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Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 51
By Visitors to the Trusting in Jesus Website

Don: United States

I used to consider myself an atheist; eventually, I grew more spiritual after personal experiences. After months of considering Christianity, I had this dream in April 2022:

I was in my yard among hundreds of other people who were partying and drinking out of the typical red Solo cups. The music was loud and felt like it was building up towards something as if in anticipation.

I went from person to person, attempting to tell them something I felt was very important. Some listened; others mocked or made fun of my words. I don't remember everything I said, but the last thing I said to someone was, "They're trying to control you!"

At that moment, the music built to its climax. Everyone, including myself, turned toward the music, and over the tree line, an image of Jesus Christ rose alongside a bright orb of light.

The image and the orb, which seemed to be both one yet separate, gently made their way into the back door of my house. 

I followed behind, but nobody else was left when I made it inside, only the littering of red solo cups on the ground.

Trisha: United States

I dreamed I was walking and came up to the cross with Jesus nailed to it. It was lying on the ground, and I was trying to pull the nails out of his hands to set him free.

Harold: United States

I had been to Houston and was returning home to Fort Worth between 9 and 10 a.m. when I looked to the east, and there was Jesus in a cloud so vivid and detailed it was not to be denied. 

He had his right hand outstretched, and in it was the sun. I asked my cousin from the other side of the family to stop as I wished for him to share it with me, but he kept driving. 

Jesus did not look at me or the sun but directly straight ahead. It was New Year's Day, and throughout my life, the vision has meant various things to me as I've grown older. 

I've told many about it, but they don't explain why I experienced the vision. All I know is Jesus is with us, and he is omnipotent.

Lucille: Philippines

I am talking to some neighbors I didn't get along with because I am the type who locks herself in the house all day. 

Then we went to take a picture. At our house, I saw a group of girls talking to a lambent tree to help erase black spots. 

I helped my mother clean some houses and saw the owner bullying her. My Mom cried, and I almost can't believe it. 

Then, a guy found me when I left the room. He's a handsome guy who flashes his white teeth. He showed me a paper with names on it, including my mother and me. Something like a religious group. Then he smiled and started talking to me.

I saw that he was somewhat transparent, like a ghost walking. He is emitting sunrays and glowing that are not irritating to the eye. I concluded that He was a priest, and just smiled at me.

Then, I found myself in a large room where a speaker gave medals and took pictures, so I assumed it was a recognition day. The girl is asking the crowd. A guy came in for his statement about Jesus; his message was similar to mine. 

The speaker said it was Jesus who approached me. I was so shocked and happy, delighted rather. I keep talking to people, making them write their names on the cell group to see Jesus and have a deeper relationship with Him.

The scenario changed; I was looking for Him and saw he had gone to a warehouse. He disappeared like a wind, almost flying.

I saw the people I recruited to write in the form of sitting and looking at the person in front. I was sad when I saw the one saying that he was Jesus, and I felt betrayed and became sad. 

Not long after, He went to the side of the crowd and started giving handshakes, and then me. I cried hard when I saw Jesus in the center and felt contented and happy that He was the man I had seen. He just smiled at the crowd when He saw us crying— me crying so hard. 

I saw plaques, but I must remember that exact quote and words. I also remember that He gave me numbers, like lotto numbers, I don't know. 

Then, I woke up feeling light at 3:50 a.m. I felt contented and satisfied. Unlike when I dreamed about an abandoned place with scary people inside that are killing people as a game and woke up feeling restless.

Demi: United States

My dream was in 2014 when my brother was going through a tough time with drugs. 

In my dream, I was on a rollercoaster. I somehow knew that we were going to die. Suddenly, the coaster failed, & we fell to our deaths. 

Immediately, my spirit left my body & I was flying over marshy swamp water. I flew to Jesus. He was magnificent and glowing white. I said," I feel like you don't hear my prayers & you're not with me." He assured me that everything (with my brother) would be okay.

I hugged him & still remember the feeling of his belt. I told him he was a good friend. (I should have said a lot more, lol).

