As I drove home one day, I decided to park and take a nap in the car. I fell asleep; then I woke up. Well, I had sleep paralysis, where your body is asleep, but your mind is up. I could see every, and my eyes were wide open.

 I was looking around, trying to wake my body out of it, so I turned my head and had a vision.

 I saw two demons. I saw myself in the car chair with a demon's hand over my face, and the other demon was watching. All of a sudden, Jesus came in very fast; Jesus looked like someone I'd met before; it was incredible.

 He had long hair and was wearing all white. His face looks like the pictures I've seen; it was crazy seeing his face. But he came and looked at them. 

I don't know what happened. After that, I got scared, but it was incredible that Jesus came for me.

Alex: United States

I was sitting under a tree with Jesus. It was so peaceful, and there was a beautiful breeze around us; it was dry, but the tree was very fruitful and green. He sat there reading to me as I listened. I woke up so peaceful and in a praying position. It was amazing.

Asunción: United States

My dream: 

I am with Jesús on a cloud, standing by his side while my boyfriend and his son are on the ground with their hands raised up!

Sunday: Australia

I had a dream that I was with a group of kids playing in a house. 

One of the children opened the door, and we all saw an angel come down from heaven; then, we saw the sky open. 

Jesus was a gleaming white figure wearing a white robe. I couldn't see his face as he slowly descended. 

I didn't know what to do, so the other children and I ran and shut the door. I was confused, terrified as he was here. 

I'm not ready. I prayed in my dream for repentance but didn't know if it was enough.

I woke up and cried.

Lynn: United States

I had a quick visual dream of Jesus sitting on a throne.

 Anna: United States

I have had three dreams. 

The first dream:

 I had I was sitting at a beach, the sand looked so beautiful, a light fog in the air, and I was staring at the water, just sad with all the hate I know of, and I turned to the left of me, and Jesus was sitting beside me with his head turned to the right. Looking at His eyes was so calming. We both just sat and spoke with no words. He said, "Everything is going to be okay" (with no words).

My second dream:

 I'm in the same spot, but I see him standing on top of the water with his right hand, saying," Come to the water." again without opening his mouth.

The third dream:

In my third dream, I'm at the same location, but this time I'm walking in the water, and as I'm looking up...this is tricky; He was standing on top and in the water while wearing a white creamy beautiful robe.

All of a sudden, it was like I wasn't in my body..but it was.. like he pulled me into the sky to watch me get baptized by him. I watched him put me in the water, and my hair was still brown but longer and halfway up.

What's crazy to me about this is when I was a little girl, my old preacher, who later became a sex offender, baptized me. I'm 27 now, but I've spent so many years waiting for Jesus to give me his word to get baptized again when I understood things a little bit better.

He knew I needed to see those dreams. He knew that weighed heavy on my heart. He knew I needed him to speak to me.

I hope whoever reads this, whether my dream speaks to you or not. I hope you seek after Our Lord Jesus Christ because he will show you he has been beside you all along. Just go to him.

Elizabeth: United States

My viewpoint was looking down from a distance, similar to the height of a kart all tree. I mistakenly saw Jesus, robed, holding a lamb with several young children standing close to him. Down a winding lane were lined up in pairs, sheep standing quietly in place. I could not see the end of the line.

The vision was brief, with no words. I was amazed to see the living figure of the man Jesus for the first time. I do not know the importance of this vision, but maybe Jesus is waiting to gather all his flock and lead them out of the trials we are experiencing on earth. The vision occurred in July 2020, at night, as I slept.

Patricia: United States

I dreamt that Jesus was walking down a stairway from heaven,

Julie: Tanzania

I remember I had been praying and fasting for ten days in a row till 22 July 2020. On 23 July 2020, at night, I had a dream which left me terrified. I was in a place that I couldn't recognize, and it was like 3 kilometers from the mountains. 

Suddenly, I saw a very strong light coming down from the sky, striking directly on the mountains. I kept on watching, but it looked like all people around me were not aware of all that. I saw people being lifted to the sky through that light over the mountains; I kept on watching; I was terrified, felt uneasy, and wasn't able to do anything as things happened like I was really there.

 I remember that I could not make a single step away; it's not that I didn't want to, but my legs were heavy. I struggled and ended up falling and was not able to move.

I suddenly got the feeling that Jesus is back; he is taking His people. I started crying and begging for forgiveness; I remember saying, " Forgive me, Father."

