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"Dreams and Visions of
Jesus Page 23"

Penny: Country

I dreamt I was at the gravesite of Jesus Christ & helped place him in there. I have had the same dream three nights in a row. 

Wassillie: United States

When I dream about Jesus I was a rider on carioutt, and I was up at the clouds, and I went to him and asked him what he wants me to do next. Then he asked me to follow him, and I told him I have to go back to my kids.

Kristina: United States

I had been up for most of the night not able to sleep, and when I finally did fall asleep, it must have been 4 am.  In my dream, I was in my bed facing my bathroom as it is in real life and I saw a figure make its way to me. As it approached, I saw that it was Jesus.  He was dressed in a brown wool robe, and his hair was black, shoulder length and slightly wavy. He was definitely of middle eastern descent. He knelt by my bed and took my hands but didn’t say anything. The touch of his hands sent a shock through my body because I realized that this was not a normal dream.  I became very aware of the feeling of his hands holding mine, and in a few seconds, it started to overwhelm me.  I cried out his name. That is when he slowly faded away, but I could still feel his hands holding mine.  I woke up from my own sounds I was making calling out to Jesus and still felt someone holding my hands for a few more seconds longer while I was calming myself.

Shawn: United States

I had this dream a few years ago during a very tumultuous time in my life. I dreamt I was walking along a cobbled street when a young girl approaches, and she is pregnant. She smiles at me, and we do not speak. I recognize her though we do not speak. In the dream it is many years later, again, I see the same woman but now she is much older and behind her is a man who I realize is her son, Jesus. He stops me, puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me “ Marriage is sacred,” and then he walks away. Thank you, Jesus, for affirming my life!

Chinenye: Nigeria

I had a dream that I and some people were sitting and gisting very close to a Catholic Church, all of a sudden there was smoke. We all looked up and saw Jesus; He was very tall/  I was scared and thought the judgment day has come, I started praising him, and he disappeared, and then a hand appeared and noted, JESUS IS COMING.

Sesinyana: South Africa

Last night I dreamt about Jesus Christ, he was white all over even the face in the sky just looking at me, in that dream it was night, and I was so scared because I was the only one who could see him, the people I was with couldn't see him.

Michelle: United States

I dreamt about Jesus Christ, and I was asked a question what to sing for him, I was looking for the lyrics of my favorite Christian song "Jesus, my friend."

Reynald: South Africa

All that I can remember is that I was holding someone's hand, and the person was holding another person's hand. My dream starts so amazing; I just looked and saw a beautiful place the grass was so fresh, and as I walked I came to a hill where I could see almost everything.  As we walked, the sky started changing from blue to cloudy dark clouds and was scary. So I'm standing, and I looked up, and a bolt of lightning hit the ground and burnt the grass, and the lighting started to get worse. I started running, and it was gray all around me as I was running up a hill. The clouds came together, and Jesus spoke for the very first time, saying, "do not be afraid for I am with you" and I woke up

Madeline: United States

I just woke up. Many nights as I close my eyes I see lights, shapes, and colors but this is the second time in my life that I saw Jesus face. I saw as my eyes were closed starts in the night sky, I saw eyes first, and then the stars were being rearranged and then his face and beard smiling right at me as I continued to look up. He kept smiling, and from where I was looking he winked at me and the stars were moving around again, and I saw colorful letters like cyclone movements. I suddenly gasped for air, and it woke me up in tears, but it was peaceful. 

Himanshu: India

I saw Jesus near my window. What does it mean?

Gaytha: United States

I dreamed that Jesus gave me a drink of very soothing and cool water from a metal cup.

Kassandra: United States

Man, what a powerful dream I just had. I was with some co-workers that work with me near the beach, and we had to be at the beach by noon. The beach was empty, and it was just us & at 12 pm sharp Jesus spread the water and walked up the beach declaring himself to us from afar. I later went back to work and started to tell everyone that I had just witnessed Jesus declare himself to us  & I made sure to tell everyone that he is real & spread Jesus' message to repent for wrongdoing & turn back to God. Such a power dream. I was like one of his 12 apostles going around proving he is real & returning soon. My God. Sooooo crazy!!

Carolyn: United States

In this dream I was walking on the beach, as I turned to my left, I saw the hand of Jesus orchestrating a beautiful Brown wood dining Room table. I started to walk over, but his spirit spoke to my spirit saying not yet he had to put the final custom pieces on the table. He had the last custom carved piece to put between the Legs the met the base of the table. Once HE was finished, HE invited me to come. Once I walked over it seemed JESUS and I began to pass out Gifts to those who walked by. End of Dream.

Gaurav: India

I was glorifying God in Jesus name while singing the psalm in our local Pray Hall. I started believing in Jesus after two years of bad social experiences feeling nothing but loneliness and kind of identity crisis. I am introvert to a next level, and when I told my mother about wanting to convert to a Christian by baptism, she denied it and matter went worst. Somehow I always managed to attend sermon and weekend teachings but was always worried about not telling the truth to my family. So, I prayed and asked permission to attend the sermon they accepted it, I was so happy to be relaxed, and that's when I prayed without any doubt and thanked Jesus for that day I asked him while praying about if I can thank him in person 

So, it happened I believed, and it was done for me he came to me I was able to hear him and touch him, I saw his scar, and when I tried to look at his face I was not able to see through because his face was glowing and was so-so...luminous 

He said, you wouldn't be able to look through atm, I fell down on his foot asking for forgiveness for my sins, but he made me stand on my feet and hugged me and said bye for now 

Vonnie: United States

I had a dream I was looking in the sky, and it was dark, but these bright clouds were forming and at first looked like a castle forming, but it wasn't. It was shapes of people suddenly it got clearer, and Jesus was standing in the middle of the other men with a red robe on. But as soon as I saw him clearly my eardrums started thumping in and out of my ear, and my body started shaking, and I woke up.

Mikolaj: Ireland

In the dark Times of my youth, I committed many sins, shameful sins. I thought there is no point for me to go to a church anymore. I was living in sin literally afraid even to go for confession, and I thought, I'm lost forever. Then it happened, Jesus came to me in a Dream and said don't worry, you Just had a fever.  

I felt His love in those words, and I know He wants people to not be afraid of him... I Woke UP still shocked by this amazing feeling in my chest, and my first thought was..... Jesus... 

He has Such an approach to people, and people don't even realize it. He Just wants me to spread the simple message; people don't be afraid of Him even when you are in your darkest age.

Loretta: United States

I went to sleep one night feeling very depressed, and I wanted to die. I fell asleep. While I was asleep, I heard someone call my name very clearly. I didn't realize that I was sleeping. I sat up on the side of my bed, and I saw a wall, and it was opal and pearl all Blended together. There's no way to describe the beauty. In the air were these huge Jewels just floating. There were diamonds rubies sapphires Etc. My thoughts were that this was someone's house and I needed to get out. I didn't know how I got there, but I needed to leave. At that moment I heard my name being called again, so I turned to see who is calling me. There was a man there, and it seemed the sun was behind him. I could see him, but I could not see his face. I knew he wanted me to come to him but all I could say was I am not worthy, and I repeated that and then I woke up. I had this dream about 20 years ago, and I can still remember it in detail. Feedback welcome.

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