He then sent me back. I woke up & felt such joy.


After a hard fight with heroin and alcohol, my brother was living in swampy Florida. He had been doing well but got caught up in drugs again.

He died suddenly in a car accident on 12-22-18.

In retrospect, this was given to me to remember that Jesus said it would be okay. I believe he is talking about my brother/s soul, and he is safe with Jesus now.

I miss my brother & after he died, I turned to alcohol and was angry with God. However, I am back on my walk and look forward to seeing my brother again.

Julian: United States

I had this dream over a year ago. And it's always stuck in my head. I'm unsure how this happened to me, but I loved it. I'll share it now.

My dream started as I walked in a desert with nothing except a wooden house in the distance.

As I walked toward the house, beautiful music came from the sky. It was the most beautiful music I have ever heard, like angels were singing.

Usually, I do not enjoy such realistic dreams; however, I felt conscious while in this dream. I felt no fear and so much peace.

The next thing I remember was being inside the house and in a room. The house was made of wood, and several men were also present.

I remember looking at one man standing upon me, and I knew it was Jesus. He never told me he was Jesus, nor did he say it. Somehow, I just knew it was.

I don't remember what was spoken, but I remember feeling so calm and safe.

I woke up shortly after and remembered everything; this is unusual because I can never remember my dreams.

I prayed about it several times within the last year and felt the need to find somewhere to share this experience.

Thank you.

- Julian

Alexandra: United States

This is my second dream with Jesus. He walked with me in front of a grave. I think it was my own, and I was dead. We shared memories of my life, but there were no words said. 

It was like He was sharing internal wisdom and wanted me to notice something.

Kim: United States

I try to interpret my dreams about Jesus; I had a dream at one of my apartments.

I walked down the stairs, and something told me to turn around. I saw Jesus in a white robe with long brownish hair, and I bowed on the stairs and kissed his feet.

Then I dreamed about my ex-husband sitting outside up against the tree; he had a beautiful smile, glowing with a beautiful white-golden yellowish Glow.

Then I had a dream about my phone ringing. I picked it up but didn't notice the voice at the end of the phone hearing screaming, then I said, Dead as a nail said yes.

Then, a little brown bird pecked on the outside of the window; it flew away and returned. It wasn't looking at me but at my husband (I still called him even though I divorced him; I still love him because I had two children with him). The brown bird was nodding back and forth to pay attention to him.

After All that, I had a Cold chilling when I got into bed with and around him. Then, he went to stay salmon fishing on November 14, 2013.

The night before, a friend who passed away in 2012 came to me and said, I have something to tell you that is going to happen; you're not going like it, But you're going to be okay.

So now that phone call became my nightmare, but they didn't tell me that he had passed away, now I have another question. I didn't know about this until I had my first child. My mom told me I was born with a veil. What is the meaning of the veil? What am I saying to you? Does it mean that I get ahead of my vision, so I don't? Take it hard.

Just last month, my daughter came into my bedroom. I was screaming, no, stop fighting, this isn't right, stop it!

I dreamed that I was Up above in the clouds with this Man in A beautiful white robe, and he said, Watch me; you will do this after me. I sent like a yellowness Glow, and then I turned and said like this, but as I turned to look at him, he All of a sudden turned his head and said Lookout, and he pushed me out of the way and said, He saved me as I saved you.

Femi: United States

 At first, I saw a big, endless, clean river, and then I saw a mermaid approaching; the mermaid's beauty almost carried me away. 

All of a sudden, I saw a fire 🔥. The thing I noticed was that it was Jesus. 

He told me he's Jesus Christ, my friend, and I should ask him whatever I want, and he will give me. 

So I started screaming and sweating until I woke up.

Evelyne: Uganda

Praise Jesus brethren,

Last night, I dreamt of walking with my mom in the wilderness with savanna-type vegetation.

There, we found two rocks. One had pictures of Jesus when he was born in a manger; the other was like a bed, but I couldn't understand well. 