At that very same time in my dream, my friend appeared and asked me what was wrong and why I was down. I tried hard to point my finger to show her what had been happening, but she said she didn't see anything.

When she said that, I decided to explain to her everything I saw, she said maybe It was a vision from God. And when I looked around, the people around me were busy with their normal activities, and it seemed they did not see anything either.

When I woke up, I couldn't stop shaking; I was unhappy and felt uneasy that I couldn't even go to college. I read some bubble verses as well as tried to google about prophetic dreams.

I still feel an urge to know about this dream.

Nora: United States

I think it was a lucid dream; it was different than anything I’ve experienced before.

My eyes were closed, and the darkness was glitchy. I think there were numbers at the bottom, but I can’t remember. I decided to open my eyes, and standing right before me was, I think, Jesus.

There was a bright white robe, yet I could see his face. I was shocked and couldn’t get up. I looked at the ceiling in my room, and there was a line of darkness flying around and something falling; then the room started getting darker and darker till I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, all of that was gone. I was so confused about what I just saw.

Philes: Kenya

I dreamed about in a Catholic church praying, then I saw Jesus Christ coming from the cross and held my shoulders tightly from behind.

Milagro: United States

June 24th, 2020

In this dream, I was in some type of Polish flat waiting for a cousin, so that is what it felt like. Behind me was baby Jesus, alive and well with the sacred heart, and next to me was a priest and nun. All of a sudden, the door opened.

The priest, nun, and I all turn around and see Jesus with the sacred heart in his beige robe walk in, and we all instantly fall to our knees in amazement to praise him. Then All of a sudden, as we are all stunned and taking this all in that we have baby Jesus with the sacred heart and now Jesus himself walks in with the sacred heart, we started to hear knocking, hard-knocking on wood as one of the people from the home rushed to the door we all got up in a panic.

Alma: United States

It’s July 23, 2020, and I dreamt that I was in a car driving somewhere at the light. On the other side, a lot of cars stopped, and people got out of their cars and walked towards something. 

I couldn’t see what it was because there was a freeway blocking my view, you know, we were under the freeway on the other side, waiting for the light to turn green.

 Well, all those people were walking towards that side; all of a sudden, I looked up at the sky, and there was like clear smoke, people's figures just evaporating or getting pulled up to the sky; lots of people all over everywhere they were just being snatched away to the sky. 

Soon after that, my dream changed to something different.

Alma: United States

It’s July 23, 2020, and I dreamt that I was in a car driving somewhere at the light. On the other side, a lot of cars stopped, and people got out of their cars and walked towards something. 

I couldn’t see what it was because there was a freeway blocking my view, you know, we were under the freeway on the other side, waiting for the light to turn green.

 Well, all those people were walking towards that side; all of a sudden, I looked up at the sky, and there was like clear smoke, people's figures just evaporating or getting pulled up to the sky; lots of people all over everywhere they were just being snatched away to the sky. 

Soon after that, my dream changed to something different.

Michelle: South Africa

I had a dream that I was running from some storm. 

I ran into a house, scared as if someone or something was chasing or following me; I ran past 2 females towards the kitchen of this house; as I looked up to the corner of the kitchen ceiling, I saw the face of Jesus Looking down at me.

The one woman shouted, who is this man... I looked up and shouted Jesus, my Jesus, and that was when my husband roughed me to wake me cause I was making sounds.

Jina: India

I saw many dreams a few years back - But some are still so vivid:

1. "I saw a man on the horse wearing a red robe."

And The other dream:

2. I saw a man wearing a robe riding a horse, and with Him were others who looked like armies of angels, even they were riding horses, and they were marching towards me, came towards me.

I don't know how to say this correctly, but it was like as they were marching towards me, the man (Jesus) struck me down with a sword.

I was dead, and in the meanwhile, I reached somewhere (which I feel like it was not on earth nor heaven), and I was asked if I wanna go to heaven or Eden Garden, but I replied, saying "Eden Garden" ,Wow wish I have said "Heaven."

Another dream:

In my dream I saw Jesus, He was standing a distance away from me and I went and hugged him (I didn't see his face) but could see, He was in a white robe...

Gabrielle: United Kingdom

I saw Jesus in my dream in a cornfield, then in several other locations. He was dressed in loin clothes and had two Roman soldiers on either side of him, but behind him, with spears in their hands, they were facing outwards so you could only see the side of the both of them. Jesus had his hands out in front, showing the holes in his hands. He said to me, ",Help," in a really loving and gentle way, and this happened three times in separate locations within the dream. I never saw Jesus face.

