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"Brandi's Dream of Jesus"

A few months ago I had an amazing dream unlike any I have had before. 

So, in my dream, it was just an ordinary day, and I was with family members at my aunt's house. Popping up on the tv radar all red indicating trouble and trouble that was impossible to do anything about. 

We all went outside and what I could see was the tallest of the tallest buildings falling, and for some odd reason to the side of me, I saw huge water waves, and houses falling. I was scared for my life and started to pray please Jesus please Jesus and then all of a sudden the Sun came out bigger and brighter then you could ever imagine, surrounded by clouds. 

A Shadow Appears

All of a sudden a shadow appeared, and in it was the outline of a person that was getting more and more vivid, and all who surrounded me were all looking up in amazement!

 We all new indeed that it was, in fact, Jesus Himself coming down from the Sun and clouds, then very quickly stepped down on to earth right before us and started off with a very warm welcoming, and hugged everyone around. And then He got to me, and I'm not going to lie I was scared, but He took the fear out my heart and very softly said, and Brandi I'm going to slow you up. In lame terms that just means a cool handshake and I shook his hand well to say that I saw Him. He was a black man with braids in his hair. He was a brown color. He looked to be in his mid-30s to early 40s. I still have the vision of him in my head, so if I were to see him again I would know that face!

The Earth Destroyed 

 He was talking before us and answering everyone's questions that they had for Him, and then just like dreams change, He vanished. And yet we have faced in danger again, and it was very scary watching the earth being destroyed before us! 

And then all of a sudden the Sun came out again, very huge and bright, and Jesus came back down. This time He was moving quickly, and I got the chance to see what he was wearing, hard to explain but it was a very fancy very expensive beauty to the eye something you cannot buy at a store, that's how expensive it looked. It was like a heavy armored if you will, robe kind of coat looking that came down to like his thighs. It was like dark blue and gold but not ordinary, and He was coming towards me. My two family members grabbed on to each other. I wanted them to grab onto me too, but they didn't, and when Jesus got to me I just closed my eyes, and He lifted me up like you would lift a newborn as if I weighed no pounds to Him. 

Carried to the Sky

He carried me up to the sky, and while we were up there I looked down and saw my family and I said what about them? He said don't worry about them, and then I woke up!!!! That was amazing!!!! 

I'm really not the type that likes to write a lot nor talk too much but I thought id share this with you thank you and God Bless All...

Brandi: United States

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Brandi's Dream of Jesus

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