So I asked my mum what had happened there; she told me it was where Jesus stood when he ascended to Heaven. I knelt and started thanking God, Worshiping and praising his Holy name.

After I stood up, no sooner had I taken a step away, I looked at the sky and saw two hands for Jesus with His nailed wounds; however, I did not see his face, but Heaven opened, and it was clear, the clouds were bright with white and blue color. 

I told Mum to look up, but she didn't see anything; after that, I looked again and saw God in a white gown with a grey beard sitting on the right and left in the sky. He was smiling at me, and I was also so happy. I then woke.

Please explain to me the meaning. Thank you

Response: From Ade: Canada

Dear Evelyne (Uganda),

"Walking in the wilderness" suggests you are going through or would have to endure dry, tough times. Seeing Jesus with His outstretched nailed Hands means He is telling you he suffered so much just for you because He loves you. 

So do not worry when you go through hard times because your Saviour has gone through worse. He promised never to leave or forsake you. You have to be faithful to Him even in your hard times.


Thank you. I am so thankful to God for this website. It inspires, strengthens your faith in God, and draws you close to Him...

I prayed to God to give me someone who could interpret my dream, and He just led me to this page.

(Please note: "Trusting in Jesus does not personally interpret dreams; however, other visitors sometimes submit what they consider to be the interpretation").

Tonya: United States

I woke up at 5 a.m. or around there. I was remembering my vivid dream, and Jesus was in it. I have NEVER had a dream with Jesus in it, at least that I could remember.

Well in the dream I was looking for him because some people had told me where he was so I went looking. I was going up an elevated slope, and I looked over and saw him.

He was wearing a shiny gold crown and fine linen white with gold. He was so illuminating. It's like all the dream was dark, black, and white, but He was lit up and full of gold, light, and color. Brilliance!!! Beyond!!!

So, as I saw him, I believe I began to collapse onto my knees, crying for him and in major excitement about seeing him. I remember he smiled so big, came over, and we embraced.

It was amazing!!!!

Paul: United Kingdom

A few years ago, I was battling with depression. I was off work for months and was getting medical help, but one day, I was so low while walking my dog in a quiet field that I broke down and sobbed and shouted at the sky, at God, asking why he had left me.

A short time after my dream, I was lying in a hospital room on a cold, hard floor. I could see the backs of nurses working in their Navy uniforms. I felt sleepy and couldn't move, but something made me look to my right.

I first noticed a pair of feet and legs in sandals coming down a pathway towards me. They were men's legs and tanned skin.

As he got to me, he squatted beside me; I was instantly hit with warm air and a strange pungent smell, not unpleasant but unusual, not a modern smell but like herbs and oils.

He wore a cream-white woven tunic and a Crimson sash on his right shoulder.

I tried to look at his face, but the sun was behind his head, making my eyes squint.

His face came into view, and I realized it was Jesus; he had very dark, longish hair, a black beard, and a handsome, Mediterranean-looking chap.

He was also wearing what I think might have been gold or brass colored, but definitely a ringed crown.

He looked at me up and down, lying there, and smiled at me. I felt he was looking at me as if to say, "What have you done now?

I cried and said without speaking, "I'm so sorry. He replied, smiling back even more," Don't be silly.

He then lifted me to my feet without touching me.

I was still in the hospital room with nurses who didn't notice this.

I looked over my shoulder to see where he was, and he was walking away but stopped and looked back as if to say, I'm always here.

I woke up with that strange herb and oil smell; it was so strong it filled my bedroom and stayed with me, up in my nose and body for hours.

Vince: United States

Hello, My wife has a lung disease; I pray 🙏 for her day and night. 

One night, I had a dream that I was in a large, empty church. I started walking up the center aisle to the front of the church. 

When I Was about three rows from the front of the church, there was a large figure all in white. He turned around and looked right at me; we made eye contact, and then he said, "She Will Be Alright; "it was Jesus. 