Rose: United States

A few months ago, when I was pregnant, I had a dream of the pastor’s grandson and my son standing inside the church. All of a sudden, an incredibly powerful light shone, and it was hard to see passed the light. All I remember is feeling the presence of Jesus ❤️ and knowing that He was very close to the two boys. I told my son to move even closer to Jesus... It all felt absolutely real. The living God loves us.

Nicholas: United States

I had a dream that God came while I was working at my job. I looked up at the clouds, and he was there with his heavenly army, and then I woke up. I really would like to help to interpret it.

Wesley: Brazil


I was in the middle of thousands and thousands of people; they were running away from something, and some heavy storm was happening in the background. When the storm stopped, I did look to the sky and saw Jesus levitating above my roof. I could only see His feet, but I could tell for sure that He was Jesus.

I started to think things like, "Oh my God, Jesus of Nazareth is in my home!" and I began to feel an inner peace. I also began to worry if God would punish me or take me to Heaven; then I woke up.

Tricia: Philippines

Before I dreamt of Jesus, I surrendered myself to Him. It was the 5th day of my fever, a horrible night. I closed my eyes, and when I looked up, I saw a man wearing a white robe. He was covered with lights, so bright that I couldn’t see His face. He was glowing.

He talked to me and told me, “Your heart’s been good and kind all this time,” I was just looking and listening to Him. He then offered me His hand and asked me if I wanted to come with Him. I willingly gave my hand, and He took me with Him.

Scar: Kenya

I was busy watching some youtube videos when suddenly I got this flash of a mountain. 

It was dark, and there was a storm pouring. A man was standing at the edge. He had a white robe on, his hair was black, and he was wearing sandals. But that's not what got my attention. 

He had this lion's snarl on his face that formed some wrinkles near his nose below his right eye. It was chilling. It sent a shiver through my body. He was angry... very angry. 

Now I don't know if it was really Jesus, but something told me he was. He exuded this Surge of Power and Dominance. It felt like I was in the middle of a war. I still get shivers when I remember it. 

But one thing stuck ... if that was Jesus, you do not want to see him angry.

Patricia: Australia

In my dream, Jesus was in the sky, as huge as the clouds. He was jumping over the fence in a purple gown, and I yelled out to him from my window as I went outside, shouting Jesus wait! He stopped halfway over, looked at me and smiled, and said, be strong! I hear this and feel as if it was so real I woke up happy.

Jenni: United States


I saw Jesus running, just a glimpse. He was wearing a white robe. 

Then I started sprinting down an oval track. It was cool and cloudy, and I ran like I've never run before, fast, determined. I knew Jesus was watching me and that I would be in heaven soon; This is the final stretch, and I'm drenched in sweat


I have had other dreams of Jesus; the first one was many years ago. I was born on Easter Sunday, so every 11 years, my birthday will be on Easter.

It was one of those nights of Easter and my birthday when I saw the upper half of Jesus on a cloud, from His waist up. His hand got big as it came down and motioned for me and called me by my name, "Come to me, Jenni;" I remember it like it was yesterday.

When I woke up, I thought I was going to die, and He was calling me home to Him. So I told all my friends and family how much I loved them and shared my dream, saying I was born on Easter and think I am going to die on Easter. 

Obviously, I didn't, so a couple of days later, a Christian friend told me that Jesus was calling me to Him, wanting a relationship, and for me to follow Him. That was when I became a follower and not just a believer. I am now a children's director at my church and have fully given my life to Christ.


My second dream was only a couple of months ago. As a friend and I were just standing outside in the dark, many lights like something was falling from the sky, starting appearing and moving from one place in the sky to another.

They suddenly came together and burst into Jesus as He slowly started descending. My friend and I started jumping up and down and giving high fives in excitement while yelling, We were right!

Jesus never made it all the way down because that's when I woke up.

Natasha: Australia

I was tired, so I went to sleep around 3 and started to have this dream. In this dream, he (Jesus) was sitting on his throne, and his gown was pure white. Then I saw an angel up there. He got off the throne to greet me, and then my spirit left my body. I was still asleep; then suddenly, I felt so at peace.