When I tell anyone about this dream, I cry or tear up. I do believe that Jesus did speak to me. Amen 🙏

Desiree: South Africa


I dreamed of seeing people changing their clothes to white garments; it was like people were preparing to be taken up to Heaven. Everyone was calling the name Jesus. 

In the same dream, I looked up in the sky and saw the beautiful face of Jesus going down to earth. I was among the people who ran to hug him on his legs; he wore a white cloth. 

He sat on a chair, and we had a conversation; my first question was how is late my Dad doing. he told me that my father was well, and granny's mother; he mentioned her first name and surname and that she was also fine. I was amazed he knew my loved ones. 

I immediately felt comforted and at peace that Jesus knew everything that was going on, especially after my Dad passed. I was feeling all alone, rejected, and alone. 

I woke up fully relieved that Jesus was involved in my case. I should hold onto faith, and one day, I will see Jesus and my loved ones because the dream assured me they are in Heaven with Him.

No matter what challenges we face as children of God, we must, therefore, know Jesus is always with us. He is aware, and He loves us.

Let us remain in His presence until He comes again.

Dagmar: Germany

My dream about Jesus:

Last night, I dreamed I saw Jesus walking somewhere close. A white fog or film separated us. 

I repeatedly called Jesus' name but had no voice and was worried that he could not hear me. Something else was present to keep me from calling out. 

I suddenly knew Jesus was stronger, and even though I could not call out his name, he heard my soundless cry, and I felt protected.

Jajah: Hong Kong

Last night, I had a dream. I saw Jesus Christ.

We were walking on the pathway. I had two with me, but I didn't know them. We talked while walking.

When I looked at the sky, I saw the face of Jesus Christ; he smiled at me, and then He slowly disappeared.

Maria: United Kingdom

I was saved in October 2017 and baptized in water in February 2018. I was reading my Bible every day but hadn't gotten to the part of the crucifixion (I was mainly following teachings from my local church and YouTube).

Then, around Easter time, I was having a nap in my living room, and there was a big tall tree a few meters outside my apartment; I lived on the third floor and could see the top of the tree. 

I woke up from the nap and was lying there wide awake. I looked out the window and saw the face of Jesus formed out of all the branches; it was so clear yet made out of only the branches of one side of the tree. 

It was the right side of His face with the crown of thorns clearly defined; his eye was closed, and no smile, but there was a loving, kind look to His mouth. 

It was my first vision, and I was shocked but delighted! I know it was a vision because it disappeared after a few seconds. 

When I looked at the tree again, it was just a tree, but I knew it was Jesus showing me His crown of thorns, and I will never forget that.

Mats: South Africa

I normally pray at 5 a.m. daily but woke up at 3:25 a.m. I went back to sleep. I had a vision of myself in a large crowd of people.

Jesus emerged in a colossal stature among the crowds. I looked the other way, and he appeared again among the masses.

Then I thought, what's the use of looking elsewhere? He'll emerge there, too. I woke up, and the first thing that came to my mind was that he was everywhere.

Phill: United States

In my dream, I was in my sister's home, and she and her husband were having company. My sister ran out of liquor; I volunteered to get it so they could stay with their company.

I went to look for my sneakers under the chair, and an image of a cross appeared on the floor, then the face of Jesus (as I grew up recognizing his face); then, on the walls and back on the floor again, his face and cross.

I called my sister into the room, and she was so surprised. I am Buddhist, and I was more shocked than scared.


To Phil, from Ade: Canada

The Christian message is simple and exclusive:

Jesus has revealed Himself to you as the divine and exclusive Saviour of the world. Please read the gospel of John chapter 3, verse 16. God sent His Only Son down from Heaven to die as a sacrifice for our sins. The message of the cross is the message of the infinite love of God and His Son (Jesus).

Jesus is calling you out of Buddhism, Phill. His call needs a response from you.

John 14 vs. 6: Jesus (in his capacity as the divine Son of God) said: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; No one comes to the Father (God) except through Me."

Decision time, Phill!

Adam: Country

It was 2003. I was asleep at 3 a.m. and had been woken up by the sound of one thousand angels. I opened my eyes, and as I slowly woke up, I saw Jesus walking on water by my bedroom window. I think of it today, and I should follow. Dark times I was going through

Kayla: United States

November 3, 2021

I woke up, greeted the Lord, read my Bible, and started my day. I was put in a bad mood because of a video I watched on (TikTok). It said, "It's a requirement for us to go to church, and after hearing that, my spirit grew angry and irritable."

I felt like I was being asked for too much and that the Lord was asking too much. 

So, in my angry and irritated state, I stayed where I was and talked to the Lord, being honest with Him and telling Him exactly how I felt.

Sometime time later, I got this vision:

The Lord and I stood beside each other, me on the left and Him on the right. The Lord had His arm around my shoulders, and we were smiling, and it seemed like we were taking a picture. 

The Lord's eyes were closed, and He had a closed-tooth smile, and I had a closed-mouth smile, and the Lord seemed very happy and filled with joy.

On the other hand, I seemed happy and joyful, but not to the extent Jesus was. I was pleased, but at the same time, I wasn't slightly, if that makes sense.

The Lord looked the same as in my dream from May, but some things were different, like His hair was fuller and had a bit more muscle.

Sharika: India

Last night, I dreamed of Jesus coming towards me. I was lying down, and he came and sat down in front of me. He wore an off-white robe, head covered, a black beard, and a long face. I remember His face.

He said nothing but came before me, sat down, and closed His eyes. What I thought was He prayed for me in my dream. What could be the meaning of my dream?

(Response to Sharika)

From, Ade: Canada

Jesus is humanity's Mediator. As God's Divine Son, Jesus acts as a go-between for humanity and God the Father (John 14:6).

He is interceding for you. If you are not a Christian yet, I strongly advise you to read John's gospel and commit to Jesus. Trust Him alone to plead your case before Father God.

Michele: United States

I had a vision.

I was relaxing, eyes closed. I was walking on the beach, and Jesus was next to me. He was so tall, in a white robe and sandals. I couldn't see myself but knew I was walking beside him. My hand was in His. 

I looked up at Him and asked, "Are You Jesus?" He said "yes," as a matter of fact. Then I asked, "Am I dead?" He replied "Yes" in the same matter-of-fact way. It was as if I was asking if the sky was blue. It was as if I was checking my answers, but it didn't matter that I was dead; just clarifying the situation.

Not for one second did I worry about my earthly problems, sadly, not even my family. Nothing mattered except that I was at peace with Jesus. It was a quick vision. I opened my eyes and realized tears were falling, but I wasn't crying; I wasn't sad, that's for sure.

I was with Jesus. I felt joy, peace, and love. I finally saw Jesus, the Jesus I have been praying to all my life. I felt loved and realized I was Jesus' love.

Beneth: Canada

Last night, I had a dream Jesus from above appeared, and a crowd of people were looking at Him and me. I tried to reach out to Him with my right hand to touch Him, but I couldn't. But He is just there above looking.  

Christian: United States

I was on a bus, standing next to the bus driver, looking out the bus door. Suddenly, Jesus walked up to the bus, looked past me to the bus driver, and asked her, "Did you plan on giving me a ride?" She answered, "No, I didn't plan to." She drove off with me still on the bus, and I felt pretty guilty, like I shouldn't have been on there anymore. 

As for his physical appearance, he had that white robe on and dark brown hair and beard. I don't remember his face perfectly, but it never changed; he looked like someone who had been through it, lol. 

You could tell just by looking at him that he was very wise and heartbroken.

Sarah: United States

My dream occurred last night, October 16, 2021.

I have not watched any movies/read anything recently about the Rapture, as some of my dreams are influenced by things I watch and read.

People on a beach surrounded me, panicking, saying their skin was burning in the dream. I looked up at the sun; it was like a giant ball of fire, and I could feel the heat. I looked over, and my mother was standing next to me and looking up at the sun. 