Star: United States

December 13, 2017

One morning I woke up and saw Jesus. At first, it was a picture or painting, and then I saw Jesus wearing a white Rob with a baby blue sash across his front. Then I noticed a little girl facing Jesus. I couldn't see her face. She looked to be around 4 or 5. She had braids in her hair like I used to wear as a child. Then I become her body, then I notice on my wrist chains are around my wrist. All of a sudden, they fell to the ground, and Jesus opened his arms and hugged me; this was the most amazing experience I have ever had. It was like an out-of-body experience. I felt no time whatsoever...

Amanda: United States

June 2020-

I have recently been feeling like Jesus was trying to send me a sign. I dreamt that the sun was covered by a dark shadow, and it then exploded, and Jesus descended from the skies. The people around me were all in a daze. The sun shined so brightly we couldn’t even see. Jesus came down and looked like an angel with a bright, bright glow.

I will never forget this dream.

Jina: India

I had a dream a few days back- some things were falling from the sky (I don't know what exactly that was) and also bomb dropping, and the destruction because of these, and I was asking for forgiveness from the Lord and asking Him to take me with Him.

And then there suddenly appeared a rainbow in the sky while I was asking God to take me with Him, and I was very happy to see the rainbow, and then I said "Amen," and the rainbow disappeared after I said "Amen."

Evanna: United States

A few years ago, I had a vision (I say vision because I was half awake, half asleep) about an angel. 

I had just fallen asleep, and I heard the door creak open. I called out, "Who's there," and then a GIANT angel dropped down from a shelf on the ceiling (the one where you put plants on in a home that's built into the wall). I could not tell if it was female or male.

We communicated telepathically. I asked if she believed in my God. She said yes. I started crying and shouted, "What does he want from me" (not sure why I said that I was terrified of the situation). She grabbed my right arm and started pulling me through a portal. Only my arm went through because I was too scared. I also remember her nails. They were long and ancient-looking. The vision ended.

I had another dream about Jesus coming down from the sky and putting his right hand on my left shoulder. He was facing me. He didn't say anything. Just shot back up into the sky like a rocket (like Superman).

I've been praying a lot and asking for clarification. What was the angel trying to show me?

On June 9, 2020, I had a dream about being chased by a vampire. I couldn't lock any of the doors. The vampire came to a door with a window in it. I held the doorknob shut and looked down at my feet. They were Jesus' feet. His feet were my feet. And I saw his white robe swaying.

When I looked up, the vampire was on fire. I woke up and asked for clarification. Was it God or Jesus helping me? 

My sister came home, and I told her about the dream. She was scratching some scratcher tickets and gave me one. I didn't want to scratch it, but she made me. It was a crossword puzzle scratcher. 

The first four letters were SUJE. And in the middle of the board, spells JESUS!! If I could post a picture, I would show it. It was a miracle, and it made me cry. God gave me the clarification.

Victoria: United States

During my prayers for my family, I saw Jesus. A gentle smile and he silently

LeeAnne: South Africa

Yesterday I dreamed of standing on a balcony of a hotel with a friend facing the sea. While we stood there, big waves appeared, but we weren't scared. Suddenly in one wave, the face of Jesus appeared, & Jesus was smiling with the both of us.. & suddenly, the wave hit us.

We weren't scared, but at the exact time the wave hit us, it felt like something was going through our bodies, like an electric shock...I still can't explain the feeling. Immediately after this, I woke up.

I wasn't scared or anything, but I could still feel that same feeling going through my body.

April: South Africa


I woke up at 2 am this morning and just laid on the bed, eyes open. Then suddenly, what felt like a vision; it could have been a dream, but it felt so real. I saw Jesus coming down from the sky on a throne. The sky was black, but I could see the throne clearly.

He took a piece of earth, with 15 or 20 things folded on the earth, but these things were glowing blue. He lifted that piece of the earth up into the sky, and all that was left behind was a dry earth with a big river of fire.

I'm not sure what this could mean. I just thought I would post it before I forget all the details.

Teressa: United States

Jesus and a crystal

When I pray, I have a vision of Jesus. He was standing in the sand by a little stream. He was holding out his hand, showing me what seemed to be a crystal or a shiny clear diamond. What does this mean?

Geoffrey: Kenya

I had a disturbing dream. I dreamt of seeing Jesus in the sky. He had a long robe, and his face was shining so bright the way he had been described in the Book of Revelation.

Grace: United States

This dream was when I was eight years old. I can't really go into details, but when I was eight, I knew nothing about the world ending. 