We were holding hands, and we began to pray. We repented of our sins and then told others that God was returning and there was no need to be afraid. The people lined up along the beach and grabbed hands, and we all prayed.

The sun was getting closer to us, and things around us were on fire; it was so bright. Everyone, including myself and my mother, began walking toward the ocean. We all kept walking until we could no longer stand and were floating underwater. 

I was still holding my mom's hand and heard a voice (who I knew was God speaking) tell us not to be afraid and let the water fill our lungs like babies in a womb. 

The voice explained that we were all children of God and were being reborn. I looked up; the water was so blue and clear, and I could see the sun from underwater. It was like the sun was where the voice was coming from, and it was very emotional and beautiful.

We did not stop praying; we thanked God for our previous existence and were so happy. We all walked out of the water in unison, like a baptism. 

I don't know exactly where I was, but I remember feeling sand under my feet; it wasn't the same beach we were on before. The air felt so clean.

I was still with my mother, and we rejoiced when we found the rest of my family (even those who had already died, my grandparents, etc.). We were all wearing white cotton dresses and robes.

Everything felt so peaceful and weightless. We all just laughed and sang and praised God. I remember my body feeling so light, with nothing weighing me down. (This was a relieving feeling; I've been struggling with major depression lately, and it was nice not to feel so heavy). 

There was absolutely nothing to worry about and nothing to be afraid of. It was like we were finally home, and we truly could feel it. 

Halle: United States

I had this dream on September 22 at three a.m.; here is the text I sent my mom right after describing my dream:

Omg, Mom, last night I had the most vivid dream; I wanted to tell you it came back to me last night. After I went to bed at 3 a.m., when Wendal fell back asleep, I had the most beautiful dream of Jesus Christ.

I was with you guys; it was our family. Suddenly, the sky started flickering like gold lightning everywhere, millions of it, and the clouds turned into angels flying all around. 

A giant cross was illuminated and came out of the sky, forming a huge cross lit up, and we were like, it's Jesus!!!! 

And he came out of this enormous cross and started to walk across the sky, and we were so in awe I was begging and so excited to go with him!!

Afterward, I looked up online, dreaming of Jesus in the sky (which led me to this site)! Jesus is our savior; we need to get right with the Lord. These are the times!

Cynthia: United States

In my dream, I was in my grandmother's house, walking through the dining room looking for her, when I heard and felt a rumble. The kind of rumble when music is so loud you feel it in your body. It made the whole house vibrate. I knew it was Jesus, that He was coming, so I ran outside.

When I got outside, I saw a white cloud falling to earth. It turned into an angel; then another cloud turned into an angel. Soon, the sky was full of angels glowing white.

Then, one side of the sky turned the brightest blue. That's where the angels stayed. The other side of the sky turned solid back. Then, all sound stopped for a moment, and soft bells began ringing like wind chimes. That's when I started to see thousands of other people standing around me.

The ground disappeared. Then the trumpet sounded, and it was overwhelming; it took my breath away. The angels flew out of the sky in all directions, and where the bright blue sky met the black sky, it split open with the most brilliant white explosion of light.

There, sitting on a gold throne, was Jesus. He was huge, filling the sky and looking down on us. He leaned forward and looked over the crowd like He saw everyone there. He shook His head yes and started talking. 

When He spoke, I was the only one standing there. He took me back into my grandmother's house, talking to me the whole time, telling me how much He loved me and was so happy to be with me. I woke up overwhelmed with joy. It was amazing.

Melissa: United States


I had a nightmare that I woke up in my room. My mother was there and told me to look out the window. There were armed helicopters and spotlights. I looked up because the house had no roof, and there were what I assumed to be demons that resembled gargoyles swarming. One came directly at me, monstrous claws outstretched, and I said the name of Jesus; I woke up before it could get to me.

At first, of course, I woke up in fear and extremely upset, but once I sat and wrote down the dream, I realized that he came and saved me at the mention of the name Jesus.

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