I had dreamed that Jesus returned, and he was on a bunch of clouds with the opening sky; his arms were out, and all the angels were behind him, and everyone was running and screaming, and many things were happening. 

I was hiding behind a small trash can, but Jesus was right in front of me; I knew nothing but now realized what I saw.

Jamie: United States



In this dream, I am walking with Jesus and with other disciples; some of this is set in Jesus's time, some my time. I seem to be the one making funny remarks; everyone laughs or smiles when I say stuff. At some point, I mention I have no sense of direction, and everyone laughs, and I think we are walking to our next destination. Jesus looks just like the one from The Chosen, but the disciples are different. 

 Much of our journey is unclear, but at one point, we come upon a tall office building with a lady on the top floor; she has long wavy black hair. One of the disciples, a black man with a cloth cap and a colorful robe, looks up at the lady and starts yelling; he is filled with the spirit.

This woman has done something bad, but I'm not sure what. Jesus stays outside, but we all go in and go up an elevator to the top floor. One of the disciples is talking to the lady who barricaded herself in another room while we wait in the room next to it. I'm sitting on the floor with this toy helicopter that has a jet ski attached to it; I say I got an upgrade. The disciple next to me smiles and is impressed. 

We start leaving the building and pass the lady; she wants us to leave but sends us away with gifts. Mine is something that smells like a candle. As we get outside, I tap on my temple, and a high-pitched sound emits; a half visor in the color blue appears over one eye; it's some sort of digital hud display. 

I start talking to the disciple still in the building with the lady on this thing. Jesus smiles at me knowingly; the other disciples are confused about it, but I seem to know just how to work it. I'm walking around thinking this thing is awesome.

As I come out of this dream, I see Jesus standing in front of me. He tells me to "just be you."

Gracie: India

It was in the year 2016 30th Jan during a crusade where a famous American missionary visited our hometown. As the worship song was going on, and people were praying and singing, I closed my eyes to pray. 

I wasn't even concentrating much on my prayers, then suddenly, I saw a face right in front of me, very close to me. It was evident the eyes, nose, and mouth had the sharp features of a man. I got scared for a moment, thinking that I was seeing a ghost; I opened my eyes. 

Seeing people around me still worshiping and praying, I turned to pray again when I saw the face, but this time it was very bright, unlike the first one. I kept telling myself it can't be the face of Jesus, but it was so real I never felt or seen or heard like this ever. 

When I was fighting with my doubts, the face appeared again for the third time, but now all I saw was light so bright with grey silver long hair. Then I felt like my body was floating in the air, and I felt so happy, so peaceful, and so satisfying. 

I told myself I never felt this satisfied in my life ever, so this must be how it feels to be in God's presence. But then suddenly, I came alert of where I was and began crying out, praying to God.

I want to know whether it was Jesus that I saw or the meaning of all this. Nothing has changed in my life since this encounter; it is still the same. I don't know why I encountered that.

Jacqueline: United States

I dreamt that Jesus was standing in the doorway of a bedroom. He had a short beard and brown shoulder-length hair. He looked like he had broad shoulders and was wearing the traditional-looking robes people would wear in the first century. 

I remember getting off my bed and going to him and kissing his neck (of all places) lol. Telling him I won’t forget him and that I loved him unconditionally, my dream then ended.

In reflection, I wondered why Jesus wasn’t smiling but instead looked more concerned and compassionate. I guess he was showing me He’s there for me and shares in my sufferings. 

I love Jesus so much and do lean on him every day. Thank you for letting me share my experience, and God bless.

Nana: Canada

"it was night-time in a dream" when I saw a church in a white color, and while I was focusing on it, a big white brightness cross came out of it with Jesus's image on it, I was on Joy and was very happy, and as well I saw St. Mary on the right. Then I woke up.

Mechell: United States

I dreamed of Jesus Christ waiting for me at a big long tree he was sitting in. He was in the tree, staring at the stars; he then turned around and told me, "Come, my child." I quickly ran to him; he held out his hand, and I got onto the same branch Jesus was on. He then cupped his hands, and when he opened them again, a beautiful blue butterfly came out from his hands. He then showed me the stars and the constellations, and he showed me other incredible things. 

He was wearing a blue robe with a white cloth covering the top of his head, I couldn't see his face clearly, but I could see his brown hair and his brown beard. He told me, "Wait for me," and then he reached out his hand in the sky, and after that, he was gone.

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